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08-11-2001, 05:59 PM
I'm back....

Yes I have survived the "family vacation"..not really a vacation for Mom (if you know what I mean!).

How did I do you ask? Not too bad I think (but will weigh myself tomorrow a.m. to be consistent). So there was no treadmill in the gym...did a few minutes on the lifecycles..altho I don't like those much. The pool was great tho...and I did manage to do laps almost every day..tho I'm not a super swimmer, at least I did keep moving in the water.

The hotel had a fabulous beach (clean, not very deep which was great for the kids, and lots of chairs/towels and shade trees). And the weather was absolutely hot & sunny each day. The worse that happened was the bugfest on the 2nd night out, when dh and I were stargazing at the beach, seems like all the bugs were feasting on me (legs mostly as I was in shorts)....and I seemed to have a vicious reaction, as the bites swelled up hard & red...had to take antihistamines and get benadryl lotion & anti itch stuff from the local pharmacy..NOT FUN!

The suite came with a equiped kitchen (altho somewhat lacking in utensils, etc). I did bring my scale...and we got groceries and did lots of eating in, which did help me out. Dh & I went out to dinner a couple of times alone, but I did try to be quite careful.

I must confess I did have DOWNFALL DAY..yes you heard it here first. It was all those mirrors in the room...did you ever finally see yourself as others probably see you? Was I just deluding myself that I actually looked good? I look like a small fat sausage woman, filling out all my clothes very nicely. I was feeling very grotesque and not "womanly" at all..not sure what came over me, like a depression or something and I just felt like crying and EATING!!! Okay...I did pig out on chips, cheesies, ice cream.....but by evening I decided that was enuf (no I did not take my Xenical as it was hard to say where one meal ended...or began). :devil:

By the next morning I was back on track....pretty much and I did go back to monitoring my food intake and taking my pills.:( but I'm having a bit of trouble with my "self image". I know I'm doing something about my weight, but sometimes it seems so futile I just want to give up....not a very good thing to do!

Anyhow....let's hear how the other xanies are doing! I will have my "official" weigh in on Monday a.m....and I'm going to try to keep on going, altho it does seem to be getting harder!


08-15-2001, 02:17 PM
Just so happy to report that I am definitely in control these days. Took 3 yr old out to lunch to Mcdonald's today...and I was kind of dreading it.

But I did great.....bought Sam a mcnugget's kiddie meal...and I had just a small hamburger and split his fries with him...not shabby. I also filled up on diet coke which helped a lot.

Home now...and planning for a blueberries & banana and lf sf yogurt dessert..yum yum.

So after checking the website...looks like I only consumed 14 fat grams...which is pretty amazing for eating at a fast food place!

Hope everyone else is doing okay!


08-16-2001, 10:49 AM
hi froufy,
i'm doing ok these days, have become accustomed to taking teh xenical somewhat regularly and while I haven't been obsessing about my fat count everyday, I feel like I am finally back on track.

People have started noticing my weightloss albeit slight. :) Two people on two separate occasions commented the other day that I'd lost weight, I disagreed with them thinking that because the scales haven't shown a huge difference that nothing would show, but hey, was I wrong or what!

I guess I'm so used to being hard on myself and always experiencing setbacks in my previous weightloss efforts that I can't give myself credit when it's due.

Could it be that I have FINALLY found the key to successful weightloss and a sensible eating plan for life? do do do do...the truth is out there just be brave enough to go after it. :spin:

08-16-2001, 03:06 PM
Hi there...

Glad to see you are still around...and sounds like you're doing well (in spite of yourself.... lol )

It's really exciting when people notice your weight loss, even if you don't think it's that obvious. Good for you...accept the compliments and use them to further your motivation to keep on going with whatever is working for you. Definitely keep going for it, if "it" is working..and it seems to be.

I am diligently trying to count cals and fat grams...and now it's been almost a month, and I am usually able to hit close to my 50 fat grams....and vary between 1400 and 1700 cals. I am very excited to go to my first dr's follow up appt tomorrow a.m. for my very "official" weigh in... I also need to renew my prescription for my 2nd month!

Do you have "follow up" calls by Roche? In Canada you register, and get tons of info mailed to you (just got another package of stuff this week)...and calls from dietitian nurses every 2 you can ask questions and discuss problems. They also have seminars here..I have registered for the 1st one (Sept 4th) and plan to go unless I have classes that night (must check my schedule again)..

I will let you know how dr's visit goes..... Anyhow..keep up the good work.


P.S. are you using the xenical website at all? (

08-20-2001, 12:17 PM
Hi Froufy and Mygirl,

Didn't want you to think I had forgotten this board! I'm sorry to say that I haven't been as successful with the Xenical as you 2 have, but I've come to realize that after losing 100 lbs on my own, there is no trick to getting me going again. My last 3 weigh in's were ALL small gains, but it made me realize that I needed to try something else.

I decided to stop the Xenical and spend that money on a health club instead. I was doing a little exercise at home, but I hadn't been as diligent as I was in the beginning. Now I've been at the club every single day since I joined. I'm looking forward to taking a yoga class and eventually I want to try pilates and the kick boxing (I do tae bo at home, so I should do OK in that one).

They have a lot to offer so hopefully I won't get as bored as I do at home! So far so good. I'm taking aqua-aerobics this week and have been using the treadmill and the nautilus equipment. My kids love the kid's club and the 3 outdoor pools have been a huge plus for the summer! I've sat out there with them every day reading a book, while they splash around. At least it's been relaxing and has gotten me out of the house!

I was looking over my weight charts today and I was horrified to see that I lost 70 lbs over the first 7 months at TOPS and it has taken me this long (over a year) to make what little progress I have made since those first 7 months! I find that kind of depressing, but on the upside, I am determined to never give up. I will lose the rest of my weight eventually! I did it before and I will do it again and I have managed to maintain it for a while, so at least I know I can do that!

Keep up the good work ladies, I can tell you from personal experience that the you have to capitalize on that drive and that motivation that gets you going in the beginning. I wish someone could bottle that!

Froufy, one of the advantages of the health club was that I have seen myself in the mirror and I felt like you did on vacation! I was shocked at what I saw. I too had deluded myself into thinking that I looked good after losing 100 lbs, only to see what other people see and to finally realize that I still have a long way to go so now is NOT the time to slack off! Shame on me for having gotten so lazy and so "comfortable"!

Best of luck to both of you! I'll pop in from time to time to check your progress! :D

08-20-2001, 03:04 PM
Glad to see you have not fallen off the face of the earth! sound so determined that I know you will make it...Always remember where you have come from and how you did it. You have the strength of spirit and determination to get to your goal, no matter how long it takes.

The health club sounds like a fabulous idea! I used to go to one eons ago..but that still required much discipline on my part. I remember they also had a nice daycare, but no outdoor or indoor pool there. I may go back one day....when I'm finished my night classes and have more spare time. I do have a treadmill at home, so I should not make any excuses!

My official weigh in with dr. last Friday was great - she was supremely impressed with my 9 lb loss!!! Keep up the good work, she said....I will be seeing her again next month to update my loss! I know there will be more challenges ahead for me, especially once I return to work/school in September.

I don't think I lost any weight this week anyways....I've been counting, however I have been on the high end of cals, so I'm trying to be more vigilant this week.:?:

I know the weight loss will slow down, and I'm trying hard to prepare for that is usually my downfall.

Anyhow about the Xenical..have you considered taking it anyway, in addition to all that exercise? I think it can only help as I presume you will still be careful about what you eat???

Keep us posted on your progress! Good luck!:)


08-22-2001, 01:24 AM
Hi Froufy, thanks for the support!

About the Xenical, I think my problem was that I used it as a "crutch" -- kind of like that really bad commercial for "fat trapper" -- take the pill and eat anything you want! It's my own fault, and nothing to do with the xenical, but I found I was cheating more and more when I took it and then having to deal with the gross side effects. I think for someone like me, it's such a mental thing! To be honest with you, I probably would have considered keeping it, but the side effects and the hefty price tag swayed my decision. The club is costing me $62 a month, as opposed to the $125 a month for the Xenical (my insurance refused to pay for any of it).

I took a peek at the scale at the club today and it shows me as being down 4 lbs. I weigh in at TOPS tomorrow, so I hope that's accurate! I've been fighting with my PMS appetite all week, but I've been exercising my buns off (literally). I'm finding the exercise to be addictive and that's one addiction I can definitely live with for a change! Exercising at the club is a lot better for me than exercising at home was! I had slacked off a lot on that, mostly out of boredom. Going to the club has made me feel energized and it gives me something to look forward to every day.

Keep up the great work! That 9 lb loss must have you feeling wonderful already! When the weight loss starts to slow down, just remember not to give up, instead kick up the exercise! I've finally come to realize that's the only secret to success!

08-22-2001, 07:38 PM
HI Froufy and VioletRose,

Good to hear you're making excellent progress Froufy! Way to go girl !!! I am so proud of you and infact reading about your weightloss is all the more encouragement for renews my faith in xenical and reminds me of the feeling I had when I first began it, a feeling of sheer excitement and knowing that this was my answer to all my weightloss prblems. I just need that kickstart!

I haven't yet been back for my monthly weigh's been over a month and I guess I am too chicken to get there!

I've not heard from the xenical people themselves so I guess I need to chase them up. I've been a bit slack myself and haven't taken the xenical consistently (shame on me) I made a commitment to myself yesterday that I would not let any excuse get in the way of my progress...there are far too many distractions that can get in the way IF I let them.

My stop start approach to weightloss is getting me down! so I just need to renew that commitment right away and get back on track.

til next time,
MyGirl ;)

08-22-2001, 11:14 PM
Hey MyGirl....

Good to hear that you have made that commitment and I hope that will help you stay focused.

My weight loss is great, but of course I would have liked to lose more. I have become a bit more relaxed towards food, which I think is a good thing, if I don't go overboard that is. I am able to treat myself once in a while and not feel bad or guilty...and yes it may take longer to lose the weight, but it's better that I indulge once in a while than restrict myself and give up the battle because I'm feeling deprived. Even if I'm not perfect, I am much more aware of what I put into my mouth and try to make the best decisions possible!

Congrats on the exercise addiction VioletRose (I should be so lucky!). That is my one downfall....I know I owe it to myself to keep moving, but I am so tired and lethargic about it, it's hard to get going (yes I know I'll have more energy if I do it!). The health club sounds like the way to go for you,...and it's already working! Send some of that exercise motivation my way!

MyGirl....time for that monthly check in and let me know how you're doing. I'm trying to only weigh myself once a week now, as I think I am a bit scale-obsessed!...and coming up to PMS week that's probably not such a bad idea:dizzy:

I will keep you posted on my hurdle is Friday evening, we are hosting a wine/cheese party after work for our coworkers.....lots of those nasty finger foods around, but I will make sure to have some of the healthier stuff available (veggies/dip, pita bread, shrimp ring) so I won't go too overboard. Hopefully I will be too busy to stuff my face.



09-10-2001, 06:06 PM
Even though the weight is coming off slowly, Xenical is working well for me. It's been 9 months & I've lost 27 pounds with 20 more to go. I figure it will take another year to lose those last 20 pounds. It took me twenty years to get obese (31% BMI) & if it takes 2 years to get to a healthy weight, it's worth it.

I also joined Weight Watchers with my skinny sister (she's below the weight I'm aiming for).

good luck fellow Xanies ( I love that name!!)


09-10-2001, 10:47 PM
You have a great attitude Teresa and in the long run that will help you more than anything!

Good luck with WW, they have a wonderful program! I myself belong to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) but last week I went to a WW meeting just so I could get the updated points program. TOPS is good for support, but I always thought WW had the best plan by far!

I'm not on the Xenical anymore, only tried it for a month, but the exercise club that I joined along with the WW has been working great for me!

I think WW will work very well for you!:D


P.S. Where did everyone else go from this Xenical group?:(

09-11-2001, 12:21 AM
Hi All you Xanies...

Hi especially to Teresa...welcome and I am truly impressed with your weight loss doesn't matter how long it takes, just that you are doing something about it!

I too was once on WW, but so far feel okay just doing it on my own....feels more liberating and flexible I guess. I'm getting pretty good at counting calories and fat grams and make sure to check out websites of restaurants I will be visiting so I can plan in advance what is "safest" to eat!

My next dr's appt is this I'm anxious to see how I'm doing on the "official" scale....mine looks like it's down another 5 lbs or so, making it a 14-15 lb total loss...not shabby. The only thing that is really, really bugging not a SINGLE SOUL has mentioned that they have noticed any loss...okay maybe 15 lbs isn't a whole lot when you have about 70 lbs to lose...but still you'd think someone would notice.....and it's not that they see me every day. I actually took a month's vacation from work, and when I got back nobody said anything????? I'm hoping someone notices something in the next 10 lbs or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

Hey VR...glad to see you're still alive and kicking (butt that is!:lol: )
I guess the exercising is working wonders for you, as is your commitment and dedication to TOPS.

I'm back in school two nights a week and back to work, so I'm trying hard to plan ahead so that I don't run into any little extras that I should be avoiding.....

I'll let you know how I make out at the dr's appt. Teresa...keep us posted on how you're doing!

Any other Xenical Xanies lurking out there?


09-12-2001, 12:49 AM
Hi froufy---sounds like you are doing very well on Xenical. I would tell you that you looked like you had lost weight if I saw you in chat.......we have missed you

Seriously, no one mentioned my weight loss till I had lost about 40 lbs....I had 100 to lose so did not expect people to notice. Was actually glad in a way....cause once people in work notice, many now ask me "how much have you lost now?"

I am out two nights a weeks also---teach one night and go to group the other. I have gotten used to eating late at night. A no no, some people say, but so far it does not seem to have delayed my weight loss.

VioletRose glad to hear you also are doing well with your weight loss. Did you not like Xenical or the side effects of it?

I have lost my fellow Merida takers. They have fallen off the face of the earth. My weight loss has slowed down but I expected it to. Will see doctor the 24th of this month. Will see what he says.

Take care, all of you.

09-12-2001, 12:13 PM
..long time no see/hear???

How's it going? Have not been able to join in our late night chats as I am now back to work & school (2 nites per week and of course the nasty homework!)..altho I may indulge as the weekend comes around...PLEASE say hi to all, tell them I miss them, and I will "visit" whenever I can.

And thanks for the comments on "seeing" my weight loss:D I presume eventually someone will say something...were you ever embarrassed to say how much weight you lost considering no one noticed? I'm feeling funny to have to say, when someone eventually says something...that I have lost like 25-30 lbs!!!!!! and I'm just STARTING to look different?????????????????(makes me feel even fatter...and of course when you say you have another 50 or more to lose, you're basically saying how obese you actually are).

Of course Nik you are welcome to join us on our board as an "honorary xany"...otherwise we can change our name....??? any ideas??

Keep us posted on how you're doing and the results of your next dr. appt....mine is this Friday I hope to have some great news for the weekend! Will try to get on the chat on Saturday or Sunday!

See ya!


09-12-2001, 02:30 PM
Hi Nik, nice to hear from you again! About the Xenical, my problem is that I seem to use any pill as a "crutch", I think. So in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Oh go ahead and have that FRIED DOUGH, the PILL will handle it"....LOL. (Even with the gross side effects, I would still eat it!) So instead of exercising and eating better, whether it was the meridia or the xenical, I would end up exercising less and eating more!
SO I gave up the pills and put that money toward a health club membership. I'm paying $62 a month and been going faithfully for an hour to an hour and a half each day. I really enjoy it because it's my only hour of every day where I can relax and leave the kids in someone else's care! I think the endorphins have been doing wonders for my stress level too. I'm more relaxed than I've been in years.

I also started following the WW points system again and between that and the exercise I have dropped about 15 lbs that I had gained over the summer with the pills. I've always believed that you have to keep trying till you find what works for you, so I've tried it all! I think for now, with the exercise addiction and the WW points plus the support of my weekly TOPS meeting, I'll have a chance to work on the rest of my weight.

Frouf, I like the idea of another board with a different name. It might be a good way to keep us all together even though we use different methods! Maybe something like "Weigh To Goal!" -- either way, I'll keep checking in!

Vi :spin:

09-13-2001, 01:36 AM
VR, I love you little wagging finger. How do you do that? Well you know yourself better than anyone else and have certainly given the pills a chance. I don't know anymore what is the Merida and what is me. I do know that my eating habits have taken a 360 degree turnaround and I exercise almost every day. However, I do know that even on Merida I can still eat and eat and eat. Proved that when I was on vacation. Was also a bit depressed that my body did not feel sick from eating three times as much as I am used to. Obviously that is why it is so easy to gain back weight. Health club sounds wonderful. You must have pool, sauna etc. Worth the $$$$$

Froufy, you made me laugh. You hit the proverbable "nail on the head". I have actually started taking lbs away from total lost. I figure if I say, "I've lost 70 lbs" they would look at me and think <wow is she a BIG one> cause I still have a ways to go. So I have taken to fibbing (no surprise to people on chat) and if people ask "how much have you lost" I say 50.

Thanks for the invite----I will post here. Miss my Merida group. Perhaps the drug is lethal.

Good luck at doctors.......VR good luck at WW

09-13-2001, 04:45 PM
You made me laugh too Nik.....what with deducting lbs...before you know it we will have lost very little weight as we must have both been so tiny to begin with!!!!:lol:

Honestly...that is too sad that we have to lie about how much we've lost in order to "save face" and not let anyone else know how much we actually have to lose (and I tend to "carry" my weight well, so most people would be shocked to know how much I actually weigh!).

As for that lethal Merida...sounds like you have the antidote so you'll be around for awhile!!! Wish I had the motivation to exercise like you and VR...I know that would not only boost my weight loss efforts but make me feel better/look better and have more energy. I'm trying to get there (no time for health clubs alas!)

I too wonder how much the "xenical" is helping, as I have changed my eating habits (to 1500 cals/50 fat grams) which alone would make me lose weight, but I figure the extra "push" from the pills can only help (and I think it still is!).

Think our new name should be "Prescription for Weight Loss" ha ha...what do you think? (covers everything I think!).

Don't forget to say hi to all my chat buddies.... may visit tonite or weekend (I'm off of work tomorrow...yay!:smug:

Have fun!


09-13-2001, 05:12 PM
Can I join you, I have been dieting since 30 april and have been taking Xenical since beginning of July. I have lost approx 42lbs but I don't know if the Xenical is helping or not. I do keep to a really low fat diet but my weight loss has really slowed down and I think I need something to kick start me again, any suggestions appreciated

09-13-2001, 11:56 PM
Please correct me if I'm wrong...but I think we have also "corresponded" on on their Xenical message board (yes can you tell I'm absolutely desperate to find other users??)

If so...WELCOME...and if not...WELCOME!:) You are more than welcome to join us here....and as for your weight loss slowing certainly cannot you have lost an astounding amount of weight in just a few months! Congratulations to you and whatever you're doing, you should keep it for slowing down, I think sometimes it's just hard to accept that after the initial "faster" weight loss, normal losses of 1 lb per week do seem rather slow??? Is that your case? or do you think you've hit a plateau?

Do you visit your dr monthly? and is he/she happy with your progress? How much more weight do you need to lose?

I'm anxious for my dr appt tomorrow...trying to locate some "lightweight" clothing to wear:lol: silly me!

Anyhow..keep posting and let us know how you're doing!


09-14-2001, 07:27 PM
Hello to all,
yes Froufy our paths have crossed on the other site, its a small world when you're a big girl isn't it!!!!

I think I've plateaued(sp). I was ill and in hospital with an infected
gall bladder just over 2 years ago and for a time I was almost frightened to eat, when I came home I carried on being careful and got down to this weight and suddenly it just stopped. Then I got fed up and back came the weight and more besides, but this time I am more determined.

I see my doctor every 4 weeks and she is really pleased and says give it chance' don't try and rush it. I don't really know what I want to lose but I am only 5ft tall. To get under 200 is something to aim at and then take it from there. I'd like to think i could carry on until I felt good about myself.

09-14-2001, 11:02 PM
Nice to hear from you again......sorry to hear about your gall bladder problems...I had my gall bladder out years ago thank I was suffering quite a bit!

Had a very nice visit with my dr. today...down another 6 lbs in the last month...making it a 15 lb total...not shabby. She was again EXTREMELY PLEASED with my progress. My blood pressure is great as were the results of all my bloodwork. Basically sent me off with a new prescription and told me to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing. Even poo pood me when I said I still haven't got the exercise this quite figured out yet (yes I'm extremely lazy). She said not to worry do whatever you can, whenever you can (she is aware of my hectic schedule)...every little bit counts...but she didn't seem upset that I was not exercising very regularly.

So that's it...yes I did have a bag of potato chips first in two months....very yummy & delicious.....but I'm back on track tomorrow a.m.....have to start preparing for my next visit!

Let me know how you're doing and I know what you mean about hitting under 200...I'm just about there (on my home scale, completely naked, first thing in the morning!!!:lol: )



09-15-2001, 06:21 PM
Well done on your loss Froufy, it gives you heart to keep trying doesn't it. I weighed in this morning and I have lost another pound, not much but better off than on. I know what you mean about getting on the scales, first thing I do every morning, actually its the second!! I must weigh less after I've been to the loo. LOL.
I don't exercise, but only because I have very bad arthritis especially in my knees. My husband and I used to get up early every Sunday and head off into the Derbyshire hills to take a really long walk. I keep saying I will try and find some other type of non weight bearing exercise but I haven't been looking very hard

09-17-2001, 04:23 PM
LOL hubby thinks I'm pretty funny some mornings hopping on and off the scale...its' an electronic one.....with a digital read out (to the half pound)...but it needs 30 seconds to "reset" here I am wandering around naked trying to look busy for a while, before I can try again. I usually average out the weight, if in fact I get the same number a few times in a row....and yes, sometimes I'll try again after my shower...just to make sure!:o

I'm sorry about your arthritis impeding your exercise..that's too bad. Hubby and I and youngest did a 5 km walk yesterday...pulling the wagon, but we really weren't going fast enuf to do much good...but at least we were moving.

Today was my "official" at home weigh in and I have definitely reached the one-hundreds (despite polishing off some ice cream on the weekend)....hovering around 198....have not seen that number in quite a while! I am now striving for my 20 lb goal (about 5 lbs away)...hope to reach it by the end of the month!

Good luck to you...let me know how you're doing!


09-18-2001, 05:47 PM
Where is everybody? Not suffering from the side effects of Xenical I hope. I'm still sticking to the low fat diet and I can honestly say that I don't crave sweet stuff half as much as I used to. I do eat Polo mints at work but they do have holes in the middle, so that bit has no calories!!!!!

09-18-2001, 11:20 PM
but I'm still around! Had a bit of "overeating" today as it is a jewish holiday...and yes most of them revolve around eating...or shall we say overeating???

I tried to stay in control, and "counted" almost everything...but when I saw that box of chocolate truffles I couldn't resist (I guess I should feel proud that I only had one...rather than a few as I would have in the past!), and after that wine...well my resolve began to crumble....

The good news is that I was somewhat "prepared" and hunted down some low fat recipes for dessert: no fat apple cake (166 cals/0.4 fat grams per slice), which was awesome...whole family loved it and I didn't tell them it was low fat til after they sampled it:D . And I also baked low fat brownies (100 cals/1.7 fat grams)...not bad, good if you need a chocolate fix...I think the apple cake was the winner and I will definitely bake this again if need be!

....and of course there were many refills of my wine I am yawning right about now!

Anyhow, I think the worse is over and I hope to get back on the low fat track tomorrow....I dare not get on the scale for a few days tho to make sure I've gotten past my little indiscretions.

Hope to hear from everyone else on how they're doing!


09-19-2001, 03:23 PM
Hey Froufy
Is it just down to you and me now. I haven't strayed from the straight and narrow this week. Got a compliment at work today, one of my colleagues commented that when I'm standing in the aisle between the desks they don't have to sqeeze past any more, theres more room now.!!!
Your apple cake sounds delicious trouble is I would probably eat it all.

09-22-2001, 06:33 PM
Totally blown it today, eaten so much fat and I hadn't taken my xenical before I went out and though I took one as soon as I got in it was well over an hour after I'd eaten. Really disappointed with myself. At my weigh in this morning I'd only lost half a pound and then I go out and eat for England.

09-23-2001, 04:26 PM
I'm ageoldie and I've posted here before. I'm a "part-time" xenical user. I've been on xenical off and on for about two years. Yes it does work!!! MY PROBLEM??? remembering to take it consistantly. I get sooooo mad at myself because I know it works if only I will take it.

Why can't I remember? Is it a memb\tal thng that I really don't want to loose weight? NO I don't know what it is, but I get going really good, and the next thing I realize it's been several days since I had a pill. Does anyone have a suggestion to keep me from forgetting to take them? My insurance pays for them, so the cost is not a problem, I have pleanty on hand. And I have that cute little 3 pill carrier that came with my kit from Roche, they are in my purse, ready and waiting, but I have to swallow them for them to do any good. (They're lite the exercise videos that don't do a thing sitting on the vcr stand!!!)

Anyway any help would be appreciated.

09-24-2001, 12:30 AM
cherrycoke, froufy and ageoldie, I have a question. I am a Merida user (as froufy knows) and take my pill faithfully each a.m. Only one a day so easy to remember.

I thought Xenical was supposed to be taken three times a day (my doctor did offer it to me as one of my options). I guess I did not understand that you had the option of not taking it. I mean I can understand if you have a holiday (like froufy) and know you are going to consume too much fat and want to avoid the consequences that you might not take it. But why not just take it in the a.m, noon, and p.m. Perhaps that is why people forget. If you took it consistently perhaps that would give you a reason not to consume too much fat.

I took my Merida (waste of $3 a day) while on vacation over Labor Day knowing full well that I was going to eat and Merida was not going to stop me but it is such a habit to just take it.

My doctor's appointment is tomorrow and I went out for Mexican food Saturday night. Will not get on scale until I get weighed in there.....dying to know.

Froufy, I miss chat. A few of us were on Yahoo over the weekend.

Take care and stick with it.

09-24-2001, 01:56 AM
Just coming up for air from the land of "I'm writing a paper...and have to complete by part by tomorrow"...can we say tired and cranky?

But nice to see we are still alive and kicking. I had a bit of a "higer fat" weekend, as we went out last nite (Chinese food and a comedy show), and had family today for brunch. I tried to very much limit my intake...didn't officially "count" but did mentally keep track of what I was inhaling!

And ageoldie...GUESS WHAT!!! Both after lunch and dinner today I forgot to take my pill! This is something I don't normally have a problem with, but I guess with company here and preparing and cleaning up, I got distracted???

The best advice I can give you is perhaps get one of those alarm pill boxes or alarm watches and set it to go off at the appropriate time. Maybe take it before you even eat??? (I presume that works?). I keep a supply in the kitchen, my bathroom, my purse and my I won't run out!

I know you're supposed to take it within one hour of eating, and sometimes even I push the limit (especially if I'm busy at work). I can't imagine forgetting completely for a FEW DAYS!!!...but then again maybe I'm too obsessed with this food/weight loss thing. Do you write down everything you eat and count the cals/fat grams? Maybe that will help if you're not doing that...I usually have a written journal of what I'm eating....and that certainly acts a reminder of what I'm doing and that I should be taking that little turquoise pill.

And Nik...nice to see you around...sorry I didn't get to "chat" at all this weekend...say hi to everyone and tell them I miss them! As for taking the Xenical....yes basically you're supposed to take it within an hour of a meal, unless you have obviously skipped the meal or are eating a very low fat or no fat meal. I do sometimes skip the breakfast pill if I've only had 3 or 4 grams of fat. It would be much easier to take is just once a day...or 3 times a day at specific times...but it is somehow connected to when you eat!

So now I'm ranting on and on when I should just brush my teeth and go to bed...I shall be a wreck at work tomorrow (it's about 1 a.m. now).

Take care and let me know your progress! (I'm deep into PMS/TOM week so I'm very hesitant to step on that scale).

See ya!


09-25-2001, 05:34 PM
Ageoldie Nikolas & Froufy,
Hello to all who are looking in.
I very rarely take 3 Xenical a day, when I do take one I take it before I eat and that way I don't forget. On the advice of my doctor I don't take one if I am eating a very low fat meal, for example I very often eat 3 pieces of fruit for lunch so I don't take one then. I always take one before breakfast even though I'm only eating either cereal or porridge with skimmed milk, and I take one before dinner when I usually eat chicken(white meat) with vegetables. I have even cut out my gravy. If I occasionally slip by snacking in the evening (like the cheese sandwich I have just eaten) I will take the third one then. I hope this makes sense.

09-26-2001, 02:56 PM
I guess I usually take 2 pills per day..and a 3rd depending on what I have for breakfast (cheese & toast I am taking 3 pills today) does not sound like you are having very many cals or fat grams per day? How many do you have.....and how many are you "supposed" to have? I usually meet my requirement of 1500-1600 cals and about 40 fat grams...a bit under, but that's okay!! Do you track everything you eat and count the cals/fat grams? I still "journal" on an almost daily basis as I need to keep track of what I'm consuming....also makes me feel more in control and helps me to plan for special events.

Did your dr. tell you how many cals/fat grams to eat? Is there a support system available in the UK as there is here in Canada?

Tonight is the start of Yom Kippur...our Day of Atonement...which means fasting (no water or food) from sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow night.:o I guess I won't be taking any pills tomorrow (except after my late dinner I guess).....and yes I might have a few extras at dinner tonight (chinese buffet :devil: )

Keep us posted on your progress!


09-27-2001, 07:48 PM
I don't really know how many grams of fat I am supposed to have. I think this Xenical was new to my doctor as well, she only has 2 patients taking it. I just know I try to keep my fat intake as low as possible. Today I have eaten and this fairly typical:-
Breakfast. Porridge made with skimmed milk. Glass of water.

Lunch. 2 small slices of wholemeal bread with wafer thin ham and piccalli (don't know if you have that in US ) a peach and a glass of water.

Dinner. Smoked cod and chinese style rice, a few grapes and glass of water.

Actually thats not typical dinner its usually chicken breast and a mound of veggies including potatoes.

At work I have had 3 cups of coffee with 0.5 teaspoon of sugar (I make 3 my limit at work)

During the evening I've had another glass of water, a cappuchino and a peach.

I must confess to eating some chocolate at work but I don't normally fall off the wagon for chocolate.

Your opinions on what I'm eating would be greatly appreciated. I have tried the fitday site but because I'm in UK a lot of things don't match.

09-30-2001, 07:37 PM
I think I would be....if I ate what you did...I do tend to eat a bit more....and even still sometimes I am hungry...but I try.

Do you have any support from Roche/Xenical in the U.K.? and does your prescription not come with any information? Each box of pills I've gotten comes with a little stick on diet plan which unfolds to reveal approx a week's worth of meal plans. I'm surprised your dr. does not have access to any information either. I know the Canadian website has a specific link for drs to obtain information on the product.

Does your dr know what you're eating? Altho you did not mention the size/portions you are eating....sounds to me like you're eating only about 1000 cals per day and maybe 10 fat grams per day....unless there's hidden fat somewhere in there!

I hope you are taking a multivitamin every day (not within 2 hours of xenical pill tho)....and I presume your dr is monitoring your vitals and doing regular bloodwork? long as you're doing okay and you're not hungry, I guess that's great and the fat must be literally dropping off your body! You might want to add a few treats here and there and change your calorie intake so your body does not go into "starvation mode" as it gets used to very few calories.

Good luck and keep us posted!


09-30-2001, 11:59 PM
Well, I've had a week of taking my Xenical pretty regularly. Yes I know that's the way it's supposed to be. I also know I need to exerciseevery day. I would be a perfect size and in GREAT physical shape if I did everything I know I'm supposed to do. But at least I'm trying to remember to take my Xenical. I really haven't had much bad effects either. In one thread on Xenical I've posted to it was called a "Xenical Moment".

I hope all of you have great weeks, and REMEMBER to takeyour little blue pills.

10-01-2001, 11:30 AM
Nice to hear from you..:) Glad to hear you're doing well and REGULARLY taking those cute little turquoise blue pills.

I actually forgot to take mine a couple of times last week..but this is pretty rare. I'm now trying to make up for my delicious weekend....looks like I didn't lose any weight this week, but I did overindulge this weekend as we went out for dinner to Red Lobster on saturday night. I think it was that giant size strawberry daiquiri I had that seemed to affect my willpower for the rest of the evening!

Suffice it to say that I am back on track today, eating my bagel with jam, and drinking water at my desk. Unfortunately we have another dinner outing this evening, tex-mex no I'll have to be extra vigilant... I think fajitas are probably okay...especially with chicken or shrimp if they have that.

Anyhow...keep up the good work.. and I agree if only we did everything we knew we were supposed to do we'd all be slim, fit and supremely healthy.

Keep posting.


P.S. Can you please let me know what other Xenical site you're posting on? I would love to investigate further..thanks.

10-02-2001, 09:27 AM
Hello everyone!
I am here on behalf of my DH. He is the one trying to lose weight, but works 10-12 hour days, and has no time for the computer. As I am very new here, I don't quite know where to start:^:
He has been battling his weight for over 10 years now. We had managed to put together (with our doctors advice of course) a diet plan based on food alone (cal. counting etc) and he dropped somewhere between 70-100 pounds in a year. Then he hit a plateau and really got stuck, even though he was still counting calories and watching fat, and working hard (his job is very physical, loading lumber and other building supplies) Well, as I am sure many of you are familiar with.... the weight started creeping back on :( as he got more and more discouraged. Now his health is compromised (bmi of at least 45.. not quite sure because the docs scales only go to 350 and he is over this), he is worried and knows he has to lose this weight. We our expecting our 3rd child and he told me he doesnt want this child to ever remember him being fat. So he is motivated. This time doc suggested Xenical to help. He has a starter kit, but we haven't started it yet. I came here to find some support, and hopefully some advice. First of all.... does anyone know what insurances will cover this? It sounds bad, but our budget won't stretch that far to pay for it if his ins. doesn't:cry: He has bluecross/blue shield...... so if anyone has had any luck with them covering it plz let me know! Hubby doesn't want to get started on this and see success only to have it taken away because of lack of funds.
Also, Mavis, you mentioned that your doc said not to take xenical with a low fat meal.... Did he say what is considered "low fat"? I mean, some of the meals I have planned, especially breakfasts, have less than 4 grams of fat. So would it be a waste for him to take the xenical then? Sorry for the long post, just trying to fill everyone in all at once. Glad to meet you all.:wave:

10-03-2001, 06:54 PM
Hello All & welcome to White Raven.

Even though my doctor is supportive I don't think she knows much more about Xenical than I do, there is a leaflet with the pills but it only warns of the side effects. I have been doing this since 30 April but only been on Xenical sincebegining of July. I just made my own plan up and decided to cut out as much fat as I could, I try and eat fish once a week, which I don't particularly like. I have either tinned salmon or tuna as I know I am getting some of the essential oils from that. I feel OK apart from being tired but I put that down to having a stressful job at the moment and I don't sleep well as the pain in my legs from arthritis wakes me about every 2 hours and of course if I wake I have to go to the bathroom, not sure if that is age or the extra water I'm trying to drink. Things have really slowed down and I'm trying to vary things a bit to see if the will give me a jumpstart.
with regard to the amount of calories I eat, 1000per day used to be the amount recommended that a woman should eat to lose weight, of course opinions have changed on that but old habits die hard. I don't really have an idea of the actual amount of fat I am eating but it can't be very high.
White Raven. My doctor only said that it seemed pointless to take a Xenical when I had something with no fat, for example when I have just fruit for lunch. I can't comment on the cost as we get it on prescription over here but I wish your hubby the best if he tries it. I sometimes think that in the begining it's the fear of the side effects that keep you on the straight and narrow. I have to say that my cravings for all the bad things that I used to love have got less, I just wish things were moving a bit quicker, I sometimes feel I have a damn great mountain to climb.

10-04-2001, 10:34 AM
Actually latest philosophy is yes...I do have a mountain to climb...but I can do it in bits and pieces if necessary...take a rest along the way. And also that there are many paths up the mountain...some go straight to the top as quickly as possible, and others taking a more long and winding road. It doesn't matter how you get there, it just matters that eventually you do.

This more "relaxed" attitude works for me...and fits in well with the concept of a lifestyle change, rather than a "diet". since I'm sure I will always have to watch what I'm eating. But there's no rush...eventually I will get to my goal. This helps me stay in focus for the "long haul" and allows me to have some treats along the way, without making myself feel deprived.

A special welcome to Whiteraven...or should I say Mr. Whiteraven? I'm sure if he follows the plan the weight will literally fall off of his body...and even a 10-20% loss will begin to make a difference!

I am in Canada, where we have an excellent support system provided by Roche, including a toll free line with dietitian nurses, as well I have received a binder full of meal plans, recipes and a video. I have also attended a "seminar" hosted by Roche, run by a nurse/dietitian. Next one scheduled for Nov. 6th. I do have a prescription for the pills...they are quite expensive, but I have a drug plan at work which reimburses me at 80% of the cost, so it's still affordable.

I DO NOT take the pills if I am eating a very low fat or no fat meal, and this generally occurs at breakfast, altho the other day I did have a turkey sandwich dinner (which included about 3 grams of fat and still took my pill???...guess I'm used to taking it after supper).

For example, the other morning I just had fruit salad for breakfast and coffee with light cream (2 grams of fat) no pill. Today, however I am having two slices of toast, low fat cream cheese, and coffee w/light cream which equals about 8 fat grams for breakfast so I will take a pill. Generally I would say if it's 4 grams or less I may not take the pill. You have to remember it only eliminates 30% of fat consumed....which in this case would be around 1-2 fat grams or 10-20 calories....if cost is an issue you may want to "save" those pills for more substantial meals.

Okay....I'm done now! good luck to all and keep us informed of your progress.

I did not "lose" any weight on official Monday a.m. weigh in as I had many "events" and "dinners" over the past few days. Today looks like a "clear" day so I will try and stay on track!



10-04-2001, 04:37 PM
Happy to see the responses, this makes me feel better already! At this point, we are still in the planning stages, I am having a hard time planning out meals. I think lunchtime is my main stumbling block, because my hubby doesn't have much time for lunch, and of course, doesn't want to be taking a bunch of different containers, nor does he want it to be obvious that he is "on a diet". The doc has set him at 2800 cal. with 68fg(I think?, will have to double check that) I know this seems like a lot, but anything less than that messes with his blood sugar levels, he gets light headed and dizzy, and with his job, that can be very dangerous. Doc says that after he loses some weight, and gets down to below 350 we will adjust it again lower. But, theres still lunches to plan:( and I am at a loss.... because it has to stick to his plan, while still being edible by lunchtime, and not require to much prep (because sometimes the microwaves are broken/being used already) while at the same time, not too expensive. He is not a very picky eater and we would love suggestions on "to go" kind of food. When I actually sat down and started planning these meals, I was suprised to see that when one is truly putting thought into it.... its hard to eat healthy and put all that fat in! Some of the meals I am planning have like 2gf, some of the breakfasts have none, no way will he ever get to 60gf even, not if I keep digging up good recipes online:D
Well, guess thats my update for the day, hope I didn't ramble on too awful much.

10-05-2001, 11:20 AM
I can somewhat in the beginning I really found it hard to get in all 50 fat grams.
Seems like when you're trying to eat low're really trying and it is hard to get the fat grams in. But I was told by the Xenical nurse/dietitian...that I should try to get as close as possible, because it does work best when that is done.

Nowadays (in my 3rd month) is a little easier as I am more relaxed and know I can have the McDonald's ice cream sundae once in a while...or one ounce of potato chips....or a dinner out!

My suggestion to get in the fat, is to definitely work in some treats...seems like you have the opportunity to do this. Maybe a dish of ice cream & sauce after need for diet or fat free salad dressing (most of them are pretty yucky anyways). Not sure if hubby likes tuna or chicken salad (I keep away from these as the light mayo still uses up too many of my fat grams), but these types of foods would use of some of those grams.

As for lunches....are sandwiches okay? His lunches will not be much different from anyone else. Maybe a tuna salad sandwich on a bun, with lettuce & tomato...side veggies (whatever he likes)...some salad dressing dip..and fruit for dessert...and maybe even some cookies (depending on the meal plan for the day...these could be the "real thing" or lower fat stuff like fig newtons)and low fat chocolate milk on the side.

Pretzels & popcorn make good lowfat snacks. Otherwise dinner leftovers should be fine (assuming he can reheat them).

Not sure about your no fat breakfasts. Personally I find if I eat some protein for breakfast, I am way less hungrier halfway thru the morning, and I feel more if you have the cals/fat grams maybe you should try for eggs or oatmeal and toast w/peanut butter, or low fat cheese on an english muffin, or cereal with milk and fruit, or bagel w/low fat cream cheese (add some smoked salmon if he likes that), or omelette (okay now I'm getting hungry and have to stop!!!).

Let me know how it goes and good luck!


P.S. ..and I would give anything to have someone prepare my meals, let alone plan them!!!!!

10-05-2001, 11:10 PM
You should live in Texas!!! We have this great service called Diet Gourmet and the prepare and deliver all three meals for you every day. The are calories controlled, very well balanced and the fact content is kept below 20%. The good part is that they really taste good. My husband and I have been on it off and on about a year and a half. We will stay on it for about 4 or 5 months, then get bored with the food, and do something else, and go back to it. We are just getting off it this week and we've been on it since June.

White Raven... you and I should get together and talk. My husband sounds just like yours. He hasn't been able to weight on a regular scale in years. He has tried everything in the world. He was not able to tolerate the Xenical because of the side effects, but he has done and tried everything only to gain back all that he has lost and then some. He has an appointment on Nov 8 to talk to a surgeon about the WLS gastric bypass surgery. It's a scary idea, and I was terribly upset when his doctor first started talking about it, but now that I've researched it more I am more comfortable with the idea. Also, I think I will be able to lose weight when HE has the surgery, because we are like a couple of co-dependent acholics that feed on each other. If he can't eat, I don't think I'll eat so much.

We will be going to Las Vegas at the end of the month for a convention, and we are going to be staying at the LUXOR Hotel. I have taken the virtual turn of it and I think that instead of spending all my extra time and money on slot machines, I am going to spend it at the in-house spa getting a body wrap and facial and aromarherapy treatment. Probally come out cheaper too.

I don't remember which one asked, but I've been on several Xenical threads. There was one really good one that was moderated by a nurse that called herself XenicalGal, but I can't remember the site it was on. I really think it was an e-group that became yahoogroups, but she finally got to busy, or tired of it or something and it disbanded. And a couple of years ago there was another very active Xenical thread here on 3fc. If you check on some of the other diet sites you will find some more Xenical groups. If I run across them, I'll let you know.

Well, I plan to weigh in Monday mornings, so with me luch.

10-06-2001, 08:11 AM
Well I went for my monthly weigh in with the doctor on Thursday and according to her scales I have only lost 1lb in the past 4 weeks, on my super dooper new scales I have lost 3.5 so whether I was having a bad morning and carrying a lot of fluid, who knows. Anyway we talked about it and decided that I should come off the Xenical for a month and see what happens. If I can lose the same amount of weight without taking the tablets I may as well give them up. I have said before I don't think I eat enough fat for them to make any difference. I have read posts from other people and they have been told this by Xenical, the fat has got to be there for it to be got rid of. It seems pointless to me to increase my fat intake just so the tablets work. I think I eat quite a healthy diet and I feel OK, tired maybe but I think that is just my job that is causing that. I just wish I could get things moving again, but I'm determined to carry on and not give up like I have in the past. Sorry if I've droned on and probably repeated things I've said before and hopefully you won't mind me still joining you even though I will be ex-Xenical!!!!

10-06-2001, 03:13 PM
hi everyone, hope you are all having a good day. I am frustrated today lol, so prepare for me venting my confusion, but first....
Froufy, the reason we are having very light breakfast is because my hubby works 12 hour days most days, and this requires him to be up at 4 a.m. He doesn't feel like eating then (hasn't eaten breakfast for several years) and I don't feel like cooking at that time ( I also work, and am expecting our 3rd child) So what we are planning is to start out light and get him used to eating breakfast, then work our way up. I have planned him a mid morning snack though, just in case he does get hungry later.
Ageoldie, feel free to add me to your buddy list, or to Yahoo msger if you have it (nick is the same WhiteRaven27)
Ok now the confusing part. You all have probably seen the charts that tell you in order to maintain a certain weight you need x amount of calories right? I have looked at them, doc has my hubby's set at 2800 cal. to maintain a weight of 180. Yet when I look at the charts and calculate his current estimated weight, it tells me that in order to keep that weight he has to eat over 4500 calories a day! How can this be, when I KNOW he doesn't even come close to that? He doesn't eat breakfast, his lunches usually consist of one or two sandwiches out of the machine, sometimes a single serv. bag of chips. When he gets home for dinner I know I am not serving over 1000 calories no matter what we are having! I don't think its possible for that to add up to 4500 calories? So I am confused as to why he isn't losing weight already? Btw, if I haven't mentioned it, my husband is a big man, even when he wasn't overweight. He is almost 6'4, wears a 15 shoe, a 17 (yes 17) wedding ring, and is large frame.... we have to buy his watch bands specialty cause the normal ones won't do up (same for long sleeve shirts lol) He carries most of his extra weight around the middle (classic apple shape) So even though doc has him set to reach a weight of 180, his actual goal is about 220-240.
Thanks for listening again.

10-07-2001, 12:49 PM they also clean up afterwards....and feed the kids as well (laundry would be a bonus too...:dizzy: )

I like that idea ageoldie.....but I don't know if they have that around here...and with kiddies to feed it might not work out well right's an idea for later tho!:D

As for the surgery, I know it sounds scary, but I have heard of positive might want to get a 2nd opinion, or talk to those who have had this done. While drastic, it may be the way to go, if his health is at major risk. Good luck (and I'm envious of your upcoming trip to Vegas...what fun!) must ABSOLUTELY continue to post here and keep us informed of your progress. I agree with you that since you are eating very low cal/low fat you probably don't really need the go ahead and do your own thing. Let us know how it works out. I'm just finishing up my 3rd month, and I have noticed that my scale is not moving downwards as quickly as it used to. Not sure if the weight loss is slowing down, or if I'm overindulging a bit more??? We have had many special events/dinners out, so I hope this is the cause. My next dr. appt is Oct 12, and it looks like if I'm lucky I will have lost only 3-4 lbs this month....I'm hoping for a teensy bit get me to the 20 lb mark as this was my goal. I will have to be extremely careful in the next week!

Speaking of which, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I am planning a turkey dinner...but no company this year, just us. So I bought a "normal" size turkey breast, will serve with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts (both no fat), salad, buns and I plan to bake my no-fat apple cake for dessert (I will have to resist those store bought yummy two bite brownies - hope the kids polish them off!). Not sure how many fat grams in stuffing, I will have to check that out:?:

Whiteraven...not sure about the 4500 cals altho I know a lot is based on activity levels and BMR (basal metabolic rate)...god knows mine is like a turtle. I think your idea of eating a very light breakfast...and then a mid-morning snack is not a bad idea. If the breakfast is no fat, and the snack is (cheese/peanut butter/hard boiled egg)..then it might make sense to take the pill after that instead of the "earlier" breakfast. I would plan for the cals/fat grams as suggested by the dr and see how it goes. Please keep us posted on his progress! (when do you start?)

So that's it.....I have an enormous amount of work to do for school, gearing up for major paper & presentation this Wednesday so I'm stressing out over this (I will try not to eat myself out of my misery). Exams next week..and that really brings on the munchies...but I will plan ahead (popcorn, pretzels, instead of my favorite potato chips!).

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


10-07-2001, 10:17 PM
I know everyone is in a different place in life (Froufy, I haven't had kids around for several years, you're right, diet gourmet wouldn't work with kids!) but we all love this site and would hate to see it disapear. Please go to the fitness scam section and read the thread about 3FC needs our help, then if at all possible, make a small monthly contribution to help keep the site going.

White Raven, your dh sounds so much like my dh. What age is your husband? Mine is 54.

I plan to really get serious the three weeks before We leave for Las Vegas. Here is my plan 1) take my Xenical every day!!!
2.) do my Oxycise every day at least once, more if possible.
3.) go to the health club and work out on machines and in the water every day except the weekend. 4) NO JUNK FOOD!!! Sound like a plan? I'll keep you informed on how I do.

10-08-2001, 02:55 PM
Thanks Froufy, I will keep dropping in on you here. I am eating exactly the same as when I was taking the tablets so it will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.
Good luck to everyone and as they say "Keep taking the tablets"

10-09-2001, 12:57 AM
Wish us luck, we started this morning, and as of bedtime, he hasn't starved;) so I guess that means our calorie count is ok for now, will see in a day or two though.
I am having a hard time with some things though, we had a good calorie counting book, but it was lost when we moved :( Now Wal Mart doesn't carry them anymore. As I mentioned previously, my hubby is not a picky eater, however, he tends to like what he terms "real food" (meat and potatoes kind of guy) I tried the ground turkey before and he just about couldn't take it, so I thought up the brilliant :^: (maybe?) idea to get ground turkey and mix it equal parts with 80% lean ground chuck. I did this of course, hoping to cut the fat while leaving him the proper taste/texture of reg. ground chuck. We tried it tonight and it was a success (everyone, including kids liked it) However I don't know where (or how?) to figure out the exact calorie count? Anyone have a good online site to calculate such things?
With two kids, one on the way, and living in a "tourist trap" kind of small town where most ppl are lucky to work year round, we have a pretty strict budget, so most of the meat substitutes are out of the question. Many of the substitutes I see mentioned here, we can't even get! Town is too small, and like I said, geared toward tourism (live it up! eat well and vacation! etc etc) Most of the "diet" or "healthy" things I can find are outrageously priced:( so any suggestions there would also be appreciated!
One last thing, AgeOldie, my hubby is 37, fixing to turn 38 end of this month. Hope you all have good days tomorrow and again, thanks for the wonderful responses:wave:

10-09-2001, 03:42 PM
Whiteraven, sorry to hear you can't get good low fat/reasonbly priced stuff (altho in my opinion most healthy stuff always seems to be more expensive than the junk unfair!).

Anyhow I use several sites for calorie counting and fat grams but the best by far is:

I usually find everything (and more) on this site. The link above brings you to the search page...just type in the food and then you should get choices of type & weight....I use it religiously. However, for the past week, the XENICARE SITE HAS BEEN DOWN (under construction they say)...this is really starting to bug I was using the diet journal page to keep track of my eating. (yes I can do it on paper, but it's not as much fun!).

....and maybe it's a good thing..seeing as I have overindulged a bit on the turkey, stuffing and BROWNIES!!:devil: But that was then and this is now...past two days have been much better and I am gearing up for my official dr's weigh in this Friday.

While I am feeling lousy (sore throat and stuffy), I am hugely excited as I am GOING TO THE ELTON JOHN CONCERT HERE TONIGHT!!! (I am have been a major fan for the past 30 years!)...and I have 3RD ROW SEATS..CAN WE SAY EXCITED!!!

So no way can I be sick.....not until tomorrow that is. Hope everyone has a great evening..I may be even too excited to eat dinner tonight (wishful thinking!:lol:

Let me know what you think of that website!


10-11-2001, 01:46 PM
My favorite website is It has a diary and lots of fun things.

I've been really good with my Xenical for about a week now and I think I'm doing okay. Haven't weighed yet, but feeling good.

10-13-2001, 10:21 AM
Hi all,

Although I am feeling extremely lousy (sore throat and all stuffed up)....I am happy to repor that my dr's visit went quite well (and I got a prescription for antibiotics as well as more Xenical).

My weight loss this month was approximately 5 MORE POUNDS!!! I am extremely pleased with this given the fact that I did have some "events/dinners & lunches out" this month, so it was a bit more challenging. I also began another semester at school (part-time MBA)...and this make meal planning and eating a bit more difficult, never mind the stress!

And I am now heading into exam week...and yes, I have noticed I absolutely get the munchies (rather do anything than study!) now I try to stock up on better snack alternatives such as pretzels, popcorn, fruit salad, grapes instead of more fattening fare. I will also stock up on diet pop to keep my hands & mouth busier.....I CAN'T WAIT TIL THIS IS OVER!...then I can relax and party...(til next semester starts on the 31st!).

So I have reached my goal of onto the next 20....was going to try to reach this goal by New year's..not sure if this is too ambitious? (only about 11 weeks away). At least another 15 for sure!

Everyone keep up the good work and let us know how you're doing!


10-14-2001, 11:34 AM
Hello all
I am pleased to report that I had dropped another pound when I weighed yesterday morning so it would seem I can lose without the Xenical but these are early days and we will have to see what happens.

Froufy Good luck with your exams.

10-16-2001, 05:34 PM
...and does it really matter how or for what reason you lost that pound? The main thing is...IT'S GONE FOREVER!!!!

That's how I feel...doesn't matter how long, how slow, or how tedious this may be, I'm in it for the long haul. I saw many of my relatives deal with major illnesses due to being overweight, and I'm at the point in my life where I realize that's not what I want.

I want to see my kids (eventually) get married, enjoy grandkids (maybe some day?)..and be active with my husband as we both get older. The occasional ice cream sundae or chocolate cake won't kill us, but in the long run, we have to put more good stuff into our bodies than the "other" stuff.

My main problem at this point is EXERCISE...I just can't seem to get off my "generous" behind and do it...Yes I know I'll lose faster, yes I know I'll feel better & have more energy:dizzy: , yes I know I'll live longer and do my body good, yes I know my body will be toned instead of what's my problem:?: (Any advice would be greatly appreciated).

I don't have much time to spare (but I know that's just an excuse)...and I'm always exhausted (another good excuse), so why can't I even find 15-20 mins a few times a week to get going?

I tell myself I am "gearing" up for it...and in January (once my classes are over), I will have time and will sign up for a "beginner tone & stretch" class in our area (specifically for overweight/unfit people) get myself going. My real goal is taking a "dance-fit" class cuz I love to dance and maybe this will get me moving?

Any other ideas/suggestions appreciated.

Studying for exam tomorrow night (cooking spaghetti sauce at the same time)...and since I have a sore throat and slight fever, don't even feel like eating! (hallelujah).



10-16-2001, 11:45 PM
Frouf Have you considered Oxycise? It's easy to do and only takes 15 minutes and get you geared up to try other more strenious exercising.

10-17-2001, 11:42 AM
LOL:), if so I could use some!!!

Never heard of Oxycise...more info appreciated!



10-17-2001, 05:09 PM
Hello all

Im new here to your website but I think its great. I have been on Xenical for 5 weeks and ahve lost almost 2 stone. I am actually enjoying what I eat now as it is all healthy and no fat (well hardly any) I have cut out butter, chocolate, fries and chinese. I have started feeding my children stir fries and have noticed that their attitude towards me has changed. Am not aiming for a target wieght just a target size in clothes --- a size 12, at the minute I am bordering on 18 - 20, so I still have a long way to go! I have started my keep fit up again and am loosing weight off my hips and thighs -- its great. Will keep in touch and let you know how Im getting on.

Keep up the good work out there and I will too.

Bye for now


10-17-2001, 06:08 PM
Still keeping good with the food but Iam exactly the same as you regarding the exercise Froufy, I just don't do any. I know that my arthritis makes it difficult but I'm sure I could do some. I wish I had the courage to join a gym and ask them to plan me some exercises that weren't weight bearing, trouble is I am so self conscious. Also my knees are so swollen (they are bigger than my thighs ) I can't get a pair of trousers to fit me. But they will, they will, at least I am full of self confidence!!!

10-17-2001, 11:33 PM
Well, I used to be like the two of you, but now I exercise almost every day. I do belong to a gym and I do water aerobics M/W/F and swim on Tu/Th. I have just finished two months of swim lessons. At the age of 54 I now can swim. I also have bad arthritis in my knees and other places, but mainly in my knees, and believe it or not the exercise keeps the pain away. I worked for 5 years for a goup of rheumatologists and the preached water exercise to almost all of their patients. You should give it a try.

Yes, Oxycise is like oxygen. It is a combination of deep breathing and isometric exercise potisiton, and It really does work. The days I do my oxycise and go to wateraerobics I feel great, both physically and mentally.

Well, I have remembered to take my pills for almost two weeks now, and I'm not sure if I've lost any weight because I've eaten more these two weeks. We leave for LasVegas next week, and when we get back, my husband has his appointment with the surgeon for gastric bypass surgery, and I know when he has the surgery, I will automatically cut down on my eating too.

well, I've rambled on enough. Have a great rest of the week.

10-18-2001, 12:43 PM
Thanks for the info & pep talk.....I admire your determination and commitment to exercise. I only hope some of it will rub off on me.

I have checked out the Oxycise website, and will do some further "research". I would hate to spend the money, then have another dust-gathering exercise program just sitting around.

Actually, since I like to dance, I think I'll just do that and see if it works. I remember a WW leader talking about a woman who was quite overweight and lost over 100 lbs I believe. She was basically so unfit she could not really "exercise", but she loved to dance. So at first, she turned on the radio and danced fast to just one song. She was really winded...but as she lost weight, she got more active...each week she added one more song/dance.

Eventually, she worked her way up to an hour of dancing...and it obviously paid off.

I figure I can dance for at least 15-20 mins...just have to crank up the radio..and lock my door, so no one can see my foolish antics! about you...??? Care to dance?:lol:

My eating has been a bit "off" due to exams...but that is now over, and I hope to focus more on better choices...will let you know how my "official" monday a.m. weigh in goes.


10-20-2001, 12:16 PM
Frouf. I think that is a great idea and I have started today. Put on a CD of a corny old disco dance and wobbled about, exhausted when I got to the end and flopped in a chair and just waved my arms to the next one. I shall and do that everyday and increase it weekly, you will have to keep reminding me every time you come on. Hope the floorboards hold out!!!

10-21-2001, 01:21 AM
Good for you...guess I'll have to take my own advice now and get "moving" just like you!....

Maybe we can get the "Xenical Xanies" together and do a travelling roadshow? What do you think?:lol:

I'm still feeling under the weather tho...back on my antibiotics, and up most nights til 2 a.m. coughing.....I'm exhausted, with dark bags under my eyes (see....I have to keep wearing these dark glasses to cover them up! :cool: )

Tomorrow is tidy up day at our I'll be "moving" around the house, picking up stuff....lots of laundry to do as well, and grocery shopping too....I'm tired just thinking about it.

Anyhow...let me know how the dancing is going.....!!!


10-22-2001, 04:56 PM
Didn't turn out to be such a good idea, only had one dance session and now I can hardly bend my left knee, so it's back to the drawing board with my exercise plans. Any ideas?

10-23-2001, 05:12 PM
Sorry about your "dancing injury"...that's too bad. I hope you didn't overdo it too much! (Exactly what wild song were you dancing to anyways??:lol: )

I am still feeling under the weather...and now dealing with PMS (stuffing my face with rice cakes right now...trying not to do too much damage):mad:

Bad weather too...really gray, cold, damp and to be in bed, and not at work. Have to go home and deal with kids & dinner...they want TACOS.....of course I won't eat that...have some leftover roast chicken from last nite which should do me fine. The trick will be to stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the evening, as I'm afraid the "munchies" are getting the better of me! Will try to satisfy myself with microwave popcorn if necessary...but I will certainly stay upstairs!

No I haven't tried any dance routines lately...maybe tonight I'll feel inspired.

I don't dare weigh myself either right now, as I am feeling quite bloated as it is...will try to hold out til Monday!

Now while no one has really said anything about my weight loss (about 21 lbs so far)...and I mean NO ONE....even me by the way...I finally did notice something! Some of my clothes are now actually fitting properly! I have a gorgeous cherry red suede blazer (bought on sale), size XL, which I wear over a black top & pants...normally I wear the blazer open..that's cuz it doesn't really button up very well...but now it does!!!!...and today's silk shirt is the same...wearing over a black tank top, but I could actually now almost wear it buttoned up on its own...this is very encouraging...and I try to focus on this to keep my mind off of chocolates!

Hope everyone else is doing well......



10-28-2001, 06:30 PM
hi Frouf
Not posted because I have been busy, my weight loss seems to be on the move again albeit very slowly. I think this proves that the Xenical wasn't for me. The only trouble is my doctor does't seem very interested in me now. I think I was the guinea pig for the Xenical, still I will show her that I can do it. Saying that I went to a 50th birthday party last night and overdid it at the buffet and the bar. Where is everyone else.

10-29-2001, 02:42 PM
Are you still supposed to be visiting your dr monthly, even if you're off the Xenical? You go and show her/him.......I know you can do it on your own..slow & steady wins the race. ...and my dr. seems very excited about my xenical progress...and I'm sure once the "novelty" wears off, I will no longer be as "special".

And don't worry about one "indulgent" evening! As long as you don't eat like that every night I don't think you'll have a problem. I know I overdid it this weekend as we ate out both Sat & Sun nights....altho I do try to stay on track, I know there are "hidden" fat grams everywhere. Trying to get back on track (but will have to remove this candy dish of caramels off of my desk!).

TOM just over, so looks like scale down a teeny tiny bit (maybe 1 or 1 1/2 lbs)...will try to use this momentum to keep going.

Again, wearing a grey linen shirt jacket/blazer today...did not used to BUTTON UP!!! it should see the puzzled look on my if I can't imagine how this happened. I'm still having trouble relating the weight loss to how I look, cuz in the mirror I look exactly the same:dizzy: but when I put something on, all of sudden it fits better...really weird, my mind has not caught up with my body yet.

Anyone else have this problem???