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08-10-2001, 05:00 PM
If you have 50 or so pounds to lose, jump on in and join us! You'll be sure to get a warm welcome. :)

08-10-2001, 09:55 PM
Hello Ladies!
Sorry it has been a while since I have written but I've been a bit busy. We had our Share Fair at school this week. It was a great success and we had a great time. I gave my two presentations and they went well. Now I am busy preparing another presentation for our teacher inservice day next Thursday. One more week and school will be starting. :(

I had my WI on Monday and lost 1.8 lbs. :) I am hoping to lose as much by next WI and I will have lost a total of 15 lbs. I got lots of compliments from teachers at school who haven't seen me all summer. :cool:

For some reason, I can't get all the latest messages from last thread so I don't know what has been going on with everyone. I did see, Carol, that you had your biopsy. Glad the procedure went well and will keep you in my prayers while you are waiting to hear about the results.

Have a great OP weekend!


08-11-2001, 10:19 PM
Hi Beth! Wow, 1.8 pounds is terrific; and how wonderful it must feel to be getting all those compliments from your colleagues who haven't seen you since spring! I'm so glad your presentations went well, congratulations! I'm sure Thursday will also be a success. I'm working on a half day workshop for our junior high teachers on Wednesday, and hope to give them something they can reallly use.

Re: the board, I also have problems loading the pages. Sometimes it helps to just click "printable version" to get all the messages, esp. when it goes past one page.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

08-13-2001, 06:29 PM
Boy, we are far too quiet lately! Let's not sink into oblivion after all this time, ladies!:^:
I had a quiet weekend- some more unpacking of boxes and a quick Trader Joe's run. My dd and her dh were going to take me out fo dinner Sunday (a "poor baby" gift, as I call things like that, for my biopsy), but that fell through- long story which I won't go into.
I'm doing fine, other than a bruise the size of a large baseball. :eek:I'm obviously anxious to get the results, of course but I'm not really too worried about it.
I got an email from Saara (probably some of you all did also) saying that she arrived in CA safely after her long flight. I've thought about her a lot latelt and was glad to hear from her.
Beth, congrats on your 1.8 pound loss!! You are becoming our shining star here lately! Wish I could get back in gear and do something besides maintain. Maybe when all this biopsy stress is relieved I can concentrate on other things better.
Joyce, are you enjoying your long awaited carpet? I'll bet it looks great! How much longer will your dgd be staying with you?(You probably said, but I've forgotten).
Jan, is this the week you (the teachers) start back? Are you ready? Knowing you, I'm sure you are, and I know things will go well for you back in the classroom. How's your sweet dad doing?
Texaslady, what's the latest on the wedding front? I'm betting your weekend was devoted to floral arrangements and plans! Isn't it amazing how much work goes into a wedding?
Janet, dear Janet- where the heck are you hiding, girl?
Merri, how are things going with you? Check in with us when you have a minute!
Linda, I hope you aren't still having trouble getting on to the site. How's your journey back to goal coming? I'll bet you are about there!
Rebecca, it's been an awfully long time since we've heard from you! We haven't lost you, have we?
Speaking of lost, Liz, Kendra & Stamps, are you still lurking? Stop in and say hi!
Well, I'd better run- a storm is on it's way and I don't want to lose this long post! Hi to anyone I may have missed! Have a good op Tuesday, everyone!
Carol :wave:

08-13-2001, 08:59 PM
I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I JUST LOST A REALLY NICE, LONG POST JUST AS I WAS ABOUT TO SIGN OFF!!!!!:mad: And all because I hit the wrong dang button! Oh well, let's try again!

Sorry for being AWOL for a few days. Life is crazy! :dizzy:

Carol - I was so surprised to hear that you got it on a cancellation for the biopsy! One good thing about being called in like that is that you didn't have as long to "dwell" on it! Not that the last two months don't count! I am still sending up prayers that the results will be good. How's it going being part of a large household again? As much as you love them, I bet there are times when you kind of wish you had that solitude back. I know I would. Guess I have lived alone too long now - I think I would have a problem adjusting. How are the legs and back doing? I hope you recovered after the move - it would be a shame to go back to square one after having those injections. How's the commute from your new residence? Seems to me I remember your saying that your dd didn't live far from your apartment, so hopefully the drive is about the same. Do you still go to Virginia every week? I am sure that once all these health issues are resolved and you get to some semblance of normal again that you will be able to get yourself back on program. I am treading water myself. No excuse. Just can't seem to find that mind-set that I had earlier on.

I was just thinking about Saara yesterday. I knew it was about time for her to come on over. Thanks for letting us know she arrived safely. I am sure she will check in once she gets unpacked and find a computer. Welcome back to the States, Saara!

Beth - Carol is right! You ARE our shining star these days - well, you and that "Skinny" Jan, anyway! I can feel that you are determined to succeed and that is half the battle, as we all know. You have done so well sticking with the program through vacations and the summer! Good girl! Congrats.

Jan, I know you are getting excited about school starting again. As long ago as it was, I can still remember that special feeling of walking into my very own classroom! I bet you can't wait to see all those shining little faces after your hiatus from teaching. Did they ever hire someone to take your position in administration? I am glad that you are feeling your old self already. Just don't overdo until the doctor gives you the green light.

Joyce - Way to go, girl! Don't let those people intimidate you! If we don't stand up for ourselves, no one else will! Putting in carpet is a huge job. I had my whole house redone a couple years ago. They arrived at 9 in the morning and didn't finish until 9 at night. They still had to load up the old stuff and they drove away about 10:00. It's hard work, I know. I was tired & I didn't do anything but supervise - I can only imagine how tired the workmen were!

School started for some of the area school districts today - most are beginning sometime this week with Houston ISD starting on Monday. The beginning of school always messes up the traffic patterns! I will have to leave about 15 minutes earlier to get to work on time! Yuck. So the beginning of school affects even those of us who don't have children attending anymore!

Well, I am going to scoot before I hit another button and erase this message. Hope everyone had a good Monday - and tomorrow is one day closer to Friday!!

08-14-2001, 02:35 AM
Carol , so sorry to hear about the nasty bruise! OUCH! Hope it is feeling lots better, real soon!
dgd is staying 1 more week, then I will put her on the plane for home! It's been a busy few weeks.
The carpet is mostly great, there is a flaw in dgd's bedroom, I'm waiting to see what kind of consolation I will get about that.:?:

I didn't hear from Saara, I'm sure that she is busy, glad she made it o.k.

Jan and Beth It sounds like you are both busy getting classrooms ready...what fun! Happy memories, but am glad i'm not involved in that anymore. :)

Eldest 'resident' dgd started her jr College classes today, she survived. :) Only 3 weeks til Hi school starts for the other one.
I think we are all ready to get back on that schedule. :D And resident dgds are more than ready for visitor to go home and for things to get back to 'normal'.

Linda is still having problems getting back on with her name and a new e-mail address. she asks about you gals, I e-mailed her the last thread, she was glad to catch up...I'm sure that her dh will figure it out soon. He is a whiz!

Bye for now..

08-14-2001, 06:58 PM
Hey girls...long time no see! I'm sorry that it's been so long since my last post, but things have been crazy. :dizzy: Hopefully I can get back into a regular routine very soon. Thanks to all of you who have asked about me. It's nice to be missed!

DD starts band camp tomorrow at college. She only has two hours to get moved in so she is only taking the bare necessities right now. We will probably move most of her things this coming weekend. I thought that I was prepared for this, but I have been in a funk all day. My friend who lost her fiance has been getting me to do things with her every night after work, but the house is going to be so quiet when I get home. I told DD that I was going to come spend the night with her one night and she informed me that they are NOT allowed overnight visitors except on the weekend. Rats!! :mad:

Speaking of rats, y'all have missed all my recent mice stories. I hadn't seen any in a long time, but the other night I went into my pantry (which is really just shelves in the closet of my spare bedroom). I had two big bags of egg noodles on the shelves and they were completely empty. Those mice had cleaned out both bags. Then when we got home from vacation, I noticed dirt around all my plants. After investigating, I discovered that the little *!%!#@ creatures had dug tunnels in all of them....I guess they were making nests. Y'all know how I don't like harming any of God's creatures....I even saved bugs out of my friend's swimming pool the other day....but enough is enough. I declared war and I think I have gotten rid of them again. Oh the joys of living by the water and the woods! :rolleyes:

I've got to get ready to leave, but I will post again soon. I just wanted to let y'all know that I was still here. I haven't had time to catch up on all the posts, but please know that you are all in my daily thoughts....and Carol, please let us know your results as soon as you hear anything. I still have good feelings about it! :) In the weight loss war, no news is definitely not good news in my case. All of you who are maintaining should be grateful because I have stopped doing that and have ended up gaining. My friend who I have been spending time with is one of those women who loves food and can eat anything and not gain a pound....but the problem is that I have been eating right along with her....and I am DEFINITELY not one of those women. I am angry at myself for gaining and I can't seem to get motivated again. You would think looking in the mirror would do the trick, but noooooooooooooo.

I will post again soon! Everyone take care and have a wonderful OP week!

Janet (Kudzu)

08-14-2001, 07:31 PM

I'm here now! It was nice to visit my American family, and too bad I couldn't stay longer. Orientation starts tomorrow, so I'll be quite busy for the next few days. Everything went fine with my immunization papers, so all I had to have done was the TB test.

I'm still really tired. I haven't been sleeping much in the past 5 days. The flight was smooth, but was too long. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep, and I had to leave for the airport early anyways... so eventhough it's only 4.30 pm, I think I'll go get something to eat and walk around a bit and go to bed.

Well, the scenery seems to be beautiful like everyone has told me. It's quite hot, but not too hot. Nice that I get a continued summer since it was already cooling down in Finland.

I still can't believe I'm here. And for the whole year. I will miss my friends so much. We had a great party on friday, and didn't even cry, I guess cause no one realises yet that I really will be gone for a long time... so, mixed feelings, but the overall feeling is good anyhow.

Talk to you all later. Saara.

08-14-2001, 10:57 PM
Saara, so glad the flight went well! But no wonder you're tired, and how wise of you to rest up a bit. Jet lag is *real*, and you need to pamper yourself a bit! I know you'll miss your friends, but at least you'll have email to keep up with them, right? How sweet of them to throw you a going away party!

Janet, there you are, still helping out your friend; you are such a giving person! But be sure to keep your own health and well-being in mind as well. Re: the mice, aren't they awful!? What pests... glad you've gotten rid of them. Have missed you here, and are so glad you're back!

Carol, do you think you'll get your results tomorrow? Please let us know as soon as you can. You know that we are all praying for you and thinking of you. I'm like Janet, I just know it will turn out OK!

JOYce, glad things are starting to settle down for you; what a hectic summer you have had! You always seem to have everything under control, though, no matter what. Wish I were that organized! Glad your dgd's college classes have gone well;what a milestone in all our lives that was!

Texaslady, yes, I am really excited about having real students again; it's been 4 years, and I've really missed it. Am being careful not to overdo, though this week is pretty hectic. Have to give a 1/2 day workshop tomorrow, and then take DH to his doctor for a colonoscopy; poor guy. The prep for that is not fun, either. Looks like he'll have to have gall bladder surgery soon too.

Glad to see some activity again on our board; was starting to worry! Hope to hear from everyone else soon, too.

Have a great Wednesday...

08-15-2001, 05:56 AM
Good morning, everyone! It was good to see the group so active again yesterday! Like Jan, I was beginning to worry!
Texaslady, once again you have hit the nail on the head! I do sometimes wish for solitude- or a way to be out of earshot or more than 1 room to escape to at times! Things are going very well for the most part, but it definitely is an adjustment after 6 years on my own. Of course, it's just as much an adjustment for them. Must be hard to know you can't have raised voices without your mother/mother-in-law knowing it! Their routines are different from mine. It's great being around little sweetie every day!I am a few minutes closer to my main office, but maybe 10 minutes farther from the Virginia office. I only go to Virginia as a fill-in now. The back/leg are giving me some trouble- the improvement only lasted a month or so. It's not a priority at this point, though. Guess all the moving, sweetie lifting, etc hasn't helped. I know you dread the start of school and its effect on the commute!
Joyce, I know you will miss dgd when she leaves, but on the other hand maybe you can take a deep breath and relax for a bit again! I'm glad you like the carpet after all they put you through getting it! What are they goingto do about the flaw in dgd's bedroom? Isn't it awful when you feel like you have to be riding around on a broomstick to get people to just do their jobs? We still haven't gotten the direct tv box in my room repaired- they stood us up twice, and promise to be here again tomorrow. I'm sorry Linda is still having computer problems- please give her my best.
Janet, I'm glad you checked in! Your friend is very lucky to have such a devoted friend by her side! You are such a caring, thoughtful lady!I know your house will seem empty when dd leaves this week. How far away did you say the college is? And Mom, no matter how hard it is on you, you have to let her fly out of the nest without having to be worrying about you!!! She has to make the adjustment to dorm living and make new friends without her mommy sleeping in her room! It's so hard to do- but I know you have a lot of inner strength and can get through it! As lonely as you will be at times, you will also find a lot of good things about solitude- as Texaslady can verify! I shuddered at your mouse stiry- I hate the furry little things! I know I'm going to have one or more in my room before the winter is over because they do sometimes get mice in their garage and my room is right behind it. I'm dreading it! People say they (mice) are more afraid of me than I am of them, but there is NO WAY that is possible!! I'd rather be face to face with a tiger! :lol:
Saara, welcome to Salt Lake City! I know you must be exhausted! What is the time difference between there and Finland? I hope your orientation goes well and that you meet some new friends. When does class officially start?
Jan, good luck with your workshop today- although with your skills I know you will breeze right through it! I hope all goes well with dh's colonoscopy- those are the worst!!! I'm sorry he'll be needing the gall bladder surgery. How is his weight loss effort coming? How is your dad's recovery coming along?

I've had no word on my biopsy-I'm hoping today. I'll let you all know when I hear. Thanks for all the continued thoughts and prayers.
Omigosh! Look at the time!! Gotta run- it's really late! Have a great "Hump Day", everyone!

08-15-2001, 09:50 PM
Guess I lost one, a message that is... cyber space must really be a mess with all those lost messages! :D
so in a nutshell:
... Kudzu, glad to hear from you! How far away is dd's college? You can get thru this! really you can! It sounds like you have great friends that will support you, someday you might actually enjoy being alone!;)
I don't like hearing about mice and rats! I hear they are a problem in New Orleans! One message board that I reading about where to stay down there, told horror stories about rats and cockroaches in the good hotels!:eek: tell me that it is not that bad!

Jan, sorry that dh has to go for his tests, hope all comes out o.k., it could be his turn to recieve the TLC, huh! You sound like you are a great couple to care for each other so well.

Saara, Welcome to the U. S. A. !!!

Carol, My thoughts are still with you, wondering what your diagnosis will be.:) be sure and let us know.
Regarding the carpet flaw...I'm waiting for an inspector to call from the carpet company, to come and inspect it to see what will be done... nothing is simple!:spin:

must close and go to a meeting...one of the dgd's is going to a youth retreat this weekend, and I need to get the info.

Good to see everybody yakking again... I guess Linda is reading but not able to post..


08-15-2001, 11:36 PM
Evening, girls!

How great to hear from Janet again! Girl, I TOLD YOU it was going to be a real bummer having your dd go off to school. It is one of those huge life milestones we go through as parents - but, as Carol said, a necessary one. I don't think that even experiencing my dd getting married will be as bad as it was for me when I left her at that dorm the first time. It will be a very big adjustment for both of you. You and she are close just like my dd & I - was just the two of us for a lot of years (just like you two). But you will at some point get used to it, and probably even grow to like the time you will have for yourself now. I laughed at your mouse stories - I swear you have more "critter" stories than anyone else I know!

Carol - Hang in there, now. You should hear something soon. We are all still praying for good news. Let us know as soon as you do. Glad you don't have to travel to Virginia as often. How's your dd feeling? Any morning sickness. I hope not - that's the pitts! When is the baby due - I forgot. CRS syndrome again.

Saara - You made it! I am sure you will be making new friends right away and it won't be long before you are out partying again. It takes a while for your body clock to catch up with the time difference. I hope you still have a few days to get adjusted before classes start. I guess Utah is very different from Finland, but it must be an adverture for you. What do you think of the campus? Do you have a roommate or did you get a room by yourself? I think you are so brave to move to another country on your own - but I get the feeling you are a very confident young woman. I know your future holds so much success for you! I think it is so wonderful that young women today have so many opportunities that our generation didn't have.

Jan - Sorry about your dh not feeling well. Give him my best and tell him I am sending postive thoughts his way. He is really such a sweet guy - you are a lucky girl!

Joyce - Had to laugh at your comments about the "resident" dgd's a tad anxious for the "visiting" one to depart! Guess we all need some sort of order in our lives. I hope you don't have any run-ins with mice or rats when in New Orleans. But don't even get me started on the huge cockroaches we have in the south! I would be willing to bet the mice would run from the roaches! Tell Linda Hi for me - we miss her here on the boards.

Beth - What's up? Haven't heard from you in a couple days. I am sure it is about as hot there as it is here. No relief in sight I'm afraid.

Making a trip to the country club tomorrow after work to pick out the reception menu and for the kids to choose the wedding cake and the groom's cake. Poor future sil has been working the night shift and they switched him to days (6am to 2 pm) this week. Like Saara, he is having a hard time adjusting. He kind of likes the night shift - he has NEVER been a morning person anyway. Hopefully this shift won't last too long - but about the time he gets used to it, he will probably go back to nights again! I will be glad when his "rookie-ship" is over and he gets a shift he can keep and can get into some sort of routine. Poor guy.

Will go for now and get myself to bed. Tomorrow's another day!

08-15-2001, 11:58 PM
just a quick note before going to bed. I woke up too early this morning cause I went to bed too early last night... it's been a long, and interesting day. I was able to make meet great people, and hopefully make some lasting friends right away. I'm quite happy now, but tired.
The campus is huge, but I'm sure I'll be able to find my way around. I plan on walking as much as I can and as much as the weather permits. It's still really hot. The scenery is absolutely beautiful.
we'll be taking a trip to the mountains both on friday and on monday. and there will be a party friday night. I thought it would've taken a bit longer to find the party people, but I guess not... :)
My host mom and sis are coming to town on friday, and I'll spend sat. and sun. with them. Do some shopping and sight seeing.

Well, I'd better get some sleep. Another long day tomorrow. Have to get my TB test reading in the morning. Talk to you later. oh, the time difference, Finland is 9 hours ahead of Utah.

08-16-2001, 07:01 AM
Good morning everyone! We are due for a beautiful day, with temps in the low 80's. This really hasn't been a bad summer at all in this area.
Thursday's my long day, although I'm not going in quite as early as usual because my boss was out of the office a couple days so I'm actually caught up on serum orders.It'll still be about a 10 hour day, all of it with patients, and then I'm meeting a friend for dinner. Hopefully somewhere in there I'll hear from the surgeon's office!!:?:
Joyce, I was wishing I could afford to meet y'all in New Orleans, but thinking about rats at cockroaches in good hotels has made me feel a little better about missing it!:lol: I hope you get a response to your carpet problem soon- after all, carpetting doesn't come cheap and it would be nice if they would fix their errors as quickly as they take your money! It's like the problem with the DirectTV box/hookup in my room- I've been here 3 weeks, they stood us up twice- and supposedly today they will be here for sure! I'm not holding my breath!
Linda, hi there:wave:!! Even though you can't post, we're thinking about you!
Texaslady, good luck on the menu/cake selection today! Are they having a sit down or a buffet? My dd is still feeling pretty cruddy, esp. in the morning- but she seems less tired than she was a couple of weeks ago. The baby is due about March 16. Haven't been treated to the huge palmetto bugs and scorpions in my Fla place yet- but I've been forewarned!:eek: Speaking of Florida, I'm planning a 4 day weekend there in mid September- USAir and I are getting to be good buddies!:D
Saara, I'm so excited for you, and love hearing all about what's going on with you!A 9 hour time difference has got to be a real jolt to the system- no wonder you're tired and sleeping at odd hours! I'm glad (but not the least bit surprised!) you've already made friends, and have already found a party! You mentioned that you are spending the weekend with your host family- have you met them yet, or will this be the first time? Do they have any kids? Enjoy- this year will just fly by! But don't party too much!:nono: (gotta throw in the motherly advice just for the heck of it!:lol: )
Jan, how is your sister? I doubt if I'll get to Homosassa on my short September trip to Florida, but if I do, I'll try to catch her and say hi.
Janet, how are you doing now that your dd is officially off to band camp? Like Texaslady, my CRS has set in- what's going on with Tim in the midst of all this?

Beth, Merri, Rebecca, Liz, Patti- where are you? Who'd I miss? :?:

I'd better start getting it together. Have a good day, everyone. "Talk" to you later.

08-16-2001, 05:18 PM
Carol, sure hope you got some good news from your doctor today; am sending positive vibes towards Maryland right now! Glad to hear you're a bit closer to your work; even ten minutes really adds up over a week. My ds is doing great, thanks; I know she'd love to see you again if you have time, when you go to Florida in Sept.

Texaslady, sounds like you are getting the last details all finished up for the wedding! Did your dd find the cakes and menu she wanted? I hope your sil-to-be gets the shift he likes; seems like the night shift would be less popular, and easier to get? Maybe if they learn that he enjoys it, they'll give that back to him.

JOYce, don't worry too much about bugs in NO; I've stayed there several times, and haven't seen any in the hotel rooms! I think people were telling tall tales on that board...

Saara, sounds like you're getting all settled in and making all kinds of new friends; that's great! And all that walking around campus, and hiking in the mountains will really help with your program, too. Are you going to join WW in SLC?

DH's tests went well yesterday, no cancer found, just minor problems that were fixed. So it looks like the next step will be gall bladder surgery, poor guy. I think it will make him feel much better, though, afterward.

Am still busy getting ready for the students to come on Monday; will probably be up here all weekend. This week has been mostly workshops (yesterday's went well) so I haven't had time to do the nitty-gritty of organizing the lab. I have to stop being such a packrat!

Hope everyone has a great op Thursday! Carol, let us know as soon as you hear ...


08-16-2001, 08:18 PM
NO CANCER!! :smug:
Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers!

08-17-2001, 12:02 AM
Oh my gosh, Carol, dh and I are just so happy for you!! I just KNEW it would turn out ok! Didn't we all have that feeling, Janet, Texaslady?

It truly is a beautiful day, isn't it!!! :)

08-17-2001, 01:12 AM
I am soooooo happy for you!!:dizzy:
Prayers are answered!!:angel:
What a relief!!!:p

Linda Jean
08-17-2001, 04:21 AM
Carol, I am (literally) wriggling my toes in delight -- what wonderful news that there is no cancer! Gosh, I have been thinking so much about you, as has everyone else on the board -- I am so happy for you and everyone who loves you, too!:spin:

I'm back online, and I didn't have to make up a new name this time--thanks to Suzanne's instructions. So good to be a part of the "loop" again.

Jan, I am so thankful that your DH's test went well. How well I know how ghastly the preparation for a colonoscopy is--ARGHHH! Glad it is over for him. How is he doing on WW? My DH has gained a couple of pounds back, but he is still down from where he started by quite a few, which is wonderful.

texaslady, how nice that things are perking along for you and DD with the wedding plans. Having chosen the menu and the cake are big parts of it. Have you found your Mom of the Bride dress yet? Sorry if you have already described it--I've missed a lot in the past couple of weeks.

Janet, welcome back! Nice to read your posts again. :)

08-17-2001, 05:32 AM
Good morning everyone! (You are so right, Jan- it is indeed a beautiful day!!!)
Thanks Jan,Joyce and Linda for the good wishes! I truly believe that the prayers of everyone in this group had a lot to do with the happy outcome!
Jan, I am so relieved that dh's test results were good! Please give him my best! He and I both have a reason to celebrate right now! When will he have to have his G.B. surgery, or is that still up in the air? Glad to hear that all is well with your ds. How are things with your dad? You haven't said lately. Be sure to get lots of rest this weekend so you are ready for the students! I know you are so looking forward to this, and I'm really happy for you!
Joyce, you are so right- prayers are indeed answered! And they also finally came and repaired my TV hookup yesterday! :D
Linda, welcome back!!! I'm glad you were finally able to get the glitch worked out so you can post again! You have been missed!
What does everyone have planned for the weekend? Nothing special here- hopefully some peace and quiet!
It's about that time- gotta run and get ready for work. Have a good day, ladies!
Carol :wave:

Linda Jean
08-17-2001, 02:42 PM
Gosh, Carol, first you get the great nooz from your doctor, then your TV hookup gets fixed??? Someone is smiling down on you, kiddo.... :)

08-17-2001, 11:25 PM

:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

My version of the Happy Dance for your good news! Boy, is there any doubt in the power of prayers & good vibes??? Not on this board, Nosiree!!! My heart just did flip flops when I saw your short post. I am thrilled for you. You have had such a rotten couple months now. You deserve some good news. And you got the TV hooked up too???? More good news. :lol:

Jan - Glad you dh is over the procedure. I have several women friends who have had gall bladder surgery - its come a long way in the past 10 years. My last friend to have the procedure had hardly any down time at all. Hopefully he will be as fortunate.

Linda - So glad to have you back with us. We are so glad you found your way through cyberspace to find us again. We have missed you.

Saara - So you have already found some partying friends! Hope you have a wonderful week-end with your American family, too. I know you wish you were a little closer to them but at least you can visit a little bit. Glad you are pleased with being in Utah. I just remember those lovely mountains when we were passing through the state. I bet you will find it cooler as you go up the mountain!!!!

Yep, we spent over 2 hours at the country club last night picking everything from cakes to entrees & carved items (she wanted turkey, he wanted beef - they compromised on ham) . It will be a buffet, not a sit-down. There will also be a pasta bar where chefs will cook up whatever sauce & toppings you would like with a host of ingredients to choose from. A champagne toast, of course & an open bar serving almost anything you could think of! We also sketched out the timeline for the evening and decided how many tables, etc were needed for stuff like the guest book, gifts, etc. We also chose a special linen package which includes chair covers with gold bows behind the chairs. Should look very nice, I think. Can't wait for you guys to see pictures.

DD & future sil are coming over tomorrow for a while. She decided it was his obligation to spend at least one day helping with wedding decorations and he just said "Yes, Dear." So now I have to find something for him to do that he CAN do. Guess bow making is out - but I will think of something so she can feel like he has contributed too. I am amazed at how much he puts up with her! Must be love. Spent a couple hours wrapping the bridesmaid gifts tonight. There is still so many other gifts to do - perhaps tomorrow. But time to call it a night. Good night, girls!

Linda Jean
08-18-2001, 12:40 AM
Wow, texaslady-- I'd never heard of having a pasta bar at a reception -- what a fantastic idea! That is just so cool! Wish I could be there. :) Nice that dsil is going to do a "little something" to help your dd out with the wedding preps. I think he must be a nice person to be doing it!

Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me back to the board after I wasn't able to log on for so long, it is lovely to have your sweet messages about it.

I am nearly out of my wonderful TJ's strawberry juice--must be a seasonal thing (it comes in a bottle). I've got about one more serving, then its goodbye for the year, I guess...I have some cherry cider which will make a good substitute, I am sure. Oh, and TJ's has ground buffalo meat again! I have been stocking up, getting a pound or two every time I go. We had sloppy Joe stuff on top of pasta tonight in which I used some of the buffalo. A good dinner; plenty to eat, for only 8 points. Tasty, too.

Happy Friday, all!

08-18-2001, 01:02 AM
Hi ladies!
It has been a most unusual day! LOL.
I was all alone for 6 whole hours!! didn't hardly know what to do!!
Visiting dgd went to the beach with a friend.[making the most of her last 4 days here]..eldest went to beach with her friend...and other dgd went away on retreat til Monday...dh is fishing, of course. It was a nice quiet afternoon.....it has been so hot, that I just stayed in and worked on getting my house back in order...I have a long ways to go.

I promised dd that I will go to her home tomorrow to 'help' her with her yard sale. she is further inland than we are, so it is even hotter there! but will be fun, I don't get to see her children as much as I would like to.

texaslady, you are one busy gal!! Everthing sounds beautiful! can hardly wait to see the pix.

Jan, sorry that dh will have gb surgery...will it be done with laser?

I still need to get to TJ's and try the buffalo! Linda keeps telling me how good it is, and low in points. I'll have to do it without telling the family. they probably won't eat it, if they know what it is.
gotta go..
see you soon.

08-18-2001, 07:08 PM
JOYce, wow, six hours to yourself is great ... but you spent the whole time cleaning house!? I have to fuss at you; you should have done a little something for JOYce in there! Re: the surgery, I understand they just make 4 very small incisions, and use some kind of scope. We haven't scheduled it yet; he's seeing his doctor next week to decide if that's really what's wrong.

Linda, so great to hear from you again! Glad that your DH has done so well, too. Afraid mine has stalled out a bit; hasn't gained, but isn't losing. He seldom uses his journal, and I think that's his biggest obstacle, not being aware of what he's eating. It gets even harder for him when school starts, as people bring so much junk food to the workroom! Maybe when we get this gall bladder thing straightened out, he'll be ready to tackle the weight again.

Carol, Dad was so glad to hear your good news too. And thanks, he's doing well; right now he's sorting thru tons of old photos, a slow process since he has to put each one under his viewer machine and study it carefully. He's enjoying it, though, and today we bought a couple of albums with write-in margins. Maybe that will help keep him from being bored when we're at work, too!

Texaslady, the reception sounds terrific; what a great idea to have a pasta bar. I too think it's very sweet that future sil is so willing to help make decorations! You're right, must be true love.
Have you found your shoes yet for that black and gold ensemble? I still think black sandals would look great with that.

Guess I'd better get back to work; am up at school trying to get this lab/classroom into shape. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Linda Jean
08-19-2001, 02:29 AM
Jan, whenever I read something about your sweet Dad I smile to myself, because it seems as though he is a really nice and caring person. To read that he was so glad to hear Carol's news warmed my heart. You have been blessed, I think. My dh is still recording things in his journal; I'm glad for that...I was sorry to read that yours has fallen off the journalling wagon. It's a good thing that yours hasn't gained; even though he is staying the same, I think that being able to hold your weight while not journalling is staying ahead of the game. Gosh, too bad about all of the treats people take into the break room at work, that will be a challenge. I hope that after the gb surgery, yours will be ready to jump back into journalling with both feet. We can entertain that positive thought!

08-19-2001, 09:03 AM
Good morning! I hope everyone is having a pleasant, restful weekend.
Friday night dsil went to the Redskins' preseason game with some buddies, so dd and I and the little guy went out to eat. She tried to get a sitter so we could go out ourselves, but no luck. Toddlers aren't always fun in a restaurant, but we lucked out and got served quickly and he was a perfect little :angel: the whole time. Then yesterday was pretty much a "grandma babysit" day. DD had to teach for a while in the morning and I watched him so dsil could sleep in. Then they decided to go to lunch and a movie, so I had him all afternoon. Then they went to a party last night- but dd put the little guy to bed first, so that was just a matter of staying where I was in earshot rather than going to bed. I did make it clear, however, that today is grandma's day off, so when dd goes to work this morning (she's a chuch organist) it's dsil's turn. Not that I mind, but my body does, between picking him up and playing and having him climb on me. The muscles and joints can be very unforgiving. I can't believe how big he's getting- but he's still my little snugglebug.
Texaslady, thanks for the happy dance! :D I must admit to doing one myself! I got tickled at your talking about the kids picking the entrees- one wanting turkey, the other wanting beef, so they compromised on ham! That's wonderful, though- married life, as we all know,is a series of compromises, so it's great that they are starting now! The pasta bar sounds like a wondeful idea too- like the others, I can't wait to see the wedding pix!
Linda, I've never tried either the buffalo meat or the strawberry juice at TJ's- will have to do that. Have you tried their Milton's Healthy Multigrain bread? It's to die for! Congrats to your dh for keeping up with his journalling! My dsil has definitely fallen of the wagon! Jan's dad is a wonderful man with a delightful dry wit. He reminded me in many ways of my own dad, and I really loved talking with him when we all stayed at Jan's.
Joyce, I agree with Jan- on your rare 6 hour period of solitude, you should have found something to do for Joyce!! However, I know you are out of practice at doing things for yourself! How did dd's yard sale go? Was it unbearably hot?
Jan, I'm keeping dh in my thoughts and prayers for his doctor's visit this week- maybe they will be able to avoid surgery! Your dad's old photo project sounds wonderful, and I'm sure he'll enjoy it too! My cousins and I have stacks of old photos that none of us have a clue about, and we all wish now that we had had our parents organize, label or verbally tell us about some of them. (my mother's sister married my father's brother, so we are "double cousins" and share all the same relatives, unlike the children of my dad's other brother).
Janet, YOO-HOO- where are you??? How did the move in go? I was thinking about you, my friend!
Well, the Motrin is kicking in so the joints are becoming molbile, so I think I'll close and head for the shower. Have a good Sunday, everyone!

08-19-2001, 01:10 PM
Hello Ladies!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have lurked a couple of times. Things are so crazy at school right now. It takes me a couple of weeks to feel "normal" again. I have to get myself back on "school time." I did my presentation to the faculty on Thursday and it went very well. The children are coming tomorrow and I don't feel ready. :dizzy:

I gained .2 of a pound last WI. I have been pretty much off program and not journaling this whole week so I know my WI will not be good tomorrow. I have several teachers at school joining up with me on Monday so I know that will help me to get back on track tomorrow. I'm determined to do it this time! :smug:

Probably for the next couple of weeks I won't have much time to be online and won't be able to address everyone personally. But I do want to say - GREAT NEWS CAROL !!! :angel:
I know your guardian angels were looking after you!

Well, got to get going. Have lots to do today before tomorrow comes! Jan I know you are feeling much of what I am about now! The tremendous stress has already set in!


08-19-2001, 04:43 PM
Alone again!! but only for an hour, so I will do a quick post!

Another 9 yr old dgd met us at church this morning...she and her 1/2 sis are gone to pick up there dad, and will be back soon... visiting dgd is not home from her overnighter yet..

I'm not as good as I made myself sound..;)...putting my house back in order only meant that Iwas 'playing with my doll', trying to remember where they had been and trying to get them dusted and put back...I'm not finished yet!! Some are getting sorted out and stored, given away and/or spruced up.

Yes. CAROL, it was unbearably hot yesterday! so dd decided to postpone her yardsale,which worked out fine for me...I did go out there and saw my grand kids for a little while and visit with dd.
I'm glad to read that you are taking a "grandma day off!"

Trust me girls.. I do plenty for just me! ..I've already chosen 2 new dolls to do in September after things settle down...I've wanted to do porcelain Raggedy Ann and Andy for a long time, so that is my Sept project! I have signed up to them in a class, so i will be out of the house and away from other demands and responsibilities...won't even take my cell phone with me.

JAN, I didn't realize that dh was a teacher too...did I read that right? I have him pictured as taking care of the ranch! What ever happened to your herd?? did you have to sell some last year, during the drought?
I am sooo out of shape, I will start walking regularly, after Tuesday...(not to sound like good old Wimpy):rolleyes: That is when visiting dgd goes home. I need to be in walking shape for New Orleans! So much to see! Only 6 weeks to get ready!! YIKES!! I'm so excited!!
It will be here before I know it!!
I'll get to go back to WW this week!
I will, I will, I will!
gotta scoot

08-19-2001, 06:20 PM
Carol, I'm so glad you took today "off" so you can rest! And that is so interesting about the double cousins; must have really brought y'all closer together as a family, right?

JOYce, I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy your collection, and plan for the new dolls! And way to go, resolving to walk and return to WW. Now that summer is about over, maybe your schedule won't be so hectic. And you've gotten all that remodeling out of the way, too, so it's an ideal time to renew your efforts! Oh, and yes, dh is an elementary counselor, but he also runs the ranch, with help from some wonderful part-time employees. Most of the farmers & ranchers down here have a "real" job to help support their farming "habit." ;)

Beth, I can certainly empathize with you re: the stress of starting a new school year. I'm really looking forward to it, but of course, am also a bit anxious that everything goes well. Am *still* at the lab cleaning up right now!

Linda, I think the positive thoughts you were sending this way are already taking effect! When I went home at lunchtime today, dh had fixed us boca burgers, and he had written his breakfast and lunch in his journal!! First time in weeks. Please keep sending those good thoughts his way!!

Guess I'd better get back to work, or I'll be here till dark. Everyone have a great week!


08-20-2001, 08:09 PM
Hi girls! Man, is it HOT here! Guess I shouldn't complain too much because all in all we have had a relatively bearable summer. Of course, no rain in ages. I have every sprinkler I own going right now trying to give the grass a drink of water. The week-end went way too fast. Future sil did come over for a "short" while - he accomplished a little bit here & did a run to the store for supplies. So I guess he "helped" a little. Of course, if you asked him, I am sure he would say he helped "bunches"! :D

The Pasta Bar is getting to be quite the thing to do around here for receptions. I have been to several weddings where it's been done. It's always good. The thing I worry about is the wait time to get your pasta cooked the way you want it. I think I will ask the club if they will put on extra pasta chefs if the numbers get too big.

I was a bow-making fool last night trying to get the centerpieces done! Of course I underestimated the amount of ribbon I needed & I ran out. When I called the floral supply shop to see if they had more, they were out of it. :mad: They did say they would order some for me. Hope it doesn't take too long. Guess I will switch to another task until it comes in.

Looks like everyone is so busy! When do we get a chance to relax? Is that what retirement is for?

Won't stay long - just wanted to say Hi & check in. Everyone have a great week.

08-21-2001, 05:28 AM
We are on the second page so I'll start a new thrread. Come on over!