Dieting with Obstacles - l wanna lose 30 pounds! gettin ready for pregnancy

05-02-2006, 02:07 PM
My Husband and I are thinking about-thinking about another baby.

I was 131lb before I had my daughter in 2003. Due to the 70LBs I gained, my blood pressure got high, and I had to stay on bed rest for the last two weeks. The worst part was; when my baby was born it was so hard to change her diaper, and give her a bath. Mostly because my upper back would go numb. I assume it was due to the bed rest, and the hospital stay (had a suprise C-section , she was breech) I guess, I just lost my upper body strengh. It took 5 years for me to get pregnant. When I finally did, all my dreams came true, but it was so hard to do the things I dreamed about (taking care of my baby).

I am so afraid of that happening again. I felt like a different person when I was pregnant. I was revenously hungery all the time, but healthy food made me green. The trouble I had was all because of the weight gain

I still have almost 30lbs of my last pregnancy weight to lose, so I wanna lose that first. Then maybe I can just be careful not to gain more then the recommended weight. The hard part is that I have been tring to lose this weight for 2 years, and all Iíve done is maintain. I figure Iíll set a dead line. Iíd like to lose the weight by september.

Next time around, I want to be able to enjoy my newborn without such a struggle.