Carb Counters - The good\bad\ugly of off plan eating - how about you?

05-01-2006, 02:36 PM
I planned yesterday as an off plan day. Every time I was tempted to eat something I wasnít supposed to Iíd think ďI can have that on my birthday if I want itĒ. I planned this, so I donít have that out of control/shamed feeling today, I just feel sick. My thoughts sounded like this... people eat cake on their birthday, and yeah, if I'm gonna blow it w/cake, I may as well eat a few of Corry's chili cheese fries, some of Christie's nachos, one of Stacey's potato skins, some garlic bread, etc. What surprised me was that all the stuff I've been missing and wanting really didn't taste very good to me. Three bites of my favorite dark chocolate cake (with mousse and ganoche filling, topped w/whipped cream and chocolate shavings) and I nearly gagged.

Today I feel lethargic and fuzzy headed, even after two cups of REAL coffee. I'm wondering if I really used to feel like this sluggish all the time pre-Atkins. Iím mildly nauseated and headachy, made regular trips to the potty last night and today, and I'm up 4.5 pounds. I havenít had a hang over in at least 15 years, but this is what I remember it feeling like.

I think the switch to feeling good all the time was so gradual that I didn't really notice or appreciate it until it was gone this morning. NO off plan eathing like this for me anymore Ė the consequences are just not worth it to me.

What do you guys think about eating off plan? What have your experiences been like? Is there a difference for you between planned vs. spontanious off plan eating?

05-01-2006, 05:36 PM
I've decided forget it -- it's not worth it. I did fine Wednesday and Thursday and was good into ketosis on Friday. I did fine on Friday.

Saturday was going good up until after dinner. I had 6 gummi bears, 4 jelly beans and 2 tiny orange slice candies. That was enough to kill ketosis.

Sunday breakfast and lunch were fine, but then John wanted to go to Cold Stone Creamery. I had a small size tangerine no-fat sorbet. But when I got home, I ate a roll of Lifesavers and a large tablespoon full of strawberry frosting.

So now I have to start all over again. Just not worth it.

05-01-2006, 05:46 PM
Happy Birthday Tenn!! I always have a "hang over" type feeling when I go off plan.

My best advice, always remember how this feels. It will keep you op. You enjoyed your day off plan, now get right back to it. :hug:

05-01-2006, 06:45 PM
Going off plan just isn't worth it for me. An extra 5 carbs puts me straight out of ketosis, then i spend days trying to get back in there. I have to be super careful to keep losing any weight at all. 10 months now on Atkins and still I can only handle 20-25 carbs without gaining. I think maintenance for me will be pretty much only 25-30 carbs. Any time I have planned to go OP, such as my birthday, I felt guilty and exercised more to try to make up for it.

05-02-2006, 11:54 AM
Morning Ladies:

Susan - How the heck is all that stuff getting into your house to begin with? And why didn't John just go to Cold Stone by himself? :dizzy: Todays a new day.. and btw, my dear friend, TOM is plenty of excuse not to go to the gym. LOL At least that's my story... Ha!

I did walk the field while Moose was playing baseball, but it wasn't as easy as I was hoping since all sections were taken by baseball and softball players.

Down another pound from yesterday, so i'm going to go ahead and accept the scale change. I have been working on cutting back portion sizes, only eating when I truly am hungry.. not because I think I am, and eating cleaner such as no artificial sweetners, etc. Hopefully it's making a difference. :carrot:

Hope everyone else has a great day. I have to finish catching up on housework, and take the kids to the library. Big hugs to everyone. :hug:

05-02-2006, 12:15 PM
I posted on this thread thinking I was in the weekly chat section. Sorry Tenn! :)

05-02-2006, 02:00 PM
For me, solid Atkins and then a sudden off day with anything and everything I want, makes me literally SICK. It is too much of a shock to your system, and it isn't healthy to do to yourself (at least that is what I've had to conclude from all the times I've done it to myself and how awful I've felt afterwards).

For me, I think I've concluded that while I LOVE the rapid weight loss of Atkins, it isn't something I can continue doing indefinitely. My body always seems to reach a point where I rebel, and can't stick to it any longer. Either I'm eating too many low carb treats (and thus not losing anyway) or I'm giving up. Or even if I'm sticking to it to the best of my ability, it seems like the weight loss slows to a crawl or gets non-existant.

Then when I go off Atkins I find that I'm STILL eating too much fat, because I've convinced myself that fat isn't the danger, but I'll be eating the carbs too. From a heart aspect, that kind of behaviour worries me.

Flooding your body with sugar (lots of it) all at once when you aren't used to it? To me that just feels horrible, and dangerous. I've had my heart start pounding my breath get more rapid, etc. It is kind of a scary thing to do to yourself. Plus I've literally thrown up after doing that to myself.

But I can't see myself living the rest of my life without ever having anything sweet either. So for years I've been searching for a balance I can live with. When I find it I'll let you all know.

05-02-2006, 05:03 PM
Sherry, I bought a book several months ago called Lose Weight the Smart Low-Carb Way -- you might see if your local library has it and take a look. It had you eat so many servings a day of protein, dairy, nuts, fat, carbs, veggies and fruit. It told you which carbs to eat and which ones to avoid.

It was sort of similar to South Beach but not quite. It had more structure to it. Plus the book was full of good recipes.

05-02-2006, 05:22 PM
I never had an adverse reaction before. But I think the "binge" I had this weekend is the reason I wasn't feeling well. Add TOM to it and I was a mess. Hopefully I remember that!!

05-02-2006, 07:03 PM
The "bad" carbs just aren't worth it for me.