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08-10-2001, 06:53 AM
Yup - it's Friday at last.
Just starting the thread going...

08-10-2001, 08:20 AM
re yesterday's hairy topic - i too buy men's gillette razors. much cheaper for the refills and they tend to be better as well. the main reason i got it was because i had an "advantage card". basically the drugstore gives you a reward card and you got points whenever you bought things. you can then use your points to buy certain items. i wanted a new razor and had lots of points to spend but none of the women's razors could be bought with your reward card so i ended up getting the bloke's one. and it was then i discovered bloke's shaving stuff is a lot cheaper. Boycott women's shaving paraphernalia!
it is so unfair that it's ok for men to be hairy and not us. but, to be honest, i do prefer the hair-free look. julia robert's underarms anyone? yuck.
kay a low-point margarita recipe sounds like heaven. but i don't understand your ingredients. what is fresca? and what is splenda? are those tradenames? help?
so, what shall today's topic be. stretch marks? anyone found a way to make them disappear? i heard of a cream called fade out (they make creams to fade dark pigmentation in the skin, remove dark shadows under eyes and fade out bruises). apparently they do one for stretch marks, but i have never seen it in the shops. my hips have quite a few, luckily they have faded to be hardly noticeable, but to me they still are...
right, come share your tales of the evil SMs.


08-10-2001, 10:18 AM
Kirsty... Fresca is a no cal white soda. Must be only sold here. Splenda is a no/low cal sugar that is derived from sugar itself. Better for you than Nutrasweet. I have never tried splenda, but have heard raves about it. Hope that helps.

Well, we had a tenants meeting for work and they had all this fried food... I ate it. As I was nibbling on it, I kept saying, you don't need it... the salty chips were quenching a craving... so I kept on. I estimated it at 10 points. UGHHHH... but I think I am still OK. I will figure out my points and post them!

It majorly cooled off this morning... all you Eastern US-ers, its gotta be coming your way soon!!!

Oh and Kirsty, I have heard about a cream that is supposed to minimize the stretch marks, but nothing will make them go away permimently. My doctor said that the marks I got while being PG (Plus I already had a ton!) will only fade with time. It is a fact of life we (as women) have to deal with. OH and my hubby had marks on his arms from when he used to lift weights in HS... he built his muscles too fast!! So I guess some men are plagued with them too! You can try the cream, it may help!

Talk more later!

08-10-2001, 11:04 AM
Good Morning :) <<yawn>> I'm still asleep here LOL. Yuck, stretch marks... I have lots of those, don't remind me! I try to just overlook them or else I start poking at them.

Jen... oooh I really hope that cool weather hurries up!! It's been so horrible here this past week. Ugh. They were saying yesterday would be the worst of it and then today would get better later on... we'll see.

Well I'm off to visit a friend of mine and then head back to NY again. My poor poor car!

08-10-2001, 01:09 PM
WHERE IS EVERYONE????? I miss the old days when there were 20+ messages by now. All you lurkers, please come and post. Even if you are afraid or don't think you should because you are struggling... POST! That is why we are here!

08-10-2001, 01:26 PM
Hey Jen,
Perhaps you'll need to make an alter-ego as well...

C'mon girls. If you've fallen off the WW wagon, this is your change to get back on and minimise any damage.
Apart from all that, WE MISS YOU!!


08-10-2001, 02:39 PM
Where'd you find that cool avatar?

Where IS everyone, I wonder? Where's Belle? Trish? Sarah? Kay? Angie? Kierie? Lolly? Come out, come out wherever you are!!

Stretch marks. Bleh. Although after I lost 20 pounds, I noticed the nasty red ones I had faded a bit. I also tried a cream that I think might have helped a little. I can't remember the name, but I'll look and report back.

How many points do you think a cup of pea soup is?

Well, lots of work to do today (I HATE Fridays), so I better run.

08-10-2001, 02:44 PM
Sorry I'm just getting online!! I had an early closing this morning. I was all set to stay OP when after the closing we went to a Frozen Custard place that got financing through us. He wasn't opening for another hour but he still made us some Custard! How cool! I had strawberry custard with bananas and chocolate flakes. YUMMY!!! Then I had spaghetti with meat sauce for lunch but not a lot of it since I wasn't really hungry. I'm gonna have lettuce for dinner! :) I'll make up for it before WI, though.
Better get back to work. Jen, I'm waiting for the cooler weather!! Blow it my way!

08-10-2001, 03:13 PM
Hi Kirsty, I'm Emma's Mom, can I join in here??? :s:

08-10-2001, 03:33 PM
Oh man, this is sad. The day before WI and a potential eating disaster tonight and there is no one here to talk to!

Kim... I know for sure that Trish and Belle are on vacation... as for the others... they bailed on us!!

Stacey.... I'm a huffing and puffing for you!! :smug:

HI Emmasmom!!!

Hey Weathergirl.... are you a real weather girl??? :D

Kim again... my best guess on split pea soup is 2 points per cup if it had ham in it. I looked for info on it and found other bean soups, but not pea! Hope that helps.

Well, back to work! Ho hummmmmmmmmmm

08-10-2001, 04:53 PM
HI Jen, how are you?? I have been hanging in there today. Had the munchies pretty bad and trying to ignore the urge to eat something. I did cave and eat a Snickers Kudos bar tho!

Is this board always this quiet???

08-10-2001, 05:48 PM
I think something is getting ready to blow through...the clouds are moving in. YEAH!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Where did Belle go on her vacation?

Janet R
08-10-2001, 10:54 PM
Not that anyone is going to read this since I am posting at 9:45pm but...

I was just too busy at work today. Boohoo. Plus, I was 2 hours late getting in because I was home making up "LOST" posters cause my cat was missing! After a call to the vet that was named on his tags I found him. :) A neighbor had taken him in and called the vet on his tag and left his name. Course, he described my poor kitty as a pregnant momma about to give birth! LOL HE didn't appreciate that. Maybe poor Watson needs WW?

V. proud today because I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch but still managed to end the day with 27 points. Yay me! Of course, I also went a little nuts and started getting really depressed and upset b/c I don't know how the heck I'll ever manage with a 23 point maximum once I get down to 150.... I tend to worry a little in advance. :o

About the hair removal thing... I generally use an electric razor. Only shave the bikini area if I NEED to (ie: swimsuit). I ALWAYS get a horrible rash and I hate it. Don't know how to avoid it though... any ideas?

Ok, time for bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow to pack for our weekend. Didn't feel like doing it this evening. :s:


PS: It feels so GOOD to be back in control!