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04-30-2006, 09:12 PM
Happy first week of MAY ladies

to maggie and all the slimmin sistas that
sent encuragement ...I did it for my slimming sistas wooo hooo and i survived! 3hours it took but i did it their was more walking involved then I anticipated becouse of my trip too miami and not tranning while i was their, but 3hrs - 13.1 miles and it was over and i never felt beter. their was a moment when the enrophins took over and all we could do was giggle thinking about how in january 3 miles felt so longand now Kate and I (we trained together) were doing 13 andwe werent like dying just crazy sore...
it was so fun.

I havent tracked points for the past 3 days or so but i promised my self to start tomorrow, i fugured i needed wantever my body requested after taking it to its limits...but i did exercise caution i did not want to go too crazy

on another note maggie, look at how far you come the fact that 1. you see how drowing ur problems in food doesent help and 2. ur doing something about food contoling you means you've come so far and thats no small feet, reading your post makes me think about things i wouldent pay attention to ...like bread it's so true bread makes me feel like that too but i hadent tought of it, anyway your such an amazing person and change is not eazy but personally i think your on the right track.

slimmin sistas have a wounderfull week and dont forget to post ur WI results in the new WI thread its all about accountability... how exiting another week to show food who's boss!

to start the week of right

luv ya'll

04-30-2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks so much for your kind words, Carolina. And all I can really say to your, sister, is whoo-fn-hoo! Congratulations on finishing the marathon. I am soooo proud. That does it... I'm pulling out the very rare and very coveted ... da da da DAH! ... 21 Nanner Salute, which was born right here on the Slimmin' Sistas forum for just such a special occasion. Now, normally we have to meet under dark of night for a vote before the 21NS can be bestowed... but I don't think anyone will mind if I go it alone this one time. So, here goes:

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

04-30-2006, 09:50 PM
Oh, btw, I screwed up royally today. Did fine all day, even with two slices of pizza I was OK on points. But then, midday, I freaked out. Ate a bowlful of cream cheese onion dip and a ton of blue corn tortilla chips. Apples with ff caramel. Then a WW ice cream sandwich and some regular soda. I really am worried about having a gain tomorrow. I know they're inevitable, but it's too early in my fresh start to have a setback so soon.

I was thinking about changing my weigh in to Wednesdays, but that's the sissy way out, I guess. I should just take my lumps and get it over with.

The only good thing I can say about today is that I didn't go out and buy a ton of candy or cheese steaks or KFC. And there is a whole pint of Cherry Garcia in the freezer that I haven't touched -- and won't. As far as a binge goes, this was pretty tame. But it's the first time in three weeks that I wasn't able to talk myself down from a feeding frenzy. Frustrating.:(

05-01-2006, 09:03 AM
Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina-I am going to second the 21 nanner salute!!!
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

Girl you rock!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

Maggie-Bread is a trigger food for me too. You know in meetings they have a no weigh in policy. If you don't feel the weigh in will help you you don't have to weigh in. You could if you feel you can be on track next week, choose not to step on the scale this week, if the possibility of a gain would throw off your progress. But, if not weighing in would be harder on you.... It's up to you but just a thought. I know today is your weigh in day sothis advice might coem too late. I haven't read the weigh in thread yet LOL.

As for me I am doing crap crap carppy carp. NOT happy. I don't have the babysitting kids this week. Let's see what I can do with it. This whole office project and drained our bank account so there is food in the house, but mostly things that trigger a binge, make me feel unsatisfied even though they cost me 12 points, but there really isn't any money for groceries.

Well the kids are awake. I have to run. Hav ea great day!!

05-01-2006, 09:56 AM
Come on, Misty... you know that I am the WORST Weight Watcher in the history of Weight Watchers. If I can pull myself back on this damn wagon, so can you. Take my hand, right now, and get up here. It feels good. It tastes good. It smells good. And there's some good company up here for you. Just do it for today. Just one day. You can eat whatever you want tomorrow. You can flush your points calculator down the toilet tomorrow if you want. Just stay OP for today. (That which is in purple must be obeyed.)

There ... consider that your official :kickbutt: for the day!

05-01-2006, 10:41 AM
That which is in purple must be obeyed!! Funny, but oh so true!!

Congratulations, Carolina!! That's wonderful!! You have honestly inspired me into thinking that maybe I could run a half-marathon too!? Have you been running for very long? I just started running. I'm currently doing the Couch to 5k. I'm on week 7 (I think). I'm running 28 minutes tonight. I'm a bit nervous about it, because I have a horrendous cold, but I'll do my best! I was considering running in the Des Moines marathon in November. Do you think it would be possible to do the half?

Misty, I know what you mean about money. I thought I was in heaven over the weekend. Our grocery store was having an addition 15% off their store brand (which I think their store brand is good). It was just our local store that was doing it, so the discount was on top of their regular specials! By the way, I've been known to eat baked potatoes for nearly every meal for a week. Top them with some salsa, and they're pretty good!!

Be good!!

05-01-2006, 11:59 AM
[quote=iowasteph2]By the way, I've been known to eat baked potatoes for nearly every meal for a week. Top them with some salsa, and they're pretty good!!quote]

Other ways to top a baked potato:

Frozen low-fat creamed spinach and a little fat-free feta

Fat free baked beans

Misty... what market do you shop at? Is it a large chain or small independent. Do they take coupons?

05-01-2006, 12:57 PM

I am sloooooooooooooowly finding my house. Previously in our office I had an entertainment center, ontop of which was a bookshelf...very unattractive and not overly functional. This entertainment center housed all the kids games and art supplies that they can't just have free access to, plus alot of my craft stuff. So I got new, more functional office cupboards and a HUGE new cabinet for the playroom. But these new things have displaced the entertainment center, bookshelf, and my Grandfather's antique tea cart, along with various bins, baskets, totes ect that I was attempting to organize with. Some of these things are finding a new home with my BIL within a few months (I hope), some need to find a new home here in my over crowded house. B/c we've been focusing on the office the rest of the house is a wreck, anything that was in the office that didn't really belong in the office is dumped throughout my house. We've been eating out ALOT b/c we've been running to town, which is an hour away, and eating on the run while getting building supplies. Or we've just grabbed pizza b /c we can't cook b/c the Kitchen is full of stuff. My treadmill is completley burried.

So today I am focusing on....getting DH's hundred's of cables cords and wires coiled and tied with zip ties so he can actually sort them (done), laundry, and cleaning my kitchen table and bathroom. If I get time I will put our new office cabinets together so DH can mount them on the wall tonight. Hopefully DH will be paring down our computer collection, currently we have 11. I think we only use 5.

I read your post Maggie...as I was eating a stash of pb hershey kisses I found on top of the fridge while cleaning this morning. I will get out my tracker and write it down. I will stay on points today. I am drinking my water. I can do this! Thank you!!!!! I weigh tomarrow night. I am going to find enough of my kitchen to cook a decent meal for dinner. Have a great day!!!!!!!

05-01-2006, 06:07 PM
aww thank you ladies ! so much
the 21 naner salute is so fun just look at thoes nanners go

Iowasteph-I have not been running for long, in highschool i played soccer but i played defence so i never really had to run alot just in short sprints. the last time i put on soccer cleats was 2001. then this year i decided along with my partner in crime kate that 13.1 miles was doable ...i blogged about my train of thought here is a piece of it ...
I can't beleve we did it ...in january it sounded like good idea, in febuary it was an excuses to get our butts up and outside on saturdays, in march it made good braging material and was a good way to get out of working, in april it was the ominous thing we had been talking about and yesterday we did it ... I can offcially say yeah i ran in a marathon...albeit walking was involved, mostly due to not being serious the week before when we were in miami but we started and finished the music city half marathon **this is were the crowd roars, and the fans clapp ** 3 hours it took but we crossed the finidh line ..unaided at that....

So i think that the half in november is totally doable for you especially if you commit now, its so motivational and you should check with ur Local WW they oftan support mambers doing local races ...the nashville chapter had a group that meet weekly from january till april to help train ...I went acupple of times its a grat way to meet new WW....in november when you cross the finish line you'll look back and say wow i cant believe i ever doubted my self...
Iam so exited that ur considering it i really hope you do.

happy cable gathering misty, funny thing that is my favorite part of cleaning making the cable look nice and neat...weird huh

on another note ...I too have no grocery funds ...I do however have a rather large stash of potatoes ... thank you for the ideas...I feel like i have a tape worm ... oof and to make it worse some one just brought cake, pie and doughnuts ...why do the food gods test me soo?

05-01-2006, 08:58 PM
Hi girls!!!!!

What a day. I am beat. I feel so much better though. I accomplished mot of my to do list. I didn't build my cabinets, but I did get 7 loads of laundry washed, and I can relax in my living room. It was so messy it was stressful. My eating went well. We are having chicken and baked potatoes (:D thanks for the idea!!!) on the grill for dinner. Also corn we froze last summer. It smells YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so hungry. The only problem with grilling is we have to get the grill going early adn if we don't we end up like tonight, tired hungry kids at 8 pm. It's the first time we've dragged out the 'ol charcoal this year.

Thanks for kicking my butt and making me get on track!

Well got to run, my chicken is probably burning LOL. Have a great night!!!!!

05-02-2006, 05:50 PM
Thanks for the info., Carolina. I really want to do it. I talked to one of my friends today, and she thinks I'm crazy to possibly hurt my knees from running. She said that her doctor told her to find a different way to exercise other than running, so she did. It's not like i'm going to be a professional runner or anything though!

7 loads of laundry, Misty. Wow! Good times!

05-03-2006, 04:12 PM
misty is my hero, seven loads of laundry, and grilling wow sign me up!

Iowasteph- Iam no expert but, if you start early and slowly you should have no porblem, but if you have any concerns do go to a doctor and get medical clearance. so many people are still telling me that its crazy and that they could never doit but its so doable ...I just think "thast was i said in january"

well ladies iam looking to have an on point week ...that sounds funny but my ww week begins on wednesday ...i need to have an op week !

till later

05-03-2006, 05:21 PM
Seven loads of laundry! Well, I feel like a slacker.

For potatoes, you can also cut them into large strips, spray with nf cooking spray, bake for about 10-15 mins, flip, another 10 and it's no-guilt oven fries. I think I set my oven to 425. Alexia also makes this as a frozen brand (so does Trader Joe's) but homemade is just fine.

Another cheap meal:
canned ff refried beans
whole wheat tortillas
shredded lettuce

Warm up the beans--add a fried onion and garlic if you want. Make a burrito and use lots of salsa--that way you can count 2 vegetables (LOL).

Best wishes to all.

05-04-2006, 03:33 PM
elena thats genious...thansk so much my budget loves thes exchanges

05-05-2006, 09:05 AM
Good Morning!!!!

I too am a fan of oven fries. I often sprinkle mine with dried rosemary :)

I am finally back on plan. The weekend isn't here yet which is what always kills me. I will try to stay strong.

I am teaching my daughter about Cinco De Mayo. We're talking about Mexico, and for dinner she's going to help me cook some enchiladas (the cheesy chicken enchiladas from the food section of 3fc), I found tortilla shells with 14 grams of fiber. They are only a point each!! We'll also make kid friendly sangria, fresh fruit and maybe fried icecream. I hate the brand of icecream DH bought so I should be able to keep that in check. I don't have corn flakes, but I do have life cereal. Since corn flakes are a trigger food for me I decided not to buy them and just improvise with the life. The kids won't care LOL.

We didn't do school this week since the little guy I watch isn't here, so I figured we could do something with learning involved instead of watching Noggin all day :)

Have a great day everyone!!! I am off to do more laundry. 7 loads on what Monday and I bet I have four more loads piled up since. It's insane. What am I going to do when these kids are teenagers, and heaven forbid if we have another!!!!!!!!

05-06-2006, 10:24 AM
Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to go put my cabinets together so dh will hang them today :) Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!