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Blue*Berry Pie
08-08-2001, 04:27 PM
Is anyone following Suzanne Somers Somersizing Program? I am very much interested in it and was hoping to find some others doing it too! I think it makes alot of sense and I am so tired of obsessing with scales, measuring food, half starving, and just basically DIETING. I know all the plans can talk about the fact that, "its not a diet but a lifestyle" I say it is STILL a diet no matter how you want to word it. Somersizing sounds like a way of eating that you can stick to and stop this viscious dieting cycle. I have tried alot of weightloss programs such as Slim-Fast, WW, Richard Simmons, Jenny Craig to name a few and ALWAYS felt on a DIET and obsessing about food more than ever! I started this thread for other Somersizers out there that are too sick of dieting! I hope to hear back from you! I would love to talk with others and provide support while doing Somersizing. I am going to check her books out at the library and then purchase I think her newest one. If anyone has any information for me on somersizing, if you are on it currently, please let me know on this board. I am going to be starting it on Monday, August 13th. Thanks!

08-09-2001, 12:44 PM
You might want to read about Sommersizing at the American Cancer Society's web site on fad diets (link below - sorry my HTML is off).

Suzanne seems to make some statements that are completely unfounded scientifically.

I've been on a weightloss program for 6 weeks and have lost 20 pounds (and according to the Tanita scale, most of it is fat not muscle). What is important is that you learn what is healthy to eat, and PORTION CONTROL. If you need a diet to learn portion control, then you need a diet. It's like being in training for an athletic event. You follow a training schedule.

The advice "just eat what you like but in moderation" and "just leave a little extra on your plate" does not work at all for me. That's too subjective. How much is moderate? My moderate may be gluttony for you. I needed a weight loss clinic to monitor me very closely and reteach me what and how much to eat. I eat twice as many vegges now and almost no starchy carbohydrates (1 serving/day).

My diet (Physician's Weight Loss Center Accelerated Plan IV) sounds horrible: 700 calories a day, 45% protein, 15% fat, 40% carbs (mostly fibrous vegetables, 1 fruit and 1 pc of bread a day) but I lose 3 pounds a week consistently. You do have to feel the pain to gain - or to lose. I had health problems related to obesity. Well, I'm not obese anymore!

You also will need a counselor or group support for maintenance when you finally up your calories to your BMR rate. This is when mot people go overboard. After you lose all the weight, your BMR will be much lower. All this is hard to do on your own. I don't like the weight loss centers that make you buy their food - you need to learn to make your own choices and cook light.

Blue*Berry Pie
08-09-2001, 02:57 PM
I have been thinking alot about my weightloss dilemma and already pretty much had my mind made up as to what I was going to do and then reading your post reiterated the fact of my decision. I have done some reading on somersizing and I also know how WW has been an OUTSTANDING program for weightloss recommended by many physicians all over for healthy, slow-rate weightloss. I guess I was looking for greener grass so to speak or something. Because I was in a rut with WW, I just wanted to give up and yet again try something new. Not this time, I am determined to stay with WW and realize there is no magic for this weightloss and losing slow is better and healthy for you. I don't believe eating FATS and however much you want is a good thing, lol That is why I'm overweight now, LOL But it is the truth. If this eat until your full thing is so on target, then how come I am overweight now. Because it is fad, that is how come. I guess out of frustration and desperation I was going to try something else. Wanting the easy way out I guess. Well, there is no easy way out if you want to really be healthy and fit. It takes dedication and hard work and that is what I am committed to do. I'm heading back to either a WW meeting or doing the WW from home program and sticking with it! I have to lose this weight and get serious and NOW is the time to do it. No more looking for greener pastures and giving up. It is a lifetime committment and that is what I intend to make it in my life and I know I will look back and be so much the better for it. You were really the only one who took the time to respond. I saw at least 25 replies of people that just look but nobody takes the time to give any input even though the choice is up to the individual to do, its nice to see people struggling to lose weight pass on some good information and give their feedback. I appreciate your time and response. Thanks and I'm off to better health the WW way!

Blue*Berry Pie
08-09-2001, 03:00 PM
I see alot of the times where people are intrigued enough to read a post but oftentimes don't answer them. I know you can't answer everyones posts nor have the desire to. I don't myself but I at least appreciate a response or 2 out of 25 some, LOL THANKS!

Fran M
08-09-2001, 03:35 PM
hi Blue,
i guess I have to admit it but I just read your post without replying dut to the fact that you were intersted in the Somersizing program which I am in total disagreement. I felt if I responded to that with my opinions on that program you might take it the wrong way. I love to read posts on different diets and what works for certain people. I do hope you find the "diet' that works for you. I can tell you that if you do decide to go back to WW, you will be making the best decision ossible. I can attest to that because I have successfully have lost 43 pounds on WW. It is a fantastic program.

I hope you consider going back to WW. My final and third time to rid of this excessive weight came with the attitude that this was it and only it. I wish you luck!!


08-09-2001, 09:05 PM
I just wanted to drop you a comment on this plan. I have tried many protein plans, and then I tried this plan, I stuck with this plan about three weeks, and it was easier than the protein plans, however, the best way is the old fashioned way. I ended up joining TOPS and have been monitoring what I am eating, and slowly, yes, slowly, it is coming off. Since April I have have lost 20 pounds, and I would love for it to come off as quick as it did when I was doing protein plans, or somersizing, however, I want the weight to stay off. I could not cook the protein way or somersizing way for my entire family. On the TOPS or WW, they are basically the same on the exchange plan, I can feed my family, not feel deprived. The one thing that is hard for me, is being patient with the weight coming off. But it is coming off, so I say stick with the old way.

Best of luck to you.

Blue*Berry Pie
08-10-2001, 01:06 AM
Thanks for your comments. I am going back to the WW way and making a strong committment to make this stick for life and learn that it is my new way of healthy eating and I know that in the longrun, I will be thankful I didn't do Somersizing or the other "FAD" diets. Thanks again!

08-14-2001, 09:12 AM
:) Hi Blue Berry Pie
I am in the same boat as you. I feel ww is the best. But was looking for something magical. My sister let me borrow all her somersizing books. So I started doing her plan all the time thinking this is not possible to do for ever. I am also in a rut with ww because of my own fault I know what I am sticking in my mouth. If you work any program it will work but can we live with it.WW you can I have been a lifer for a long time not at goal but I know it is the best. And you gave me the push I need to go back Thanks alot!!! Fudge