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04-26-2006, 11:38 AM
Just wondering how your weight loss journey has changed your lifestyle.

What bad habits have you lost or what good habits have you adopted?

Moo :)
04-26-2006, 01:57 PM
I've given up chocolate (well 99% of the time), pizza and chips so thats a start. I'm eating so many veggies now I swear I'm weeing pure vegetable juice tehehehe.

I've got one bad habit to lose now and thats to give up smoking ...mmmm I've "promised" myself its will be when I meet my target weight ... mmmmm

04-26-2006, 02:33 PM
Hmmmm, how has the weight loss journey changed my lifestyle....

In some ways it's changed a lot, and in others not at all.

My life is definitely more planned and structured now than it was when I was gaining weight.

Daily exercise is built into my schedule. This is probably the most important habit that I've established. If I go a whole day without moving my butt, it's quite rare and even makes me twitchy and uncomfortable.

My food is a lot more planned as well. I bring my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work every day. I always know what my next meal is going to be ahead of time, this really helps to limit impulsive food choices. It's just second nature to plan things out in advance now.

I used to have a very bad vending machine habit. Now I pretty much don't even see them. The same goes for coffee shop pastries. I can walk in and get a cup of tea or an americano without automatically reaching for a muffin or goodie to go with it. Looking back, a whole lot of my weight was gained though afternoon snacks that had more calories than I typically eat for dinner now. :eek:

Changing my lifestyle to lose weight really added a lot of structure to my formerly haphazard life. It's also inspired me to add structure to other areas of my life (with varying degrees of success) ;)

Good question :) It was interesting to think it through.

04-26-2006, 03:09 PM
I suppose the most significant change was kicking the buttered cracker habit.
:carrot: This was my mothers doing and after quitting - I noticed that instead of going through a 1lb of butter a week - it lasts a few months. And since DH is not a butter eater - obviously I was eating that much - ick! :devil:

Another change is that I started using no cal butter flavored spray on veggies, taters even toast to eliminate unecessary calories. ;)

I definately make an effort to exercise more even if it is just an evening stroll around the farm - this is big for me because I would be just as happy strapped to my laptop for all eternity - LOL :carrot:

Skipping fries at fast food restaurants (unless that is what I went there for) - choosing to drink a nutrition shake while shopping instead of stopping for a burger.

I wouldnt say I have given up anything 100% - I just pay more attention to my eating habits so that more often than not - I eat healthy -and save the treats for special occasions - like aunt flo coming to visit - or going out to eat with the DH (we dont do this often so I dont let my "diet" get in the way of chicken fried steak).

But like Tani said - what I am going to eat next is almost always in the back of mind - mostly because I only do grocery shopping once a month so I make darn sure I have enough of my cereal bars and nutrition shakes and lean cuisines to last me - plus good cuts of meat and fresh veggies for dinners with DH.

What goes in must come out - so fiber has been key I feel. I will even supplement with Psyllium if I feel I am not moving properly - ooh gross - no one wants to hear about that.:p

04-26-2006, 04:07 PM
My changes include:

buying vitamins and remembering to take them daily

cutting back on coffee, tea and sugar

also only go to Tim Horton's once per week instead of daily

I now refuse to buy frozen dinners or pre fab meals - I don't like the taste and have gotten used to cooking proper meals again.

ridding myself of my dill pickle chip addiction :lol:
We use to watch movies and eat chips every weekend now we go out more and keep healthier snacks around the house - no more chips!

Switching to organic meats and produce - despite the studies that say there is no difference I still think organic foods taste better and I get them when I can :D

I began to love cooking again and frequently try out new recipes :chef:

04-26-2006, 04:42 PM
Mauv, Oh yeah vitamins! I finally found a vitamin I will take daily without forgetting or making a fuss (I hate hate hate swallowing horse pills) I bought a bottle of liquid multi vitamins at the pharmacy where we get our cat's prescription filled. I mix an ounce of vitamins in a couple ounces of apple juice and drink it as I'm packing my breakfast and lunch for the day. I've made it a whole week with this new system, which is probably a record :o

04-26-2006, 05:23 PM
I hear ya Tani! I had to buy children's chewable Gummi Bear vitamins for the same reason - can't do the horsepills! :lol:

I've also got calcium chews and chewable vitamin c :D

I found that a weekly pill box left in plain view on the bathroom counter has helped tremendously.

04-26-2006, 11:40 PM
good idea mauv. vitamins is one of the few that has been a habit to stick. I'm glad i'm not the only one who can't take those things! Centrum makes an adult chewable now and it's great, orange flavor and not horrid. Tastes better than the Flinstones in my opinion.

eating smaller amounts throughout the day is another one that seems to have stuck. I may go back and forth in the quality of foods i'm eating, but i make sure to spread it all out over the entire day.

04-27-2006, 01:05 PM
Thanks Lizz, I was thinking last night as I was making dinner, that really the factor that has been the most important has been teaching myself portion control. Without being hungry I can still eat like a trucker - so I use a smaller plate and take smaller portions, I drink water with every meal and I wait at least 20 mins before deciding on seconds.

By learning portion control - I feel I can eat what I want(within reason) I just eat less. This lesson has made this trip down the diet road far less bumpy than any road traveled in the past.

Little secret for pasta lovers - take the portion of pasta you are allowing yourself based on calories - then overcook it. The longer the pasta is in that water the bigger and fuller the noodles get. I once made spaghetti noodles quadruple in size by letting them soak.

This fools the eye and the tummy into thinking you ate this huge plate of spaghetti when in reality it was just swollen with water.:D