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08-08-2001, 11:15 AM
Wow! Where is everyone? I hate to be such a downer, but I got a rude awakening at WI last night. I gained 5 pounds!!! I was in shock, but definitely expecting a gain...just not so big!
Well, I am back on track and journaling and everything!
No more fried apple pies for me! Someone brought in Brownies today and the thought of gaining even more weight keeps me away from the damn things!
I hope everyone has a great day and I'll see everyone later on!
ps...I even changed my sig. How depressing! I didn't change it the last time I gained!! :(

08-08-2001, 11:49 AM
Stacey, I am sorry to hear about your gain. I know you were very disappointed. Maybe this is what you needed in order to re-start. I know that you can get right back OP now that you are ready. Good luck! :)

I worked at home yesterday and gave up around 4:45. I got everything done but felt like I hadn't done much eventhough there was nothing left to do. Does that make sense?:^: Anyway, my friend came for dinner and we had yummy leftovers. DH will be glad to hear that. I suppose I will have more leftovers until they are gone.

I ate 25.5 points yesterday which is good since I finally counted Monday and was at 32. I would still like to eat around 25 eventhough I am maintaining. If I didn't go way over point every weekend, I would be doing great but at least for now, I am still around 160. I am thinking about going to WI tomorrow night depending on how TOM is affecting my weight. (TOM is due this weekend.)

Work is too quiet and I don't have anything to do. Please come and post so that I at least have something to read :) Have a good day. I can't wait for the weekend!!!!!


08-08-2001, 11:49 AM
OH Stacey, so sorry. Hopefully it is water weight!!! I haven't gone to WI for 2 weeks and ate like food was going out of style last week. I hope for no gains!!! I gained .6 at my last WI... I hate that! I wish I was like these people that have steady losses! But the way I see it, I am making a lifestyle change, so if I am too strict now, it won't work in the future! So slow and steady for me.

I ate in my points yesterday and I was so proud. I even had a soda and ice cream (too much). But I got in 8 servings of F/V! And walked in the morning! AWESOME!

I didn't walk the dog this morning tho... and she got back at me by pooing in the basement! Naughty dog!

WHERE IS EVERYONE. How depressing to come here and no one is around! Are we all abandoning WW because of the hectic summer! PLEASE SAY IT ISN'T SOOOOO!!!

08-08-2001, 11:53 AM
Hey Stacey - Try not to worry about the 5 pound gain...I'm sure since you gained it so quickly, now that you are back on track, you will lose it just as quickly!!

Sarah - Sorry to hear you are so bored at work... Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Jen - It looks like you had a good day yesterday. Do you want to send me some of your motivation?! I had beer, nachos and ice cream for dinner last night! ugh!

The weather here is downright awful and it is hard to think about anything else. The high today is supposed to be 97, with a heat index around 110. And the 3.5 mile race that I've been training for is tomorrow, which is supposed to be almost as hot today. Somehow, I'm just not as excited about it anymore.... But it won't be long until I'm complaining about how cold it is, so I should probably just shut up!

Have a good day everyone!


08-08-2001, 12:37 PM
JenK... Ohhh NACHOS... one of my weeknesses. I met my hubby over a plate of nachos! You lucky duck!!!!

Ok.. here it is... {{{{{~~~~MOTIVATION~~~~}}}}}

Hope that helps! I made need it back tho! :)

08-08-2001, 12:55 PM
Stacey: I'm bailing on WW today because I fear a big gain! I guess I just haven't been that interested in watching what I eat. Today, I'm craving pizza. Your gain was probably partly a fluke, though. Maybe you were retaining water, or I tend to suspect that even the WW scales are off once in a while! :D (I can hope, right?)

One thing that's been bugging me is how much I'm paying to lose weight so slowly. I've thought about stopped going to meetings, but when I've done that before I've abandoned everything. Grrr.

I agree, where is everyone? There were tons of views of the thread yesterday, but only 10 posts and only a few of us. Lurkers, at least say hi! It'll take you 2 seconds!

I'm in a better mood today, thank goodness. Maybe I can actually get some work done. Yesterday, I didn't semi-motivate myself until 2, and that was just to do an interview. Today, I've got all sorts of research to do on political asylum for homosexuals, and I'm already procrastinating. Fascinating story, though. A guy from Armenia just got asylum here. If he went back to his country, he'd face a minimum of 5 years in prison for just being gay. I've done two interviews with this guy, and he is the sweetest, kindest man who just wants to live without being in fear for his life. Yet, the other day, he and his partner were attacked coming out of their church. It makes me sad that some people are so full of hate.

Well, better get to my phone calls!

08-08-2001, 01:03 PM
Hello Stacey, Sarah, Kim, Jenl and Jenk! And all the others about to post!
I am pretty busy at work, but have sneaked on for a quick chat. Stacey - those five pounds are nothing compared to what you've managed to lose so far. You'll get rid of them again, and a shock gain definitely helps the old willpower kick in.
I went out drinking last night (unusual for me i know ;)). Anyhow, i got the munchies when i got home so i toasted a couple of bagels, put philadelphia light cream cheese on them and went to bed (plan being to munch and read before passing out). But thanks to copious amounts of wine i only managed a couple of bites before falling asleep! I was so pleased when i woke up this morning to discover them still uneaten. Definitely saved me from going over my points!! :lol: Tonight BF's parents, older bro and wife and their kids are in town so we're meeting them after work. His nephew had a huge crush on me last time i met him (he's 7) so can't wait to see how he acts this time! I bet you he's forgotten me already.
jenk - hope the race goes ok tomorrow. It wasn't much fun when Lolly and I did a 5k in the heat. We went very slowly. But it still felt good when we finished.
Jenl - mmm, nachos!!
Kim - I'm thinking of you sweetie. I'm sure it'll all go ok, it's just such a yukky thing to have to go through. It's great your BF is so supportive.

Right, I started this ages ago but got caught up in a deadline so had to leave it and come back. One more hour to go - hooray!

Love to you all,


08-08-2001, 01:39 PM
I've managed to stay away from the brownies! Yea!
I'm ready for lunch now, although it really makes my day drag when I eat so early. But, tummy says now. :)
I have to finish my thank you notes, too! Argh!
To everyone:
Thank you so much for your encouragement! I can and will get back on track! What am I saying? I already am back on track!!!
Way to go on everyone journaling and staying OP!!
I'm eating lunch now.

08-08-2001, 02:24 PM
Grat attitude Stacey! I am so impressed at your willpower to resist the brownies. Way to go!

JenL - great job on everything yesterday. It feels so good to have a day like that. :D

Kim - Glad you are feeling a little better today. your news story sounds very interesting. I hope you will get your motivation back soon :)

JenK - Not to worry about yesterday, time to move on. You can do it! We are haivng the same weather here, so humid! I am going to Buffalo,NY on Friday for DH's 10 year high school reunion, it should be much cooler up there!

Krsty - thanks for the motivational motto. Your evening sounds like fun. I'm glad you like BF's family. BTW, good thing you passed out before eating too many points :LOL:

I am eating lunch now. I had taco soup, yogurt, strawberry pie and carrots. I have a 2 points bar for later. I am not sure what I want for dinner yet but I feel obligated to have leftovers. May I will eat the humburger? Sounds kind of good :) Talk to you later!


08-08-2001, 02:38 PM
Well, I gained .8

I wasn't going to go (I was going to get a slice of pizza instead;) ), but my friend Beth who just joined last week talked me into it. So I went. My leader was WAY too perky today but there was a funny moment. She asked for examples of things we could do to keep our minds off eating. Beth shouted, "Making out!" Great answer, as we all know here. :lol: But I've told you about all the fuddy-duddys in the class, mostly older women with kids and grandkids. The room went absolutely silent. Even the leader was quiet, but nervously laughing. See what I mean about my meeting? Made my day, though!

After the meeting, instead of pizza, I got soup and salad. So it helped somehow!

Gotta run. Interview to go to.

08-08-2001, 02:55 PM
KIM... Maybe this friend is exactly what you need to get back on the train! Having a buddy is great motivation. USE YOUR RESOURCES!! And .8 is not that much of a gain! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

I saw my profile in a mirror and that was enough to make me go.... blahhhhhhhhhhhhh... I need to be on track! Plus the stupid side of me thinks that the sis in law doesn't want me in the wedding because I am not attractive... but then I think, neither is she. Like I said, that was the stupid part of me feeling sorry for myself!

08-08-2001, 03:59 PM
You are very attractive!!! Your future sil can kiss your butt and mine too!! I'll provide the chapstick! :)
Kim: That's hilarious about the comment! It's a great idea, tho!
Sarah: I like those 2 points bars. I just wish they didn't cost so much. hmmmm
One of the guys is bringing back ice cream, but I'm staying away!
I went down and bought a jumbo Diet Coke so that's my treat for the day. Besides, one of the loan officers wants to get Frozen Custard after the closing on Friday, so I have to plan accordingly. The ice cream is going to be chocolate marshmallow. I can resist!
Good thing it's not peanut butter cup.....:nono:
Ok, I'm getting back to work now.

08-08-2001, 04:29 PM
Here is a pic of my wedding.... my sis in law is the one standing on the lower step next to my hubby. Just so you can put a face with the person that is driving me MADDDDDDDDD!! :s:

08-08-2001, 04:34 PM
Here is a pic of my dress... I loved this dress!! I can't believe that we have been married almost 3 years. I was about 230 at this time, and it really does not show. Thank God for height!

Horsey girl
08-08-2001, 05:09 PM
Hey ladies just a quick hi - to say how much I miss everyone. I start my new 2nd job next week and I'll have no time for chatting - I'm goting to be a first aid attendant at the Pacific National Exhibition - helpful on the road to becoming a paramedic. WI Saturday after way to much eating junk and I was down 1.4 - in two weeks - not bad. I have to change my sig and then Saturday night I found out my favourite cousin (He's 47) joined WW 2 weeks ago. We were at a family dinner and made sure we both stayed on points for the meal. It's great to have buddies. I hope everyone is well - very hot in BC this week. Maybe some swimming is in store
Have a great day

08-08-2001, 05:13 PM
Hi all! It is quiet around here, wow. Well, I maintained again at WI. I'm happy about it, but I am still .4 above goal (I gained a lot the first week of maintenance). I think I'll be able to get that off soon. I have a bit of a question that I hope you all can help me with. I have been offered a job that I am thinking of taking, but theres a problem. First off, it is a totally different career for me and has nothing to do with my education at all. Also, the pay is SUBSTANTIALLY less than what I am making now ( I would basically be a paid volunteer). However, it is with a fabulous organization, the hours are great (9 to 5), the people who work there are all very nice, and the job itself sounds like fun. Not necessarily challenging, but fun. I would get to work with mostly women which is also a nice change for me. In my current field I just don't feel called anymore. I don't enjoy coming to work anymore and this company is very uncertain. Its the type of place where no one knows what is going on and there is no guarentee that the job will be here tomorrow. They have always been known for laying off ppl with no warning (volitile tech markets). I know DH is supportive and wants me to be happy. I think we could make it on less money. It would be hard, but at the same time we could do it. I'm just not sure how others will react when I tell them I'm not doing the glam corporate thing anymore. But, then again who the heck cares what others think of my job. OK enough of my rambling...I have a week to decide so I'll just think on it some more.

Kim ~ .8 is not bad at all! Your story sounds really interesting. I'm with you, I don't understand why ppl are mean to others just because of their lifestyle. My motto is to always treat others the way you want to be treated. It just doesn't make sense. Hopefully your story will bring light to the fact that we are all citizens of the human race and our lifestyle choices don't negate that.

Stacey ~ WAY TO GET BACK ON TRACK! You'll have that measly gain down in no time. Good luck on the thank yous. Mine took me 3 months (i was a bad bride I guess).

JenK ~ Good luck on the run. Drink lots of water so the heat doesn't get to you.

Jen ~ I LOVE your dress. You are so beautiful. Don't let the SIL take you down to her level. She is probably just jealous anyway!

Sarah ~ That taco soup sounds so good. I still need to make some. Maybe tonight!

Hi Kirsty ~ I had a night like that Friday. I'm glad to see there are other winos like myself on this board.

Hi to all I missed! Thanks for listening to me ramble!

08-08-2001, 05:39 PM
I hit reply, my phone rang, and now I've forgotten about what I wanted to say. Darn.

Well, thanks to everyone for your constant support. I wish we could all attend the same WW meeting. Wouldn't that be entertaining? It's too bad WW can't focus on having 20-something meetings. If they have "mom and me" meetings (although I don't see them adverstised too ofen), why not 20-30-somethings, so we had people we could actually relate to and perhaps make friends with? I'm very glad my friend Beth is going now! Actually, there are 2 more people from my office going to that meeting, too, but I'm the closest to Beth.

Well, better run. I have to try and reach some people by phone before 5.