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08-06-2001, 07:57 PM
G'day all.

Took a long time this morning to download our page, thought I would start afresh.

Nothing terribly interesting to report from this side of the world. It has been cold and windy and really quite miserable. I thought I would 'defuzz' myself this morning, in winter I tend to let the 'hairy' legs go a bit:D . Before long I will be complaining of the heat and you guys complaining about the snow;)
I lived for 12 months in Darwin some years ago. Darwin has a tropical climate, 6 months dry, 6 months wet and all 12 months hot , I know what I prefer. I love the seasons especially spring and autumn.

We received a phone call from China last night of the person who went there instead of dh. He wants to know if there is a possibility of us doing a swap:?: He is living in a one bedroom apartment on the 30th floor, he cannot see across the city because of the smog and the temperatures are in the high thirties (C) and the humidity 80%:( :(
No, we won't be going (I think!) Told dh that I must be sure that we stay put for 3 months whilst my feet heal. He assured me we would, hopefully his company will think the same.
Once my feet are right I don't care and would probably find the experience just that, one **** of an experience:D

Where is Slavika ? Did I miss reading she went away?
Anyway hope everyone is well and coping with the heat.


08-06-2001, 09:48 PM
Hi Everybody
Went to the lake for the long weekend. The weather was just great. Saturday night it really rained, but that was good as it was really hot. All us "older dollies" who hang out at the lake together, were playing around in the water with those "noodles" just like the children do :)...........we had just as much fun as them too. :D Today, my little grandson tried water skiing for the first time. On his second try he made it up :) not for long, but still went a bit. Then he tried knee boarding behind the boat and did really well until he wiped out. He "forgot" :( to undo the velcro strap) when he fell off and the board was sort of on top of him and he was scared. He said, in a very calm scared voice, "help, help, I think I am going to die". Well with his Baba, Papa, and Mother in the boat there was absolutely no chance of that ever happening and of course he and all the rest of us had on life jackets but he was scared. His Mother was first in the water to get him, but by that time he was free of the board. His Mom helped him up the ladder and he had a "little cry" and said, he would try again later. We all told him what a wonderful job he did, how proud we were of him that he made it up on the board AND how calm he was when he wiped out. :love: Then my Son decided he would give skiing a try. He had not been up on skiis for a very long time, but he was very good at one time. He did very well and his kids loved it. As I watched my Son, I thought, I can still remember the "FIRST" time he tried water skiing and today we watched "HIS" Son's first attempts at skiing. :) All in all it was a great weekend.
Anne thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. I'm happy your holiday was a good one and "Welcome Back". Maria I think it does us all good to have these varied discussions. Sometimes we might think it is just us, or just our family but then we learn that's not true. Keep sharing please. :)
I find it very difficult at the lake to remain "on program". Everything tastes so good, and there seems to be so many more treats around.....:eek:
Well, I'll say good night, I enjoyed reading the posts when I got home. Night all. :wave:

08-07-2001, 01:25 PM
Slavika - seems like you had a great weekend, but those nostalgic memories do creep in, don't they? Your grandson sounds like just such a little doll. No wonder you are so proud. So brave!

Well, here we go. Another week of .6 loss. And I drank water, and I walked miles and miles. This is just so typical. I must quit thinking about it, but it is a bit discouraging.

08-07-2001, 03:21 PM
Maria: Hope you arent moving again. You just did! Liked the Defuzz :lol:
The joys of being a women.

Slavika: The story of your grandson brought back memories. I learned to Water ski when I was 10. My first time they told me just to hang on to the rope and dont let go. Well I fell and guess what, I kept hanging on to the rope until it dawned on me I was suppose to let go if I did fall. :o :o
Im sure he was scared at first but it Sounds like he got over it. He will be a pro in no time
Oh memories of the lake. I miss it so.......

Glenda: .6 is good! I know it does get discouraging, but evey bit counts. It takes time and its coming off and thats what counts!
Just keep hanging in there.

Later All!

08-07-2001, 08:19 PM
G'day all

Slavika what a scary experience with your grandson. My one and only experience with waterski-ing was that as I got up from the crouching position, the top of my bikini shot up around my neck:o Being fairly well endowed, I did not hold onto the rope for long:D

Glenda congratulations on the loss, you'll get there. I am sure we all know how discouraging a 'small' loss can be when you have been so 'good', at least it was a loss:)

Lily dh came home last night with a bunch of tulips (very unlike him) for a minute I thought it was to 'soften' me up for another move. He was a bit miffed for me thinking that!

As you all probably remember me mentioning, I am scanning some very old slides to computer and then to CD-ROM.
What struck me as I am doing a lot of reminiscing, how ‘thin’ I was and really quite attractive!! :)
Why oh why did I always think of myself as being ‘very average’ at best and of course always, grossly overweight! I was an extremely skinny child and ‘blossomed’ in puberty.
I know in my days having been brought up as a very strict catholic, vanity was a major sin, so any excessive viewing of one self in the mirror was frowned upon. I even remember confessing being vain when I had a particularly bad time with my thin flighty hair and spent more time than usual in front of the mirror.
I sewed all of my own clothes from a very young age, my parents never complimented that a garment looked good, but merely commented if the garment was well made or not. The shifts (or Mu-Mu’s}of the day were not regarded as a bit of fun and easy to ‘throw’ together, but as being lazy and they made you look like a sack of potatoes!
I was telling dh last night how I felt and he had no idea that I ever felt that way.
I have always been happy with being 56 but on seeing those slides I cannot help but feel regret that I was always so down on myself, strongly encouraged by the environment I lived in.
What it would be like to go back to those days and appreciate being slim and attractive instead of dismissing any compliments or thinking of the ulterior motive behind the compliment.
It is not possible to go back but it is possible to be slim again and make the best of what you got. So this little sojourn in the past has made me more determined than ever to get rid of this excess weight, accept compliments (I am getting better and I am able to just say ‘thank you’) and just enjoy life, soon with pain free feet.;)
I would love to hear your views and experiences.


08-07-2001, 11:14 PM
Hi All. Slavika: Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I tried water skiing once, and thought I was going to drown, so I can identify. Thought of you today as I made the tropicolada cake. Yum!

Glenda: .6 is good. That is almost half a half a pound of butter. Keep up the good work. You will make it. I will have my first weigh-in since vacation this Sat. and I know I am way over. So I have to practice what I preach.

Maria: I think I must be just the opposite. I have no pictures of me when I was younger, as I was always on the 'plump' side and took a lot of teasing when I was in school. I didn't begin to slim down at all, until I was in college, and then it was hard for me to accept compliments. I always wanted to go on a diet, and my parents would say "we love you just the way you are. You are fine" So you know the result. When I got away from home, then I was able to diet. But I never had a great self image, for a long time. Now it pleases me to have someone say I look good, and like you I can smile and say thank you, and believe they are sincere. What things we put ourselves through, but I guess that is all a part of growing up and learning and accepting who we are.
Defuzzing is good. Have you made any decisions yet about your feet?

We finally did it today. We bought a computer and will be getting it next week. You may not hear too much from me until I can become a bit literate. It will be a new experience for us both.

Hi all. See you later. Ann

08-08-2001, 12:36 AM
Hi Everybody
Maria I laughed when I read your post about your bikini ending up around your neck during a water skiing attempt. I had a similar experience. I was around 18 yrs old and a group of us were playing around in the lake on a huge tractor tire. At some point I ended up with my head under the water, and when I came up gasping for air and wiping the water out of eyes I realized MY top was down under my breasts. I have always tanned very easily and back in "those days" I was very dark........and the part showing was very white. LOL :D
It's funny you mentioning those old slides. My friend of over 25 yrs had a big poster sized picture of me done for my husband shortly after I met her. I was sitting at the back of a ski boat in a respectable two piece swim suit. I never liked the picture because I thought I had this "HUGE" roll. BROTHER....don't I wish. :)
Ann I hope you find someone close by who can give you a little bit of help for a couple of months until you learn the things you will be able to do with your computer. When you get the "blue screen of death" that says something like, "your computer has just suffered a fatal error", don't panic, LOL just reboot, :) and enjoy. Glenda congrats on your loss. Boy, take every little loss you can get and just smile. :) Lily looks like your experience behind the the ski boat was much the same as my grandsons. LOL :D Glad you finally let go!
Tea time was nice today. Trudy was over and looked great as she was going out to dinner later. Dee and her daughter were over too and both looked great having just returned from holidays.
I'll say good night now, talk to you all tomorrow.

08-08-2001, 02:20 AM
ann good luck with your new computer, I am sure you will manage it all OK. The only thing I can say is if you have a problem, look for the simple answer, invariably that is what fixes it and if all else fails just re-boot, wonderful invention:D
From a person supposedly reasonably experienced with computers, I have to confess that I have been booted about 6 times today. I have been cursing the system in these apartments when all of a sudden it dawned on me that I got booted every time I tried to access my email or sent something.
I rang my service provider for some guidance and the settings were set incorrectly:o :o
I feel a bit of a dil but everything is working ok again:)

Slavika I have the picture of the poster in my mind:D which reminds me of the picture I have attached. We had that made into poster size many years ago. DH and our two children with the dummies (or pacifiers as you call them I think).
It hung for many years in the playroom, it is now in the garage a bit battered but I haven't got the heart to throw it out.:(

DD rang and invited herself and fiancee for dinner. Both have the flu and are feeling a bit miserable.


Cal Walker
08-08-2001, 07:36 PM
Hello everyone
Remember me?
We just got back from vacation and I have a new 'puter here at work so I thought I'd take a quick break and see if I can finally communicate with you all:wave:
We went to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th and it was wonderful! And - yes we did try to stay on program the whole time : Do you know how few macadamia nuts it takes to get to 5 points!!
Now that I'm back I have arranged (and have been doing) excercise time from 6-7 a.m. 3 mornings a week at 24 hour Fitness. It takes planning and determination but I am getting in the groove. This has been a slow summer weight loss wise so I hope the new activity will jumpstart me.
So, this is a test message and I hope I am finally back in communication!:lol:


08-08-2001, 07:43 PM
Hi Margot, good to 'see' you again. I think I just started posting around the same time that you stopped:D

Coincidence, I am sure ;)


08-09-2001, 12:26 AM
:wave: Hi there everybody and a warm welcome back to you Margot , I've missed your posts. Where in Hawaii did you go? How did you manage to get away without taking our Lily with you. LOL :D I know exactly how many macdamia nuts you get for 5 points about 1 oz or a very small 1/4 cup or about 16 nuts. Do you think I might have had a few on my holidays in Hawaii. :dizzy: Good for you for getting back into the healthy eating/exercise mode. I find summer a difficult time to remain on program. It seems like there are more "things" to go to, more snacks to eat and a few things to drink too I might add. :D
I had a great day out with my friend today. I picked up the 4 leaf clover I had designed for DH and the fellow who designed it did a good job. At first I wasn't sure I liked it or that it "looked" that much like a 4 leaf clover but the more I looked at it, the better I liked it. It's like the designer "drew" a clover free hand (which I guess he did) so it doesn't look "exact". I also bought a chain for it, so that's over and done with.
Ann how are you coming along with the new computer?
I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Night. :)

08-09-2001, 12:59 PM
Margot - I am so happy you posted! I have been wondering where you are. You and hubby went to Hawaii and tried to stay on program. I am so proud of you. And if this summer has been slow, you haven't gone backwards, so it has been a great season.

Maria - don't you imagine all of us have stories about our younger days? Must just be a young-person thing to obsess about our looks. I was never pretty, was a bookworm to boot, so my high school days weren't that great. Actually, I look better now than I have in my whole life--maybe just because I accept myself. With age, I have decided to like myself and after cancer, I was just so happy to have the chance to life myself. I was never really thin, usually about where I am now, but I always had the thunder thighs, which were my cross to bear. Oh well!

I am taking off work on Monday and Tuesday and going to my son's and babysit my grandson while his mom does an art project. Looking forward to it!

08-09-2001, 01:02 PM
Maria: How nice for DH to come home with some flowers. Have him talk to my DH K? I like looking at old pictures. I was always thin when I was younger. Didnt really Ballon until about 15 years ago. Now those pictures I dont like seeing at all. matter of fact I always hid from the camera. Love that picture you attached!

Ann: How exciting with the new computer. I have never used WebTv so I dont know what the difference will be. Hope you enjoy it!

Slavika: :lol: on the dreaded blue screen. Sometimes that blue screen doesnt reboot. Thats what happen when I crashed my brand new one. It didnt want to reboot. Thats when I call DH! Your Hubby will like the Clover, im sure. It sounds nice and better as it was specially made.

Margot!!!!!!! So good to see you! We have been worried about you. Bet you loved that Hawaii trip! It is a wonderful place to go. Hey.. why didnt you call me so I could be a tour guide? :lol:
Im sure you were lost and didnt know what to see with out me. ;)

Best get to work, Im suppose to me in a meeting :o

08-09-2001, 08:10 PM
G'day all,

A nice sunny day here in Melbourne.
We went to the musical 'Patsy Cline' last night. DH wasn't that keen to come but agreed to come anyway. It was great and dh enjoyed it as well. I am sort of middle of the road as far as country and western music goes (love Shania Twain, Chris Isaak, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton etc.)
The singer who played the role of Patsy Cline sings mainly jazz but just did a fantastic job singing the old Patsy Cline numbers like 'Crazy', 'After midnight' etc. etc.
I have been having trouble settling back into life in Melbourne again, last night cheered me up no end.:)
The other thing that has cheered me up is that I finished doing the scanning of the slides. In some ways it was good reminiscing and in other ways not, it was probably reflected in my posts:(

Glenda I think you are absolutely right, I am sure it is a 'young' thing this body image thing but I am really pleased that my daughter is not like that, must have done something right along the way;) Have fun with the baby sitting 'chores'. Does your son live far from you?

Ann haven't heard from you yet, hope you are having fun with your new computer.

Slavika glad I am not that fond of macedamia nuts, didn't realise the high point count. Love cashews which haven't got a great point count either:( Have you given your four leave clover gift to your dh yet? It sounds really nice.

Lily I have mentioned a 'few' times now to dh that the flowers are just lovely and give me a lot of pleasure, I hope he has taken the hint that he can bring flowers home more often;)

Saw a news report about the heat in America and Canada. It sounds pretty bad and rather relentless. I don't mind the heat too much, if it is accompanied with high humidity that is when I just hate it and find it difficult to cope.

Hi to everyone else, have a great day


Cal Walker
08-09-2001, 09:28 PM
What a great welcome back!

I am so excitied that I can finally "talk" with you all. I think the problem is MAC related with my home computer but will still try to fix it.

Hawaii was wonderful and we had to sneak out of state to avoid Lily!!:lol: but it was, after all, a romantic anniversary trip for two!
We stayed on the Big Island on the Kona Coast at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and I have never been so pampered. We both went to the spa and had coconut scrubs and massages (DH had never been exfoliated before! ) I was a little intimidated about the body stuff but went anyway and really enjoyed it. I am going back!

Your body image discussion rang true for me. I never appreciated what I had when I was young. I am grateful for everything I have today but especially my health.

Ann I too have new computer and have switched from MAC to PC. It was a lot easier than I thought and so far so good! One benefit is that I can post here again.

I'm off - have to figure out dinner and get to bed early so I can get to the gym by 5:45 A.M. ( I never thought I'd say that :D


08-09-2001, 11:42 PM
:wave: Hi Everybody
Maria my DH birthday is not until Aug 31st, so I will give him his 4 leaf clover then. :) You must be pleased that the big job of scanning all those slides is behind you. Sometimes I think it's good for us to have a look at our pasts and see how far we have come, and I don't mean financially or things like that, but more in personal growth. :)
Margot sounds like your holiday was wonderful if you are planning on going again. DH and I are talking now about maybe going to Maui again in February. He says three weeks, I'm trying for one month. :s: This is my plan of action. (1) Well we have to pay the outrageous air fare so we might as well stay the extra week. (2) We always have groceries left after after three weeks so we might as well stay the extra week. (3) We are never really that home sick after three weeks so we might as well stay the extra week. (4) THIS IS THE CLINCHER.....{"YOU "could golf an extra two or three times if we stayed the extra week. :cool: So what do you gals think? Any further suggestions would be very appreciated. :D
Had the grandbabies over for a couple of hours today and we played with play dough and read books....nice way to spend a couple of hours on a cool day.
Talk to you all tomorrow. Night. :wave:

08-10-2001, 12:11 AM
Maria: Oh I would love to see that play. DH loves her music. I got hooked on it from him. I bet it was a good one!
My DH will bring flowers once in a blue moon so I shouldnt complain. Its always at the niceset times to!

Margot: How rude! I knew you snuck out of state with out me. ;) Sounds like you had a wonderful time there and very relaxing. We drove through Kona and stop for a drink at the Mauna Lani. It was a nice place. Going to the gym so early to! Good for you!
How much have you lost now?

Slavika: A whole month would be wonderful. I think you probably have him on the golf thing. How could he resist that? You sneaky person :s:
We are talking of going again next year. Not this one but a whole year away. ALAS........

Glenda: Your gonna have fun babysitting. Now dont go spoiling him rotten! I know you will tho! ;)

Have a great night all!

Karen L
08-10-2001, 02:40 AM
What a beautiful Minnesota day we had. The breeze was blowing nice and cool all day in fact early in the day I needed a sweater! What a difference a day make.

My,my you all have sure been talkative. There was a lot of conversation to catch up on.

First off let me say Hello to Margot. Long time no see. Glad to have you back in the loop. Your vacation sounds wonderful. I truly admire you getting up so early to go to the gym. We always knew you had lots of Determination ! :)

Now then Patsy Cline is my very favorite . I have all her music on CD's and tape. My DH is forced to listen to it while trapped in the car with me and here at home. Most times he doesn't complain too much. There was a show go through here a couple of years ago about her life and My Mom and I went to it. I loved it and for days was singing Sweet Dreams.

Ann hows it going with the new computer. My advice is to wade in with both hands and have fun. The girls here will give you lots of help. All you gotta do is ask.

Slavika Your GS is a very brave little boy. I have never tried to water ski. Never really had the chance. Used to like to do the tube thing behind a boat.

Body image and being young. I was very thin as a 20 something. So thin could have been mistaken for very sick :( Didn't begin to gain weight until I was well into my 30"s then I gained 30 pounds and began to look healthy. Then the worm turned and i gained the fifty that I lost almost 7 years ago. I was never happy with the way I looked. Now I have accepted the fact that I will never be super thin and don't really want to be I think the weight I am today is realistic for me and I am very happy with how i look and most of all I am healthy. I totally agree with Glenda I am just plain glad to be alive:D

Got to go to bed I am getting punchy

08-10-2001, 03:06 AM
How strange Karen for you to go to bed and for me it is towards the end of the day that you haven't had yet:?: :dizzy: I have none of Patsy Cline cd's but I have always liked her and the show was just great. Will now seriously look for one of her cd's.

Slavika what can this 'gal':D say to persuade your dh to stay an extra week. The golfing thing would definetly persuade mine. By the way I came across the picture of your dh and have attached it to this post.
We have made some investigations for a week in Hawaii but with the value of the australian dollar, my chances don't look good:(
We are also looking at Vietnam, many Australians go there and I am told it is a great country and it is very good value for money. It is hard to get the images out of your head from the Vietnam war days and see it as a holiday destination.
Our first priority is THE wedding on January 26, after that we will decide where to go on holidays.

Got to run.


PS now that I have attached the golfer, he looks a bit pathetic, oh well.

08-10-2001, 01:02 PM
Hi, I am trying to catch up on all conversations. You all have been busy. Slavika all of your reasons sound good to me for staying an extra week. Why come home to cold when you can be in paradise. Sounds like plain old common sense to me. Margot it sounds like you had a wonderful time and you were good too. How much more have you lost since you last posted? I am at a plateau and it is getting very frustrating. Maria I think Vietnam would be interesting to see. Take care of your feet first so you can dance at the wedding. Glenda have fun babysitting. I bet you are spoiling him aren't you? Nothing exciting is happening here - it is still so hot and humid you think you are melting. Karen send that cool weather down. Have to go to the mall and return something and buy a wedding present. TAlk later,

Cal Walker
08-10-2001, 08:30 PM
Hello All

Just a quick note!

Well Peggy, I too have been on a plateau so that is why I am dedicated to the exercise. I am still hovering around 115 lost but I weigh in tomorrow so maybe I'll have some news.

I'm off to the market so I can make something healthy to bring to my women's investment club (good thing we are doing this for fun 'cause we have not picked well so far!)

Maria: There are just too many golf courses on Maui to do well in 3 weeks - absolutely 4 weeks is a minimum! :lol:

I'll check in tomorrow.


08-10-2001, 09:34 PM
Hi Everybody
Peggy yes, I agree, it certainly seems silly to come back to our cold Canadian winter when we could be on the beach/golf course in Maui for an extra week. Lily I think you're right, the mention of extra golf might do it. :) Maria I checked on the internet to see how your Australian dollar was doing against the US dollar, and I see you guys are worse off then us. Our Canadian currency is pretty strong every where in the world EXCEPT against the US dollar. Your Australian dollar is worth 51 cents US and our Canadian dollar is worth 65 cents US. For both of us, Hawaii is a very costly holiday, or for that matter anywhere in the US. I guess its just that Hawaii is expensive even if you live in the US. :(
Talk to you all later.

08-11-2001, 12:02 AM
Karen: It cooled down here to for a change! It was nice and breezy. How long will it last? I have alot of Pasty Cline CD's. I love to listen to them. Had one on tape for my car and kinda burned it out. Need to tape a new one :)

Maria: I would like to go to Vietnam some day. I agree it is kinda of hard to forget about the war there. But I have heard it is a really pretty place. I do have friends that fought in that war.

Peggy: Sorry to hear you are on a plateau. It will break sooner or later. How long has it been?

Margot: 115# is mighty awesome! Hope the exercise breaks your plateau to! They sure are frustrating.

Slavika: Hawaii is expensive in the US. You can get good airfares sometimes. But Hawaii itself is pretty expensive. Cant beleive what they wanted for drinks and food. But I know I will be doing it different next time!

Have a great night!

08-11-2001, 10:47 PM
Hi all. Still using the we, as the new computer has not arrived as yet. But everytime we have a thunderstorm wich is nearly every night, it is next to impossible to get on line.

I have finally read all the posts and you have surely been busy.

Welcome back Margot. Hawaii sounded great. especially the pampering. You'll break the plateau. Don't get discouraged.

Karen: Today in our meeting we talked about moods and how they affect our weight loss success. Interesting and thought provoking. Especially since I gaind 5# over my 6 week vacation. I've really got to get motivated.

Glenda: I bet you are enjoying 'your' baby. I am sorry to be so far away from our kids.

Geri: How is your friend?

Hi all-Trudy, Slavika, Lily, Peggy .Have a great rest of the weekend. Hope to be able to check back tomorrow. Ann

08-12-2001, 04:49 PM
Yesterday we went to the lake for our friends 40th wedding anniversary. There was about 50 of us there. The couple's three son's made the arrangements for everything and did a good job. The meal was catered by a local fellow. He roasted a pig (which I understand he had started the day before) and there was cabbage rolls, perogies, cole slaw, garden salad, and baked potates. For dessert, apple pie and platters of assorted dainties. The boys had a local bakery reproduce their parent's original wedding cake except the cake was that WONDERFUL carrot cake that the bakery is famous for and the icing, although it looked like old fashioned wedding cake icing was actually a very light sort of cream cheese one. :) On the dessert platters there was home made Icelandic Vinarterta......it was soooo good! I might have had three pieces of that.....but they were small.:o
This morning I walked extra hard and a little bit longer on the treadmill. The weather has cooled off somewhat, but the sun is shinning. DH has gone golfing and will not be home until around 4:30 so I am having a lazy day.
Anne hi, I thought maybe you already had your computer but hadn't worked out how to post on it. :) I guess you will be getting it soon. Lily oh gosh, you're right, food and drinks are very expensive in Hawaii. The last couple of times that we have gone to Maui we have eaten in the condo more, mostly because it's easier for me to watch my points that way. Our friends are in Maui way before us and when we come they like to have us over for dinner and then we of course will have them over. The condo has big gas BBQ grills on the property so you can go down and do your BBQ there. We take a glass of wine with us and sit and chat with other people who are down there BBQ too. Some choose to eat downstairs (outside) and some take their meals back to their condo's to eat. We also bought lobster tails and king crab legs from Costco and did them up. Oh they were good.
I also wanted to mention, that we always had breakfast and quite a few of our lunches in the condo......so that cuts done on expenses too. Talk to you all later. Bye now. :wave:

08-12-2001, 08:34 PM
Ann: When does the new computer come? We had that same meeting about moods yesterday. Bet you cant wait til the new puter arrives! :D

Slavika: Thats what we are going to do next time to. Is rent a Condo so that we can eat most the meals there. The first night we were there, we were pretty tired from the travel and everything. So we went down to the Hotel Resturant. All they has was a Buffet and I almost died when they said that it was 30$. I said thats for two right? :nono: I almost walked out, but DH said dont worry about it. Felt like stuffing my purse with lots of things at that price! :D

Real hot here today. Been chugging the water and cant seem to get enough of it either!


08-12-2001, 08:54 PM
for your next holiday???
Slavika and Lily I am sure Hawaii is wonderful but I didn't realise that for you it is also very expensive. Australia has some wonderful golf courses. You can choose to go to the tropics or to the more temperate climates in Victoria, South Australia or Western Australia. Is the reason the airfares???
The Americans that I meet here through dh's work are having a wonderful time and cannot believe how cheap everything is. Of course the American tax system is a lot better than ours. We get charged a lot :mad: more income tax then Americans do.

I agree with you both that it is a lot better to do your own cooking for more reasons than one! Yesterday we were out to lunch and dh ordered some bruschetta for starters, some places you get one lousy little piece, this place it was just about enough for a main course. Lucky I had said 'No' to bruschetta. It is very difficult to work out the points etc. when you are out :(

Slavika the 40th wedding anniversary celebration sounded great. What a nice touch to make a copy of the original wedding cake.

It is a lovely sunny day here today, spring is just around the corner :)
The heatwaves you are all experiencing makes the news quite regularly, saw some footage of people coping with the heat in New York:(
Keep cool all.

08-12-2001, 10:58 PM
:wave: Maria for the fun of it I did check out how much air fares to Australia were and just flying coach (not up grading to first class or anything) the air fares would be almost exactly double what it now costs us to fly to Maui. Lily yes I know eating in hotels in Hawaii is very costly. I remember one time our son gave us a "coupon book" called Treasure Chest, for places in Hawaii and it was really great. You probably have those books in California too. Anyway, a lot of hotel restaurants in Maui were listed in that book so we ate in several fancy places......buy one meal get the other free. The next year we bought the book and there wasn't anywhere near the same number of restaurants listed in Maui but there was more for the other islands so we didn't buy it. Talk to you tomorrow. Night. :)

P.S. Maria in Canada if you are forunate or unfortunate (LOL ) :D enough to earn over $100,000.00 yr you pay 50% income tax. :( I know in the US income tax is much lower but I think it's different in each state, right you US gals?

08-13-2001, 01:20 AM
Slavika I also did a bit of checking, my goodness it is not cheap is it?
It is a 12 hour flight from Australia to Honolulu and one of the fares quoted was Aus$5463.90 per person:o
I am sure we could get a package deal a bit more reasonably but boy it is a heck of a lot of money whatever currency you are talking about.
Return flight to Toronto was even more! Again I know my brother in law did a tour to Cananda and Alaska and that was really quite reasonable and it is one tour we would love to do in time to come.

Oh well, we will keep dreaming for a little while longer but one day we will make it reality:)


08-13-2001, 10:34 AM
Hi all. Still waiting.
Slavika: Your party sounded like great fun. Hard to count points. But once in a while one just has to enjoy.

My limited understanding of our tax systems is that there is a different rate of tax for different levels of income. Also some states have an income tax and some don't. Here in Fl. there is no state income tax. One of the many reasons we are here. I'd love to come to Australia, but my dh has to win the lottery first. :D

Our big excitement for this weekend was trading cars. We now have a 2001 Windstar van. A program car, with only 11000 miles. A very good deal.And still a two year warrantee. I like those warantees. If anything goes wrong with an auto, without one, you have to pay and arm and at least two legs for repair.

According to the weather channel eveyone is cooling off some. Are the heat waves global warming?:rolleyes:

'See' you later. Ann

08-13-2001, 11:59 AM
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