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04-07-2006, 07:40 AM
We did this before and I thought I'd resurrect it for new folks and for updates.

Here's a pet funny for today:

:lol: I just sat and sipped my coffee while the Girls were out doing potty. When I let them back in I had THREE dogs, one of them very small. Kirby, the Yorkie who lives up the hill, crawled under the fence and joined The Girls. I guess he figured he'd get in on the food too! He's been getting up his nerve for months to join the big black monsters and finally figured out he could get under the fence. He is so funny! At one point he fell madly in love with Lucy and attempted to have a "relationship" with her nose! I know that's TMI. Sorry! Doggie porn is :censored:

04-07-2006, 11:45 AM
I have two miniature pinschers, Nala - age 3 and Simba - 9 months. Simba has been an absolute scream to watch. He's so hilarious. He has the disposition of a big, dumb yellow lab. (I love labs, and I'm not saying they're all dumb), but picture a big dumb lab - about 15lbs. That describes Simba to a tee. He's a red Min Pin, and just kinda dopey.

Take yesterday morning for example. I go to let the dogs out, and there was a stray cat standing about 10 feet from our door. Nala (the smart one) starts barking right away and chases after it. Simba (after hearing Nala bark) starts bounding around barking, but can't figure out what she's barking at, so he stops, does his business and then decides it must be those aliens (also known as the newly sprouted and flowering flowers) that she was barking at and starts running around them and barking at them. Poor flowers. But needless to say it gave me a good laugh. I love that dog, but man, sometimes he just needs to get a clue!! :lol3:

04-07-2006, 12:34 PM
:lol: Dare2...he sounds like my friend's Beagle. She swears that Beagles are so dumb because they have to share brains. They only get the brain once or twice a week. It's not their fault. ;) (not that *all* Beagles are dumb...)

Wish I could share a good funny story...don't have any great ones right now, though we usually have several! Our bun, Denali, went into the beginnings of stasis (where their gut stops moving, gas builds up and know. :sad: ) yesterday. Thankfully we got him to the vet in time and I'm pretty sure he'll pull through. He spent the night at the vet getting fluids. Poor DH is on med duty all weekend as I'll be at a scrapbooking retreat! :eek: Giving meds to a rabbit is like giving them to a cat...they develop an extra set of legs all of a sudden! :lol:

Anyways, if you get a chance to say a prayer for Denali, I'd appreciate it and so would he. :thanks:

Ruth, I loved your story!!! Hug your darling Girls for me...they are so special!!!

04-07-2006, 01:02 PM
My contribution...

My family has two labrador retrievers (both about 2 years old). One of the labs, Amber, is taking agility classes because she's very bright and easily bored (and you know what happens when a lab gets bored!!) She graduated from the beginning class with flying colors and started intermediate class last week.

Well, turns out that Amber is very taken with one of her classmates, Dusty, a two-year-old yellow lab! I have never seen her as enthralled with another dog, and Dusty took a shine to her as well. When they were near each other, they kept giving each other little doggie kisses and gazing at each other with, well, googly puppy dog eyes. Now everyone in class jokes about the happy couple. Even though Amber seems a little young to be dating (she's only two!) it looks like she has herself a little boyfriend! :lol:

beachgal ~ Prayers for Denali! I hope it turns out OK. (And I have done the giving meds to a cat AND force-feeding a cat, so I know what that's like :eek:)

04-07-2006, 03:51 PM
This morning I was vaccuming and went to pull out a bunch of boxes from behind a door. Well, lo and behold was an enourmous pile of dog food stashed way back in the corner. It had to have been from Alfred, my smartest rat and the only one gets totally free run of the house sometimes, stealing food from poor Lila's dish all the way across the other side of the house. I can't even imagine how many trips it took the little ratscal to get a pile so huge. I busted up laughing and had to take him out of the cage for extra cuddles and kisses for being so cute! :D

BTW, Lila didn't think it was so cute! :lol:

04-07-2006, 03:52 PM
Beachgal, I'm sending good healing vibes to poor little Denali! Keep us updated on how he's doing.

04-08-2006, 07:18 AM
Such cute stories! BG, :goodvibes: for Denali!

I just realized that I have the biggest dog bed . " The girls" have taken over the spare bedroom and sleep on the Queen size bed in there as they look out the windows..Casey is like Princess and the Pea, having to sleep on 2 pillows and hoards all the toys and treats which she takes with her to bed.. :)

04-08-2006, 07:41 AM
And your point is? Hugs and licks from Hershey and Lucy.

04-08-2006, 08:06 PM
We have 2 shelties, Shandy & Buster. Buster is the newest addition to the family and probably the most amusing. We acquired him last August through th humane society because we wanted to get Shandy a "friend" who was older and not a puppy since she was 11 years at the time & accustomed to having the companionship of another dog. Buster who is 14 years was at the humane society due to the fact that his owner could no longer keep him due to cancer. So we took him knowing little about him except that he got on well with Shandy and was amazingly in perfect health for his age. Little did we know that he was spry & smart as a whip too...we've never had dog so smart. A good number of dogs love to raid trash, Buster among them and he had no trouble learning where the wastebaskets were and how to raid them. We quickly learned to either shut those doors or put those wastebaskets out of his reach. However the kitchen trash..the piece de resistance if your a dog...had him stumped; our kitchen trashcan is a large chrome number that must be opened by a foot pedal. Well Buster although he is probably 90% deaf is extremely observant, he will sit and watch us as we cook, as we dress, etc. It didn't even occur to us that he was watching us operate the kitchen trashcan as well. So one night my DH & I are sitting down eating our dinner and talking when we suddenly hear this noise that sounds like a little clanging of metal from metal being clanged over and over again. I say to my husband "What the **** is that noise? Do you hear that?" It was super loud...just a little clanging maybe like metal utensils. My husband glimpses over his shoulder and he sees Buster at the trashcan. Then as we look a little closer we see that he has his front paw on the foot pedal and he's trying to open the trashcan the same way he saw his humans do it! Well he never got the lid open because he doesn't weigh enough but he could up enough to make it clang a little and he never got any kitchen trash but he spent about 3 days trying to open the kitchen trashcan just like the humans do.


04-08-2006, 09:31 PM
We have a cat named Chibi which is irony in cat-form because he's huge. I think he's about 20lbs now. The vet says he's as healthy as can be for a cat and he's just fat, plain and simple. We love him though.

I also have two degus named Houzuri and Sir Fluffy McNibbles. These two joined us last week or so. They're nice to listen to at night, gives me something to fall asleep to. Chibi was interested in them for about 20 minutes and then being huge took over his desire to catch them so he sleeps next to the cage now.

I guess a funny story would be.. when flying Chibi back to the states he was allowed in carry-on (a lot of airlines will allow this, as long as they stay in their soft-carrier which was really cool even though he was +3lbs over the limit at the time). Whenever the flight attendents would announce anything (like "Fasten your seatbelts" or "Please stay seated") Chibi would yowl. But only when the flight attendents spoke. So, someone might say directly TO his carrier "What a cute cat" or anything and Chibi would clam up. The second the attendents so much as said hello, he let his voice be heard. It made no sense.. and it was any flight attendent not just a particular one. But then, on the drive from the airport to my house, he didn't say a word. He's an odd duck.

04-09-2006, 01:27 PM
Ok, my turn. I have four dogs. Maybe 5 this afternoon.
Min Pin rescue from SPCA "Boomer"
Silky Terr. paid $$$ for "Scooter"
Springer spaniel mix rescue from SPCA "Oreo"
Alaso Apso(sp) mix DD brought home one day "Shadow"
Yorkie free "don't know name yet" he is the one I might get this afternoon. I have always wanted a yorkie, that's why I got the silky he was cheap and along the same lines. Now I found a Yorkie for free.
Don't have a stories for now.

04-09-2006, 02:32 PM
Just a quick post. Prayers for poor Denali (and your dh Beachgal.)

Can't wait until I can finish reading everyone's stories. With eight cats and five dogs I probably have a story or two tucked away somewhere in my brain.

04-11-2006, 04:20 PM
Thanks for the prayers, chicks!

Guess DH got me back... :lol: He's on a business trip and I'm trying to medicate a dog and a's not easy! :faint: I have huge respect for my wonderful husband. :love:

Denali is doing okay. He's eating a little and pooping a little, which is good. But he's not getting much better...which is worrying. He absolutely hates the force feedings...I have to give him 30 mg of yogurt three times a day...that's 10 syringes full and he hates every minute. Then he gets four other syringes of meds twice daily. Poor little guy! I have a feeling he might do better when he's not getting the meds and can get back to his schedule! ;)

We had a behavioral consultation with our dog and vet on Friday. She's really anxious and apparently it's mostly separation anxiety. We now have one of those pheremone plug-ins, are doing behavior modification, and giving her puppy-prozac. So far, so good. Guess DH is the only one in our house that isn't medicated for anxiety! :lol:

Thanks again for the prayers and the wonderful stories that had me laughing and forgetting about my worries. Your pets are all wonderful!

Pear, your story made me think of Templeton in Charlotte's Web. :lol3:

Geekchic, do you have any pics of the degus? I've only seen them once before. Interesting!

04-11-2006, 05:38 PM
I'm glad your furry is coming along, Beachgal. Maybe your girlie dog would like to come and live here for a while?

Poor Lucy is starting to look preggers! She is in her third trimester with the pups due the 28th and I think she is carrying a larger litter than the last one of six. She flops on the couch and kind of groans, claims she is starving to death and needs to pee quite frequently. She actually made a puddle yesterday when I was at my painting class and was absolutely mortified although I certainly didn't scold her for it.

04-11-2006, 05:45 PM
I have two dogs, one is a Timber/artic wolfe mix, KATO and the other is a Poodle chuwawa(sp) mix. and her name is F.U.D stands for Freaken Ugly Dog,, dear lord I love her though.. Plus I am in the process of working with the State I am from so I can start getting the retired drug dogs K-9's, dont know how it will go, but I hope well.. Mugsy Is one I want .. however, her boss, just loves him and will give him a good home, I am a Lab lover all and all. My last one was hit by a car, and I just have not gotten over it enough to get another Lab yet.....