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04-03-2006, 07:00 AM
Good morning, chicks. I hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks forward this weekend. I love daylight savings time. I love that it's 8 at night and still light out. I get so much more accomplished for some reason. Somehow, though, I eneded up switching my alarm clock 2 hours ahead instead of one and now am up and ready an hour early. Oh well, at least I get a head start on the day. Today will be data analysis. I have to get stuff ready for a meeting tomorrow with my advisor. I have to go to campus to set up for this weeks labs that I teach before the 8 am class since I didn't feel like going this weekend. Then it's off the the store for salsa and dental floss. Who runs out of dental floss?? It's a weird thing to be out of. Oh well, more coffee! What's up with you chickies today?

04-03-2006, 08:29 AM
ROFLOLPIMP! I just ran out of dental floss, Pearsy! Want to get me some? Actually I have extra in my travel kit.

I forgot to set my clocks ahead yesterday and missed Church but otherwise had a relaxing but productive day. For about seven minutes there was no dog hair or mud on my kitchen floor :) and I managed to do a bit more raking. I am really pacing myself on garden jobs and the knee is not giving me too much grief.

It's dull this morning and rain is expected which suits me fine. I need to take Harry back to the dermatologist as his ear problem is still not fixed. That'll fill the morning. This afternoon is my painting class which is fun. After an earlier dinner tonight, I'll take my darlings for a walk as they've been missing that since I got this damned knee problem.

How's your day shaping up? :cofdate:

04-03-2006, 09:26 AM
Hey, everyone!
It's rainy and gloomy here, too, but after the nice day we had yesterday I can't complain. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, I managed to stay OP all weekend, for the first time in weeks! And, for the first time ever, my ticker is wrong, but in the right direction!! Weezle got me all inspired with her fantastic progress, and she got me in the mood to so shopping for new summer clothes, too. I bought some real cute capris and several mix & match tops to go with them. Now I'm searching for new shoes and a nice summery handbag. I also bought some real cute outfits for my two youngest granddaughters. Now I'll have to take my oldest GD, Caitlyn, out shopping one day so she won't feel left out, I can't buy anything without her being with me, she doesn't like anything that I think is cute for her. :shrug: Sorry for rambling on.:dizzy:

This morning I plan to do some housework. I got started washing windows on Friday, and I only have 2 more to do so that job's almost done, thank goodness. Well, I'd better go get started, see you all later!

beach bum
04-03-2006, 09:27 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Had a wonderful relaxing weekend with a bubble bath to booth.Love it,as I haven't had one in a Long time.

Sun :sunny:is shining,and I'm hopeful of getting some exercising:running: inbetween the hospital trips.

Pearshape-Thanks:thanks: for starting us up. Can't believe I'm posting so early.I love :love:this time of the year also,wish we would have turned the clock forward last Thursday.I woudn't have hit :rollpin: the island in the middle of the road trying to make a left turn. The sun:sunny: was wicked on Fri evening , I couldn't see the traffic lights with the sun blarring down on everything.

Ruth-It was hard to get up on Sunday after watching a good movie and Sat Night. I almost missed church myself and I did set the clock.Glad your knee is holding up.

Hi :wave: Cottage, we posted at the same time.

Have a nice day Ladies

Hugs :) BB

04-03-2006, 09:28 AM
:lol: You too, Ruth? How weird! Here's to good dental hygene :D !

04-03-2006, 09:30 AM
Hi cottage and beachbum! :wave:

04-03-2006, 09:39 AM
Morin all;
I slept all night. didn't go to bed until after 12, got up at 6:30. But, I stayed in bed and slept. Ribs are feeling much better. I am still going to baby them still. DH had to stay up and DS and his girlfriend went to WalMart at 12 to get that new Coke Blak that hit the stores at midnight. DH wants to try it so bad. But, the trucks won't bring it until this morning. LOL. Stay up 1/2 the night just waiting for a new coke product to come out. What a life I lead. Will be heading to Kmart this morning to get diet coke, it's on sale.
Well, off to do some light cleaning.
Check back later, have a great day chicks!

04-03-2006, 10:11 AM
Morning Chicks! :wave:

Well I survived the weekend at the waterpark, and the scale is definitely NOT my friend this morning. :( But we had a great time, and although my ticker is definitely lying, I'm going BACK on P1 - hopefully for the final time. So hopefully by the end of next week, my ticker won't be lying anymore. I'm planning on practically living at the gym for the next 2 weeks! :carrot:

It's raining here this morning, and TERRIBLY windy :o I almost lost my umbrella on my way in to work this morning. :dizzy:

Chipper - You'll have to let us all know how the new Coke is. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Beachbum and Ruth - :wave: Good Morning!

Cottage - :bravo: for staying OP all weekend! I'm jealous that you went shopping, I don't even want to look at shorts yet! The thought of it makes me cringe! :o

Pear - Yep, I remembered to turn my clock forward. I never like giving up an hour of my sleep. Why can't they make the change during the work day, like say at 2p.m. on Monday or something?? :D

Okay all, I'm off to my morning meeting. Hope everyone has an OP day - Lord knows I'm gonna need some :dust:


Kelly J
04-03-2006, 10:41 AM
Morning Chickies

Raining and gloomy on this stretch of beach, but that's okay - we had a really nice weekend. I'm a goomba and set my alarm for 5:15 pm so I didn't wake up until quarter to 7 this morning and was a 1/2 hour late to work :dizzy: With the exception of my dark chocolate binge friday/saturday I stayed OP and feel really good about that.

Dare - Now, there's an idea I love! Turning the clocks during the workday....I definitely wouldn't mind missing an hour today :)
Chipper - I'm interested in that new coke too but I wouldn't be staying up all night just to try it LOL
Beach - I'm glad you got time to pamper yourself this weekend. Have a great day!
Cottage - It's pretty gloomy here too, but we had a gorgeous weekend, so you're right , no complaing here. Yeah :carrot: on getting to do some shopping.
Ruth - glad your knee is getting a bit better - have a good day!
Pear - Wow - you were up early today. I love the light at night too .... keeps me up and doing things.

04-03-2006, 10:55 AM
guess I'm posting early (for me) this Monday--still not adjusted to new time? Well, this month I am going to re-start Curves--if fact, will be going as soon as I post message. I haven't been doing any specific exercise since starting SB and it's now time.

Have a great Monday all!

04-03-2006, 11:50 AM
Good morning everyone! It is my first day of P2 today! I'm quite excited! My DB made me go with him to this big car show this weekend. I was so proud of myself for now chowing down on hotdogs and fries like all of his friends were. We were there for a LONNGG time though, and I should have planned ahead and brought a snack. Duh *smacks head*.

Pear- That's too funny. It's true that you never seem to run out of dental floss!

Ruth- Painting class? That sounds fun!

Cottage- Good job on staying OP!

Chipper- I've never heard of this new coke product? Maybe it's only in the states. Im in canada :) No canadian jokes please!

Everyone I missed- good morning!

I lovvee daylight savings too! It's only 7:40 and its already so sunny out!:flow1: I'll probably go and take a walk before work! It's such a beautiful day out! Sorry to hear about everyone's rain!

Hope everyone has a good day!

04-03-2006, 02:36 PM
Usually there are a ton of posts by now. Maybe it has to do with all the server busy messages I got. I had a wonderful busy weekend although we won't talk about my eating. Suffice it to say that there are no longer any Thin Mints in the house to tempt me. :( The weather was wonderful. Actually it was hot yesterday - officially 92 although I saw one bank that said 98. Did we really have heavy coats on last weekend? Oh, well, if you don't like the weather in Dallas wait a day and see what happens.

Tonight I get to visit one of our Wolf dens to talk to the boys and their parents about Twilight Camp this summer. Once we get the boys to go the first time, they keep coming back.

I've been busy working a server outage all morning but I had a few minutes break and thought I'd post while I could.

Stephanie Osborne
04-03-2006, 02:37 PM

Well weekend was a disaster for me. Would have escalated to a COMPLETE disaster but I regained my focus late Sunday night and got my water in and a workout (thank god) The paper sent me to cover a gourmet sampler...meaning like a ton of diff restaurants giving out free food and free oh my lets just say that is where my weekend went. The scale says I am up so I am being an angel these next few days. Well have a great day chickies.

pear - Good morning, salsa and dental floss not that is an odd shopping list. I am a dental floss fanatic...I even keep some in my purse.

ruth - have fun in paint class and with those poochies.

cottage - OP all weekend, wooohoooo now that really is a big deal. I don't think I have ever done that. As far as shoes and handbags go have you ever been on They have cute cute designer stuff way discounted, I usually shop thier clearance.

BB - I live for bubble baths. I am such a bath girl. Glad to hear you got some relaxation in.

chipper - Coke black....have not even heard of it. Glad you are feeling better.

Nicole - Waterpark? Sounds like fun. My ticker is lying to, I am going to try and make a honest gadget of it by being good today.

kelly - At least it was dark chocolate...better than milk. Suprisingly I did not forget to set my clock. Were there a ton of people at your work that did the same thing as you?

pinkeagle - Have fun at curves...

jazztap - Oooh hot dogs and fries...Planning ahead is a must in those types of situations. I am proud of you for not eating that junk :)

04-03-2006, 04:46 PM
Hey, still alive in Springfield! More damage but still no deaths/injuries! WOO HOO! Anybody heard anything from Jana? I don't know if she got hit by these same storms or not and I'm a little concerned because even though Springfield didn't get demolished, surrounding towns got nailed pretty badly and I know these same storms tore up Kentucky and other places pretty bad. Springfield just can't seem to get missed. 3 weeks ago last night we had the first two F2's come through. A week later, we had a blizzard. A week later, we had severe storms but no tornados. Then last night, we had a couple touch down in Springfield again. If this happens once a week, it's going to get really old. At least we've learned and go running to one of our parents' houses and hide in the basement.

Cottage - Glad to hear I could inspire you. I've honestly been a little bit of a slacker lately, but am back on track today! Keep working at it! :coach:

Happy Opening Day of Baseball! GO CUBBIES!

OK enough of that. It's awfully windy here today, and still quite cool from the storms coming through with that cold front last night, so I'm going to the Y this evening with DH and going to run intervals on the tread mill to try to make up for the 1.5 miles I didn't run Saturday or yesterday. Would have run yesterday except the tornado came at 6:00 and I usually run around 5:30, especially when it's humid.

Hope everybody's doing fine. Gotta get back to work. Talk to you all soon!


04-03-2006, 04:48 PM
Hey you guys,

I posted last week that I may have to change companies. It's confirmed today that I will be changing companies. It's all my decision but I don't think I have a choice. I have such sadness at leaving a company that has been housing me since I was 16, gave me a job when I needed one, whose owners are like parents to me. I'm the assistant to our top agent here and he's changing to a different real estate firm. My fear is that I can't support myself without him, therefore I'm going with him. I love where I work SO MUCH, everyone here is like family to me and so I have such a heavy heart. I even had a glass of wine at lunch today and that I consider that unprofessional. Just had to vent. Went to Macaroni grill for lunch and I stayed OP didn't eat any bread etc. Also ran my first 10K this weekend and was the first time that I had run more than 4 miles. I should be excited but I'm not.

04-03-2006, 05:06 PM
Hi, everyone
Good news is I went below 160 on the scale this morning. Bad news is I've been horribly sick. Started with DD on Saturday morning, hit me after supper Sunday night and DS early this morning! What a way to start spring break. The intestinal part of it seems to be over but I got the most awful chills earlier and I couldn't get warm even in my heated water bed w/lots of blankets. DD's are watching WAY to much TV today! I am feeling better tho. and so is DS. I think it is a 24 hour bug. I sure hope everyone else doesn't get it.
In the middle of being so sick last night, my husband had to scoop the girls out of their beds and run for the basement until the severe weather passed. NOt fun. but nothing serious happened.

I can't wait for DH to come home from work today.

04-03-2006, 07:32 PM
Evenin' gals! Sorry I didn't get a chance to post earlier today - had ISP problems before I left for work.

Weezle - I can't believe you guys got hit again! We didn't have too bad of a time here. Thanks for checking up on me. Good luck to your Cubs this season. I got home and immediately turned on the TVs to watch my Royals struggle with their first game. It's in the 8th now, and we're down by 1 run. Ack!

Debbie - Hope you feel better soon!

Sarah - Sorry to hear about the job switch. I hate having to make those kinds of choices. Great job on the 10K! You and Batmomm rock! Keep concentrating on Hawaii. That'll cheer you up! ;)

:wave: to everyone else. Have a great evening!

04-03-2006, 07:44 PM
I have fallen off of the wagon. I ate graham crackers this afternoon. A lot! This is my first really wrong turn since I started SBD 4 weeks ago. What do you experienced beachers do when you vere off of the path? Do you just do better the next day, or do you start all over? DH and I are going off for our anniversary this weekend. I am planning on making SBD appropriate choices, but maybe some "Well into Phase 3" choices. (I'm only in P2)
Any suggestions on how to handle this?

04-03-2006, 07:47 PM
Hi everyone!

I am still on track and losing...pretty good for me as it is nearing two months. I read the forum almost every day but usually have no time to write. I just wanted to thank all of you for your inspiration -- you keep me going!

I have done a lot of thinking about weight loss targets. I have decided that they are not for me. I don't want to evaluate myself by my weight loss. Sometimes I can follow the SBD plan perfectly and gain a pound; at other times I can "slip up" and still lose. So, my commitment for the month of April is to just stick with it and be sure that overall I am still losing but with no need to decide on a certain number of pounds for the month.

Thanks again for being here everyone . . .

04-03-2006, 10:27 PM
I'm sorry things are so tough right now for you Sarah. I do think things happen for a reason though and change while scary isn't always bad.

Also even if you aren't, I am excited for you doing your first 10k. It's a big deal, esp for us non-runner, lol

04-03-2006, 11:28 PM
Hello everyone! Well I just finished P1 yesterday and weighed in today. Not a huge loss like I was hoping for, but yay for me I am 4 pounds lighter than I was two weeks ago!!! YAHOO FOR ME! :D Without doing P1, I probalby would have been 4 lbs heavier! Well, not really, but I shouldh't wouldn't have lost 4 so I'm happy :) I don't think I was an angel on P1...I didn't measure everything out cuz that just isn't for me, but I feel I did well and the best part is I FEEL better than I did two weeks ago :dizzy: So onwards and upwards! Oh..I mean downwards :flow1: