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03-30-2006, 10:56 PM
This is strictly a personal opinion but i just want to say please stay away from diet pills.There really is no quick fix to losing weight, just do it the old fashioned way.. If you really think you need a pill to help you lose weight go to your local health food store and ask about natural supplements. Diet pills are addictive and they are not good for your body or your metabolism. I used to think they were the answer, and I have taken my fair share, but everything I lost, I gained right back. Nothing has worked better than diet and exercise for me. When I say diet, I really mean lifestyle change. I havent drove through a drive through in over a year.. ok I lied, I have stopped by Cookout to get a milkshake a few times, but they are SO good, and I cant make them like they do, or else I would lol. If you have FitTV I recommend watching Diet Doctor, and there are some more shows on there, I cant remember I havent watched in so long because we dont get it in GA, but I am from NC and we had it there. Anyways, I learned alot about nutrition and how to eat from there.

03-31-2006, 08:52 PM
kudos! i have tried a few different diet pills in my day and almost all of my experiences have been negative. allow me to share-

slimfast candy bars as meal replacements: sounds like a good idea, you can eat all the 'candy' you want... but when all you eat is these slimfast things, you get cravings for *real* food very quickly!

slim mints: i think these are jokes or something, but supposedly they're mints that help you lose weight- you will not lose any more weight than with a regular mint because all you're doing is keeping your mouth busy

stackers 2: these worked well, i lost about a pound a day, but that's too fast a weight loss and i felt nauseated the whole time i was on them

relacore: this stuff did not work at all for me- didnt do a darn thing

slimquick: same as the relacore- its ineffective at best, dangerous at worse

total lean from gnc: this stuff actually worked- i lost about a pound a week while i was on it, but thats with healthy eating and exercise. this is the only one i would recommend.

hope that helps someone :)

04-01-2006, 12:38 AM
When I think of diet pills, I think of some guy sitting behind a desk in a three piece suit smoking a cigar laughing it up! :devil:MAHAHAHA LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE MAKING ME RICH AND ALL I AM SELLING THEM IS A HIGH PRICE VITAMIN PILLs :devil: MAHAHAH CORN STARCH FILLED CAPSULE!!!

Yaaaaaaa! No thanks. Those pills can stay on the shelf fars I care!

04-01-2006, 11:59 AM
I have tried

Thermadrol - Cant get it anywhere but the internet as far as I know... I lost alot of weight on them, but they are addictive, like I would freak out if I didnt have them, and when I would exercise my heart would palpatate and I would feel like I was gonna pass out. So I became to *scared* to take them.

Dexatrim- My MOTHER bought these for me in the 8th grade. It did curb my appetite which was great back then, because I over ate really really bad, and I would tell myself I didnt care if I got big as a house. See cuz kids didnt pick on me, because I was *cool* I was funny. I had alot of friends, it wasnt till high school that I cared, because high school is WAY different from JR high, where I was "runnin" stuff. :lol: Anyways,

Slimfast - please, I would have a shake, then eat.

Relacore- W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R supposed to help you feel less stressed too... it doesnt.

I think that it should be illegal to pray on people with *illnesses* and in most cases that is what being overweight is. No one CHOOSES to be overweight/obese, its something in the brain thats just not right, whether it be depression, or whatever. There is always something deeper, than that.

04-01-2006, 09:30 PM
I agree with most of your points ... have also tried all the above stuff and am of the opinion that over-the-counter diet pills are not only a waste of money but range from detrimental to dangerous in the health department.

Slimfast, well, I used to live on it and actually did lose a lot of weight doing it ... however, it became hard to keep off due to the large amount of sugar in the original version ... the lower sugar versions now out are better, but for me they became addictive ... I stopped eating a variety of foods and just wanted Slimfast all the time! :laugh: However, I do think some of these can be a quick alternative to an on-the-go healthy meal for some people, although there may be better brands than Slimfast (EAS bars helped me through my first Body For Life segment).

The only "magic pill" that has ever REALLY helped me, though, is a nutritious, low glycemic diet without refined sugar, white flour, corn or rice products (I do cheat on this sometimes) ... this controls blood sugar and eliminates food cravings better than any purported hoodia preparations or other "diet pills" ... and it calms the mind better than Relacore (which doesn't ... I've tried that, too ... it's a vitamin pill, nothing else) and provides sustained energy better than Xantrac (I imagine, haven't tried this ... doesn't sound safe).

When will people get it? If all these diet pills that line the shelves and are sold all over the internet actually worked, the whole problem of obesity as we know it would disappear overnight. There would be no obesity research, no obesity clinics, no Biggest Loser TV show, no plus-size clothing outlets, no 3FC ('cause we'd all be out on the beach showin' off our new bikinis), no ... whatever ...

I don't get it. Every now and then I come on this Does it Work section o' the forum and invariably there's the same ol' thing. Someone posts "does it work" about some new over-the-counter diet pill they're thinkin' 'bout buyin' ... I suspect some of them, the ones with only one or two posts to their user name, may be actually sellin' the products or are paid to post disguised spam, but others are sincerely thinkin' that these pills might be the answer for them. Yet few and far between are the legitimate posts tellin' these folks that yes the pills are wonderful and they've permanently solved their obesity/overweight problem by using Brand X or Brand Y or ingesting some miracle plant food stuffed in a capsule and that they've taken out a second mortgage on the house to buy a lifetime supply 'cause here FINALLY is the answer AND btw here's research from XYZ University, endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration that the problem of obesity as we know it has now been solved for all time by this humble pill sold in Walgreen's.

That just doesn't seem to happen. The threads die out and a new miracle in a bottle appears in a few months in Walgreen's diet section.

I am not talking about prescription weight loss drugs, since I believe the decision to take or not take these should rest between a patient and doctor.