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08-01-2001, 08:13 AM
Welcome to all 20-somethings - come out and post!!

Morning girls,
Sorry no time to post the past few days - work work work! Our magazine goes to press every Tuesday afternoon so things are pretty hectic on Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays. I have missed you guys lots! Oh, and hello to all the new gals - good to have you around!
Things in my life are pretty hectic. As some of you know I'm about to change jobs, unfortunately I still don't have a starting date through, but I think we're looking at October. Anyhow, today I made a start at clearing out my desk at work so it won't be so bad when it happens! Feeling very smug now. Oh and guess what I found Lolly? Last year's medal from the raceforlife 5k we did!! It was hiding in my IN-tray (see how often I use that thing!).
I also tidied up all my pay slips and tax forms, and utility bills. Phew. It looks like I'm going to be moving house as well, probably around the same time - argh!! I told my flatmate I was thinking of moving in with BF when our lease runs up and she was totally cool about it. BF and I are going to look round some areas of London this weekend to get a feel for where we want to live (and where we can afford!). So, it's all change and this weekend I'm also going to chuck out lots of clothes I never wear and things I never use. Should hopefully mean less things to pack when I move house! More importantly, I reckon I'll be burning a fair few calories along the way...

Right, I haven't had a chance to catch up on the posts, so sorry for waffling on about what I've been up to. To make my life easier, tell me the one most important thing that has happened to you in the past week...

For me, it's BF and I deciding to move in together. EEEK!!!! :dizzy: :D

Hope you're all well, glad to be back for some posting. Let's set the board alight today!

Love Kirsty

Brenda N
08-01-2001, 10:01 AM
I went to WI last night and gained only 1.8. Pretty good for not going for 4 weeks! I will come back and change my sig later but that puts me at 165.8. Fresh start!!!

Gotta run, my day has started, can't be here :(

08-01-2001, 10:18 AM
Hi everyone. I was unable to post yesterday at work, sorry about that. Welcome to our new friends!

Janet - Keep posting. We will help motivate you and you WILL lose the weight!

Belle - How exciting!! (the weight and b/f) Hope you are feeling better!

I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! Just wanted to share since som of you have enjoyed that the past couple of days..

Kirsty - That is great that you and b/f are ready to move in together. Have fun looking at apartments. Moving is a great reason to get rid of the old! I am not moving any time soon so I tend to forget about it :)

Brenda - I am glad that you have accepted your gain (no big deal) and are moving on. congrats on winning the $200!

I have done well on points for the past 2 days. I have managed to stop around 25 points and to earn 5-6 exercise points. I went to an Abs classon Monday - WOAH! It about killed me! It was great but boy was it hard. I can still feel it working! I think I am going to mix up my rouitne at the gym, I am getting a little bored. DH is away so I am by myself again this week. He comes home Friday and we leave for a wedding in NJ at 7am on Sat! I am ready for things to settle down a bit but that won't be happening for a while.

Have a great day everyone. Come and post!!!


08-01-2001, 10:40 AM
Hello all! Today is WI and I'm not too sure how it will go. I'm set to start TOM any minute now, so that will probably equal a gain :(
I've begun the tempature charting to start monitoring my cycle and my temps are pointing to AF arriving soon. It's kinda cool to know what my body is doing just based on taking my tempature every morning. DH and I are planning on using natural family planning once I get the hang of the charting thing (TMI I know). This way it'll be easier when we want to have kids in a couple of years. Anyway enough of me rambling about girlie stuff :)

Brenda ~ That is not a bad gain at all! you should be proud that you only gained that little bit for 4 weeks! It'll come off in no time!

Kirsty ~ Whoo Hooo on moving in with bf. I kinda wished me and DH would have lived together before the wedding, although the adjustment hasn't been anything like what I expected. We got used to each other in the first week. We lived in seperate cities before the wedding, so living together wasn't an option. Good luck finding a place! The only exciting thing for me this past week was a HS reunion and having to buy 2 new tires for my mustang.

Sarah ~ Sorry your DH is out. At least you can focus on yourself for a few days. You should reward yourself for doing so well on points! I wish I were doing as well on maintenence.

Hello to all of the newbies! Come out and play everyone!

08-01-2001, 11:37 AM
Hi everyone, I was off yesterday, so I didn't post. It was beastly hot and humid here and still is. Did anyone here about the MN Viking that died from heat exhaustion??? That is how bad our weather is! Thank God we have central air in our house!!

As for the car thing yesterday. Our garage looks weird. We have a brand new minivan.... and super fast sportscar... bright red! Hubbys! HE is a car freak. He wants to refurbish an old 1960 or so sports car! On Sunday I took his car out to get something from the store.. all the guys hit on me when I am in it and want to race me. I had the windows down and funky songs on the radio... It was fun. We traded in my sedan for the mini van... mostly because of Emma. A stroller takes up a lot of room! Oh and Emma's car seat can be squeazed into the back seat of the Firebird. It is quite a sight!

BRENDA........... WELCOME BACK! WOOHOOO on the teeny gain! You can recover from that. You must have been doing something right! Get in on the challenge and get back into gear! You can do it!

Hey Hey to all the newbies. WELCOME!!

I am swamped with work and have to interview another person this morning! More later!

08-01-2001, 11:44 AM
Hi Ladies and yes I am new here :) I posted on the bio thread the other day but did not have time to really post! It seems like everyone here is having a great day! I am doing so so but today isn't over. There is always room for improvement :) :) Well I need to go take care of the kids! Have a great day everyone! Penny :) :)

08-01-2001, 12:33 PM
11 votes in the poll. Only 6 people have posted. That means there are 5 lurkers out there - stop lurking and start posting!! ;)

Bren - good to see you, and don't worry about your gain. Over four weeks that is nothing and you will hopefully get rid of it in a lot less time!

Sarah - i love when i hurt after exercise, well as long as it isn't too sore! it really makes you feel you're reshaping your body!

Kay - lucky you having a nice car! i had one when i was a student in scotland but it would never have survived the journey down south, and thankfully i don't need it in london. i have my trusty travelcard that i use on trains, buses and the underground. and then there are taxis for when i get far too many groceries or i can't be bothered to get the night bus home!
oh, and don't worry about TMI - we like to know all these things!!

JenL - it's been horridly hot and humid here as well. and hardly anywhere in the uk has air conditioning. :( but there should be some thunderstorms tomorrow to clear the air. i can't wait.

Hi Penny - welcome to the group!!

So where is everyone else? I have an hour and a half left at work - please entertain me!!


Horsey girl
08-01-2001, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone - I don't have much time to post at my new job but I lurk at night every now and then to see what everyone is up to. I posted the other day on a LDC thread.

I've been doing really well, until last week that is. I was housesitting for a week and went back to my old eating habits and it was scary. No wonder I gained so much weight!! One really good thing though...it didn't feel good. I had very little energy and heartburn almost every day. So, I'm back OP and WI on Saturday (I changed my meeting because I couldn't stand my old leader). And check out the sig - 20# total - YAY! This summer thing is great. I spend so much time at the barn and on my horse that I'm hoping all the activity points (9 yesterday alone) will save me from too much of a gain this week. Everyone sounds like they're doing well.

Kirsty - my BF and I are moving in at the end of September - I know just how you feel.

Belle - Yay on hearing those 3 words (the only three I get more from my BF are "pull my finger"

Penny Hi and welome

Congrats to all losers and hi to everyone I haven't met. Have a great day all.


08-01-2001, 01:04 PM
Hello, weekend? Where are you???
I don't want to be at work. I skipped out on WI last night..I know, I'm a weenie! I miss my mom and dad. This is probably silly, but they are on vacation in Colorado and I can't get in touch with them. They called my sis and BIL twice and I talked to my mom twice, but I miss them and want them home where I can talk to them and see them everyday. :(
I'm just being sappy. Anyone feel my pain? I just ate a donut and it was rubbery! YUCK!! Now my tummy is bubbling...
Ok, boss is in a meeting but I've got to get some stuff done.
More later!
Kirsty: Welcome back! I hate mondayS!!
PS: KT~Welcome back, too! Hey, I don't even get a warning! (re: pull my finger)

08-01-2001, 01:19 PM
Welcome, Penny! I love the little worm avatar you have. Where'd you find it?

Well, I've been toying with going to WI or not today. (the meeting starts in 15 minutes). I last went on Friday, but today is my usual WI day. Only thing is, I ate like a piggy yesterday. I had a sub for lunch, forgetting I was attending a SPCA capital campaign dinner at night. So I went to that, and it was yummy. The meal wasn't bad, chicken with some kind of mushroom stuffing, veggies and rice, but I added two rolls to that and half a piece of this scrumptious chocolate cake they served. At least I didn't eat the whole piece! It was awfully rich.

I guess I'll go. If I gain a little, maybe it's the slap across the face I need this week.

On another note, I don't want to be at work today. I feel tired and just want to sleep. Plus I have nothing in particular to do, unless I want to start on a long-term story. Maybe I'll take my hand-held police scanner and go shopping instead. I could use some new shirts.

I'll check in later ...

08-01-2001, 01:31 PM
anyone know how to attach an mpeg? i have something that will make us all stick to points...just can't show you guys it unless someone can help me!!

kim, get thee to a meeting! you'll probably find that last night's food doesn't show up till next WI.
stacey - i know how you feel, i don't get to see my family very much, but i do miss them. :( just a couple of days till the weekend...
KT - we'll need to compare notes on our first living-together experiences....


08-01-2001, 02:44 PM
Kirsty, I don't think you can. You may have to convert it to one of the formats they allow. I tried to attach a tif once and it bombed on me.

Penny... LOVE THE WORMY!!!

08-01-2001, 03:16 PM
How is it possible to gain 1.4 in only 5 days? How? How? That's what I gained today. How depressing. I have got to stop eating out, because I just can't seem to eat wisely when I do. It's like the past 3 weeks of little losses is just forgotten. Help!!!!

Trish O
08-01-2001, 03:40 PM
Kim: with all of this bad heat and humidity, some of that could be water. I think most people would be a little puffy right now and weigh a little heavy. But maybe use this to keep on track. I agree, eating out is hard!!!!


08-01-2001, 03:54 PM
Kim... WATER WATER WATER!!! Are you ovulating or TOM'ing?? Either of those can do it. Or if the weather there is like here... the heat and humidity will too! And maybe you are right.... bad eating out choices!

08-01-2001, 04:22 PM
Thanks, guys. It IS very humid here, and I'm probably not getting all my water. I'll try and drink more. For lunch I had a salad, anyway, and didn't eat all the cheese and cashews that came on it! I forgot to ask them to hold that stuff. Cashews are dangerous.

08-01-2001, 04:40 PM
Hi everyone! I am at work tonight...I have been doing so so on program-some days totally on and some days totally off...I've noticed that the bad weeks tend to show up in WI a week or two after the fact, as do the good weeks...that can be discouraging...but I PROMISE to go to a meeting tomorrow and weigh in and take my medicine, so to speak....
I love this thread b/c everyone is human-we slip up-we admit it to each other, and we move on....
So far, so good today-I have a 21 point day planned out...we'll see...yesterday I ate 23 points but earned 3 exersize points....WI tomorrow morning at a mew meeting...we'll see how it goes...I think I may be up a little bit....
Glad everyone is doing well....bye bye-Lori

08-01-2001, 04:42 PM
Phew, I admit I am a lurker that voted. Sorry! I was going to write but I got sidetracked!!

Kim - there are lots of reasons for the gain, even different clothes, so don't worry. Last night my scale said 213 and then this am it was back to 206...go figure!!

I had a semi okay day so far, I worked out for an hour last night and I walked to work today - I was so tired though, I am still not feeling well. BOOH!!

Hey, there is a new guy at work, a keener and he is sucking up and being MOST annoying. I want to hit him. He is bashing my sort of boss to me and stuff. ARGH!! I also had an embarassing incident with him, but I don't feel so bad that I know he is a loser. I heard he came with his wife so I asked him about her, attempting small talk, if she came from Saskatchewan with her etc and he was like, um, I cam wiht my significant other....OH GOD. I should have guessed, but I wasn'thtinking, about it, I mean, who cares. I certainly don't care which side you butter your bread on. But I looked so stupid!! And felt it too!! I tried to be graceful. ANyway, ends up he is a total suck up kiss *** idiot who is driving me crazy (helps with the sexuality mix up though, I don't feel as bad knowing that I don't like him).

Thanks for hte vent...phew.

I have to go get a coffee before the place closes at 2pm, so I'll write in a minute.


08-01-2001, 04:54 PM
Oh... I forgot to mention that I did Tae Bo yesterday when I got home. Emma sat on her horsey rocker thing and bounced and giggled with me. Then after 15 minutes she had enough of that. But hubby came home just in time to rescue her. I was so happy that I did it. I need to do more exercises that tone. I have only been walking because the dog needs it. My arms are really getting flabby... and they used to be full of muscles. Actually, I think they still are, I just have to get to them! :lol:

Work has been nuts. I had a very sarcastic guy hollor at me because I denied him credit because of poor payment history this year. And it feels like monday since I was off yesterday! Tonight after work we are running to the Fair to see how my things did. I am excited!

08-01-2001, 05:11 PM
I hate being a) the youngest person by about 15 years and b) the only female on a team because I end up doing the crap work ie typing out s*^t and being everyone's lacky. Order your own food, go jump off the roof!! Whichever comes first!! AGH!!!

If you sense that I am frustrated, that is where you are right. I am very frustrated. And angry. I hate my job. Not the acutal communications work, but even then, I am undermined. Was twice today AGAIN. I feel like smacking someone and I think the keener loser will be first. I'll march over to his cubicle and I'll....welll.....chicken out.

Anyway, I guess there is no way around it ,but I am so tired of this role. Hello job search sites!! :mad:

Any Canadians know any good job search sites????

Kirsty - congrats congrats on b/f thing. Tell me how it goes. Glad your roomie was accepting!! :)

Brenda - congrats on winning $200. In canadian, that's almost $400! Woo hoo.

Sarah - those abs classes are tough, eh? Holy smokes. I wasn't moving the next day after I did one (didn't go back either!) I did this lame video last night and you know, I am in pain today too - not too bad though. I also pulled a muscle running OUCH.

Kay, ah the things we women must deal with. Hope there aren't many male lurkers. Well if there were, we will soon scare them away with our female chat :lol:

Hi Penny!

KT - i know how you feel about feeling sick/ yucky when you eat non OP. I do too! That week with b/f's mom I ate crap and I felt horrible until I got back OP. There is somethign to be said for being healthy, eh?

Stacey- let me know if the weekend gets back to you or agrees to come early. God knows I need it. I have so much to do before vacation.....

Jen - I like Tae Boe - I hurt all over and feel like I had a great workout! Good for you

Hello to Lori, Jen2, Trish, Lolly, Steph, Ali, Lola, Shalyne, etc, lurkers and everyone else.

Must get some work done so I don't get bogged down before vacation.

Thanks for letting me vent (yes, I realize you had no choice, but thanks nonetheless...it does feel better to get it out)

A rather disgruntled

Janet R
08-01-2001, 05:25 PM
Ya know Belle... I feel for ya, really I do. I remember hating being the youngest then all of a sudden one day I woke up and I wasn't the youngest anymore... Boohoo, that sucks worse! LOL But I understand how the lack of respect is very frustrating. I do think you need to find a different job though, cause if you were in the right place you'd be treated better! Does Monster.com have a Canadian equivalent?

Jen, hope your entries do well at the fair. :)

Penny: welcome!

KT: good to see you again. Hope you can come back more often.

Ok, back to lurkdom... I think tomorrow I might seek out a WW meeting. I never liked the meetings... never found a leader I clicked with, and thought all the stuff was pretty hokey... but since it worked the first time around, and NOTHING is working right now, perhaps I should give it another shot...

08-01-2001, 05:33 PM
Belle: I'm with Janet on the age thing. I kvetched about being the youngest at work, and then all of a sudden, I wasn't. Our youngest reporter is 22 ... 7 years younger than I! But I do hear you about the women-being-expected-to-do-stuff thing. There are three women on my reporting team now, but it wasn't always that way, and my editor was always turning to me to order cakes, organize going-away parties, stuff like that. It happened to three of us on different teams about the same time, and we basically told our editors, no more! Just because we're female doesn't mean we do the "domestic" chores around the office. Jeez, I'm about the least domestic female I know.

Sometimes I still end up doing stuff because I know it's the only way it'll get done!

Hey, a girl I work with joined WW today and I invited her to join our little group here. I hope she will. She's very cool. Her name is Beth, so if she pops up, say hi! She's one of our movie reviewers and has one of the coolest senses of humor of anyone I've ever met.

08-01-2001, 06:00 PM
I just finished a project so now I am bored. I went to WI and lost another .2#! I don't know how that happened but I'll take it!

Belle and Kim ~ I totally can relate to the "you have ovaries so you should order food, organize parties, make copies, etc". It tickes me off so much. I work in the IT field so I am surrounded by men. The job before this one I always had to do the social planning and food ordering. Didn't they see that I was coding 12 hours a day also?!! At my job now it isn't so bad because we have an administrative staff to help out, but we do have one sales guy who thinks that since I am a woman I should be his lackey. I usually tell him that if he wants me to be his assistant along with the tech roles I am doing, he can pay me double. That usually gets him off my case. Thats my vent for the day!

I'll talk to ya'll later and welcome to anyone I haven't "met" yet!

08-01-2001, 06:19 PM
I do communications (and of course secretary bull crap) for IS guys as well. But that doesn't give htem the right to make us do their crap work. I'll try telling them to pay me double too, maybe that will work!

AGH. I am so high stress right now I can't even think straight. I need a break. I have been in since 7am wiht no break. It is now 3:25.

08-01-2001, 07:00 PM
I used to be the youngest too. I was the only person in my 20's... minus the summer interns that came in. It sucked. MY boss with the biggest dink too... and harassing. So I finally quit. In less than a year 3 people filled my position and left for the same reasons. Amazing. I can't believe I was there for 1 1/2 years.

08-01-2001, 10:58 PM
Ok so viably I could start a new thread but eh no
I've lurked long enough
Today I had the best intentions
before seeing any members of my fam i had a satisfying fruit salad for breakfast
This was all shot to hades by lunch my gramma was having a foggy day and as on all foggy days she wants to help me
which i appreciate but dear god i can't take it much longer I hate to sound shallow but its very hard so ofcourse lunch constituted of enuf points for a whole day
did i stop nooo
I brought home munchkins
which mind u i have kept away from me since inhaling 8
dinner was low points but ofcourse it was i planned in
red calorie chicken caesar salad
homemade by lil ol me

i need to learn to cope with stress without opening my mouth to either insert food or say somethting snappy
I have never been to a WW meeting and was thinking of joining when i go to ireland do u think it makes a big difference from doing it on ur own?

08-01-2001, 11:08 PM
I just wanted thank everyone that welcomed me yesterday. I voted and I have to admit I think about food a lot. Eating breakfast..... thinking of lunch... eating lunch...... thinking about snacks...... eating snacks ..... thinking of dinner. I guess it can be good though. Positive thinking at least I am planning ahead! :) You guys seem so sweet and very dedicated to WW. I hope you can help keep me on the bandwagon. I have done great the last two weeks. I have a dinner to go to tommorrow night a wonderful Italian restuarant. It is will definitely be a low point breakfast and lunch to save up enough for dinner! But I will be keeping myself busy tommorrow. I am making and canning salsa with some friends I teach with. I love to read your posts. Have a great night.