South Beach Diet - April Weightloss Targets?

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03-30-2006, 07:24 AM
Please post your April weightloss targets on this thread and I'll consolidate them in a sticky.

03-30-2006, 07:32 AM
I'm going to try for 4 lbs this month, Ruth.

03-30-2006, 08:43 AM
Trying for 3 lbs. Let's see if I can hit 125 by the end of April!

Kelly J
03-30-2006, 09:41 AM
Please put me down for 5 for April.

03-30-2006, 10:36 AM
I am going for 4.

03-30-2006, 10:37 AM
I'm going for the goal of 8lbs for the month of April. After coming back from the water park this weekend, I will be restarting P1, hopefully for the final time! :carrot:

03-30-2006, 11:02 AM
ok give me 3 for April and we'll hope for 4, lol

03-30-2006, 11:14 AM
4 for me ruth :)

03-30-2006, 11:39 AM
Hmmm... I'm going to say 8 again because I was able to do it in March. If I can hit it then I'll be below the 140 by H-time....

03-30-2006, 11:44 AM
I'm going for 5 in April. Since I'm new to SB, I'm sure I'll be tweeking things in my first month or so. Gonna keep my goal reasonable for the first full month.

WE CAN DO IT! :carrot:

03-30-2006, 12:18 PM
im going to try for 8 but ill be happy for 6

03-30-2006, 12:34 PM
Put me down for 2

03-30-2006, 01:09 PM
I'll go for 8 this month.

My parents' birthdays (accompanied by cake and ice cream) are this month, though, so I don't know how I'll do....

03-30-2006, 01:18 PM
Put me down for 5 please!

03-30-2006, 02:23 PM
Since I will have 5 saturdays to weigh in - put me down for 8 - just over 1.5 lbs per week. :)

03-30-2006, 02:42 PM
I know that it is a little above the 2lb/week, but I'm going to work hard for 10.

03-30-2006, 03:50 PM
5 alex, oh sorry Ruth:goodvibes .Maybe it will be more, but it can't be less.

03-30-2006, 03:53 PM
Please put me down for 5.

Sheba's Mom
03-30-2006, 04:40 PM
Put me down for 5 also. Thanks Ruth.

03-30-2006, 07:57 PM
put me down for 10 =)

03-31-2006, 09:26 AM
Posted to here. Check out the sticky.

03-31-2006, 10:25 AM
Please put me down for 5 pounds.

03-31-2006, 10:39 AM
Please put me down for 8 lbs .. Im starting on the SB next thursday not sure how things will go im hoping for more .. but we'll see ! I've never done this diet .. Im a weight watchers veteran .. heh

03-31-2006, 12:17 PM
I will hope for 5 pounds- really want to say 8, or 10! -but hate failure :)

I'm still fairly new to SB, week 2 of phase 2- but April will have the challenge of my first multiple day business trip since starting SB, Easter Dinner with extended family, and a vacation with the kiddies during spring break!! So I will need a lot of that Willpower Dust I have seen floating around here.

03-31-2006, 01:09 PM
Please put me down for 6 :)

03-31-2006, 01:19 PM
Ok I am going for 4lbs again!!! I hope I do more but I know Esater is this month! Any my dd birthday!!!

03-31-2006, 03:23 PM
8 lbs Ruth

03-31-2006, 04:12 PM
Umm.. 8 I think. I am restarting Phase I on April 1st, so I think 8 would be a good goal to shoot for.

03-31-2006, 04:57 PM
Put me down for 5lbs and I'll be happy for anything I lose beyond that. Just really restarting P1 so don't know what to expect. Besides I have the metabolism of a snail.


03-31-2006, 05:01 PM
Posted to here.

beach bum
03-31-2006, 07:41 PM
April Goal- 2 lbs.

Thanks BB

Stephanie Osborne
03-31-2006, 09:55 PM
I am aiming for 5 lbs :)

03-31-2006, 11:00 PM
It seems that I have totally lost all control with my eating and need to regroup. Not doing so well with that either. Going on vacation to FL for 10 days this month. Put me down for 3 lbs. Hope that I can get my act together.

04-01-2006, 01:40 AM
5 pounds for me...

Thank you! Good luck everyone!! :)

04-01-2006, 01:54 AM
I want to shot for 5.
Thanks Ruth

04-01-2006, 06:25 AM
Posted to here

04-01-2006, 10:59 AM
put me down for 6

04-02-2006, 08:53 PM
April goal will be 6lbs.


04-03-2006, 01:00 PM
I'm going for 10 pounds.

04-03-2006, 06:27 PM
Posted to here. PM me if you want your name and target added.