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07-31-2001, 09:26 AM
Prevention Millennium Diet*

Daily servings
veg and fruits, 9 servings ( 5 veg/4 fruit)
whole grains, 3-6 servings
high-calcium, 2-3 servings

Weekly servings:
Beans - 5+
Nuts - 5
Fish - 2

Serving Sizes

veg. & fruit
1 serving = 1/2 c. chopped fruit
1/2 c. cooked or raw veg.
1 c. raw green leaves
3/4 c. veg or fruit juice

Whole Grains
1 serving = 1 slice whole wheat bread
1/2 rice or bulgar
1/2 c whole wheat pasta

Calcium 1 serving = 1 c ff or 1% milk
1 c ff yogurt
1 c calcium fortified O.J.
1 oz. reduced ff cheese

100% DV multivitamin/mineral
500 (under 50) to 1000 (over 50) mg. calcium
100-400 IU Vit. E
100-500 mg Vit. C

Keep calories to 1500 a day - 250 cal. per meal. Eat 6 small meals a day. Do not exceed 42 fat grams per day.

Drink 8 glasses water and 1+ cup of tea daily.

* Copied from the Jan. 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine

Here is the website address for the Prevention Millennium Diet.

This is not necessarily a vegetarian diet. The guidelines summarized above are just that. In interpreting the guidelines, it is helpful to read the sample menus on the website as well as the more detailed principals of the diet.

08-02-2001, 01:47 AM
Hi Alice! My D's Boston has a very short body and short face and is quite roly-poly. Those big eyes! He is just hilarious. She heard of a pup in the the NWT and believe me I am tempted.

I don't know what I weigh. Haven't got on the scale yet. Probably the same. I don't think I gained anything or lost anything. Clothes are still fitting the same. One thing since I started on this thread awhile back I don't eat anything like I used to. I actually can drive by Marie Callenders without having a piece of pie.

08-02-2001, 12:40 PM
Hi! How are you all doing?

I lost a pound, I got enough courage to weigh this morning. It must have been all my rushing around when my brother was visiting....because we were eating pizza, drinking beer etc.

Tonight I am going to order in veg. Chinese food. I have a ton of clothes to wash and iron before we leave of Sat. morning. We are going to take a week holiday before we have to be in Ca. for business so we decided to go to Yosemite. Neither of us have ever been there.

I won't be able to hook up to internet without a phone line in the trailer so I guess I will look for internet cafes so I can check in.

It is a long weekend here in BC. Monday is BC day so it off. Do you American buddies have a long weekend this weekend?

08-02-2001, 12:45 PM
It is really hot with a lot of humidity. It is supposed to be in the mid 90's by this afternoon. I haven't walked these past couple of days, as I just cannot motivate myself to get out of bed at the crack of dawn before the heat & humidity arrive. I made the mistake of stepping on the scales. I gained another lb. UGGGGH!
It totally ruined my day, hopefully it's water weight.

JUDI~Your D's dog sounds absolutely adorable. She will have many happy years with him. We recently had to take Lacee to the Vet for more antibiotics for her infection, which returned. One of his assistants told us that she has 5 Boxers and 1 Boston Terrier. She said that the Boston is the boss of the 5 Boxers, and is a brat. I had to agree! Have you decided to get the pup?

Hi Ledom! Hope you are having a good week.

Take care. Alice

08-02-2001, 01:07 PM
Alice, I so understand how the scale can ruin your day. But don't let it. When I am losing the scale can motivate me, when I am gaining it can send me into a tailspin so I am very picky about checking my mental state before I get on the scale. I had a beer last night, so I did NOT weigh this a.m.

You know, mid-90 and humid is what it is like everyday here if we are lucky! So far, knock on wood, we have been avoiding the 100's though I heard last night in Austin it had been over 100 for 20 days. That was us last year. What is it, does misery really love company? Somehow our heat is more bearable this summer because we aren't the only ones. I know it is rough on you northerners though with no air conditioning and not being acclimated to it. Fall is around the corner.

Went kayaking this morning and it was wonderful. I went alone and I find I can really concentrate on my photography when I am alone. Had lots of fun and came home with 4 exposed rolls of film.

judi, we will miss your regular posts. How long will you be gone? Have a great trip.

08-02-2001, 05:28 PM
I will be gone for about 2 weeks. :) I am looking forward to it. I plan to take some pictures...b/w in Yosemite (of course)

No, I can't get the pup Alice, I would like too but Marley thinks he is the man and has no patience with the young whipper snappers. I can easily believe the Boston is the boss. The little dog kept whipping by Marley's furry drawers when he was running around on Sunday just to show him he wasn't scared of him. Marley was infuriated.

I plan to do WW points when I am gone. I think I will take a scale along.

08-04-2001, 03:19 PM
Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is trying to keep cool in this heat. I heard the same thing about Austin, Ledom. Thank goodness, we've only reached 100 a couple of days. I am so ready for the fall. I got a notice in the mail last week that the AIDS Lifewalk will be Oct. 13th this year. It's time to start training. I have been so lax about exercising lately. Alice, I agree with you totally....the heat is just too draining. Of course, I have a treadmill in the house, but my the time I get home, I'm too hot and tired. Starting Monday though, 2 miles a day for a couple of weeks. Then I'll start increasing to 4-5 miles a day. My cat is doing fine. Of course, she has good days and bad days. In fact, I don't think she was feeling too well when I left for work this morning. I finally broke down last Sunday, and put the kitty litter box in the house. Since then, she has been using the litter box. (A round of applause) She actually got her bath last weekend. Now she's nice and clean and fluffy. She was looking pretty scruffy there for a while. She hardly does any grooming now, just her face after she eats. I went over to a friend and her fiance's house last night. They live about an hour up north. They bought a house with 3 acres, and have 3 horses. You know where this is leading don't you? Now I want a horse again. Oh well....someday. If I lived near any water, I would try kayaking like you Ledom. It sounds so peaceful and idyllic. Judi, hope you have a wonderful vacation! Alice, take care of your baby! Talk to ya'll later.

08-06-2001, 11:25 AM
That weight gain got me motivated to go back to a low carb eating plan, which I have started to do. I hope this heat breaks soon so that I can start walking again, because I miss it. I also miss the wildlife I see in the morning. We have seen a mother wild turkey walking her 11 babies a few times. DH tried to take a photo of them, but when the mother saw him she veered off in another direction. He was able to get a snapshot, but he isn't sure how it will come out because they blend so well in the woods.

Shebacat~I am glad that your cat is feeling better, and is using the litter box. That walk for AIDS sounds like a good incentive to start training. Good for you! I used to own a treadmill, but for some unknown reason my left thigh would start to bother me and I had a tough time doing any walking. Walking outside does not bother it. On the treadmill I must've been coming down onto my left leg at an odd angle.

Ledom~Your kayaking trip sounds very restful. I am sure you have some wonderful photos. Every once in awhile I vow never to get on the scale again and let my clothes be the judge if I'm losing weight. But, curiosity always gets the better of me.

Judi~Have a wonderful time on your trip. Take a lot of photos.

Take care. Alice

08-06-2001, 03:15 PM
Good to hear from you Shebacat and Alice. It sounds like we are all biding our time until cooler weather arrives. I hope judi is doing ok at Yellowstone. I hear there is a large forest fire there.

Your thoughts on the scales are so true Alice. Weigh-in yesterday sent me into a tailspin. After a perfect week of diet and 6 work-outs, I weighed the same. I am pretty sure I was retaining water because my fingers were a bit swollen. I am trying to be sure to get ALL my water in this week.

Last week I went out 3 times on the same stretch of water in pursuit of the perfect image of a blue heron that lives there. Finally, on the last day I saw its baby. The wildlife is there on the banks of the lake, but it's very good at hiding. I am starting to go out early in the day even though it is hot because I want to get as much paddling in as possible before I start back to work.

I would like to see those baby turkey chicks. OH, which reminds me of another wonderful wildlife sighting. I drive over a mountain when I go to work. I went in one day last week and 2 baby bobcats crossed the road in front of me. The person in the car that was coming the other way was equally amazed by them and we stopped and chatted about just what we had seen. They are not common here at all.

08-08-2001, 04:13 PM
It has been awfully hot here. It got to 99 yesterday, but it didn't quite reach 100. Today it is cooler....95 so I better get out the winter coat:lol: Tomorrow we are supposed to get the heat & humidity that has been out in the midwest. Luckily we have our cottage nearby and we are able to take a swim every afternoon.

Ledom~Those baby bobcats must have been adorable. Did you see the mother around? The wildlife on the lake sounds very interesting, especially seeing those baby herons. The only wildlife we see on our lake are ducks and loons. When I stay down to the cottage for those 2 weeks, my favorite time is spent very early in the morning, sitting on the dock with my first cup of coffee, and watching the mother ducks with their little ducklings swimming behind them. It is a riot when one lags behind and tries to catch up. Getting on the scale does get discouraging at times. I just wish I could be satisfied with eating right and exercising and just try to focus on being healthy.

Hi Shebacat and Judi! I hope that both of you are having a good week. Judi, I also hope that you are having a great time. I hope those fires aren't spoiling anything for you.

Take care. Alice

08-11-2001, 04:13 PM
Hi Ledom, Alice, and Judi,

Hope all is well with everyone. The heat is just terrible here. We're supposed to be getting an Arctic front from Canada which is supposed to drop the temperature to around 96. Come on Judi, ya'll can send us something a little cooler. Hope you're having a great trip. I finally got on the scale, and of course, was totally disgusted with myself. I'm now totally back to eating veggies/fruits. The only sugar I allow myself to have is a couple of cups of coffee. One in the morning and one in the late afternoon. I'm determined to get back down to my goal weight by the end of this year. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know there is some deep, dark, psychological reason behind the yo-yo syndrome. I had reached my goal weight, felt great, and then started eating too much sugar, fats and lots of pasta and Mexican food. Now I feel terrible, look terrible, and am totally depressed about it all. I started eating healthy yesterday, and have started walking as of today. Oh the trauma of it all..... Anyway, life is pretty much the same, just working. I do plan on taking a class at the junior college this fall though. Plus I still want to enroll in the stain glass class. If not this semester, then in the spring because I also want to take water aerobics again. My cat is doing really well. She's having a little difficulty with coordination, but other than that she's good. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and talk to you later.

08-13-2001, 10:35 PM
How are you guys doing? I was out of town for a few days. Struggling today to get back with the program, vacation was an excuse to eat wrong and not exercise. I couldn't get through my tape this morning, I felt like I was starting at square 1. I did mow after doing about 15 minutes of the video so hopefully that counts as a workout. I was back on program with eating today.

The semester starts Fri., actually classes don't start until next Wed. but teacher workshops, etc. start on Fri. It has been a great summer so I can't complain, it will be a challenge to establish a healthy routine and it will be a shock to my lazy summer system. But I look forward to it too.

Take care all, hope you can check in soon judi.

08-18-2001, 01:03 PM
it was actually cool enough (high 80's) to hike after 8:30 this a.m. It is always nice when the trails are an exercise option.

Shebacat, how was your week getting back on program? I was able to make a pretty good recovery from my vacation. Exercise has been good and food pretty good.

I went clothes shopping during the week and found some cute things. I thought that the video with strength training might be making a little difference as things seemed to hang a bit better.

Well, I started back to work yesterday. I am revived and ready for it. Fall is such an optimistic time in my personal make-up. Dieting sometimes goes better this time of year so I hope to ride the wave and make a difference in my size before the holidays come up to confuse the issue. My b'day is mid Novemeber and I was thinking I'd really like to wear that motivational skirt hanging on my closet door as a birthday gift to myself. Wish me luck!

Alice, I hope you are experiencing some cooler weather and and judi, I am anxious for you to return to us with your regular posts. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

08-18-2001, 04:23 PM
Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Ledom, my first week back OP was tough, but I made it through. I've lost 5 lbs......know it mostly water, but hey, I'll take it. The very worst part is getting over the sugar cravings. Now I feel a little more in control. How many days does it take to make something a habit....21? Exercise wise, I have not been doing too well. I know it's the heat...I just don't feel like moving. We did get a cool front in yesterday which brought lots of rain. My yard really needed it. Today though is hot and very humid again. I'm going to try to walk 2 miles a day this next week. I've got to get back in shape for the Lifewalk in October. Ledom, how exciting to be going back to school. I was talking to a friend of mine who is thinking about going back for his Doctorate degree so he can teach at a college level. I think he'd be perfect at teaching...but he'll have to make that decision for himself. Ledom, I love fall too. It's like a fresh start...everything is so crisp and cool. My birthday is at the end of November, so maybe we'll both be a size or two smaller by then. Alice, hope everything is going well with you. Judi, hope you're having a great vacation! Talk to ya'll soon.

08-18-2001, 08:07 PM
It was so NICE to get to finally read everyone's posts. I still don't have a regular place to email from.

Hey, I lost 5 lbs.! (It is the heat and I am not used to it. We are in Tehachapi, Ca. and it is in the high nineties. Wheww!)

I am loving RVing. A bit of home on the road. We didn't go to Yosemite because Tioga pass was closed because of a slide. We did spend a few days in Lake Tahoe. This trip is going to be a 3 week trip by time we get home next weekend.

Of course you know me and my love of American foodstuffs...I have found a lot of new BOCA products that we don't have at home...Boca "bratwurst", "italian sausage" etc. all veggie meat and the "grillers" are so good.

It sounds like you are looking forward to fall...that usually is my favourite season as well but this year I still am not finished with summer. Must of been all the rain this year that has predisposed me that way.

How are all the pets? Marley only wants to walk in the very early morning or late night. For the most part he is content to stay in the air conditioned trailer and doze.

My arms have gotten a bit of tan so they look not so bad so I have dared to go "sleeveless":o as you know I am very self conscious about my chubby arms (heck, it is much easier for me to go bra-less than sleeveless:devil: )

Hope you all are ENJOYING summer! I will check in again as soon as I can.

08-20-2001, 10:26 PM
Éven if we are not dieting 100 percent ;) lets keep talking!

We got a satellite dish so now when I am here I will have email. It takes awhile to set up so we probably will only use it here but it is so nice to be able to email again.

It is cooler here today, it is about 90 F.

How is everyone doing? Check in soon...I am lonely:( I will be here until Thursday afternoon when we begin the treck home.

08-21-2001, 11:22 AM
Sounds like you are having a blast. I am so pleased that you are happy with your RV. I always envy those folks that I see on the road.

I haven't been posting much for 2 reasons. I am back at work, but probably more so because I have an almost impossible time getting the reply screen to load on my home computer anymore.

Sigh, I am feeling good. It is odd how you just rock along, doing your workouts and then bam, you start to notice a difference. Seems like just this week I look sleeker. After last weigh-in when I was kind of devastated I haven't weighed again. Sometimes it can cause me a setback. Anyway, I have been getting up at 5 to exercise before work, so far so good. the weight training takes a while to show, but eventually it does.

shebacat and judi both, congrats on your lbs. lost.

08-21-2001, 01:52 PM
You are back at work?! I didnt realize you would be back already. I hope you were feeling ready for the next school year. My D. has picked her courses and is transferring to my old university for her 2nd year. Kind of neat. Is your D happy about going back to school in the fall?

Good for you on your workouts. I bet you are looking sleek and fit. Have you been kayaking lately? Maybe you have built up a lot of muscle and that is why it didn't look like you have lost when you weighed yourself. I have a lot of places to walk here in the hills but it is too hot. Even the dog doesn't want to go out. We go for about 1/2 hr. early morning or late evening.

On Thursday we are going to SF for two days. We found an RV park right on the ocean and we have a spot so I am looking forward to dragging out a lawn chair and staring for hours at the waves , with a nice Chard. in hand ...of course.

The August issue of COOKING LIGHT magazine has a lot of good things to try.

Big HI to all you other gals too!!!

On the Sept. long weekend I am babysitting Bentley the Boston for 5 days while the kids go on holiday. There should be a lot of exercise there...he was trained and now he has become untrained...even so I think it is going to be fun. Marley will be in a snit that doesn't last too long I hope.

08-24-2001, 02:05 PM
It is Friday noon and my first full week back at work will soon be over. That is good, 'cause I'm ready for a break.

I have been vigilent with exercise this week, only taking one day off. The strength training is little by little making a difference.

So much of my ongoing posts here have to do with my psyche, how I'm dealing w/ body image, dieting, weighing, and how it is all inter-related. My theories on the issues must seem to change almost weekly to those of you that might be following my crooked path:dizzy: . I guess change helps keep things fresh and helps to ward off boredom. Anyway, I am not thinking so much diet now as I am thinking exercise. I am currently freaked at the thought of weighing. I notice a difference when I look in the mirror, I think my upper body is changing, my balance and grace seem strong at the moment. BUT, I haven't dropped a pant size - that is surely an indicator. I guess these thoughts are all a jumble. I feel good with what I am doing right now. I am not bingeing, I am eating 6 small meals a day. The things I need to work on, getting my water in and watching not to eat too much at night.

Take care all, have a great weekend!

08-25-2001, 08:58 PM
OH my Gawd it's been ages since I've been here....I have been busy because I would have certainly shown up to say hi to my gread buds here....In reality it's the first time I come on the puter in ages....
Firstly, I had a great summer... I did some major cleaning, yes boring but the results were very nice and rewarding. What got me going on the cleaning is that we stumbled on some really nice bedroom furniture and that got me cleaning some closets. Then my mother gave us some really nice wing back chairs, and that got me going on the living room....

AND the best part is that we've just come back from Prince Edward Island a couple of days ago... we were on the island for 10 days.... We all absolutely loved it.... I think it's the Bahamas of Canada.... Maybe I'm wrong there Judy, you're island is probably just as beautiful, and I'd love to see it, I'd probably change my mind if I did see it....
Food and diet wise....Don't ask, it'll ruin my day.... :lol:
I'm back to square one with WW, because I did go weigh in this morning so I'd be back on the wagon so to speak. I had lost 7 lbs....have now gained 6 back....Oh brother!!! Oh well, I don't even feel depressed about it either, even tho I did talk about it....:devil:
I do feel ready and roaring to go tho, so that's a good thing...

So do tell me how was everyone's summer?? Ledom you are already back to work....I bet your summer went by way too quickly? You're getting up at 5AM for exercise, good for you, keep it up for a while, IT WILL turn into a routine, I promise you that...then I won't feel so silly for doing it myself. The trick that works for me tho is that I have to be in bed fairly early, at least 10PM, then and only then I have no problems getting up....

Funny you should mention RV's Judy, hubby and I were talking about that on our vacation because we saw so many on the road, and thought it would be nice to rent one to try it out...

The cottages we stayed at in PEI were "rustic" to say the least but thank goodness extremely clean, whew, because when we saw it, we were, all 8 of us ready to turn back and rent a hotel room. We were also a short walk from the beach on the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.... DH figured that we travelled 4,500km.... We saw every touristy thing imaginable on the island.... No wonder I gained and sit and travel is mostly all we did...but the scenery was breathtaking....Rolling golden hill, by the ocean, with the cosiest harbours, and the most beautiful sunsets......Anywho I could go on and on...but I'm not that great a writer.....Specially that while I was in PEI I read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montogomery, a Canadian writer from PEI, who is such an exquisite and expresive writer, that I just babble on using the same ole inexpressive words when I write.....I took 6 rolls of film, can you believe it??

Anyways, it does feel good to be back home.... and hope all is well with everyone else....


08-25-2001, 09:13 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been extremely busy at work. Plus my cat is not feeling very well. I took her to the vet on Monday, but she did not find anything wrong except she was a little dehydrated. They gave her fluids, and she seemed to feel better the next day, but now she's not doing as well. I explained to the vet that I thought she had an intestinal virus because she acted like she was cramping, and taking in deep breaths. Anyway, I went out on the internet, and discovered that older cats have a tendency to develop Irritated Bowel disease. I really think that's what she has. I tried to call her today, but she's out of town this weekend, so I'm going to take her in again on Monday...or at least see if she can prescribe some medication for her. Ledom, congratulations on the new, sleeker you! I have got to get on the ball with the exercise routine. Judi, sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I've always wanted to go to SF. Welcome back Lana....sounds like your summer has been wonderful. Beautiful scenery, food, family, friends....what could anyone else ask for? When you finish with your house, could you come clean mine! Hi Alice, how are things with you? Hope everyone has a good weekend, and talk to you later!

08-27-2001, 02:56 PM
Shebacat: I am so sorry to heat the kitty is feeling under the weather. I know it is hard with an aging pet. I hope she will be feeling better. SF was great, I just love that city. It was nice to sleep with the windows open and hear the ocean. I got up very early and went outside and had coffee and just LISTENED! We spent a day downtown shopping & eating. I found a fabulous grocery store in Sausalito too, it was called "Molly Stones". Ahhh, those people by the bay...they know how to live!

Ledom: Your ideas never sound:dizzy: they are always RIGHT ON! I have been helped so much by your many insights over the last year or so. I think exercise is the key all right. I feel so much more energetic since I have been away. It has been 3 weeks. I have been walking etc. I think it is the SUN, that ol' vitamin makes all the diff. Thank goodness it isn't raining here today, though there is evidence of it all around.

Lana: The east coast of Canada is someplace I have always wanted to go. PEI especially, it sounds so nice. The island that I am on is MUCH MUCH smaller than PEI. RVing is fun. (I know the winter months to rent one is much less expensive then one could snowbird down to Florida.) We are already planning our escape for the winter months of Jan & Feb. We take holidays then and go to Arizona & New Mexico. Since we have been rving we have found there is a whole subculture of people that RV full time. I don't think I could do that...I am too much of a home body and need a permanent base. Good for you on the housecleaning! I find cleaning sort of a therapy, maybe I wouldn't if I didn't have a housecleaner come twice a month, but I like puttering around cleaning things. I don't even mind hand washing the dishes in the RV and I don't let the DH help.

Alice: How are you doing? How is Lacee? Bentley the Boston is coming to stay for 5 days on Wed. I can't wait. I saw 3 Bostons on holidays, 1 brindle, 1 B& W and one with a white body and mostly black face. They are such adorable dogs. Have you been at the cottage a lot?

I guess I had better go and look through 3 weeks of mail. (And step on the scale and see if that 5 lbs I told you about is still GONE.)