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07-31-2001, 04:25 AM
What a summer this has been. I am long overdue to start a new thread, or even post! For me this has been such an incredible summer, very transforming. I am doing lots of work in different arenas, and as usual I find that my internet time is severely curtailed. On the weekends the screen is dark. But here I am, to share what is up and make this connection that means a lot to me.

A GF of mine went to Weight Watchers and would like to lose some weight - but she doesn't want to go to the meetings (she doesn't want to spend $10 per, and she feels like "I can do this...I know I can just do it myself...)... I strongly urged her to get online and find an online support web of buddies like we have here. I didn't go so far as to get specific about coming here per se (I enjoy the anonymity and don't know how it would fly with people I know in "real life" - but who knows?)

Anyway. My excuses. First fitness has been going really great, I have lots of energy and the weight is holding steady. I go through spurts of getting to the club for workout-workouts, and then there will be a spell where the exercise is from gardening and home projects. For example last week I painted the ceiling in the Kitchen and LR. I have to say that rolling thick paint overhead is exercise indeed! I feel really settled into this level of eating and it is really working for me. I miss the regular club workouts, but I believe fall will settle into a routine and I will be back at it. Curiously, I have not been doing the running this summer, though it isn't over yet!

In the last couple of weeks, while I have been MIA, a couple of things have been happening. As you know I have struggled and had the goal of getting more organized, getting my house together and just not being so frenetic (writing a letter can involve searching for the address book, searching for the cards, searching for stamps....I can't live my life this way anymore). I found a system that works better for me than lists and I'm easing into it. I find making this fantastic progress is very invigorating and energy-giving. There is a lot of sorting and purging to do and I work on it every single day - in fact I look forward to it. It is just wonderful. I'm doing a lot of gardening projects and that is going well also.

As you know I do the basket thing on the side. The current campaign is their yearly fund raising campaign for breast cancer. We did a big event on the 20th that involved lots of baking/preparing food, calling and writing invitations, and I'm still finishing up on the followup. It was a huge success and another arena where I have been feeding on lots of energy.

In short: There was NOTHING MELLOW about July!!!!!

I'm dying to hear about Raychel's new job, Steph's vacation, how it is going with Justy, Catherine, and any and all else past, present and future who quest for health and are in this for life! I'm going to try to remind myself that a small 1-paragraph post is better than nothing (I put a lot of pressure on myself to post long, profound posts) - just staying in touch is nice.

Take it easy everyone. Share where you are getting your summer energy, what is changing with you?


08-03-2001, 10:12 PM
Hullo ladies *pant*pant*pant*the sound of Raychel running mad!!!!

I haven't started "the job" yet...8/13 is the official start date. I've been busily training the woman who is my replacement. She has nearly 20yrs experience on me and let me tell you she's swamped. Work load has seem to double in the last week and a half she's been training. I keep wondering how I did it all by myself for 5 yrs!! Okay well truthfully, the "busy" part of work has been my expansion of the position over the last three years. I'm flattered that we had to bring in someone to cover me with so much experience. If I've told you all this before I apologize. My brain is on hyper drive.

But I'm very please because she is getting it all! Its a very good thing I gave as much notice as I did. I'm amazed at how much I "know" at this job.

Its also given me time (sort of) to reflect on how much I've changed too in these past several years at my company. I've changed A LOT. Not only physically but mentally too. Phew...its been a journey and the best part is it isn't over yet!

Steph I hope you are having the most maaahvolous time on vacation...Juno thank you for keeping the 5% spirit alive and well and kudos to your reorganization efforts...everyone else let us know that you are all hanging in there!

08-08-2001, 03:58 PM
Iím back!! We all had a great time even enduring 2 18-hour car rides with 3 kids J Nobody killed anybody and I think we only had one very tiny fight in the back of the van. I think that is pretty good for the ages of 14, 5 & 3! Proud of my kids and happy because we can keep going on vacations. I do think our next big vacation will be via plane though so that will be a bit easier.

I loved Colorado and enjoyed the mountains and wished I could have built myself a nice cozy house right in the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park. Kind of difficult since the park is closed all winter but I could get good at stocking up. The highest peak I climbed (we did about 5 long hikes) was 12,500 feet. I was quite impressed by my kids because though I did a hear a little whining and ďmy feet are sooo tiredĒ they never quit. A positive thing also was the my DH loved it out there and now understands why I say that CO or more Northwest would suit our outdoor needs more. I love MN but the climate really isnít good for an outdoors family that really has limited love for winter plus the summers are really getting too hot and humid for any great enjoyment. I see a move in our future but DH still goes on and on about Alaska however the CO trip has opened his eyes to the fact that he might like other states (I have never been to Oregon but think that is another possibleÖalong with WA to be by my younger sisters). I moved many many times when I was younger so living here in this house for 5 years already is a big accomplishment!!

Exercise is good but kind of in the background. I have a hectic August and am just patiently waiting to send the kids back to school. I have my 5 year old heading off to Kindergarten and C off to Highschool. Iíll be a bit busy this year but I look forward to it. As always just need to carve out my own little space so that I find enough time to do all my things. I have really good napping daycare kids so I think nap is just going to be my exercise time. I have enough time to workout and turn myself into a non-sweating daycare provider so I think that is my plan. I get up early in the a.m. but I tend to find other things to do then so I thought I would just concentrate on those things for now.

The heading for this post is perfect - Our Whole Lives to Perfect This..........I guess since I can't seem to get enough done on a yearly basis so I guess I need my lifetime to just get myself in order!!

Raychel - Do you have a week off between the new job and this one to catch your breath?? I always do that when I changed jobs even if it wasn't financially smart. Always looking for that extra vacation week!!

Juno - I hear you on the Hectic summer. I have enjoyed myself and the pace but like I said Start The School Bell Ringing!!!

I won't say I can't believe it is August already since I am counting down the days til Sept. It is only 15 more working days for me and the big higher energy kids are plopped in their desks for their teacher to try and calm for 9 months - I CAN'T WAIT!!

Have a great day everyone! Stephanie

08-12-2001, 02:06 PM
Hello all. It's hard to believe it's the middle of August already. Where did the summer go? Mind you, I'm almost (!) looking forward to fall. This summer has either been very rainy, which I don't mind, or really hot. And really hot turns my apartment into a sweatbox. The fall weather will be nice!

Things here have been going pretty good. Food has been a bit strange with not tons of vegies but lots of high fibre cereal. The cereal has been satisfying my crunchy cravings so I have to admit I'm a bit impressed with myself. Usually I head straight for the chips when I want crunchy but my Muffets are doing it for me now. High fibre, low fat, can't get much better :)

My exercise has been pretty consistent. I usually max on 45 min of cardio but on Friday I did a full hour on the Buffer and felt like I could keep going! I'm loving the energy it gives me.

I have to admit to feeling a little blue today. It's my 6 year wedding anniversary. I didn't expect it to bug me but it is a bit. Strange feeling really. Esp. since I spoke with my lawyer this week - my divorce will be final shortly before Christmas. No, I have no regrets about leaving, just feeling strange today.

Raychel, I hope you have a fabulous first day tomorrow. I am so proud of you. Let us know how it goes.

Steph, I'm glad you have a great vacation. I enjoyed hearing your enthusiasm about it bubbling over.

Juno, I had to smile when you mentioned painting being it's own exercise. When I went home in June I painted my parents' house. I was so sore! Was definitely a workout. How goes the house reorganization? I'm needing something like that too. I'm pretty good usually but I'm to the point of throwing everything out and starting again :)

I suppose I should go and get some housework done before it gets too warm to move in here. And then I go shopping! :) Take care everyone!

08-13-2001, 01:31 AM
Very good to hear from everyone. So ends a great weekend. We took the ferry up to Haines where there is the SE Alaska fair - the kids had never been to a fair. The fair in Haines is pretty down-home and hokey, but we had fun. Today we spent some time at Mendenhall Glacier enjoying a stellar day. All in all a great summer weekend, and so it almost feels strange to be sitting at the keyboard.

Workouts have been sporadic alas. But I keep busy, doing more chores and just trying to race the calendar to have the entire house organized by the time school starts. I think I will reach that goal (the garage may be another story) and then my system will keep me up with it as long as I manage to use it. DH is taking this week off however - which means every day will either give me kid-free time to hit the club or out on some trail for a hike.

Justy I have that cereal thing from time to time - and it is much better than chips! Lately I've been craving steamed veggies over rice with a sauce, and I hope I can find a sauce to entice my family. Condolences on the anniversary. While not super-forward in my thoughts the anniversary of my ill-fated (brief) early marriage is something I always note on the date.

Yes Steph we are on the same page with the hectic. Your Rockies vacation sounds like it was pretty wonderful. Let's push for some good healthy moves for ourselves in August so when some of our time is back in September we will be that much ahead of the game.

And...Raychel today is the DAY. I wish you well on the new job. What a stroke of luck that they got a good replacement for you. I hope you will give us the word on the fitness industry from the provider's point of view.

I'll be going down to Oregon the last weekend of September. My grandfather is really failing at this point and I would like to see him again if he can hang in there - just me this time, no kiddles. In impending trip always gets me motivated to go that extra mile on the buffer and power those veggies -

Back to work for me - send energy for the week!

08-14-2001, 10:03 PM
:D :D :D :D

Hi ladies...okay second official day of my new job is done! I love it so far...on the one hand its much different from what I was doing before but there are similarities. I'm already hearing positive feedback ("wow, you are so much different than our last Director"). From what I can gather he was a nice guy but a flake, not pro-active at all and didn't follow through with things. I'm getting a lot of things thrown at me but I'm not overwhelmed. They all have NO idea what kind of job I just came from!

In terms of getting a different view of the fitness industry...of course I still have TONS to learn but the old adage "you can't please everyone" truly applies in fitness clubs!! You can get the silliest complaints/suggestions! Mostly about cleanliness, broken equipment (that usually isn't broken) and music selection. I think the club I work for is dirtier than it should be. But when you mention that to the maintenance dept. you are told that (of course) all equipment is cleaned thoroughly every day. It doesn't look like it to me - but when you have traffic of over 500 people a day, things are bound to get dirty! So its that sort of thing.

Right now I'm trying to remember names and who does what!! Its a huge club and very busy. I'm nailing down things like scheduling (which has been all over the place) and proper handling of payroll (which has been all over the place) and soon get to work the floor to introduce the new members to the club. Eventually, if I have time, I can take on personal clients. I think this will happen in time. The job itself isn't very demanding, it just needs to be cleaned up, clear guidelines set, get everyone on the same page sort of deal. Piece of cake! Just what I like to do!!

Steph - You make me want to move to CO. But I need to be within driving distance of the ocean...Oregon is wonderful. I lived there for a long time. Hey, CA isn't bad either (exept for our gov't). Glad you had fun!

Juno - Chores count chores count! (for exercise) I'm running on the new job - always up an about. I'm already shrinking from the extra activity! You must be prepping the kids to return to school soon too?

JS: Nice to hear from you too. You are so right to give yourself kudos for eating cereal instead of other things. Someone told me once that you can't just cut out a bad habit -you have to replace it with something better. Sounds like that is what you are doing.

So thats my check in for now...I will report more later.

Take care - Raychel

08-23-2001, 04:15 PM
Hi! This is just a quickie for me because I can never seem to find big blocks of time to post. School starts in 11 days and they are just going to fly by (but daycare days might drag!). Just kidding as it has been a very nice summer. I took more breaks this year which really helped. Our household is doing fun but we are taking some adjusting to having a fulltime teenager in house. Nothing big just little things like I am not used to someone other than myself being on the phone J Plus she talks more than me which is a hard thing to do but I am used to silence in the evenings and Iím not getting much down time now. She is this very serious teenager with all these thoughts rolling around in her headÖ.guess it is better that I am an outlet and she feels good enough to share but Iím looking forward to her having more friends when school starts (bad mom!). The boys are used to her visiting and her room has always been more like a play area but now we are setting ground rules for when they can be in there and when they must STAY OUT. Oh we shall have this all under control soon. Iím trying really hard to remember how important some things are when you are 14 vs. my knowing that it isnít a big deal in the whole scheme of life.

Basically that has been my life for the past few weeks and I am waiting for them all to board the bus so I can have a bit of quiet Ė Iíll really need it in 11 days! I am exercising, trying to eat more mini meals but nothing out of the ordinary here! Except of course if you want to also hear about how I have to adapt to a stereo being on in the evenings (itís not loud Iím just a book person at night!!).

Raychel Ė I hope you are having a great time at work and canít wait to hear more about it as you are there longer!

Juno Ė Did you get the girls off to school yet?? I have a friend up in Alaska this week so I look forward to hearing her adventures!

Must run as I hear two that have awaken upstairs Ė argh!!!


08-24-2001, 01:44 PM
Hello all! This is going to be a quick note but just wanted to check in.

Things here have been pretty busy. We have our company golf tournament on Tuesday and it's my baby to run. All the ugly stuff has been done so now I get to enjoy the rest of it!

And I have happy/big relief news. I spoke with my lawyer on Wednesday and we have a settlement agreement now. So pretty much all of the bickering is done, now we just have the paperwork and waiting left. What a relief to have that part over.

I'm looking for ideas. I went and gave myself shin splints. What's the best cardio so I don't slack on that area but don't cause any further damage/pain?

But back to work. I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

08-25-2001, 02:19 PM
Okay - week 2 completed as a Fitness Director!! :dizzy:

Things are going really well. My new job is TOTALLY different from my old one. There are some similarities (staffing issues, little HR problems etc) but the atmosphere is very different. The club suffers from growing pains. It was a very small club only 20yrs ago and now we have over 4000 members. The days of everyone knowing everyone are long gone and the owner still kind of lives in the "we are a small family business" mode. There is little security and privacy in the way the business is run in terms of the payroll and cash drawers and so on. I'm so used to strict policies in these areas its a strange change.

The Club also has many "multi purpose expert" type people. The man who runs all the computer systems is also the Facilities Maintenance person and a bartender and a clergyman and a house inspector and so on! :) Because of this (people having many different jobs at once) things that are important fall behind. Like updating brochures and flyers and bulletin boards and even staff phone lists. So of course I've jumped in with all four feet. I've tackled some things to get them updated and am shocking (impressing?) the heck out of some people. What I tell them is until I figure out what my REAL job is I'll do this stuff! :)

My new boss is very much a numbers/profit man. He LOVES his business which is wonderful. But heads roll if he isn't seeing the numbers he likes. I'm pretty direct with him. I've got lots of ideas for my department. It runs itself most of the time but there is fine tuning needed. I've forgotten how much I enjoy the creative side of Marketing. I've never liked Sales but I can Market - like putting displays together or setting up a nutrition consultation program etc.

So what all that means is I'm enjoying my job. Its hard to say whether I LOVE it or not because I still feel like I'm floundering a bit. But I have been warmly received and in the (many) meetings I've had with other Directors and Staff I walk away feeling like I've made a good impression and connected with them.

JS - Chin splints = yuck. For therapy icing your chins for 10m at a time will keep the inflammation down so they can heal. Ice therapy burns but it works. Stretch your calves and your chins (by pointing your toes) regularly. For cardio try biking, swimming, ellipitical/cross trainer type things. I don't remember if you go to gym or not so hopefully you have access to these things or at least have a bike! Just don't do any "bouncy" or "impact" type things (running, impact aerobics). I'm very glad to hear that the "hard part" of your divorce is finished. That must be an incredible weight off of your shoulders.

Steph - I can't help but feel envy for C - at 14 I didn't have anyone I could talk too. (Mom was in la la land and Dad out of the picture) So while it might drive you crazy I'm glad you are there for her. I know you have this in perspective. What I remember being in angst about at that age was popularity, how I looked and being terrified of high school coming up.

Okay - I've been on the 'puter for darn near 2 hrs now trying to catch up on everything so I'm going to get off line now! :eek:

Hope everyone is healthy and happy!

09-04-2001, 03:56 PM
Can you all hear (or feel) the silence in my house??? I shouldn't even by typing I should just be treasuring the quiet. School is back in session and I am very happy!

I can't even post long now because I have a bit of catching up to do around the house. We had one of those jinxed weeks last week: Dh's truck broke (now fixed), our water softener broke and flooded our downstairs (my downstairs is doomed to flood once a year for something!), C got an ear infection, lots of yucky colds running around and a lot of running around to get ready for school. My son doesn't start kindergarten until tomorrow so I still have some paperwork stuff he needs for class. Better get a move on!

I'm listing out some new health goals and making the next two months a big challenge for myself. I have a good approach to the exercise but I am going to be much tougher on myself. I started writing out my goals two weeks ago and even on Labor Day weekend I stuck to my guns eating wise and exercise. Fall is always a good time for me and I need a big push!

Juno - I think we are both waiting for the Fall Routine to kick in. Something in the air just makes it a better environment for ME. Sounds like you are doing great though so keep it up!! I should have long words of wisdom here but I'm still recovering from summer!

Raychel - I imagine you will have that place ship-shape in no time. Wow 'em to death girl.....they will be signing the health clubs over to you! Your enthusiasm just jumps right out of your posts!

JS - I'm sorry I never got on and gave you a big hug on your anniversary day. I think I thought I did but re-reading my posts I see that I neglected to pour out my sympathy. Good job on getting through your day and it is okay to feel blue....just think though of the transformation and happiness that can come in your future. I imagine you will have those strange feelings for a while.

Off to conquer my house! Have a great short work week!


09-04-2001, 05:10 PM
Happy fall, or almost fall, to all of you!

School started for the girls last Wednesday. I am getting accustomed to shuttling to two schools instead of one. I had to cover two weeks for one, and then one week for another vacationing typist, right through the first day of school. Quality of life is majorly affected, including workouts and nutrition. A person just needs an amount of clear time in the daily schedule in order to take proper care of herself! What I am good at is jumping right back into the fray - Thursday I was on the buffer, and I'm back to my faithful habits.

Making a lot of headway in the area of getting organized and simplifying some of my life routines. You-all already know (and can vouch for) less time spent on the internet. I am hitting the library every week with my girls - this has taken the place of my Amazon and checkstand magazine habit and has saved a lot of $!!! I am also keeping my summer helper this winter - hard to roll back the money but I want the freedom of time to do both what needs to be done and some of the things I just want to do.

I head to Oregon for a long weekend at the end of the month (I might have already said that, before). I will be going it alone, and it will be a family powwow with my ailing grandfather the focus. The trip will have some sadness, but I look forward to that family time, and a trip in the air always helps me stay with my good workout habits too.

It is getting a bit darker and I have to get up earlier with school. Instantly my energy changes - slows down- as I adjust to this, and it happens every year. My body is tuned to wake up 8:00 or later - even the mere difference of 6:45 or 7:00 makes a big difference. Oh well! I sleep deeper in the fall, too, just be related to bears and other hibernating creatures.

Steph I hope the jinxy time is over and that you are strongly into your fall routine. I agree with Raychel that Cassie will treasure you all her life. Sometimes the lucky kids don't act like they know it, but it makes a difference to have someone steady who cares and to model simply how to be decent in this world.

Raychel, Well I am ready to either join your club or ask you for a job! I can see the challenges, but you will be great. Maybe someday you will have your own club, so just watch, watch, watch and do your usual good job, you will be great. Are your own workouts suffering or thriving?

JS even with your challenges in the past couple of years, you are always a positive energy to read and you know we are all pulling for your happiness and health. Hope all is well in your quarter.

My plan is to get out of the house for a few minutes, just OUT, and then it will be chore time until school is out. I have to decide - do I take ballet again or not? I love it, and it really challenged me like crazy. On the other hand, since I have to drive to town and get home late it is a time committment and delays when I can start work. I'll need to decide by Monday.

Okay - what is new with you?


09-04-2001, 11:42 PM
Hi ladies...quickie post to update and say hello...

Job is going very well! I'm liking it more and more. Getting feedback from clientele is increadibly rewarding. I worked with a 14 yr old girl the other day who was SO sharp. When I asked her about her goals (praying she wouldn't tell me she wanted to lose 20lbs because she was not fat, just needs some muscle tone) she said "well maybe lose the teensiest bit of weight but what I really want to do is get strong and have some muscle." I nearly kissed her! LOL!

My own workouts aren't suffering much...I have less energy because I'm working longer hours and realized I was neglecting my pre-workout liter of water. So I've corrected that and the energy is coming back. I'm going to start making the rounds of all my PT's (hiring them for a short time - I get a great rate as a staff member). It will be a great way to get to know them better, they get to make a little money and I get the benefit of seeing pro's in action.

Ug - It can't be moving towards Fall already!

Juno I'm going to OR 9/20-9/24 for my retreat....sorry to hear you aren't going under the best of circumstances. I'll be thinking of you.

Steph - okay I swear you flooded last year too - the water heater or something. What great plans are you thinking of for Holidays - I know you are planning already...fess up. :D

Take care ladies...I'll check in soon.

09-05-2001, 05:40 PM
So here is what is happening to me - runaway hunger! I sort of know the cause. I was relatively sedentary with the extra work, then flung myself back into my better exercise habits at the same moment in time that I had to start getting up at 6:45 to get the girls up and rolling for school. As a result I am ravenous - I'm not talking about the munchies, I mean my stomach growls and eventually I am so distracted that I have to eat something. In midmorning, usually - if I get hungry at all - a banana will do the trick. Today I ate a bowl of leftover pasta with tomato and feta and a muffin! I didn't feel stuffed, either. I indulged in my famous almonds (making lunch more snacklike since snack was more lunchlike) and I assure you I will be hungry at 3:00, dinnertimne and 11:00 p.m. before my 1:30 a.m. bedtime rolls around!

I believe if you are hungry you should eat. But I am bummed that all my exercise will be canceled out in the calorie dept (nothing can take away the global benefits).

I also am doing great with water. I bought a Brita pitcher recently and that has helped me tremendously. I also drink much less coffee, though I have switched to tea. That switch was weeks and weeks ago though.

Tell me I will adjust!

Well, later taters!

(hmmm, taters sound good...)


09-11-2001, 10:45 PM
What an absolutely insane day. I know how much business was interrupted here with all of this, I can't imagine how things were going for those in the States. Work days were pretty much shot all over as everyone I spoke with mentioned that the bulk of time was spent listening to the radio and/or watching the news, all totally horrified at the magnitude of loss and destruction. I'm still stunned that all of this has happened.

My only concern now is that you are all okay and that your friends and family are safe. I hope everyone can check in soon and let us all know where things sit with you. My thoughts are with all my dear State-side friends.

09-12-2001, 03:04 AM
Bless you for your support JS - what a terrible, terrible day. I live almost as far from the east coast you can but words can't describe how I felt today. I even questioned whether I made a mistake by bringing children into this world.

09-12-2001, 12:23 PM
I don't even know what to type because there aren't any words that describe what I am feeling. Deep sadness, fear, my faith in many things I believed in yesterday was shattered......

My best friend, her husband and new baby were in NYC with her husband attending a job interview in Manhattan. She called me at 5pm last night when she finally heard from him. I only know of one other person who is still missing but I'll keep my fingers crossed for a miracle. Not someone I knew directly but someone close to my sisters.

Thanks for worrying JS. I join Juno in my thoughts as to what kind of world I belong too. I watched the whole thing live while sitting at the table feeding daycare kids breakfast. I was at a loss as to what to say when they were asking me what was happening. How can you explain something so horrible you can't believe you are seeing it????

09-13-2001, 02:07 PM
As with all of you, I'm at a loss for words. It really makes you take stock of your own life and actions. I pray for our nation and our friends around the world. There are so many heros out there - it makes me proud of our country.

I've been swamped with life, but am grateful for that. I am glad to hear that all of you are doing well and keeping up with your own schedules. Raychel - I am still sooooo jealous of your new job. That is so wonderful to pursue your dream.

I'm running in a 5K in a couple of weeks. So, I HAVE to be disciplined and run everyother day. It's been hard to get back on the running circuit. But in the past couple of days it has also been a good stress-relief, and an opportunity to think about things.

I will check in again. God bless America!

Miss Nadine
09-16-2001, 02:57 PM
Hi. Can someone tell me what this group is? I am searching for the right fitness/diet support group for me...

09-21-2001, 05:53 AM
Hi friends, and welcome Miss Nadine. This is a great group, and we have been sharing here for over three years (wow!) - the 5% club refers to the statistic we always hear, that only 5% of the population will make that permanent change and maintain weight loss. Instead of being daunted by that, this group sees the possibility - if 5% can do it, it is possible, and we mean to BE in that 5%. Our spirit is proactive. We recognize that life is cyclical. We welcome you if you are of the 5% mindset!!! (Or we'll help you get there!!!)

Well - what a week in the history of the world. I know that the emotions and fears of the past 10 days have been shared by all of us across not just the USA but all over the world. A friend emailed me early on and asked if I felt "safe and cut off from it all, living up in Alaska." I was amazed that anyone could possibly think that. I don't think Antarctica would be far enough away to buffer those intense feelings. I'll not use this forum to go on and on about it - except where it relates to why we gather - health and fitness. I have to say that the very idea of typing "I ate this" and "I worked out doing such and such" - seemed so trivial in those first hours. In fact all my daily pursuits just seemed to empty and almost embarrassing.

The weekend before we finally traded in the total junker washer and dryer and got some sparkly new ones - okay not a lifetime high for anyone with an interesting life, but anyone who has dealt with junker machinery can appreciate New Appliance Heaven. I had washed everything in the house in one day - past clothes and sheets and into accent pillows, the contents of the linen closet, etc. After the tragedy I was ashamed of my "Tide commercial" giddiness over a Thing, and couldn't even look at them. I needed my family close, and kept my girls close to the home front.

JS it was very meaningful to get your post at the get-go. What a tremendous neighbor we have in your splendid country.

In those days since, my fear and despair has turned hopeful, though measured and guarded. What will happen? It seemed that I would never turn my mind back to fitness and health again, but in fact that turned out to be a big source of strength. My emotional reaction and all the tears and fears caused my DH to say "You need to get to the club and just work out!" Sound advice from a good man. Instead of a special workout my decision was to do a zen buffer thing - just move, just move, just move. I did not count calories or give a fig about food or abs or delts or triceps or...or...or... - just the release and the balancing action of moving that body when it needs to be moved. It helped.

But - new news! As you know I have long been attending the "no-frills" health club. Nothing fancy, but it meets my needs. the "good" club is actually (slightly) closer to my house, but the cost and initiation fee has always kept me frugally buffing away at little Bodyworks. However: the club is having a special this month - half price on the initiation fee, bringing it down to semi-affordable. This club has 2 locations (convenient when you have kids in activities and have to "kill time" in different parts of town), and, more to the point, a roster of fabulous classes. It turns out that some of my great book group friends are regulars. I got a pass and tried out a strength training on the thera-Ball yesteray. SORE? I am ready to pay a little more for some fantastic classes, variety, and some social interaction. I have decided not to do ballet this fall, but to make the switch to the Racquet Club. Stay tuned. Raychel, you can be sure that your clipboard-bearing energy surrounds me there, and I know I will have lots to share as I try all these great new classes - body pump, yoga, pilates, etc. And this will give me a place to put all this "national crisis" energy, as well.

I went out and bought a cardio ball right after the class. The girls love it.

Doing well on water. The filter really helped with that.

Steph how is Cassie doing with all this? My girls are appalled but also bored by it. I remember finding all the turbulentn news in the 1960s (assassinations, Vietnam) very boring at that age, as well - but I also remember it all well, and they will too. It is another way to block it out, I think.

Catherine how is the 5K training. What is the date of your run.

I fly out on Thursday, to Oregon. Raychel is your trip still on? I have to go. I am not psyched to have geography between me and my children.

I hope all can get in to post. Miss Nadine, I can't say this was the most "typical" post, but this is a group that ponders the world and the soul. One of our earliest things we shared was the "Make the Connection" book, you know the one with Oprah and Bob Greene. It is all connected and we do have so much control and possibility in our health and vitality. Connection is the key word for the 5% club. We haven't been posting daily lately, but the connection is part of the recipe. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Blessings to you all--

Your friend,

Miss Nadine
09-21-2001, 07:57 AM
Hi, guys! Just call me Nadine.

I think the whole (sane) world is in shock over the terror attacks in the US. While we deal with terror every week--or maybe BECAUSE of that--we were incredibly touched by what happened. People had spontaneous demonstrations of love and support outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv, bringing flowers, lighting candles, saying prayers. We know how terror can disrupt more than the lives of those immediately targeted. Anyhow, suffice it to say that we are all thinking about you during this difficult time.

Juno, thanks for explaining "5%"... Yes, you can! Very interested to keep in touch with those of you in serious training--I'm an ex-jock trying to get back in shape.

As for Juno's idea to "just move" (i.e., don't worry about which muscles, how many calories, etc.), that is good advice for all of you dealing with the depressing affects of the terror attacks.

This is our main holiday cycle, so I will wish all of you a healthy, happy, successful (weight loss and otherwise) and PEACEFUL new year! Shana tova,


09-21-2001, 10:35 PM
Hi everyone. I had posting on my To Do list and have just not been able to find the time to sit and type. All the other creatures in my house are occupied so I have found some peace.

Welcome Nadine! Mine has been a slow crawl back to shape and you are welcome to join us in becoming an even better jock than before!

I could spend days and days writing about the past 10 days but I wouldnít know when to stop. Iíve talked about it so much, written about it, read a million different e-mails, and just donít know when my head will be clear. It is just a sad sad waste of human life and a big horrid example of how destructive hate can be. I have so many beliefís on all of this but like Juno said this isnít the place to hash them all out. My one theory of war however will always remain the same Ė I will never understand why the leaders or people in power that are the ones fighting donít get out there and battle it out. If Bin Laden was such a believer in his religion/beliefs than he should have blown himself up years agoÖ..Iíll stop now before I just keep going. One more thing that drives me nuts Ė THE PREJUDICE AND IGNORANCE that is out there. I have always said that I am not the least bit prejudiced or racial EXCEPT for stupid people which seem to be running rampant now.

Everything does seem trivial after last week. I did continue exercising but I was doing yoga in front of CNN and not to my tapes. I didnít listen to music on the treadmill but instead had the radio news programs on. I was wishing at times that I didnít have a TV like Juno so I could turn it off and just try and breathe without looking up to the tv to see what was new. Life has returned to normal but is a bit more subdued.

I have been thinking and thinking about my commitment to health and exercise quite a bit lately. I think I have reached a point where right now I am happy with where I am at. I know I have room for improvement in the weight area (those dreaded last 15 just keep on clinging) but I think that is just something I am going to set on the backburner for now because those 15 pounds shouldnít be even a dim part of my life anymore. It is just a stupid amount of weight that at this point in time doesnít matter. I lift weights 2-3 times per week, 4 cardio and 2 yoga sessions. These are a very positive part of my life Ė I love doing them!! If there are days when I feel like skipping then I do without guilt. I never skip more than a day because I just never want to.

My only tough health news lately has been the diagnosis of cancer in a friend (stage 1 though so we are all pulling for this to go away quickly!). The fact that someone I know with kids the same age was fine one day and a trip to Urgent Care turned into a frightening whirlwind makes you realize just how vulnerable you are. I have always felt safe. My grandparents, my parents, my immediate family all have good clean bills of health Ė closest cancer or heart scares are 2nd cousins and great aunts. This and the last 10 days have made me realize how short my time on this earth might be. I have been having some weird health problems since the middle of August but have been blaming them on a slight cold I had that just seemed to linger and linger in my throat. I finally went to the Dr. and was just diagnosed with a sinus infection and sent home with antibiotics. A trip back last week when the sore throat just was horrible as shown that I have that horrible Acid Reflux which just went totally out of control this last month. I can see some of my behaviors making it worse so I have a whole bunch of things I need to improve on. Kind of freaks me out because I am the kind that eats spicy and acidic things (lots of tomatoes, jalapenos) and I am going to have to revamp and tone it down. My very vile habit of one diet coke per day is on its way out too. Iím sad about thatL I honestly didnít have a clue what was going on until I actually had the bile back up on my Sunday and I have felt like my throat is burned. Iím not going to complain though because this is just a big force in me getting much better food habits. I had good ones but the guidelines to change are the few bad habits Iíve maintained. They will be gone!

Juno Ė The joy of a new washer/dryer. Iím doing laundry now and can appreciate every buzz of the dryer. We got new ones about 4 years ago and I was amazed at the time cut down on drying and the better washing!!! I was in heaven so I can relate. I am washing everything this weekend. Clothes and daycare sheets tonight, bedsheets, curtains this weekend. Since I have that huge gym in my garage I wonít get to join a health club but I really am going to try and find a class to sign up for. Water aerobics or somethingÖ.maybe I will finally take some martial arts or something. Everybody yell at me until I sign up for something before Christmas! We have a huge YMCA being built but it wonít be done til next year. Funny how the Walmart, Cub and the 5 other stores have gone up in like 4 mos but the YMCA takes forever. I have wanted a cardio ball Ė maybe you have just inspired me.

Catherine Ė Training for a 5K! Have you had any cold weather over your way yet? How is the fall sports schedule doing? I still must live vicariously through your youth as mine has slowly ebbed away. My heart is still there but Iíve got these 3 kids to keep me youthful yet remind me that so much is different now.

In the beginning Cassie was appalled but not quite understanding of how awful the whole thing was. Then we went through a stage where she was really worried about war and how the whole world could change. Her dad and I were over exaggerating but we were trying to get a point across. She has actually paid attention but now Homecoming is coming up so that is the focus (hey she is 14). Our home life is fine but I really think the new school thing is a problem. I told her that if it isnít working that she can do her 2nd semester back at her old school. She loves living with us and I think she had unrealistic expectations of going to a different high school. Kind of thought she would float in and everyone would remember her and invite her right back. She didnít do a great job of keeping in contact her and is now realizing it. Funny thing is now she isnít keeping in touch with her friends in IL except the boyfriend. He is nice but right now he is the problem. He actually isnít Ė she is. So donít be surprised if she goes on back. I must say that as much as I enjoy her company that I lost a lot of private time. The one funny thing is she always blamed her fights back home on her mom and she is furious that her dad and I have told her that she has a very short fuse and a very hostile look when she isnít liking or understanding what we are saying. Typical teenager Ė she doesnít do wrong.

Raychel Ė Pop in when you have time in-between taking over the health club world!

Nadine Ė Welcome again and enjoy your holidays. I think your celebration ends on my birthday. The calendar says First Day of Yom Kippur is the 27th Ė darn because I have to get older on that day!!

Dryer buzzer went off so I should go!

Peace and Wisdom to all,


Miss Nadine
09-22-2001, 07:42 AM

Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

Juno, you are right that things seem overwhelming right now, but sticking with the exercise regime is the best way to feel better (burns off some of that anger and frustration!). Will go for my power walk in the PM when it is cooler.

Steff, mazal tov on the upcoming birthday, but Yom Kippur is hardly the end of our holiday cycle. From there we go into Sukkot and then finish with Simchat Torah. It will be Oct. 10 before things get back to normal! Yom Kippur is a fast, but on Sukkot (which lasts a week) there are tons of family invites and "oh-you-MUST-try-this" temptations. Who was it who said that all human temptation amounts to a few minutes of glory and bliss in exchange for hours of self-digust and loathing? We splurged and had two pints of Hagan Daz (yes, we can get that here now!) in the house--a very rare thing for us--but luckily my cat came to our rescue by selflessly throwing herself between us and the ice cream and eating a large portion of it.

I figure we can either learn to be like my cat, who has the best self-image of any woman I know, and learn to love our flab, or simply change things! Sounds like all of you are on the road to changing things.

Catherine, how exactly are you training for a 5K? Will the race be hilly?


09-28-2001, 05:24 AM
Hi friends--

I am here to say that switching clubs was definitely the right thing to do, at the right time. I haven't missed a day of working out for over a week, and I am hitting it hard in my new classes. I have done some spinning classes, and today I did Body Pump for the second time - it's great. In fact, I am doing a planned day off tomorrow, just to let my muscles do some recovery, but my date is already set for spinning on Saturday morning. My daily workouts have been part anxiety release and part affirmation of being alive and having a future. My 'base' was always there in 5% glory, so results are quickly forthcoming! You all know what I mean when I say "click!"

This morning was when I was going to fly to Oregon. I canceled the trip. The reason for going was to visit my grandfather. He passed away on Monday. I decided I do not want an expanse of geography between me and my children and DH. I have a primal need to be near my kids at this time. I will be forever sad that I didn't go down in August, before terror and when he was still able to visit, etc. I know we are all supposed to go about our business and not change our plans, etc., but this was the right decision for me. My parents, while they wish I could be there for this family time, were very anxious about me traveling too. I know they have enough to stress about with family matters.

My birthday is Tuesday. When the 5% club was starting out, my impetus was to get in great shape before hitting the big 4-0. Now I will turn 43 and I feel I look better, younger and fitter than throughout my 30s. I feel like I am about "33."

Nadine I am thinking of you with all those holiday temptations around. I do think food is a wonderful tradition, and I hope you enjoy partaking, though I know it also feels good to get that aspect behind us. I appreciate all of your supportive words, and pray for peace in your country.

Steph I agree with you on so many of your points. I hope the reflux and other symptoms have settled down a bit. I think it is possible that we were all physically affected by the terror events. I know I felt pain in my chest and severe constriction - I wondered...heart attack? I think it was supreme stress and worry. You are right though, even very healthy people get struck unexpectedly. I certainly see this a lot in my work, and it is always a reminder to both do what I can to stay healthy with good habits, and to appreciate every day of health.

Raychel, I miss you! How is the job coming along? How are things going with your DH?

Justy, thinking of you too. Are you keeping active? We have a bit of "termination dust" on the mountains. It is almost time to watch our Ps and Qs while driving, as it will soon be icy at least at night.

Catherine when is the 5K? You are such a sportswoman!

I will miss my grandfather's service, which is on Saturday. I will go somewhere in the woods, probably near the glacier, and have quiet thoughts of my own. I almost feel like Grandpa did me a favor through the powers of the universe, I so didn't want to leave.

Have a great weekend everyone, check in when you can!


Miss Nadine
09-30-2001, 06:33 AM
Juno, sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you have enough good memories to keep him alive in your heart.

I was doing pretty well for the begining of the holiday cycle, and then just crashed and burned. I feel so blah! We were at the beach yesterday, and I felt fat and bloated and totally gross.

Gotta get back on the workout track this week!

On Thursday our city is hosting an 8K walk for women's health (early detection of breast cancer). I am going to do the walk, but can't find any friends willing to do it with me. Bummer.


09-30-2001, 09:06 PM
I have been sitting here typing and deleting for quite a bit of time and can't get a feel for how to start this e-mail. I usually just type away but my thoughts all seem to be muddled. If this post makes no sense at the end - just delete it in your mind :)

:( Juno I am so sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away . I know you have had great visits in the past and know you are feeling sad that you can't be with your Oregon family at this time. Hold those kids and hubby close during this time. I despise death and will never be one of those understanding people when someone passes away. We should be immortal. On a happy note - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Another wonderful year has passed and you are in even better health with the great new healthclub membership!!

Raychel - Girl where are you???? I'm not nagging just missing!

Catherine - How is the training going?? Where are you running the race? How's softball going this fall??

JS - Did you get rid of the shin splints from weeks ago? How was the golf tournament? You must be feeling so much better now that you have a settlement - a big weight off your shoulders!

Nadine - None of my friends are interested in walking/hiking or exercising or it is just a fleeting thought. I have one friend that starts and stops so I don't even try because I have my own little pace going. I need to actually go find a "health" friend :)

My life has still been hectic. The acid reflux turns out to be a side effect of some more serious issues which I am trying to get a handle on. I was sent to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor and was finally proven right that I did have a big lump in my throat! I also had some vocal cord bacteria or something???? Anyhow I have been on more meds in the past week than in the past 10 years trying to figure out why the "thing" is inflamed. Part of it has really gone away so I am hoping this turns out to be nothing and fades away. I'll let you know how it goes - cross your fingers.

I picked up my weight training to 3 times per week and am just doing walks 5-6 times per week until the weather gets too cruddy. I feel good walking outside now. I need to stock up on the air while it is still warm enough to breathe. I already know I a will be suffering from the winter blues soon enough. I am still going to try and walk more this winter - just need new boots.

My birthday was really nice. My treats for myself was going to the show Riverdance with my DH, an all day zoo outing (no chores the whole day), IMAX movie...I only did things that made me smile. My DH made me a beautiful computer slide show that was called 10 Year of Memories set to 7 minutes of our wedding song. A nice present that gives you the nice cozy feeling that you are loved! This weekend DH and I are going to see a movie and go spend a gift certificate for a very $$$ restaurant that we need to get to before it expires in Dec. I never made C babysit much before but for a while I am going to take a tiny bit of advantage. I have always taken them with for everything and am finding it a bit fun to get out with DH ALONE for a bit.

My kids have announced they need to be cleaned (go figure like the ever ask any other time???). Laundry needs to be put away.....skipped those chores on Saturday and they didn't go away - boo!!!!

Have a great start to October!


10-09-2001, 10:35 AM
Good morning everyone! I hope that you are all doing well and that the fall season is treating you well. A special welcome to Miss Nadine. Thanks for joining in our ongoing conversation.

The race was two weekends ago. It went really well. I didnít train as hard for it as I should have, but was able to complete it in fine form nonetheless. I ran about three times a week for training, should have done four. The race itself was attended by 3500 I heard. A lot of excitement. I started out slow, but ended up passing everyone at the end. I donít know what my time was, because my computer chip must not have worked, and my results werenít listed on the net. So I guess that I can make up any score that I want!

As many of you know, fall is my busiest time of the year. In addition for training for the race, I started a weekly Tuesday night class. Along with buying and selling homes. Eeek! Iíve had enough! I had to bow out of the last three softball games due to a conflict with my class. But they play for the championship tonight.

I donít have too much time here, but I just wanted to say hello. I so enjoy all of your updates of activities and progress.

10-11-2001, 02:06 PM
Hello everyone. Sorry that I haven't posted for so long. I've been (and still am actually) in a very quiet mood lately so haven't been writing or talking to many people. But I have been keeping up to date with your news and you all have been in my thoughts.

Nadine, a big welcome! You will find that this group is a wonderful and supportive group of friends. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Juno, my deepest sympathies on your grandpa. I hope you're doing okay. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (albeit belated!)

Catherine, congrats on the race! I keep telling myself I'm going to get busy and get involved in such a race but I have to admit that I'm just not that crazy about running. Now, if they had a way of doing the race on the buffer..... :)

Steph, another belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have you heard anything else about the lump in your throat? I hope all is good news.

Raychel how are things with you girl??

Things here are going along as per normal. As mentioned I've been in a really quiet, almost hybernating mode. Unfortunately this also means that by the end of the work day I've had enough of people so I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like to be but have been spending a lot of time just sitting and being quiet at home.

But as far as news goes here, I've taken back my maiden name - 2 weeks tomorrow actually. I'm even getting used to signing it again, the first few days were almost funny. I've got 11 more days until my lawyer files the divorce papers (filing on the 22nd). Then I wait until the judge signs them then another 30 days after that. So everything should be final by Christmas.

Work beckons yet again. Take care everyone!

10-16-2001, 01:16 PM
Holy Moly its been wayyyyyyy too long since I've posted. SO much has changed in our world since the last time I was able to post. I think enough has been said on the issue - we could debate it for days. And now dealing with the new scares of bioterrorism (though personally I don't believe there is a connection other than some "crazies").

Juno - I am so sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Even when you know something is coming, it doesn't take away the shock of it. Your new club sounds terrific. As always you have an extremely proactive attitude even in your down times.

Steph - Nothing like children to remind us that life goes on. I'm happy that C takes active part in her school. I never did and regret it to this day. One of the things I'm learning in my new job is that the fitness lifestyle is definately about how you feel and your QUALITY of life rather than being a certain size. I knew this before of course but when I have a client tell me that at 40 she feels better than at 20 it just makes my whole world glow.

Catherine - How did the 5k go? I really wish my body liked running. But it doesn't - I get funky pains the day after all the way from my hip to my plantar. *looks glum*

WELCOME NADINE! Always nice to meet someone new.

JS - Hey you check in more than me lately so don't worry about the hit and miss posts. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts at this awful time in our country.

So - quick rundown on me....LOVE my new job. I'm happy happy happy! It truly shows on me too. *glows with pride*

Home life has been good - or so I thought until this weekend when I got hit with the "something is missing in our relationship" speech from DH. Actually I shouldn't say I was slammed - its just a shock to realize that you don't make your partner very happy. The good news is that I have made a lot of strides in being a better partner to him. (More open, more affectionate etc). Again, this role reversal thing between me and him is really strange. I'm not sure where this is all leading but it hurts. We are talking about it and through it though. We do such good relationship work together. I had a thought driving into work this morning that I base my whole relationship with him on when he is going to leave. That's my flaw here and I'm wondering how to go about changing that.

I did visit my Mom last month. The flying was not good (lots of delays) but the retreat was fabulous. Remember those pictures I posed for (not nude) last year? Well one of the local artists in Oregon painted one of the pics (painted out the bathing suit but its a back shot) and it is GORGEOUS. She submitted it to a gallery and they accepted it! It doesn't really look like me (artists interpretation and all that) but I get such a terrific feeling looking at it.

I will try to check in more often. Things have calmed down a bit for me on the job. Take care everyone - Raychel

10-19-2001, 03:31 AM
Hooray - I have a little extra time tonight to make a post, and I will start a new thread. Hope you'll all have a chance to add your 'voices.'