Paganchicks - Anyone going to STARWOOD 2006?

View Full Version : Anyone going to STARWOOD 2006?

03-24-2006, 10:24 AM
Looks like that's DH and I's vacation destination this summer. I've never been before, but have been to Sirius Rising right beforehand and a number of gatherings at other locations. Thought I'd check and see if anyone here was going to be there - maybe we could have a little paganchick get together.


03-26-2006, 06:28 AM
Morgaine, I know what Sirius Rising is but have never heard of Starwood. I tried Googling but only came up with a bunch of hotels. I'm guessing it's a Pagan festival which would be awesome! Have a great time and tell us all about it.

03-27-2006, 11:00 AM
Starwood is the event right after Sirius Rising. It used to be that folks wanted to come into the campground early to get a good spot for Starwood, so the campground owners just tacked on an extra week beforehand and called it Sirius Rising.