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03-24-2006, 01:37 AM
hi there! i have been over on the support forum... but i just put in an order for nutrisystem!!!

im very excited!

im hoping to lose about 20 lbs. I weigh about 140 now on a small frame.

Im ordering for the convienence mainly and the takingn out the choice element (i make horrible impulse decisions.)

im prepared for mediocre food. i dont care! i eat medicore food already (im a law school student with very little free time to make yummy food and very little money to go buy it!)

qu- do they tell you exactly what you need to supplement with?? my understanding was that you needed nf milk for the cereal etc. and then some veggies for lunch and dinner and maybe a fruit for snack??

also- what are you fav things to eat on the plan? (i dont eat beef)

thanks in advance!

03-24-2006, 11:05 AM
Hi Freddy and :welcome2:

I think you will really like Nutrisystem; the food is pretty good and the convenience is wonderful. Takes just minutes to fix a meal - which I love!!

For breakfast I love the granola bars; lunch I love the Black Beans & Rice, Bean and Ham Soup, Chicken Cacciatore and the Fudge Graham Bars. For dinner there are lots of things I like - the thin crust pizza ( I add a little chicken); the Chicken Parmesan, Pasta Fagoli and the list goes on. Everyone's tastes are different so you should check everything out at least once and you will figure out what your favorites are.

For the add ons - I get lots of fruits and veggies (I steam my veggies), salad stuff, FF salad dressing (I use Maple Grove), I use lowfat cottage cheese, FF Voplait yogurt (their Thick N Creamy Key Lime is to die for).. Alot of folks use FF cheese and don't forget the water!!! That is really so important. It was difficult to me to drink it all at first; but now I just always have a bottle of water with me and the more I drink the more weight I lose.

Good luck on your weight loss journey - you will find lots of support on this board. :cheer: I find when I get discouraged I just come here and it gets me on track.