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03-22-2006, 03:43 PM
ok yall move over were is my spot on the sand hey stop throw sand your messing my hair:D hi this is my first day on south beach i went and got the book today and just started reading it so i gess i have alot to learn i was on adkin but i think im going to like this alot better i wanted to post today what ive ate someone tell me how ive done please any help would be grate

3 eggs with green peppers and green onion and a slice of pepper jack chesse

3 slices of smoked ham fat free lunch meat
1/2 cup of ff cottage chesse
1/2 cup of roast

dinner(haven't ate yet)

roast(how much can i eat)
2 cups of green beans

i know i didnt get enough veggies in i have to go shopping and im still working on my water
i don't have alot to snack on until tomarrow
so could someone tell me how i done please:dizzy:

03-22-2006, 03:56 PM
welcome!! keep reading the book and also check out the emergency handbook links at the top of the page. It also lists some food list that may not be in the book.

don't forget to get your snacks in, very important that you eat every couple of hours to get everything at a nice even keel

there is no limit on lean protein, just make sure before you completely fill up on it, that you've also had 2 cups of veggies.