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03-22-2006, 04:07 AM
Yay!!! I feel back 'for real' when I can post in the daily. :cb:

Ruthie, it feels like spring to me when I hear about you working at the greenhouse. There's a yellow crocus up in my's the only one and it hasn't opened up its bud to the sun yet, but it makes me feel so hopeful and happy! :cloud9:

I'm healing, but unable to really be up and at 'em yet. I'm off the crutches, but that seems to mean that it's easier to 'overdo' it. :sorry: Unfortunately, the pain is much worse now...and I'm trying to manage it with Tylenol, which doesn't work too well... My foot is swollen, so I need to try to put it up more often...(which means I need to sit down more often. ;) )

I'm taking a Wilton Cake decorating class...still trying to figure out how to make SF decorator's frosting. :chin: Any ideas, chickies? What I'm going to do for next week is to make SBD-safe cupcakes (I'll modify a yellow cake recipe), use a Splenda Cream Cheese frosting to frost them, then use regular sugar frosting to decorate. If I eat one, I'll just scrape off the decorations and eat the rest. ;) The frosting is not only made with a pound of powdered sugar, but it's also made with a cup of Crisco! :eek: Can you just see Dr. A fainting? :faint: :lol3: The class is tons of fun, though...I'm going with a crafty girlfriend of mine and we're having a blast.

Phase 1 chickies...take it easy, okay? It's normal to feel tired during drink lots of water, eat good carbs (beans, chickpeas, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.), and rest!

Have a great day, chickies...may it be warm and springlike wherever you are! :sunny:

03-22-2006, 06:46 AM
Early good morning, Chickies.

Beachgal, ouch! I am so sorry you are in pain - healing thoughts on their way. :love: The cake decorating classes sound like fun. I had forgotten that commercial icing is made with Crisco instead of butter.

I'm a bit sore this morning, not from working in the greenhouse but from lugging wood. My neighbour split a big pile for me yesterday morning when I was working and I decided to haul it indoors myself rather than accept his offer. I said I needed the exercise which was true. My arms and shouders are complaining a bit today.

Hershey goes for her fur-styling this morning and will lose her shaggy bear look. I will give her extra cuddles before she goes. It will take Holly several hours to do her but Hershey stands patiently on the grooming table. Lucy is not as good - she just wants to play. Still a puppy at 4 1/2!

I go to my first physio at 12:30 and will I get some knee-strengthening exercises. I've left it a bit late but I need to be in shape for gardening.

A hot tub is waiting. I'll be back afterwards with some coffee!

03-22-2006, 06:58 AM
Morning ladies!

Yeah, I deffinetly underatand what you mean by "tired in Phase I." I went to bed at 8:30pm last night. But, it's only day 4 and I want to make it the whole two weeks.. then I can move on to maybe a sandwhich for lunch, :D . I wonder what a lot of people add into Phase II when they hit it. I heard Sourdough bread was the best bread. Fruit might be too much sugar to start with, but I have no experience with Phase II, I never made it there before.. Any pointers? hehe.

Anyway, I am off to work. Have a great day chicks!

03-22-2006, 07:37 AM
Beachgal ~ It's nice to be hearing from you! I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain, I hope your foot heals quickly! Your cake decorating class sounds like a lot of fun, just remember to stay away from licking the spoon!

Ruth ~ So Hershey and Lucy lose their winter coats today, Spring must be on it's way! Don't overdo it at physio, you don't want to reinjure that knee!

Geekchick ~ When I started Phase 2, I added just one grain a day, either a cereal or a bread, and one piece of fruit a day, usually an apple. I look for breads with the highest fiber content per serving, such as Arnold's Carb Control WW Bread. For me, if I eat more than 1 grain a day, my weight stalls. You're looking like you're going to make it to Phase 2 this time - :bravo:

Uhoh, time got away from me, and I have to go now if I want to make it to Curves! See you later!

03-22-2006, 07:47 AM
Mornin' all. Happy hump day! I know that I'm going to have short-timers syndrome for the next 3 days because I'm on vacation next week! :jig: :cb: :jig:

Time to head to Curves. :carrot: I've got a 1/2 day training class this morning, so I need to take some extra :coffee: with me.

Beachgal - Hope you heal up quickly. Take it easy on that foot!!!! That cake decorating class sounds fun. I admire your effort to make it SB friendly. I think I'd probably just go face down into a whole bowlful of buttercream frosting! :lol:

Ruthie - I love your dog stories. Last night I spent some extra cuddle time with my Sheltie, who turned 11 yesterday.

Geekchic - I know it's pretty common on p1 to be draggy for a few days and then your energy will just take off! Everyone reacts a little differently though. Great job staying OP!!! I personally haven't tried sourdough bread on p2, just WW.

Cottage - Have a great workout!

Have a great day everyone!

03-22-2006, 08:04 AM
Morning Morning Morning!!!!! It's gonna be a GREAT Day all!!!! :flow1: :flow2:
No posts fer me yesterday.. I was feeling pretty sick :barf: .. I don't know what from :shrug: I'm STRONG like BULL(*) but whatever bug I had is gone today! and I'm back to being Sister Mary Sunshine :sunny:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I'm on my third cup of cawfee...which helps :coffee: :D

Ruth: :coach: NO work fer you today!! You rest!!! My two furbabies look like Ewoks . I usually cut them down end of April. Me and DH do it ourselves.. Perhaps one of these days I'll take them to a doggie spa.

BG: So glad you are healin up! cake/cookies are my biggest weakness (ok, add nuts, chocolate, candy etc to that list :s:) ... don't know how you can make that stuff .. You have strong :dust:

Geekchic: I have one ph2 carb a day.. So, it might be a Sourdough English Muffin one day. An apple the next, a 1/2 sweet potato the next.. I try to plan for that one carb ..

Jana: :cp: for Vacays! Are you going anywhere, or enjoying yer nest?

Cottage and Jana.... I'm off to Curves this morning tooo.... !!!!

DH has off today so we are going to take in a movie..:corn: I think V for Vendetta... will pop in later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-22-2006, 08:46 AM
Quickie! It snowed a tiny bit last night BUT spring really is coming. There are huge skeins of geese flying over! They're going North too. It really pi$$es me off when they start flying south in the Spring! :rofl:

beach bum
03-22-2006, 08:50 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The sun :sunny: shining & I'm up earlier then usual these past couple of days.Losing weight[1/2 lb ]per day,being back to my regular routine and :beach:beaching and I love:love: it.

Going to set up my DH treatments schedule tomorrow,and than the fun will start. But until than Today is going to be for me, I know I sound selfish,but I need some space.

Beachgal-Sorry:sorry: to hear :listen: about your foot.I was so hung up with my & dh problems,I didn't know. Sending healing :goodvibes:vibes your way.

Ruth-That wonderful way to spent the time in your greenhouse.:eek:UGHHHH!! that your arms are sore. Your furbaby sound like charactors,a mind of there own. My DD cat is 9 yo and he still thinks hes a kitty.

Geek-No:no: Sour Dough Bread is not the best bread to buy. Its made of white flour. The best bread is High Fiber whole wheat or whole grain. Thats what I was told on the MAIN SOUTH BEACH WEB SITE.

Cottage- Have fun:carrot: a curves. Wish I could start a gym program,but I won't be able to do this yet.

Schatzi-Sorry :sorry:you weren't feeling well.Maybe your were a little tired and worn down. That will do it. Don't go overboard at curves this morning. You don't want a relapse.

Have a great day Hugs :) BB

03-22-2006, 08:51 AM
Good morning, chickies! Well, day 3 on P1...except the first day I didn't do so good, so really like day 2. I think today will be hot cereal for b'fast, soup for lunch, and spanish "rice" for dinner. Today is my all day teaching day. First real day back from spring break and I already hate it. I'm just burnt out and ready to be done. Almost there though, at least I have to keep telling myself that.

beachgal: hope you heal up soon. stay off it and take it easy for now.

ruth: at least you got some exercise yesterday. it must feel a painful sort of way :D . So, is Lucky pregnant for sure?

geekchick: I wouldn't start with sourdough. It has a lower GI index but most of it is refined flour. Start with a very high fiber bread, I'd go for 5 g per slice and a low GI fruit like apples or berries. good luck.

cottage: hi, have fun at curves

janam: hope the rest of hte week flies by for you. I just got off vacation and wish I was back on it :D .

schatzi: glad to hear you're feeling better. we need our sunshiny schatzi around all the time! :sunny:

03-22-2006, 08:54 AM
Hi beachbum, I missed your post. I think some you time is a great idea. You deserve it after everything you've been through. Have a great day.

03-22-2006, 08:56 AM
Good Morning!

I was a very BAD girl yesterday. It started after lunch and ran thru the evening. I feel sick today but I guess that's a good thing. I won't be doing that again anytime soon! I never did P1, only P2 but I think I'll do P1, even for just a few days to get myself back on track.

Beachgal Glad to hear you're healing...sorry you're in pain though! Very cool about the cake class.

Hi Ruth, Greek, Cottage! WTG on getting to Curves Cottage, Shatzi and Jana! Glad you're feeling better today Shatzi...enjoy your movie.

03-22-2006, 08:58 AM
beach bum...good idea on taking today for yourself. Enjoy!

Hi Pear...have a great day!

03-22-2006, 09:04 AM
I learned today that Cottage Cheese and I will never be friends. I bought these little "1 serving" cups (like yogurt) and I brought one into work today for breakfast with some V8 (which I love). I think it might be the texture that throws me, I am not a fan of it in its natural glory.. Maybe this weekend I will try using it in some of the breakfast recipies though, because I know it's healthy for me.. Just.. man, I wish I had something else for breakfast now becuase I could only get through half the container! :lol: But, I'm not that hungry (which is amazing for me to say), so I think I'll be fine after my snack and then my lunch (I think I'll grab some tuna salad mixed with mayo and cellery from the lunchroom and save my salad for class tonight.)

You ladies make Curves sound pretty neat, I've never been but I might check it out based on the chatter I hear about it here.

Schatzi- "V" is amazing, I hope you like it! I'm a huge comic book/manga fan and while it's really very different from its inked roots, it's still really, really well done.

Hope you all have a good rest of the day!

03-22-2006, 09:21 AM
Good Morning Everyone. Hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'm on day 5 of P1 and feeling pretty good.

Beachgal - your cake decorating class sounds like so much fun. I'm a huge foodie and love to cook. I have always wanted to take a decorating or pastry class. One of these days...

Geekchicalways - The last time I tried SB I quit after starting P2 because I quit losing weight. I'm pretty sure it was because I added too many carbs, too quickly. This time I'm going to take Schatzi's advice and just add back 1carb a day for the first couple of weeks and see how that goes before I add in anymore.

Nice to "meet" all of you!


03-22-2006, 09:38 AM
Yesterday's menu:
B: 2 eggs, 1/4 cup ff cheese, 2 slices turkey bacon, coffee
S: string cheese
L: 3/4 cup lima beans, 1.5 cups burrito soup. bb brownie, diet rite
S: sf Jell-O
D: salad with goat cheese, 4 stalks asparagus, string cheese, bb brownie
S: sf fudge pop 1/2 cucumber

I was in a foul mood yesterday...I couldn't bring myself to get on the treadmill last night or this morning...I could barely bring myself to practice guitar, which I love! So I went to sleep. This morning was weigh-in, and I've lost 3.5 pounds! Yay! Which is encouraging me to stay on phase one as long as I can. Also because I have a lot of food related crap coming up and I'd like to allow myself to have a little something that isn't OP. Like Sunday I'm going to my havurah, which is a potluck. I'm bringing matzo ball soup, and I'd like to have one matzo ball. Tuesday I'm going to my friend's candidate's something (he's a campaign manager) at a pub and I'd like to have a little bit of bar food. 3 weeks from now is Passover, which, funny enough, is pretty much SBD phase one, so I'll be good. Except for the matzo which made me laugh when I saw it on the list as having a high GI rating. I know I've seen whole wheat matzo, I'll just buy that. Anyway, with these fattening things coming up, I think it's best to stay on phase one or 1.5 so I can have a little spluge on those days. Obviously not a binge, just a little treat. :-)

03-22-2006, 10:09 AM
ok I've got to get an armed guard here to keep watch over my GRAPEFRUITS!! I bought the heaviest most juiciest absolutely delish ruby red's and have been dreaming of them this morning, well my husband who pre-SBD didn't believe that one could eat a grapefruit without brown sugar piled on it, has already snarked one. My nearly 2 yr old PICKY eater is hovering around me shouting "I do, I do". I need my grapefruits-Mine, mine, mine, mine!!!!!!!! Jeez I think this no juice thing is starting to get to us...

03-22-2006, 10:48 AM
Morning all...this is a quick one...gotta take df to work so he can drive the delivery truck. Then off to curves, so maybe I will have some fun story to share wth you

03-22-2006, 11:10 AM
Still here, Just lurking, Not much that I have or want to report,, Just not in a posting mood I guess, soooo still checking in daily, May not post,, Take Care All, oh,, I am staying OP.. and the No Bake Cookies turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!.. I will be posting the recipe soon,,,, Later Girls

03-22-2006, 11:26 AM
GeekHave you tried adding anything to your cottage cheese like cinnamon and splenda?

SnowSki Hi, nice to meet you!

futurecfo Woohoo on the 3.5#'s!!!!

That is so funny batmom about your grapefruit theives!

Hi Crock!

03-22-2006, 11:44 AM
Good morning!

A quick check in from school today- needed to see what everyone has been up to. Now that I am back at work, there isn't much time to post. I have been trying to stay away from the computer in the mornings at home as it always seems to put me a good ten minutes behind!

Laurie So glad to see you back! Sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. :(

Down a pound for this week's WI although I have no idea how!! Apparently I was retaining some serious water last week. I cannot believe that March is almost over!! I don't see myself losing 4 pounds this week to make my March goals. Need to make consistent changes, not just these spurts and then going off!!

Gotta jet- I hope to check back in later!!

03-22-2006, 12:04 PM
Morning, everyone! I just wish I had time to post to everyone but work is busy. Last night I made the Beef Vegetable soup recipe that is in the South Beach cookbook. It wasn't bad. I added mushrooms and carrots (carrots make it phase 2 though) and I used one can of beef broth instead of some of the water. I really like the spinach, tomatoes and cabbage in it but it seemed to lack something. I might go back to one of my older recipes and see about combining the two. Maybe it just needed more beef broth?

Tonight is Sloppy Joes with whole wheat hamburger buns, deviled eggs and fruit. Fast and easy.

My son and I came up with an interesting way to serve a hotdog last night. I don't keep hotdog buns around since I rarely eat them but he didn't like the soup so I fixed him one. I sliced it up and put it on a whole wheat hamburger bun. Added mustard, Heinz One Carb ketchup and pickle relish. He loved it! And dessert was another one of the smoothies he invented. Really good!

03-22-2006, 12:22 PM
Well feeling a little better today after being able to sleep in my bed and not the hospitals. Now dh is home with it. He doesn't have asthma, so he should be better than me. Anyway, still coughing hurts the ribs. Haven't had a cigarette since Monday morning. I want one, but, every time I try to inhale it makes me start coughing real bad and hurts/burns to much. Even had hubby get me some lights, nope that didn't work either. I guess that's the good thing coming out of this flu.
Well, off to my couch again.

03-22-2006, 12:47 PM
Moring everyone.....I'm back from my workout at Curves. I left just in time to miss the tongue lady. Barb (the mgr) was giving me a hard time because I had a squirrel chasing me. I went to leave & he tried coming in, so I went back in & closed the door. Then I asked Barb for help closing the door, (which at this time she threatedn if I let him in, I have to get him out!) well when I went back out he's chasing me again. I'm out there "shooing" him & shaking my keys & he's still follwing me - odd little guy. So I had 2 workouts...Curves and being chased by a squirrel.
I'm off from work today (hurray!) gotta hand out my AVON books, mail some stuff out and grocery shop (didn't I just go the other night?!)
Laurie - The cake decorating sounds like so much fun. I making my sister's wedding cake & I've picked up a couple of books by Dede Wilson.
Ruthie - Hope your shoulders/arms feel better ASAP.
Geekchic - hello!
Cottage - I agree, when I add grain, I don't lose!
Jana - Enjoy your workout!
Schatzi - I was sick yesterday too....feeling a lot better today.
BB - Enjoy your time!
Pearsy - loved the pics from yesterday of the boys
Muffin - Hope you feel better
Showskimom - Welcome!
Futurecfo - hope your foul mood has past.
Batmom - Can I have a grapefruit? They are one of my favs!
Crock - No Bake cookies....interesting, I can't wait to see the recipe
Kiko - Congrats on being 1 down!
Barb -sounds like Brian is a great cook like his mom!
Chipper - hope you feel better soon!
Gotta go....lots to do as ....Phoebe (silly kitten) just crawled into my HUGE purse & fell off the top of the couch.....everything inside of my purse is all over the place - gotta see if she's ok....silly girl!

Stephanie Osborne
03-22-2006, 02:32 PM
Good afternoon girlies...
So I ran last night and drank a ton of water. DId not eat very OP though...there is always one of my three habits that just doesn't get done...Today will be a non OP day as well. I have a big family dinner tonight. I am vowing to make it to yoga no excuses though and ofcourse get in my water!

beachgal - cake is my weakness let me know if you find the frosting secret...

ruth - i can just see you hauling that wood...we got a flat tire the other day in the snow at like 2 a.m. my husband said he got a workout from that. Sometimes the best workouts come from a little manual labor.

schatzi - tell me how that movie is, it wona ton of awards but I am not much of an action flick girl...

pear - just think it is almost summer and then you will be off to play in the sun!

skowskimom - WELCOME, nice to meet you too :)

batmomm - I am also of the kind that pours sugar on grapefruit lol, you stick to your guard!

mccrockett - no bake cookies? on SB yes plleeeeaaaasssseee post that recipe.

kiko - I understand what you mean about making consistent changes, I feel like a yoyo lately with my habits...

barb - i love the hotdog mom used to grill then then slice them down the middle longwise and put them on a hoagie bun...yours sounds much healthier though.

chipper - I hope you feel better!

soon - you should start a book of curves adventures to make women laugh...

Well there is work to be done and food to make...Have a great day!

03-22-2006, 02:52 PM
Well I did it...went to the gym yesterday, stepped on the scale :goodscale and much to my surprise I only gained 4lbs back from indulging all weekend! :carrot: :carrot: So that made my night. I did some cardio for about 30 minutes and then did some weight training for another half hour. Then I went home, did some crunches on my exercise ball in front of the TV - to watch American Idol, and then did some free weights. So I'm feeling pretty good. I just love the fact that when I'm on this diet, my stomach is never upset with me. Apparently carbs are hard for me to digest. All weekend long when I was being naughty I had a stomach ache.

Anyhow, sorry I don't have time to post to everyone, although from reading through the posts it sounds like a lot of beachies are losing weight! :bravo:

I've changed my ticker to reflect my 4lb increase, which I'm hoping will be gone by the end of this week since I'm back on P1 - I know, I know, wishful thinking right? :D

Here's to an OP day everyone!!


03-22-2006, 02:56 PM
Afternoon, chickies. Hope everyone is having a lovely day! I'm eating my veggies and hummus, trying to check the boards and see how everyone is. We lucked out with the blizzard yesterday. Radio says we only got 5.5 inches. Could have been a lot worse! And the roads are fine. It's supposed to be 41 today or something, but it's cold. My rings are sliding around on my fingers. BRRRRR!

Busy day today. I had totally forgotten that I'm off Friday to get stuff done for the wedding, so I've been flying around like a mad woman, trying to get caught up. Of course, as soon as I sit down with a salad, veggies, and hummus, everyone needs me to do things for them. Would it be wrong to say DO IT YOURSELF!!!! and chalk it up to PMS even though my period ended yesterday? (BTW, Schnatzo, I LOVED the snork today. How appropriate. That's been me for the last week.)

After work, I teach piano, have to FINALLY get my dress and pray to God that it fits, race home, wolf down a portobello burger (mmmmmm) and then go to the Y to run. WAHOO! I GET TO RUN! Probably will lift weights too, depending on how long I run. I think DH is going to try to run with me, but he hasn't gone running before so he may not run the entire time I do. Regardless, I get to run! Maybe I can drop another pound before this wedding since I know I'm going to gain weight this weekend. (Stupid rehearsal dinner and wedding dinner.)

Anywho, hope you all are fine and dandy. I have a phone interview with Chico's that I'm trying not to get too excited about next Tuesday. If I could work anywhere, that would be the place. Wish me luck, kids. This place will make a woman crazy.


03-22-2006, 04:03 PM
Good afternoon chickies.....Wednesday mornings are too busy for me to post, but Wednesday afternoons are lazy days!

Food thought for the day: I really love edamame. In salads, sandwiches, etc. These little green things are great. I finally found a legume I didn't want to fling as far from me as possible.

Exercise thought for the day: Stairmasters are stupid.

beachgal -- Sorry you're still hurting! But the cake class sounds fun!

weezle -- I like those portobella burgers, too. There's another similar kind, a "veggie medley" burger that's even better. I can't remember the brand, but it's in a blue box.

dare2love -- the most activity I do during American Idol is tap my foot!

Stephie -- hope you got to yoga. I considered a step class today, but just worked out on my own.

soon -- A squirrel? Really?

Chipper -- feel better soon!

Barb -- I've been thinking about sloppy joes ever since you posted your recipe. I might try it out with ground turkey some time soon.

kiko, muffin, mscrock -- hope you're having great days.

geekchic -- I too find cottage cheese to be an appalling substance.

showskimom -- jump right in and welcome!

batmomm -- I have a hankering for grapefruit now. My 18-month-old niece likes it, too, but she prefers mandarin oranges.

futurecfo -- your menu looks pretty good. Is it enough calories?

Everyone, enjoy your Wednesday!

03-22-2006, 04:14 PM
futurecfo -- your menu looks pretty good. Is it enough calories?

You know, I don't know. I think so...I usually eat protein with dinner too, but I took the salmon out of the oven and it just looked gross...I mean, not really, but I all of the sudden wasn't in the mood.

03-22-2006, 04:59 PM
Good afternoon ladies!
I've been really busy today so unfortunately I won't be able to post to everyone individually. I'm hoping tommorrow will be a little more "laid back"! Good to hear that everyone's doing so well and staying OP! I REALLY need :dust: TOM is giving me pure :devil: Take care girls! Tara

03-22-2006, 09:51 PM
The days I work I can't get to the computer till later and then I wonder if anyone reads this anyway. Work was crazy and I didn't get lunch today, but I also didn't go OP even though I was stressed and starving( lethal combo):stress: . I love my job but sometimes it can just take it out of me,especially the cute babies. I am trying to get my H2O in, cause I was too busy to drink either.:blah:
Anyway, enough about my day, its good to hear most people sticking to plan. My DH is trying to do SBD with me and he was complaining of weakness, tired and he even sais he didn't eat one veggie today, just protein:dizzy: Duh, this isn't Atkins I said:D . Got him some yummy chili with lots of tomatoes and peppers, so hopefully he'll feel better.
Greekchic- I hear pumpernickel is good also too.
Have a great evening!