Exercise! - Walking Calculator and Advice for Wannabe Joggers

03-19-2006, 06:45 PM
Prevention.com has great tips regarding exercise, health and diet.
For those of you who enjoy walking here's a great calculator (http://www.prevention.com/walkingcalc/1,5780,s1-2-171-754-1157-1-,00.html) for you to use!

For those who would like to become runners or joggers...but can't quite seem to get there here's a great link (http://www.prevention.com/article/0,5778,s1-2-92-752-2750-1,00.html) for you (article below). I'm starting to use this advice because I would love to be able to jog for long distances. Right now I can only jog for a half a mile and then I get pooped!
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Q: I have just started to walk and I love it! I usually walk on the track at the local high school. Should I incorporate some jogging into my walk or wait until I get fit enough to jog all the way around the track?

A: If ultimately you want to become a jogger or runner, the best way is to add short bouts of jogging to your walking workout. There probably won't come a day when you will be fit enough from walking to just burst into a run and make it all the way around the track.

Jogging is more demanding on the cardiovascular system than most walking, unless you're a race walker. Since you're actually lifting your whole body off the ground, you will get out of breath in the beginning. You'll also endure a good deal more pounding, so if you have any back, hip, knee or foot problems, consider speed walking techniques rather than running.

For starters, try walking for five minutes to warm up, then run for 30 seconds and walk for three minutes. Alternate the pattern, always returning to walking if you feel breathless. Slowly, over several weeks of workouts, lengthen your running time and shorten your walking time until you can run continuously.

But you may not want to give up walking entirely. As a matter of fact, many runners are now using walking in their workouts to save their bodies from so much impact. Walking and running are a great combination.

03-19-2006, 07:25 PM
Thank you for posting that. I'd love to be able to run/jog for more than a minute. I think I'm going to make this one of my goals, and I'll be definately trying this out tomorrow at the gym! Thank you!

03-22-2006, 04:23 PM
on coolrunning.com the couch to 5k program is a good route to go if you are interested in starting to run.