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Happy Canuk
03-15-2006, 10:55 PM
Hi everybody. Sorry to be missing, but I hurt my back and just couldn't get here. At LAST it is feeling better.

Mima - Going to the Dominican Republic would be awesome. That was funny about your daughter and the picture. When do you go back home?

Tammy - Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes you just have to take some time.

Joanne - I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Well, belated happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoy your holiday. The recipe is like cabbage rolls I make as well. They sound good.

Meme - Glad you had a good friend that provided you with heat when you had to sit and sell trailors.

I hope you all enjoy your eveining.

03-16-2006, 01:53 AM
Well ... I finally resolved my problems with my pastor tonight. Or at least between my hubby and my pastor they were resolved for me.

We quit our church.

I've never seen my husband quite like he was tonight ... like a tiger protecting his cub. The preacher said you can only use the word 'inspired' when saying that the Bible is the inspired word of God. According to him no person has ever been inspired to do anything since the men of old were inspired by God to write the bible. He said it really bothered him that people said God inspired them to write a song because God never inspired anyone to write anything since He inspired those men to write the bible. He was using the scripture 2 Timothy 3:16: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" ... (He also said you should NEVER buy a Commentary ... which bothered me a lot since I have quite a few!) After church I asked him if he had never been inspired by the word of God itself and if he couldn't see where the scripture could be inspired by God and then a person could be inspired by that same scripture and he said, "no". I told him I didn't think you could limit the word "inspire" to only one meaning and he really got ... I want to say mad but ... well anyway he at the very least got upset with me. He said, "Am I being jumped on?" I said, "No, if I was jumping on you, you would know it. If I remain at this church, I just may have to jump on you sometime but I'm not jumping on you now, I'm just not agreeing with you." There were probably about 6 or 8 people in the foyer ... not many. I left and went to the van. THEN ... he asked my husband to go back to the kitchen with him. Bad idea. He shut the door and told him I couldn't jump on him and question what he said in public like that. He said if I had a question about anything he said I had to ask my husband about it and let HIM come to the pastor and ask him about it. Hubby told him he didn't want to hear about me jumping on him in public after what he had done to me in front of over a hundred people. I guess from what he said he just about told him off!!! He told me so much he said to the man I can't even remember it all. The pastor never did admit that he had done anything wrong or said anything wrong and never did apologize for anything he had said, he said if we felt like we needed to leave that he'd never asked anyone to come to that church and he wasn't going to ask anyone to stay! So ... I guess we're gone. My stomach is in knots! You just would not believe some of the stuff he has been preaching lately. Every other sentence has been putting down another denomination. I just couldn't hardly stand to stay in my seat. I don't believe you have to put down someone else to lift up Christ. That's not the way to do it!

Sorry to go on but ... I'm a bit overwhelmed and feeling a little traumatized here. Thanks for 'listening'.

03-16-2006, 06:56 AM
Wow ! Meme-sounds like what Brad and I went through only we didn't confront the Pastor =just left, Being of another denomination , I can't stand it when they put others down. My denom. doesn't do that-we stress unity even though we don't agree with everything.

But out of all that, we found a new church at home that is wonderful and Brad's son and family now go there. I always tell my daughter, when God closes a door, He opens a window.
I will pray for you.
Hi Anne-seems like there are a lot of bad backs. I have not been doing any exercising and my back is not good. Hope you have a nice time Joanne.
Brad has to go get a tetanus shot today and pay for it-at home it would be 5 dollars. The one with pertussis is 49.
I am painting lilacs for my friends in the new house. We are helping them move Mon and Tues. If we girls are in the way, we will go to Bealls.
Bye for now-Mima=Suzananne has to change her dates because of work!!

03-16-2006, 12:24 PM
Mima ... you wouldn't last 5 minutes in one of his sermons. I don't see what gives him the right to say how another church should worship. Now, if it was a cult that might be another story ... maybe he should warn people to stay away from that ... but not a basic, bible believing church that is worshipping God. In my opinion they have the right to worship in any manner they want as long as it doesn't take liberties with the Principles set forth in the Word (like human sacrifice or running around naked or something ... :p ) In the last couple of months he has bashed other churches for having open altar of prayer (praying out loud at the altar) for raising their hands to heaven the 'wrong' way (I guess I'm dumb - I didn't know there was a right or wrong way), for having uneducated ministers without college degrees (I guess he never read Acts 4:13 because 2 of the men Jesus called to be Disciples, Peter and John, were ignorant and unlearned) and even one church because they will only let their people sing in groups, not having soloists sing. I say who cares ... let them worship the way they want and we will do the same. There is one group in particular that he talks about almost every single Sunday and we have one man that came out of that church ... and everytime he mentions the church he calls that man's name and says, Brother ___ knows what I'm talking about, he used to go to that church. I feel sorry for the man, he must be so embarrassed.

I stayed up until 3 AM last night and wrote him a 2 page letter and then I emailed it to him. I told him everything that was on my heart ... from beginning to end. I doubt that it will do any good but I told him he had no idea what he has done ... no idea at all. I didn't tell him but there are a whole lot of people in that church that are going to be very unhappy with him when they find out that we have left. My husband got up at 2 and came in to the computer where I was typing ... he read what I wrote and approved it ... he said he thinks the preacher has a problem with intelligent women. He said he thinks when I questioned him about the word "Inspired" and how he used it last night, etc. that it was just more than he could take from a woman. He may have a point! ;)

03-16-2006, 08:46 PM
Anne, hope your back is better. I can relate!!

Meme, I think you are going to be better off away from that preacher. Maybe I'll get Rev. Tim to come down and give him a talking to! I agree about that guy having a problem with women. Rev. Tim's wife, Therese, is now a preacher also! Maybe they both need to come and talk to that preacher.

I didn't go to school yesterday and today because of the back pain. I'm going to try it tomorrow. I'm sure my kids have been complete angels while I've been gone. lol

03-17-2006, 08:58 AM
Lost my post again!!! tammy-hope your back gets better,
Meme-yeah for the e-mail-wished Brad had confronted his Pastor. They have gone so far right that they had a young man confess in front of congregation because his girlfriend was pregnant, My SIL wants to know when everyone else is getting up. Your Pastor is way off the mark. The Pastor down here says there are good Bible believing churches here, I told Brad and I said other people would not be happy if you left. Hope you find a new place. Mima

03-17-2006, 06:24 PM
I took a former pastor's wife out to lunch today and told her what all had been going on and asked her advise. Asked her if she thought I had done the right thing by leaving. She said she wouldn't have stayed as long as I did and couldn't believe I stayed that long. Her husband had been my pastor for quite a number of years at another church. We both left for similar reasons. He went on to pastor another church but we wound up at a different church but had remained close friends. I have a lot of respect for them both and value their opinion. She said it sounded to her like this pastor was jealous of me because all the people liked and favored me so much and was picking at me trying to get rid of me.

03-18-2006, 06:32 AM
Meme, I've also talked to some friends about what happened with you. One woman said that a similar thing happened at her church years ago. It divided the church because some people went along with what the preacher said. THEN he did something that even ticked off his supporters and all or most of the people were able to get back together as the original church with a new preacher.

Bad back and all, I'm chaperoning the band to contest today. I had already been signed up. The chaperone chairperson told me that she was short a few chaperones, so I felt guilty backing out because of my back. I'm taking cushions and heat pads along. Also medicine!!!

03-18-2006, 08:43 AM
Have fun=sometimes when we are doing something else, it takes our mind off of it,
Meme-it's like being in a really bad marriage-you don't know how bad it was til you leave. Then you wonder why you put up with it so long. I believe that kind of preaching has to be confronted-and you did!!! Put it in God's hands and see what happens.
I did lots of yard work yesterday-ouch. None today!!! Gotta have the kids for 3 hours today while Mike has a dinner party. Brad is in charge while I am at church. I forgot about it-glad I was reminded/
I better post while I can.Mima

03-18-2006, 01:57 PM
We had dinner with some of the people from the church last night and they were 'begging' us to come back Sunday and let him know he couldn't run us off. He has run off 3 other families in the last year. They kept saying Don't leave us stuck with him, please ... we look up to you ... you all are our leaders! I felt so bad. But all of his animosity has been directed at us, not them. They will be ok as long as they don't fly in his face over this. They said if he got up in the pulpit Sun. morning and started talking about us they were all going to get up and walk out. And ... they said they weren't going to Sunday School, said they were going to let him 'stew' wondering if any of them were coming at all. I begged them not to do anything to hurt that church. I worked so hard to help get that church started I don't want to see anything happen that would harm it!!! My insides have been in knots and I've had a bad headache for several days. Hubby had to work on my shoulders last night before bed ... huge knots ... he couldn't budge them.

03-18-2006, 10:42 PM
The band received a 1 rating and qualified for the state concert band contest the end of April!! Woo Hoo!!! I am so glad that I was there. Too cool! My back didn't do as bad as I thought it might. I didn't overdo it, so that helped.
Our choir received a 2 rating, and they were thrilled. That is the first time that the choir has gone to contest in years.

When we got back to town, a police car, fire truck, and ambulance were waiting to parade the buses through town. I knew they would be there because I had talked to the mom who called them. The kids didn't know, so that was so awesome seeing them get excited again!

Long day so I'm headed for bed.

Meme, everything will work out the way He has it planned. Relax.

03-19-2006, 01:54 AM
Tammy ... easy for you to say since you are there and I am here. I'll bet if you were here in my situation you would relax, wouldn't you??? :p

03-19-2006, 07:53 AM
Good morning-the focus is on what the Pastor is preaching, isn't it.? That is how I see it. Got up late-bye for now. Wish you were here Meme. Mima

03-19-2006, 12:50 PM
Meme, last year when our administration moved our entire staff around, everyone kept telling me to relax. It wasn't easy to do after teaching 2nd grade for 19 years. With 28 years of experience, it is impossible to find a job in another district. Too expensive. Many times since May when they did that, I have prayed often for Him to help me relax and accept the things that I didn't have any choice over. It still has been difficult, but I have made the best of the change. The students are the ones who have suffered having a "rookie" teacher this year (me!). But, there is the light at the end of the tunnel. With my health problems, I will be able to retire at the end of Feb. next year which is 3 months earlier than I planned.

Happy Canuk
03-20-2006, 04:23 PM
Good afternoon ladies.

Meme - sorry to hear about your problem with your church. Perhaps it is time to move on and find a new church. Perhaps you do not need to become quite so involved in things there. It is hard for you, with all your health problems, even thought I do know you LOVE to do it. It's a shame things turned out so badly, but the minister sounds like he might be on a "male" power trip.

Mima - I suppose you are busy as usual. When do you go back home?

Tammy - good going on the standings for the band and choir! I'll bet they were proud of themselves, as they should be. Glad your back didn't give you a bunch of trouble. Mine has now settled down as well.

Joanne - I don't know if you are back yet, but I sure hope you enjoyed your trip. I wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. Mine is coming up on Thursday. Can't believe I am going to be 60!!!! I sure don't know where the time went.

I am going to post a link for a really neat product. My chiropractor started selling this gizzmo recently. I had been looking and reading up on the TheraCane, which does the same thing. It is really good at releasing trigger points, both for OA and FM or any thing where muscles knot up.

I used it last night for the second time and it works great.

03-20-2006, 05:41 PM
Hi guys-hope you made it through the day yesterday. Meme. Just got back from helping our friends move into their new home. Lots of people to help-2 trips. I am tired and sore but I will be ok. hope you had a good trip, Joanne. And congrats on the band tammy. Hi Anne. Mima We are leaving the day after Easter. Mima

03-21-2006, 07:14 AM
Anne, I checked out that website. Sounds like it would be wonderful!

Mima, only 2 trips to move your friends! I can imagine how tired and sore you are though. Easter will be here before you know it! Seems like you just left home. lol

When does Joanne get home? I'm sure she had a wonderful trip. It's always nice to get away for a few days.

We are on a 2 hour delay this morning. There is a skiff of snow here, but apparently it did more south of here. I know they were calling for freezing rain, so maybe it's icy down there. I think I'll go back to bed for a little while. When we get to school on a delay, we go straight to lunch (11:00). Tough day. lol

Joanne D
03-21-2006, 07:55 PM
Happy- Happy Birthday. God I feel old! I think I am the oldest youngster here.60.!!! you are still young!
Tammy- I am here since yesterday and I did have a wonderful trip.. I love the 'yester years" We went to St mary and to Cumberland Island on Saturday. What a wonderful place to visit. I believe I could live there.
Meme- I hope you find another church or another preacher.What backward thinking !!He is still back in the dark ages.I would have been insulted as well as mad as a wet hen.
Mima- Are you still in Florida?.. Is it as dry down your way as it is here? we haven't had rain for a month.
Well guys .It has been catch up all day..Going to read/watch a little TV and rest... Joanne

03-22-2006, 08:01 AM
We are going home the day after Easter. Suzanne is coming here next Thurs for a week. Brad is going to MS for a week. We finally finished cutting down the bushes,.
How are you doing, Meme.
No rain but we do have a sprinkler that Brad hooked up that works on a timer.
Happy Birthday Anne.
I am taking Ammoxicillin for my stomache-had some left over. If I feel better then I can call doc at home to get more. That's what he would do if I went to see him.
Art class today. Mima

03-23-2006, 09:33 PM
Happy Birthday Anne!!!! My hubby just turned 58 last Sept., so he's right behind you. I'll be 51 in May.

Joanne! Welcome home!! Your trip sounds so nice. My hubby is in Tampa right now at his brother's house. His other brother just moved down there, so Bob took a carload of things down to him. He'll be home sometime on Sunday. When I talked to him tonight, he said that it rained there this afternoon. I guess his brother was riding his motorcycle home from work and the rain hit. Jim was a bit soaked. I cracked up.

Questions for you ladies - I've been doing the water aerobics. I'm trying not to overdo it. I feel great when I'm in the pool. I feel like I could conquer armies. Then I get out. When I'm out about 5 minutes, the pain is back. It's mainly in my lower back. Does that happen to any of you? I've also been doing the whirlpool. It feels great while I'm in it, but the same thing happens when I get out. I guess I'll just have to start teaching in a big thing of water!!

Have a great Friday everyone!!

03-24-2006, 01:32 AM
That's too funny, Tammy. I wish I could do everything in a 'big thing of water.' I always feel better when I'm in water, too. But ... you can't stay in water ... you'd shrivel up and and there'd be nothing left of you after a while! :p I used to swim all the time at a health club and I had the same problem. It felt good while I was doing it but then I always hurt after I got out. Just the fibro kicking in I guess. :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who has had a birthday recently. Anne ... I'm right behind you, too. I'll be 59 in May. When is your birthday, Tammy? Maybe we can celebrate together.

Mima ... I can't believe it's already time for you to go home. Seems like you are moving up and down all the time. I don't know if I could do that. I guess I'm just a 'one place person.' Although moving to warmer weather in the winter does sound tempting ... I'd probably just want to STAY there!

That preacher just gets worse and worse and more unbelievable everyday. He told a friend of ours that there was going to be some changes made at the church - that things were going to be done HIS way. He said he was the leader of that church and that most churches didn't even have business meetings ... that the pastor ran things. I really think that was his whole purpose in getting rid of us. He knew my husband would not put up with him running things his way so he had to get us OUT of the way. He started picking on me way back before Christmas. I told my husband that but he didn't believe me. I told him he was pushing my buttons, putting me down when he wasn't around, being very patronizing, etc. He said he wasn't like that and I was just imagining it. I told him to just wait and he'd see the light before long ... that he had an agenda ... I just didn't know for sure what it was or WHY it was. I told him that back probably as early as November. He believes me now. The other night in the kitchen he got me by the shoulders and turned me around facing him and said, "you were right."

The preacher ran into one of my friends that works at the hospital the other day and he told her he got an email from me but when he got down just a little way in it - it said something about that he had hurt me so he just deleted the whole thing and didn't even read the rest of it. NICE, COMPASSIONATE MAN! He has said a whole lot of other things to people, too. Way too many to go into. I'm stressed to the max! My daughter said if it wasn't for the fact that he would start telling lies on her she would have him removed from the Chaplains list at the hospital (she could do it, too!). He has no idea who he's messing with ... IF we wanted to be vendictive. We could ruin him! He is a very lucky man ... we are all Christians ... my whole family ... we would not do that to him!

03-24-2006, 07:01 AM
Good morning. I believe you should follow the Pastor and he is the leader but.............I think you need to step back from this and pray about what God wants you to do. ( I don't believe you should follow him in what's not of God). This is an awful dilemma, Meme. I hope it gets resolved soon.

My DIL is due in May and she is having contractions and they think the baby is coming soon.They are giving the baby shots of a steroid so the lungs will be stronger. She had her daughter at 25 weeks. Weighed a pound and a half.
Hi tammy-it rained here last night=yeah. It doesn't sprinkle in FL-just a downpour. Take a rest from the exercises. I can't do water aerobics but I can swim. Feels great. And some water walking. Take it easy.
My middle son was born with a lump in his cheek which gets infected sometimes and it is right now. He is going to Doc today. He will be 31 tomorrow.
Hi Joanne. I am glad your trip was good'
Hi Anne -hope you had a good bd, Hi Candice wherever you are in cyberspace.
Brad leaves Mon am at 5-We are still going with our original plans of leaving in April , though we may leave earlier, Depends on that baby's condition. Best scenario would be that he was in the womb but doesn't look like that. There is a baby shower on Sunday. I sent my quilt and baby blanket and Target gift cert. Mima

03-24-2006, 08:10 AM
Meme, my birthday is May 8! I'm up for a celebration. Where should we meet?
In the water I assume. lol
I wish your pastor would come and visit our church. Rev. Tim is awesome and would teach that guy some lessons. We have committee meetings at the church but that's not all. Any major decisions, the congregation is involved. We had a big meeting recently about purchasing property next to the church that suddenly came on the market. The phone chain was activated, and the next night we had the meeting. Most of the adults from the congregation were there. Opinions were given both ways, and then a vote was taken. That's the way it has been since we've attended there, and I think that's the right way to do it. Some pastors can get too big for their britches. lol

Mima, we'll keep DIL in our prayers. I've gone to the Y for the water walking a few times. It does feel good. Does the doctor know what is causing the lump in his cheek?

I just looked at the clock. I think I need to jump in the shower!!

03-24-2006, 11:25 AM
Yes ... that is the way it should be. The congregation should make the decisions. The congregation is there to stay ... the pastor is there to advise only and he is the one who can be voted out ... not the people. He told our friend that he built that church and he was there to stay ... no one was ever going to run him off ... It clearly says in the by-laws the people can give him a 60 day notice. That is one of the things he's wanting to change, I'm sure. As I said before, if it wasn't for the fact that we were Christians we could give him some grief ... we could even go back to the church and cause him a lot of problems. My husband is a deacon and at least half of the people would follow our lead. But we would never do that. I HAVE prayed, Mima ... and prayed and prayed. Trust me! I know I have done nothing wrong, therefore I do not have anything that I have to right. I have made this prediction ... God will take care of him ... in His own time. I'm out of it now, the rest of the people will have to decide if they want to stay and back this man, fight him if he tries to change the by-laws or just find another church.

My BD is May 20 ... I think the water is an excellent idea ... like a sunny beach somewhere!

03-24-2006, 05:09 PM
Good for you Meme-any other good churches around? Shop around. Brad has known Pastors like that. You need a church where you will be blessed. Angela is still home. One day at a time. Going to Denny's with my son. Alison's bd is May 9. Bye for now. mima my daughter has a new friend that is a boy. Not boyfriend yet.

03-25-2006, 10:24 AM
Morning ladies! Well, I woke up at 8:55. My water aerobics class started at 9:00. I think I must have turned the alarm off during the night sometime. The sleep probably did me some good, so I'm not going to worry about it. I'll just have to do something else today since I missed it.

Bob will be home from Florida tomorrow so Tim and I are making sure the house looks presentable by the time he gets here. It's not bad, just needs some straightening in places. I have emptied some boxes while he has been gone, so I'm sure that will make him happy!!

Meme, the sunny beach sounds nice!

03-25-2006, 03:15 PM
Yikes Brad's blood sugar was 330 this morning. We are monitoring it=down to 260 at lunch with pills. Another worry!! baby is staying put for now. By Mima-Tammy, you probably saved yourself some aches.

03-25-2006, 04:56 PM
Yikes is right to Brad's blood sugar!! I know Bob's has been close to 300 a couple of times. Of course, for some reason, he quit taking his medicine. Not a good thing. Good about the baby staying put. The longer the better.

I'm sure you are right about the aches. Instead I've been doing things around the house and getting aches from that, but at least I could go sit down frequently. (Tim's orders!)

03-25-2006, 07:06 PM
I meant to work some more on my taxes today but it just didn't happen. Now I have Garrett and Kaylyn coming any minute so I guess the weekend is pretty much finished for me. We're supposed to go to an auction in an hour ... I'll probably freeze ... it's going to be in a big metal building with dirt floors. Would you believe it is SNOWING here? I'll have Garrett and Kaylyn until Monday then their other grandparents are keeping them at night until Friday then I'll have them all next weekend ... son and wife are going to Hawaii. I'd rather keep them the 4 nights next week and let the other grand parents keep them on the weekends! :p They get home at 3:30 and go to bed at 8:30 so that's only 5 hrs. Definitely a better deal! If I don't get those taxes done I'm going to be looking to make a deal with the IRS!

Joanne D
03-25-2006, 07:34 PM
Well it might have rained in Tampa and south of Tarpon Springs. not a drop here. The weather man says it will be at least another week before we get rain here and it could be longer. I always say "when I see it".
Mima- Brad must either not eating right or not taking meds . Sometimes diabetics blood surger goes up when they are excited/upset too.
Hello Meme.. We don't try to do taxes anymore. My hubby just bundles everything up and goes to H R Block.We always have to pay anyhow...I guess we will be taxed to the grave..
Have a good weekend everybody...Joanne

03-26-2006, 03:03 AM
Joanne ... I'm not actually doing the taxes. I'm doing my business books getting them ready for the CPA so he can do the taxes. There is so much to get ready when you have a business. I said at the beginning of last year that I was going to keep up with it each month in 2005 but there is just so much one person can do. Maybe I will try to do better this year! :p

I'm going to have to stop letting hubby go to these auctions ... he spent nearly a hundred dollars last weekend and $159 tonight. :eek: (But he DID buy me a certificate for a one hour massage from the woman I've been going to in with all that ... so I didn't fuss too much!) ;) These are charity auctions so I guess it's all for a good cause. I didn't get the kids in the bed until 12 though so they will be hard to get up for church!

03-26-2006, 06:16 AM
I know about taxes for the business. I get a reprieve when we are in FL. No sheets to record. The milage went up this year-one amount before Sept and one after. So separate your business miles,
Brad's nurse sister said to change the strips in case they are outdates-otherwise to call doc. I just worry that he is going to MS like that even though it's not coming down in an instant. I am praying.
Bye for now. mima

03-26-2006, 07:28 AM new computer yet and been too busy with stuff and ( DH'Sfamily) stress to fight with this old computer! Getting email checked is about all I can do but I think of you often! Just thought I would let you all know I am still a live and not losing any weight! LOL :D Trying biofeedback again...time consuming having to run to appts.

Church is supposed to be a place of peace and if you have all that turmoil it is not worth it..MHO The church I grew up in used to run off ministers all the time!:( ..but some of the congregation would leave do not need that kind of stress.

Hope all the bad backs gets better..

Happy BD to Joanne and Happy and anyone who had one I missed:D

We had to put one of our older cats down too..I cried and cried :( but she isn't suffering now!

03-26-2006, 02:41 PM
Joanne, I know what you mean about waiting till you see it to believe it!! lol

Meme, if we auction our house, would your hubby be interested?????

Candice, good to hear from you!!! I'm not losing either, getting a bit frustrated.
Sorry about your cat! I know how pets can be just like family.

I actually made it up and to church on time this morning!! I keep expecting Bob to pull in any minute. I've missed the big lug! lol

03-27-2006, 04:50 AM
Good morning-all churches are not like that Candice but they are not perfect as we are not. Sometimes things have to change to get better, I want to take all of you to Brad's church here. Awesome. Brad just took his sugar and it was 260-lowest yet, I had to surrender that to God-that's what the message was last night. Complete surrendering. I am giving God my stomache to-I sure can't
control it. Leaving at 4:30 as in AM for Brad to go to MS. DILis still having contractions. Bye Mima

03-27-2006, 03:04 PM
Oh, believe me, Candice knows all about churches and she knows all churches are not like that! The majority are not like that ... but it's the minority that give the rest a bad name! I think 4 of our friends (and 2 kids) are gone from that church now so that makes 6 more. They said the preacher preached on how he was the ruler at his house and over his wife, etc. yesterday morning and kind-of brought it down to the church and how he was the head of the church, etc. They said it was all they could do to sit though the service. They did not go back last night ... they went to a revival service at another church with hubby. I had to stay home with granddaughter ... she has strep and an ear infection. Threw-up 4 times yesterday (first time just as we turned into the parking lot at church - we took the kids to their church in the AM). I just got back from taking her to the Dr. - poor little thing is soooo sick! She has puked on me, layed on me & and snotted on me for 2 days now so I'm sure I'll have it next.

03-28-2006, 06:47 AM
Oh wow-my daughter used to get that way from strep. I didn't usually get it. Brad is in MS-they are at another church in Gulfport because they needed more help. He said it's really devastated there. They are sleeping on the floor in the church-he went and bought an air mattress. Sounds like he is reallly being good about eating-lots of protein and salad-few carbs. I think I have heard a message on the Pastor being the Head of the church from that Pastor of the church we left. I do believe that is true but like a husband who doesn't live up to what is right, how can they be head. Well sounds like it has to be worse before it gets better.
Going to doc's today. Can't stand my stomache. Don't know if it's IBS or diverticulitis. I am going for 4 walks a day with the dog. Red Sox game tomorrow. Bored out of my mind yesterday. I never want to be a widow again. Brad and I have plans to go together. But not sure if it is in God's plan. Daughter has a new boyfriend-he's very attentive to her which she loves. Mima

03-28-2006, 04:37 PM
Just got a call from IRS ... state is auditing me Thur. morning at 9 for 2004. And I don't even have my books done for last year yet! When it rains it pours!

Joanne D
03-28-2006, 07:54 PM
Meme- That happened to us once many years ago. It was scary at first. But we got through it and were surprised at how simple it was.
I went to a Chiropractor yesterday. My Family Dr. seems to feel I should see. GOD! He is just 5 years older than my G/son.Anyhow, I will give him a chance. He admits that he is my last chance to not have surgery. He said if he doesn't help me in 4 weeks he will let my Dr. know and we can go from there.I am not at all sure this is the answer to many years of back problems and constant pain. If he can get me back to walking my routine again ,I will be happy. That is the only exercise I can do . And it keeps me sane.
Tammy ,I live just over a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. I walk there as often as I can. At least I did untill my back started giving me a worst problem.
Now Mima- How can you and Brad make sure that you will both go at the same time? My daughter used to be sick all the time with colds and flu. Well she still is really. Every snotty nose kid in her class seems to give her something. She looks forward to summer breaks to get away from the germs.
I guess there is something about all churches. I really don't like to be pressured for more money just about every sunday.

03-28-2006, 10:06 PM
Meme, hope the granddaughter is feeling better! It's awful when the little ones are sick. And now the IRS!! Maybe we should all come and help them. I'm sure it would go faster and more efficiently with all of us there to help, right?

Mima, woo hoo to daughter's new friend!! Does she want all of us to meet him?
Sure wish those contractions would stop so that baby can have longer until the arrival.

Joanne, I pray that the chiropractor can help you. I know how much you enjoy your walking.

I have 2 of my students out with chicken pox. They both had the vaccine. I asked the rest of the class how many have already had chicken pox, and only about 10 raised their hands. That means I have 15 more who will probably come down with the. The nurse said I might not have my whole class back together again this year depending on how this goes. Could be interesting!

03-29-2006, 12:07 AM
So ... is the vaccine not working anymore? What's the point in getting it?

I need you all to pray for me - Ijust feel like I am under so much stress and I don't know how much more I can take ... and, too, pray that the people at that church would be able to see through this minister and see the "other" face that he is not showing them. I really care about those people and I hate to see them deceived. I know for a fact that he has been telling some of them things about us that is not true and that bothers me a lot, too. I know I'll make it but ... I'm just so tired and there is soooo much ...

03-29-2006, 05:49 AM

03-29-2006, 07:30 AM
Oh Meme! I was audited once-We were taking too much deduction for expenses on a rental appt. It might be a small thing that you need to change. As far as the church goes, there are still a lot of people going to the church we left, Some are not happy-just can't change.
I went to the doctor and the doctor said-I need another Ct scan to compare. Of course my stomache was better yesterday. He is concerned that my back hurts too. And I have a lot of blood in my urine. I think my back is arthritis, I had all those tests last year and there was no conclusion. Better be safe than sorry.
Brad is so excited about what he is doing. There are a lot of otherpeople there. They have a Katrina's kitchen where they cook donated food but he couldn't eat there because it was all starch. It is so lonesome without him. And he is so busy, he can't call me. I am going to Art and then the Red Sox game with Mike. And Suzanne willbe here tomorrow,
The doc told me to take generic Colace instead of Metamusil so I am giving that a try. I think the chiro is good Joanne but if it doesn't work-lots of people have that knee surgery, Hi Tammy-school is in the last part-E used to celebrate 100 days because it was more than half. Mima

Joanne D
03-29-2006, 11:00 AM
Mima- I have had the knee surgery. I had a r/knee replacement almost 12 years ago. This is back surgery. I prefer no surgery. Hope you can feel better soon. First session today.. We will see..
Meme- this too will pass although you may feel right now that It won't. I would dump the whole lot on a cpa.We will pray for you.
As to that preacher,he needs a lot of prayers.. I am afraid there are a lot of ignorant people that think that way. Thrid world thinking is what I call it.I would just move on to another church.
Hello Everybody

03-29-2006, 02:10 PM
Joanne ... that's exactly what I plan to do as soon as we find one. I'm leaving that up to hubby. I told him I'd settle where ever he settles but I just don't want to have to play the piano every single service and do all the work in the kitchen and clean the church and be the church clerk, etc. I'll be happy to just fill a pew and take a dish to a supper and maybe help out with a yard sale now and then. ;)

Most of the people at the church I left are good people and I really hate to see them suckered, though. I will continue to pray that they will see through him before he completely takes over the church, changes the constitution & brain washes them. I told hubby the other night if he's doing what I think he is, his next step will be to get out of the Association so he won't have to answer to anyone but himself. But I'm thinking he might have forgotten about God!

03-29-2006, 03:03 PM
Meme, I guess if they get chicken pox after having the vaccine, the chicken pox will be a lighter case. I saw the little girl the other day, and she really didn't have very many. Still too many "ripe" ones to come back to school though. Prayers are definitely with you and your church.

We are out today! It was foggy this morning, so we were on a 2 hour delay. Apparently it didn't lift enough, so most of the schools around here closed. A few years ago there was a high school girl killed on one of these foggy mornings, and the schools have been more careful about delaying or calling it off like it should have been that morning. The sun was out earlier and the fog was gone. Bob and I went to walk at the Y for a while this morning. Felt nice just walking and chatting.

Mima, I always did a 100th day of school celebration with my 2nd graders. I mentioned it to the 4th graders and they just rolled their eyes. It's amazing how their interests change so much in 2 years. They still love me though!! lol

Joanne, I'm with you! No surgery!! Hope the chiropractor helps. That's what I should do, make an appointment.

03-30-2006, 06:54 AM
Joanne, I am sorry-thought the surgery was for your knees-don't blame you one bit about the back-I bet chiro can help. Might want to try massage later??
Suzanne didn't get lost going to airport. I messed up-ballgame ticket were for today-it was better for Mike but now DIL has to pick up Suzanne. So it worked out.
I think I passed a kidney stone and my abdomen feels better. I have been drinking water a lot-saw something when I went to bathroom-sorry about that picture, Maybe doc is onto somthing. I went and got the barium to take-banana!!!!!Can't wait/
DIL is still carrying the baby-another week and the baby will way 5 lbs. And Brad's sugar is still up but he feels better than he has in a long tme. That's the medical report.
Prayers for you Meme=You are Daniel in the lion's den. And right-let CPA do the work. That's why I believe people should have an acct/cpa do their taxes.
I walk the dog 4 times a day and I have lost 2 pounds already but my legs are sore!
A day off is great, Bye Mima

04-01-2006, 06:37 AM
Hey Mem-you are not in jail are you??? Kidding!!!! how did it turn out. My daughter put the Chippendale's picture as a screen saver for April Fool's, Brad is coming home a day early-late tonight. They worked themselves out of a job!!!!!He has an appt. on Monday for his sugar.
I had that CT scan yesterday. The test wasn't bad-but a big mistake to go to Walmart after-I had to run to the bathroom twice and then hurry home!!!!!
Suzanne and I watched a movie last night-Not Without My daughter.
Dinner theater today with Sunday School-Oklahoma. Evan's birthday is tomorrow. He says he is going to have cake!!!!!Well-he says cake. Byer for now. Mima

04-01-2006, 11:25 AM
Mima, my son weighed 4 lb 14 oz when he was born, dropped to 4 lb 8 oz. Brought him home at the lower weight. My nephew was 3 lb. 1 oz when he was born. Both of them have done great even being early and with the low birth weights.

Just got back from the Y. Good class. I tried not to overdo it. Heading for the shower and then to the old house. Meeting with a realtor this afternoon. We're going to let her try to sell it, then if it doesn't sell within a few months, we're going to auction it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Happy Canuk
04-01-2006, 11:41 AM
Good morning.

Mima - glad you passed the stone. Hope the CT shows something. My great niece weighed 1 lb 6 oz when she was born and she is now 13 and really a very healthy gal. Was, right from the start. They let her come home from the hospital when was just over 3.5 pounds. Her Mom is a nurse in prenatal care. The Dr. told her to think of her as a very healthy, but VERY tiny baby. There certainly are miracles in life.

Tammy - Chicken Pox are so terrible. My son was COVERED with them. You couldn't have gotten the point of a needle between them, and so so itchy. Good thing they came out with a vaccine for them. Wonder if that will prevent Shingles for them as well?

Meme - a tough go for you, but what will be will be. People make their own choices in the end. No sense in keeping yourself in a pertetual state over this. Just move on. The people will eventually see what he is really like and move on as well. It just takes time.

Joanne - Hope you don't need back surgery. I had that 22 years ago. For a few years things were great, and then arthritis set in and that has been a HUGE problem for me the past 10 years. Sometimes, surgery is the ONLY answer, after you have EXHAUSTED all other treatments.

Candice - wish you could get back here regularly. Hope everything is going ok for you. I know you have problems with stuff, but we miss you.

I can't believe my gd is going to be 8 yrs old on the 3 Apr. Where on earth does the time go!

Had a great birthday. Got lots of beautiful gifts, but I especially LOVE the LOTUS in the Swarovski crystal. It is MAGNIFICENT.

Everybody have a nice day.

04-01-2006, 12:22 PM
Anne ... I got one of those coming up next month. The last one before I turn 60. My son will be 40 this year ... :eek: I also have a GD that is 8 and will be 9 this year and one that just turned 7 and I can't believe it either! Garrett will be ELEVEN this month ... sometimes it Freaks me out to think about it. I guess the only alternative to aging is death, though!

The audit went well. He questioned a couple of farm receipts I had and took copies with him. He said he may have to make them pay the taxes on them because he didn't think they were actually using the trailers in reproduction of food because they were just hauling hay with them. He told me not to lose a sale because of that, though. If someone said they were farming and willing to sign an exemption form to take it and then if I got audited let the State go back and collect if they weren't actually exempt. Someone turned me in ... said I was illegally using farm exemption forms to keep from paying taxes. He said I was doing things as close to right as anyone he had ever seen. He called his boss while he was here and said I can't find anything wrong here, there's no reason for me to even be down here. I was mad and relieved at the same time. He said it was most likely a competitor or an irate customer. I don't have any irate customers unless it was someone who asked me if I would not charge them tax and I said I had to ... I get a lot of people like that. Now ... if I can just get through next Thursday ... that's when I go to the CPA and file my income taxes. No telling what all I've done wrong there! Hubby has made an app. with his cousin ... I hate giving stuff like that to family members and I told him so. I'm afraid this will come back to bite us! (I've never trusted his family members anyway ... already been bitten there too many times!)

Had Ross and Jenna last night and now I have Garrett and Kaylyn back. Got them at 9 this morning and will have them until Mon. night. The joys of the grandparents! (I've had enough joy to last me for awhile!) :p

04-01-2006, 09:00 PM
Anne, nice gift!! I love crystal, any kind. I have one Christmas tree that I have crystal ornaments on.
My brother will be 46 on the 3rd. Maybe they could have a party together.

Meme, glad the audit went ok! That has to be a relief. Have fun with the grandkids!

Well, it's official. There is a for sale sign in front of the old house. I told her that we wanted to ask $400,000. She laughed and said she thought $500,000. Then we both cracked up. Not even close!!! lol Just hope it sells fast. There are other homes in the same town that aren't selling. Hope ours isn't one of them.

04-02-2006, 01:47 AM
Finally got the kids in the bed and to sleep - they've been asleep about an hour and I got the house cleaned back up. It's 11:30 but really 12:30 ... time changes tonight. I hate that ... wish they would just leave it alone one way or the other ... don't really care which way just as long as it stays put! Now to take my shower and get in the bed ... have to get up at 6 ... this is my Sunday to sing on the radio.

Mima ... have you ever had a kidney stone before? Son I-L has them about 4 or 5 times a year. I've lost count of all the times he's had them. He throws up and runs a temp and misses up to a week of work at a time. They told him his body makes too much calcium and there is nothing they can do about it.

Joanne ... sometimes a chiropractor helps and somepeople they make worse. Just depends on the person & the Dr. I guess. I went to one that really helped me once but then I went to one that made me so bad I was in the bed for a couple of months in so much pain I couldn't do anything. I broke off a piece of my tailbone once when I was a child and arthritis has set in so that might have something to do with it. He (the bad one) had me feeling a lot better and told me to keep coming because I needed more adjustments. I did and then he must have done too much adjusting because my back got worse in other places and I was miserable. I finally went to a different Chiropractor and he got me to feeling better ... he also told me to keep coming but I quit while I was ahead.

I still haven't gotten that massage hubby bought me at the auction ... I might just schedule that for after I meet with the CPA ... I truly deserve it! I've worked my butt off the last couple of weeks! I even took the grandkids to see hubby's parents today because no one else will and their great grandparents had not seen them since Christmas. I got up early after only 4 hrs. sleep, cleaned the house, gave both kids music lessons, took them visiting, baked a cake and made banana pudding, worked on tax records, worked on my music for the radio program, got every body's clothes ready for church tomorrow and even sold a trailer today!


04-02-2006, 04:58 AM
IRS audit...Yikes! Meme have you been a bad bad girl to get all this bad stuff! :D ;)...LOL

Mima...we need to keep each other in our prayers..I will say a special one for your tummy! ( I hate tummy pain) I would love to come to Brad's church!

Joanne..good luck with your Chiro..I used to go all the time but not any more.

Tammy..thanks on the cat, she used to sit inthe window and watch me inthe garden..I noticed today wwhen I was outside working and looked at the window she is not there. I still have my 4 others...I just get too attached to them! I just need to get motivated again I guess..I have been baking goodies for friends and sampling too much!!!!!!!!!! 2pts a serving..I find them at Kroger.they are delicious!

DH is having terrbile pain in his right back by his kidney..I put him on mylanta and prilosec and told him to see the doc, but he says he is too busy..he gets up at night in terrible pain...the estate stress is getting to him!!!!!

We are to have terrible sotrms here today late..hope we don't blow away..I hate storms!!!!!!!

04-02-2006, 08:42 AM
Meme, I don't know how you do it!! You are so busy. I can't keep going on such little sleep.

Candice, we had nasty storms Friday night. Hope you didn't blow away during yours!!!

Well, I need to get ready for church. Have a great day everyone!!

04-02-2006, 10:09 AM
That price was a joke???? I know the housing market has slowed down. Good Meme-I bet you have nothing to worry about. Brad is home-12:45 and then we lost an hour. But I feel fine, Church, Walmart for the coleslaw, and then a nap and then Evan's party. Brad has so many stories. He wants to go back. Bye for now-Mima

Joanne D
04-02-2006, 12:37 PM
HAPPY- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Better later than never!
Tammy- You probably get something under 400,000 . Setting high helps sometimes... Just 40 more days of school. that is what my daughter says.
Meme- All I know right now is my back isn't hurting as bad. I don't have a lot of faith in chiro's either. oa is there to stay.
Candice- Nice to see you back with us..
Mima- Have a great day .. I don't buy the w/m coleslaw. Too much colesterol in it for us.. I like coleslaw and it hates me.. Hubby likes it. He has a stomach of iron.
I didn't get to church today. Got an infected toenail and can't wear a shoe..If it isn't one thing with me it's six.

04-02-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi MY name is stirfried. I used to comehere a lot. I am back.

Meme, I think you were right to quit your church. I myself will not join a church again though I believe strongly in Christ love. People take to many liberties when interpeting the Bible.
I know that there are many literalist in the christian faith. I think thats alright for them. I also believe that everyone has his or her own truth in and how they believe in the teaching of the word of God. I also believe that each of us are on our own path to God as long as they do not cauce anuyone to slip in their belief.
I know what I am saying sounds funny. But I am struggling with my own faith right now. You know how a crisis in faith can be. I 'm having a lot of personel problems right now, I believe God will answer my prayers, most of the time. I get frightened for my daughter and grandson.
My daughter is very depressed and is using drugs. Her son is with his father, and he smokes pot. He and the other set of grandparents have said negative things about Sarah ( Daughter) , which would be fine, but they say them in front of her son, and he doesn't know which way to turn. He loves both parents and Myself. He is also angry with his mom . She is scared to get Brady back We have talked abbit about this fear. But she won't talk to a counseler about yet. I am trying not to enable her. I am countinuing my prayers for her, I wish God answered them in our time, but he knows what he is doing of course( I am a dummy some times) I just get so scarewd of and for her that she may harm herself.
WEll enough of my main problem God Bless You all.

04-02-2006, 06:50 PM
Mima, our actual listing price is $155,000. There are 2 homes down the road from that house that have been for sale over a year. One is listed at just over $200,000, and the 2nd one is almost $300,000. They are alot newer homes, but ours has a larger lot (1.5 acres) and an extra 2 car garage in addition to the attached 2 car garage. We're hoping those are good selling points.

I'd love to hear some of Brad's stories!! He should write things down while he's thinking of them.

Joanne, our students have 39 days, so we have 40. Yes, I'm looking forward to it. I'll bet you didn't know that, did you? lol Ouch to the toenail!!! Hope it clears up soon.

Welcome Laura! I don't remember when you were coming here. I probably wasn't coming here then. I don't think what you said sounds funny at all. We'll add your daughter to our prayers. Brady also.

04-03-2006, 07:18 AM
Laura-one of the best things I ever did was go to a support group when I was married yo an alcoholic-it changed my life. I know there are some for people in your situation. I went to Al-anon. That would be a good place but I imagine there are some for people who have children on drugs.
This is too funny-the church that I belong to down here-the priest is retiring-the church that I belong to at home-the priest is retiring!!!!!!Changes. Bet you would like to be in my situation Meme.
Brad will never forget his stories Tammy-because he tells them over and over. He is in a zone trying to get back to the reality of being back. He didn't stay at the bd party. But I don't blame him-it was for a two year old-lots of kids/ Evan ended the night by losing his balance and falling into the pool. Both parents jumped in with their clothes on.Not sure if it was funny or not but it sure scared him. He starts swimming lessons today. They teach them not to go in the water before they are told. Mike put up a secure fence but I would like a padlock on it. He never goes out there alone. One of my fears and I have many.
Docs today-maybe he will have my test results.It's very busy with Suzanne here and thinking about packing.Sorry about your foot Joannne. You are so right-it;s never one thing -it;s 6.
Hey Meme-you and Laura can find a new church together, Mima

04-03-2006, 07:20 PM
There are only 2 people that I remember, are Joanne D and Happy Canuck.
Only back then the forum was called O.A. and R. A. and other auto immune diseases. So that was a while ago.
I have R. A. and fibromyalgia. And I had lost aqvout 40 lbs between Nov 2004 to March 2004. I was living alone and I had many panic attacks and I was so frightened that I could not eat. And my R. A. hurt every day, still I couldn't stay, in my apt. all day. So know matter how bad I hurt or had cold or snowy it was. I had to get out of their. I would walk about 4 or 5 blocks to my sons apt, and I would borrow his car and go to my aunts where I used to Live, we had a argued, and she wanted to have less stress. This was just 2 months since my grandson Brady had been taken away by other G. Parents. and sarh was really doing a lot of drugs (methamphetimine) she smocks it. She is doing alot less know but back then she was high all day and nights for about 3-5 days, then she would sleep for a day or 2 Then she was back at it.
Now she is living in the same town as brady but because she is still abousing drugs her brain isn't going to work right. She is hardly the daughter I remember. She blames everyone for her mistacks or mess ups. And so she isn't seeing alot of brady. He doesn't like the person her boyfried and her live with. And sarah hates to go to the othe G.P or Dads house. It is all such a mess. The only person who is innocent in all of the mess down thier is my Brady. I wish I was finacialy and phsically able to care for him. I would do it a second. and get the childrens services in on it. He is not being abused and he is clean and fed and al that. But his emotional state is sad. The most I can do now is call his school to try to get the counselor their to understand want he goes through, and that he needs to talk to someone. Next I am going to call the children services again in that county and see if they will at lease go and check Brady out and ask them to get Brady some help. As bad as it is athis dads and gparents it is the better of the two homes. As days go buy that taking him into fostor care until things are better with his mom or Dad. I know I have made a very long post. I am sorry for that, so I will wait and tell you the last big arguement or incident was.

I was writing about my wieght loss. I moved back in with my aunt felt safer or at least mentally and emotionally, and got some help of my own. anyway had a lot more stressors after that. My daughter came back for a while ,but worse My aunts son moved in and it has benn alful sinse then. She would not let my daughter stay very long (2 weeks) But when it was her kid I guess that was different. I felt like I was in a imotional and verbal abuse. Soi I lost all energy and gained back My weight and more.:stress:
S.w. 196
W.L. 40 lbs
G.W BACK 206 yuck and icky and Ooooowwwww! more pain from more weight

If you get throught this post you are more mentally advanced then I am, so here's KODO'S to you who do:bravo:

So I have moved out of apt, so has my aunt, Unfortunatly she has suffered a aeat attack, It was from no exercise and eating a giant bag of pork rinds every day and a half. I was so scared while waiting for the ambulence, I just prayed and prayer that she get through it until the paramedics could help her and get her to hospital. She is alright but has Very monor damage. THought it best to move to her daughters.
Next post will not be like this.

Joanne D
04-03-2006, 08:11 PM
Stirfried- This is not the post/thread you were on awhile back. Remember Angel? She runs a christian radio station in Ala I think..But welcome. Maybe we can help you answer some guestions concerning your weight .Fibro,or arthritis problems.Get on a good eating plan and exercise program. Just going out and taking a long walk does wonders. Next get a good physical.I bet in no time you will be feeling better. Me, I would stay away from the people who upset me...
Mima- Had my third treatment. The chiro told me to start walking this week. I have a good treadmill my son gave me so that is where I will start till I get so bored I will have to go out to the beach and walk.I think that will help my nerves a lot.Being hose bound is not my idea of fun.
Tammy- Are you checking off the days? Or do you have the time? I hope your house sells soon and you get a surprise high price.
Meme- I wish I had a couple more G/children. That will only happen with G/G/grandchildren now. I have a couple step /grandchildren. They are grown too and don't know us. I don't think they have accepted their mother getting married again.(my sons wife)
Hello Candice ,Happy.

04-03-2006, 10:07 PM
Laura, I made it through the post. You have had a lot going on in your life. Take care of yourself!!!!

Joanne, I go to the chiropractor after school on Wednesday. I had so much fun in Georgia at Christmas walking up and down the beach. So peaceful.
Yes to checking off the days!! 161 for me if I go the whole time. Bob met with a woman today about cleaning the old house. Hopefully she'll be able to do it before someone wants to go through it!! It's not awful, but it needs a good cleaning.

I go to the rheumatogist tomorrow. On Friday I go to an opthamologist. I have a chalezion (glorified stye) on my left eyelid. It's driving me crazy. I've had them before. They usually start out by giving me eyedrops then they end up having to cut it open and drain it. I told them when I made the appointment to skip the medicine and go for the cut. lol We'll see what happens. Tim has had them a couple of times too.

04-03-2006, 10:31 PM
I am trying to start a whole new life. Its like I can do or go wherever I want.
I really want prayers for my SArah and Brady.
The gparents and Dad heard that sarah slapped brady and put him outside in the snow cold weather at night. This girl who told them is my niece, and what gets me is that she has been known for her lies.
I was their that night. Sarah was trying to get Brady ready for bed. But with my niece their with her 2 babies it was a bad time. So brady didn't want to do it. all Sarah wanted was for him to take his bath. Since Brady was taken away from his mom and not being able to even say goodbye. |I think if they had heard rumors they should of talked to her about it. It was so sad because Sarah had just moved in to her own home. But sarah herself made her bed . she was to be her sis. Maid of Honor. and Brady was to be in the procession walking with me in the bridal walk.
:?: :angel: :( :cry: :fr:
And she had gotten high2 or3 days before the wedding, she did not show up for the reheasal dinnedr or the shower So there were alot of things being said to The thompsons (grandparents) so that made worse if that was possible.

BRady has bever had any counceling for that or anything. so now since he has lived with dad he cusses and bad behavior problems because of all that he's been through.
So that night dsarah had lost her temper and Brady was screaming at her so she put her hand over his month and he of xcourse kept on yelling and again sarah was not handling it well..At that point sarah threw water on hin to shock him onto not crying. it didn't work. Insteas Brady ran outside away from his mother. anyway sarah did finslly calm down herself and Just talked to Brady alone. In the middle of this my niece was trying to tell sarah to let her handle it, mind she is barley 19. and I was trying trying to clam sarah down.

So when my niece got through telling the thomsons and dad she made it sound like sarah had beat him and threw water on him and said Sarah had locked brady out.
So Sarah did not get to see her son for 3 weeks. The thing is knowone has custudy,so Bradys dad will punish sarah if he get yelled or his parents interfere he punishes Sarah.
Saraj is supposed to go to talk to someone about her abuse issues. She was molested. I prayer she goes. I don't know why sarah doesn't just let rendy have custudy for now and get formal visitation rights.. I think she is afraid to for fear she could lose him for good. Also she has this big fear of vbeing a good mother again. So she stays where she is out of fear and No confidance and a bad self image. She needs help.:spin: I know she isn't using drugs as often but methanphetimine is a terrible drug it attacks the brain faster and worse than heroin. So her brain is broke and unable to work right. Before when she 1st quit taking the meth after a month she was getting better, but Her B.F. got out of jail, and together niether one of them has a whole mind combines.

I am putting this in a larger text. Sarah and Brady need alot od prayers they :flow2: :balloons: because I feel like this:rollpin:

current weight206
thank you all Laura

04-04-2006, 02:05 AM
Laura ... that does sound stressful and we will be praying for you.

I did quit the church I was going to yes, but I would never quit going to church. I get strength from worshipping with others who believe in God. Maybe you would, too. There are some churches that have problems but there are more good churches that help people than there are churches with problems. It is worth the effort to find one!

Tammy ... hope your rheumatologist helps you more than mine did me last month. All he does anymore is refill my prescriptions and check my blood.

Hope you can sell your house. That's almost the same price my daugher is selling her's for. Son has his listed for 250. She is looking to buy and he is building. Don't know why ... the house he has now is huge. He has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, TVroom/office, huge livingroom, kitchen, breakfast room, dinningroom and bonus-playroom over a 2 car garage. The new house is supposed to have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Guess it's true what they say ... you never have enough room! (I always think about having to clean all that!) :p I'd hate to think about having to build and move again. Once was enough for me! Anne, on the other hand, is an expert mover!!! ;)

Joanne ... does the walking help your back? My ankles and knees are so swollen from keeping my grandkids I'm staying off my feet for a few days to see if I can get them back down to normal. You want a couple more grandkids??? I'd give you some of mine but I wouldn't know which ones to keep! :eek:

Hi Candice ... we had some of those storms, too. Power was off all night last night ... had to get the kids ready for school this morning in the dark ... no showers. It came on just in time for me to open the garage door on the way out ... figures. Then, as I pulled in the school drive, I hit a speed bump, son's house key was on the dash and bounced up and fell down into the defrost vent. I had to go over and feed their dog and the dog food was inside. So I had to go to the store and buy dog food ... good thing doggie is outside. What a morning I had. Thank goodness they came home today ... don't think I could stand them being gone another week.

Mima ... I'm not sure I'd like being in your situation. 2 new church leaders? So far I like the church we have gone to the last few services. The people are friendly and the minister is very humble and his sermons are so uplifting ... that's just what I need to hear. I don't need someone pounding on me right now. Our friends went with us Sunday and their kids (11 & 13) loved the church ... they are begging to go back. Their parents said they begged to stay home from the old church. They said that meant everything to them, to have a church that their kids were actually asking to go to. I'm not sure we will settle down there (it would be nice since it's only 6 minutes from my house :D ) all I'm saying is I'm enjoying the freedom I'm finding. I didn't realize how stiffled and totally squelched I felt at the old church until I visited a few other places. I think God has a plan for me and is just working that plan. I've always believed He has a plan for all of us if we'll just be patient and let Him work it. But I still think about some of the other people left there and am praying hard in their behalf.

04-04-2006, 06:37 AM
Meme-that sounds like the church Brad goes to back home-he loves it. So do I.
laura-find a nice church . I think you need support right now, And a program for parents of abusers. They have support too. I have heard so many storieslike yours-I had one too as I was married to a raging alcoholic but I found so much support in Al-anon. And it's free and it's in your phone book. You don't have to do this alone. The best thing you can do for everyone right now is to help yourself.Prayers for you.

Hope the chiro helps, Joanne. He always helped me. Anything would sound good right now.
PTL-my tests were fine-just diverticulosis, I will go to gastro guy when I get home. I will have surgery if I need to, Can't live the rest of my life on meat and potatoes and applesauce.
Brad's sugar is still sky high-had blood tests yesterday and will get new meds today.
The birthday boy is sleeping in th e other room-DIL had to take Alison to Shriners for her checkup. It's all free. He is so good when he is here, Yak-yak-yak. Mima-yak yak yak.
Suzanne and I will shop for her birthday today. And have a cake at Mike's.
Tammy-in MA-there are no houses for that price in my area-it's crazy. But the market has slowed down. Mima

Joanne D
04-04-2006, 11:36 AM
Meme- The chiro told me to start back walking. He said it would help speed things up. We will see. I will dust off the treadmill today sometime.I had a dr. tell me once that walking helps the swelling in legs and ankles. Glad you found a new church.
Mima- I hope you don't need surgery. The massage therapist worked on my glut areas yesterday. He said there were knots in them. I am nor surprised.I don't plan to keep going there long. It is costing me 60 dollars a week co-pay and we have to drive 27 miles one way three times a week.I think another week or so,maybe to the end of the month.
Tammy- There was one thing in Ga. I didn't like. The sand knats. They bite and are so big. I even put skin so soft in my hair! Otherwise I loved the area. Cumberland Island is just beautiful..I wish there had been more time to see more of it..
Hello Everybody...joanne

04-04-2006, 09:39 PM
I go to the chiro tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Went to the rheumatologist this morning. She send me for back x-rays and wrote out a prescription for therapy.
Yuck to the sand nats!! I agree.

04-05-2006, 07:41 AM
Good morning-if I have surgery, it would be to remove the diverticulosis so I can eat. My brother had it and he made out fine. And he is 12 years younger. Joanne, I ould not be happy if I had to make that trip and pay that co-pay, I hope it helps.
I am sore today because I ate Dairy Queen ice cream cake-had it for Suzanne's bd. She will go to the plane tomorrow at 5:30. I guess I will not be the driver because it is still dark. Brad is helping with an air conditioner today and helping move some stuff, What he really needs to do is pack, fix the roof etc.
I prayed for you today, Laura.
Bye for now Mima

Happy Canuk
04-05-2006, 04:07 PM
Good afternoon ladies.

Mima - glad your tests came out ok. Surgery can always be in your back pocket if you need it. Sometimes you just have to do it. Hope Brad can get his sugar under control. That can be so serious if he doesn't.

Meme - so the kids are picking on Grandma, are they. It is nice to have them come, but even nicer to have them go:carrot: Love the little dickens, but gee, they make a person so darn tired. Wish I could capture just a tiny bit of their energy. Glad you found another church.

Laura - Hello. Glad to see you found us. Sorry for all your troubles. Hope you can get into a support group, as that would really help. Keeping you in my prayers.

Joanne - walking IS good for your back, if you can manage to do it! It doesn't always work out. Hope you are doing better. That is a long way to go for a massage. I have to go about 20 miles to see my Chiropractor. He specializes in Upper Cervical, but it REALLY is the only thing that has helped my lower back.

Tammy - hope you made out alright with the Opthamologist. Sounds awful what they have to do. Also, hope the Rheumy can help you. Like Meme, usually they are just pill fillers. The chiro, on the other hand, does some good.

Had Ashley with me from Wednesday until Saturday. She likes to have Grandma bake with her. We made Chocolate Chip cookies on Wed. afternoon and then Sugar Cookies (for her birday party) on Thursday, and iced and decorated them on Friday. So, I was able to keep her busy. Then we went off to the city for a family birthday party on Saturday night, and her birthday party with her little friends on Sunday (swimming party) and then to Montana's for supper before we started home - again. I was sooooo tired on Monday and Tuesday (seasons change and that darn daylight time change) . Had to literally FORCE myself yesterday to do anything. Finished work (foggy as I was) and went for groceries. Today is MUCH better.

Hope you are all having yourselves a good day.

Hi Candace.

04-05-2006, 09:50 PM
Mima, I haven't had DQ ice cream cake in years!! Maybe I'll tell Bob that's what I want for my birthday.

Anne, I'm sure Ashley enjoys all of the baking that you do with her. The cookies sound good right now. lol I know how worn out I would be if I was doing all of that!!

The chiropractor scolded me for staying away so long. He warned me that I'd probably be sore tonight, and he was right! I go back on Monday. I always say that I'm going to go back on a regular basis, but I never do. He thought I should do that between now and our trip to Disney in June. He also feels that some of my problems are stess related from school. He is a former school board member, and his wife taught for 30 years. He said he recognizes the signs!! I really like going to him.

I do like the rheumatologist too. I need to go to the therapy place after school tomorrow since she gave me a prescription for there. I went there before I had my carpal tunnel surgery.

Well, I guess I should grade some papers. I took a 2 hour nap when I got home, so before I go back to bed I should do something, right?

04-06-2006, 05:45 AM
Have had a bad cold with a headache and sore throat..just seems to keep going...and suggestions as to waht you do to get rid of a nasty old cold?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????

Now I know why I do not drive when I do not feel well..but I had and appt and didn't want to break it so I drove...seems when I was running errands after the appt I turned on what I thought was a one way street but soon realized it wasn't and when I went to change lanes hit another car (82 yr old lady):yikes: I couldn't see her in her little hyundae and our car is very hard to see out of. Not much damage to our car and we wil not pay to get our scratches fixed but it is 900 for her car and we have 1000 deductable so out of pocket it came! DH told me not to drive when I have Fibro fog or not feeling well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I think I am losing my mind..I just can't think!!!!! :D

Worked in the yard today and mopped the not hurt too bad but still stuffy from my cold and headache and sore throat..been using salt water so am bloated and feel soooo fat!!!!!!

04-06-2006, 05:50 AM
Good morning-leaving at 6 to take Suzanne to the airport, That would be am.Brad mentioned stopping somewhere on the way home for a day-maybe Amish-he has never been there. A break would be good, He is helping someone move stuff to storage today and has to go back and do electrical for air conditioning.
Wow-Anne sounds like fun with grandaughter but one night with Evan makes me tired but it sure is worth it.
I think the clock change makes everyone tired.
Mandisa got voted off from Idol. I feel bad because I didn't vote the night before.
Backs-backs-backs!!!! I think I will go to chiro when I get home. I paid my co-pay here so I will be all set. I still owe him money because his nurse sent the bill to medicare twice. I need to pay him his co-pays.
Bye for now Mima

04-06-2006, 05:54 AM
Hi candice-I didn't see your post-guess we are on at the same time. I take zinc lozenges at the first sign of a cold. I t lessens the impact, So sorry about your accident. Glad everyone is ok-but it still is hard to deal with. Mima

04-06-2006, 04:52 PM
Candice ... I don't know about the Zinc ... I have heard other people say it works but I've never tried it, but I do know that Echinacea works well to get rid of a cold because hubby and I and several friends have used it. All colds must run their course but Echinacea will relieve the symptoms of colds and several times I felt like my cold may not even have lasted as long as some I had when I took it. You can get it in pill form and Celestial Seasonings also has the Wellness Tea which I love to drink with added honey when I have a cold. It's pronounced Eck-in-asia ... with the accent on Asia.

I'm getting to where I don't much like to drive anytime. Everybody drives so crazy anymore. You have to watch yourself and every body around you, too. And when you can't think it makes it even harder.

04-06-2006, 08:27 PM
Candice, my friends and I always joke that Mexican food cures everything. Give it a try! lol My hubby says the same thing about me and driving. So sorry about the accident. Glad no one was hurt.

My class was disappointed that the chiro. didn't totally get rid of my back pain yesterday afternoon. I know it bothers them to see me in pain.

Cool here and raining. Bob surprised me today. When I came home, I noticed that the door to the enclose porch was open. I looked out, and all of the furniture from the old house was here!!!! The porch people finally got everything finished here yesterday, so Bob and a friend of his went to the old house to get the stuff. The dog and I have been sitting out on the glider. we have a little heater out there because it's still a bit nippy. Can't wait till warm weather!!

04-07-2006, 07:36 AM
Good morning!!! What a day yesterday-up at 4-Brad helped move someone-Brad finished some electrical for someone , then Mike's faucet broke!!!! Luckily-I got some things done at home. Suzanne got home safely. And I got to see Evan.
Brad;s sugar was 315 last night, He started his new med and it was 172 this morning, Haven't seen that number in a while. PTL
PTL for my stomache too. It's been better.
Nice about the porch, Tammy.
More stuff to do today!!!! We will get there-we always do. last year we had to load the camper and the car and we had company to help us drive home!!!!!!
Bye for now Mima

04-07-2006, 02:35 PM
Mima ... I'll see your PTL and raise you one! ;) Because I saw the CPA yesterday afternoon and finally filed my income tax ... it's gone ... outta the house ... kapeesh ... no more files to page through at 4 in the morning!!!


Now all I have to do is pay them when he gets through figuring out what I owe! :p

We're supposed to get storms this afternoon and tonight and I'm hurting bad. Friends want to go get fish and play cards tonight but I think I just want to stay home. It's been a rough week and if it is storming I don't want to go anywhere. Besides, they'll want to come back here and I don't feel like cleaning up my nasty house ... I've let it go all week to work on those stupid taxes.

04-07-2006, 10:44 PM
Eye news. I went to have the newest chalezion removed today. Richmond Eye Center. I've had this one for a while, and it was starting to drive me crazy. Toward the end of the procedure (I was awake), I started feeling a little weird. My BP dropped to 60/40 and pulse rate was in the 40's. I think I made them nervous. Sure made me nervous!! They went out and brought Bob back to be with me. My appointment was at 1, and we didn't leave till after 4. They wouldn't release me till my BP went up a bit.

Mima, that's great about his number being so much lower!!!

Meme, woo hoo to the taxes!!! We've had quite a few storms around here, but I had heard that Tenn. received more than us. Take care!

OH! The real estate lady called, they are showing the house on Sunday!! We are having people clean it now that we are out, and they are starting early tomorrow morning. Pretty good timing!! Just hope they decide to buy. lol

04-08-2006, 06:52 AM
Here's another PTL-Brad's sugar was 113 before dinner. Yea-glucovance!!!
Sure hope you are ok after all those storms in Tenn, etc. Scary,
Went to dinner with Mike-Evan wanted the train that was on the shelf-he doesn't say it once-he says it over and over!!! We each had a turn taking him outside. Packing-Mike took the extra ref. stuff. We will leave after church tomorrow-we will take it easy!!!Good thing we have that trailer.So much stuff.
Hope someone likes your house-there's a buyer out there. having someone else clean-priceless!!!
Hi Joanne-Anne, candace!!!
People across the street came over-they are from the eastern part of Tenn. They are sweet.
Bye for now-gotta find a 70 the birthday present for BIL. Mima online!

04-08-2006, 01:41 PM
I'm OK ... they barely missed us! We kept the TV on all evening & up into the night. We figured we'd lose power at some point but we didn't even do that ... lucky this time. All the bad stuff went just south of us ... and I mean just barely south. Hubby kept saying when one passed that it was right over his secretary. He works in another county. After it passed he called her to see if she was ok and she said they stood on their deck and watched it. It killed two people near her. 11 people died near here yesterday and last night. It twisted the beams and nearly demolished a new church in one town and turned the cars in the parking lot upside down. There were 35 preschoolers in an inside room ... none of them got a scratch. God is awesome! Our poor doggie is terrified of storms. We'd let her out for a few minutes during a lull then it would start storming again and she would beg to come in so we'd put her back in the garage. She loves rain but just let it thunder once and she runs for the garage! ;)

I have Ross and Jenna today ... Daughter and SIL have gone house shopping. I just can't understand why they don't want to take those 2 with them! :p

Joanne D
04-08-2006, 07:59 PM
Meme- I am so glad you are ok. I knew the storms had to be close to you..
My income tax is in the mail. We had to pay but not so bad. I said maybe we will get old enough some day not to pay.. YEAH!
Mima- Have a safe trip. You may get this when you get home. You probably have packed your computer..
Tammy-I bet your eye surgeon had a few tight minutes.They probably knew you were awake and wanted your hubby to keep you calm. Hope your house sells.
Hello happy,Candice.. We are hoping for some rain tonight.. 41 days so far in this area without.
Have a Good Weekend Everybody...Joanne

04-09-2006, 06:15 AM
meme-I am so glad you are ok. I figured the storms were near you. Hope they are gone totally.
Tammy-what an ordeal with your eye, After my daughter was born, they couldn't get my blood pressure. They kept saying-she has to be alive-she is talking,
Brad had diarrhea twice last night, I did a search and it's from his new med!!!!Happens in the beginning. Not so good when you are traveling!!Selfish me was afraid it was a bug and I would get it too on the road, You know my stomache.
Last post til I get home-unless I find a computer. I also hope we get rain. We did program our sprinkler last night. Yikes-we are still married. Mima

04-09-2006, 02:12 PM
Mima, Brad's number at 113 is even better!!! Woo hoo!!!! I would say things are working!! Bob went to the house yesterday and talked to the women who are doing the cleaning. He helped them get some windows out, and he said the place was looking pretty good. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get in there and really clean it like I wanted to. The money to have it done was well worth it.

Meme, so glad that the storms missed you! It's awful that there were so many killed. Thank God for the children being safe in that church. Our dogs would get along! Kramer can't stand the thunder either.

Joanne, it did help me relax a bit when Bob was in the room with me. The nurses and doctor were great though. They did everything they could to try to keep me comfortable.

Mima, have a safe trip! Or since you'll probably read this when you get home, I hope you had a safe trip!!

04-09-2006, 04:41 PM
Now that taxes are done I'm going to start my spring cleaning ordeal if I can get some energy and if everybody will leave me alone so I can.

Two things I REALLY need to work on ... talking too much and doing too much for other people when I have so much stuff of my own that I need to do! Been thinking a lot about everything lately. I talk a lot of times when I should just be quiet ... gets me in trouble ... anyone else have that problem ... would you 'fess up' if you did??? ;) Let's get a discussion going on "saying no" and "being quiet".

04-09-2006, 09:42 PM
Meme, I am the same way. I don't know when to keep my mouth shut. I know that I should think before I speak, but most of the time that doesn't happen.

I am getting better about saying no. Of course, I think more people realize that I can't do what I used to do, so I'm not being asked as often. The band director did mention band camp for this summer. He said, "I know Tim is graduating, but would you consider coming if we need people?" Another woman and I had already said that we'd like to drive up for a day anyway just to bug the other chaperones, so we might do an overnight trip. Even some of the kids have asked us to come back. Weird kids!!

I need to go to bed. I took some sinus medicine. Hope I can breathe better tonight.

Happy Canuk
04-09-2006, 11:19 PM
Your sure not alone Meme. I also talk to much and end up getting myself into stuff I would rather not do. No is now in my vocabulary, although a few years ago, it sure wasn't. Glad you are safe, Meme.

Tammy - hope you feel better tomorrow. Good luck with selling your house. If you enjoy doing the music camp, and overnight but be fun for all of you.

Mima - hope you are having a safe trip home.

Joanne - 43 days without rain! I could sure send you some. We have had Spring showers now for the past week, and they are raising havoc with my arthritis. Wish it would clear up and be dry, at least.

Candice - hope you are feeling better. To bad about the car. I know I won't even consider driving if I am really tired. I LOVE to drive, but ............ not worth the chance.

04-09-2006, 11:21 PM
How many many times have I wished I'd thought something through before I'd spoken or promised ... but ... to late! Then you can't take back something you said or something you promised you'd do for someone. I've been thinking a lot about holding back that traitorous tongue of mine! :p

04-10-2006, 09:43 AM
Glad you are ok Meme!!!! Thought of you when the wind kicked up down there!:D

Been working in the yard........too much to do and ot enough time to do it! I'm off to bed now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

04-10-2006, 01:12 PM
Candice ... I see I beat you to bed by 2 hrs and 43 minutes. Guess we both had rough nights last night. I was hoping after all the storms and rain got through I would feel a little better but the pain hasn't let up much. I usually hurt a lot worse when the seasons change, though. Hope you are about over your car accident. It's tough having to drive, function and think when we have this stuff going on. And so many times I have the kids with me ... scary. No one else understands our predicament either. It's good to have you all to 'talk' too. I'm so worried about singing at a wedding in Aug. My first cousin's daughter is getting married. This cousin is like a sister to me and her daughter asked me to sing at her wedding a year ago. I told her I don't sing at weddings anymore because I wouldn't be sure I would be able to perform on the day of the ceremony and because I have stopped playing the organ and most of the wedding songs are recorded for high voices and my voice is low. Well ... the wedding is now 4 months away and she still has not found anyone to sing. She still wants me. So far I have only found ONE song!!! ("From This Moment On.") Very scary! She wanted me to play for it, too, but for that I JUST SAID NO! They have a church pianist ... I told them to use her! This wedding is in NC ... a long distance thing ... not going to be easy. :eek:

Happy Canuk
04-10-2006, 05:05 PM

Happy Canuk
04-10-2006, 05:06 PM

Happy Canuk
04-10-2006, 05:07 PM
hMMM, WELL THAT SHOULD DO IT:dizzy: :carrot: :D