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03-13-2006, 11:41 AM
Is anyone else starting phase 1 today and what are you eating? This is my second time doing SBD, I did it last may-june and lost 18 lbs and I felt awesome. I really want to feel that good again, cause I am feeling like doggy-doo and I am tired of not fitting into my clothes. So, who is starting phase 1 today and lets do it together.:hug:

03-13-2006, 11:50 AM
I am starting phase 1 today for the second time. At the end of January I did phase one and promptly lost 10 pounds but stopped losing as soon as I added bread and rice (I followed all program guidelines). Now I am going to stay on phase 1 for as long as it takes and add the carbs much more slowly. Maybe start by adding a serving per day for a week or two.

What was your experience?


03-13-2006, 12:57 PM
Hi and Welcome back, Chickies. I've renamed this thread a bit so other starters and restarters will climb aboard the dune buggy!

03-13-2006, 01:15 PM
I'm restarting at Ph1. I had lost 50 pounds but then went off, waaaay off, for months and have regained 30 of them. Very discouraging, but it would be more discouraging to have regained everything. So, starting Phase 1 today. Glad to be on the journey with you folks!

Today's menu:

Br: Breakfree egg subst omelette w/ mushrooms
green tea

Sn: Cucumber, celery, mushroom pieces
V8 w/ tabasco

Lu: Homemade, low fat, chili
Salad dressing with most of the fat poured off
a bit of light feta on the salad

jrnyc and Shannon, how has your day been so far?

03-13-2006, 01:18 PM
Hello all. I too am starting phase1 today (march 13) I did sbd in 2003 and lost 20 pounds. Since then I went through lots for fertility treatments, a pregnancy and a cesarean delivery. So I'm back to sbd again with about 60 pounds to lose.

So far today I have had 2 boiled eggs, a 1/2 slice of cheese, a snack size pack of jello and some water. I am having a salad for lunch and chicken stir fry for lunch.

jrnyc- I too stop losing when I added back the carb foods. I also think I added too fast. I will add slower this time.

Well good luck to us all...

03-13-2006, 04:31 PM
Hi everyone, I am also starting today. I did SBD last year and lost weight, this time I am determined to lose it all. Pretty excited to start this long journey and to have and give wonderful support. Good luck to all!

03-13-2006, 07:26 PM
well, I technically started Saturday, but could use the support, so I will go ahead and post what I ate, since it is phase 1.

B-2 egg omlet with spinach, canadian bacon, and ff cheddar
s-none, I am a teacher and snacks don't always fit in my schedule
L- chili
s-laughing cow wedge, 1 serving of cashews
D-oven grilled salmon with a large salad and maybe some green beans
s- probably will have the SBD chocolate milkshake for my sweet treat

Good luck to all of you. I know I need it!! Love to see what people eat, so I hope you will post meals. They give me ideas!

Heidi- you should try the Spicy V8. I noticed you put tabasco in yours, so you might like it too. It's great.

03-13-2006, 08:03 PM
Hey everybody!
I started this last week. Started Monday, then restarted on Tuesday. On day 3 I was very irritable, but woke up on day four with a good attitude and more energy. I have tried to do the SBD in the past but never made it past day 3 until now. Before I found this website, I joined SBD online, but I have found so much more here. For those of you starting today, please check the forums for the Emergency Phase 1 plan. They have an awesome recipe for "Peanut Butter Cup" that I look forward to every day. Also the bean muffins and mock pancakes in the "Phase 1 breakfast ideas" have helped me make it through. I weighed today and have lost 5 lbs after 6 true days.
Welcome aboard!

03-13-2006, 08:56 PM
Hi all,
Beachbabe, congratulations on the loss! Also the useful suggestion to refer to the Emergency Phase 1 Plan. Sometimes when thing start to fail or to seem too repetitive, it's good to return to basics and approach things a different way.

So far it's been a good day for me. I even went for a brisk walk. The evening snack phase still has to pass, but I have a plan for it.

How has everyone else been doing?

03-13-2006, 11:21 PM
Thank you, chickies for all the inspiration.

It did not go well for me today. I did not prepare for phase 1 by going grocery shopping, so I did not eat enough. By 3 pm I had a splitting headache. At six I made a bowl of pasta and ate it (phase 2 appropriate, except I had at least a double serving). The good part is that my headache is gone.

I will make sure I go grocery shopping first thing tomorrow morning. Also, I will check out the emergency phase 1 plan.

03-14-2006, 09:42 AM
Ok one day done here's what I ate:

Coffee with splenda and sugar free coffee mate
2 boiled eggs
1snack size jello with a bit of cool whip
2 fudgsicles
A salad with cheese and deli ham
"Skillet chicken" which is basically chicken with spices and diced tomatoes
Green beans
Peanut butter cup (SBD)
Roasted chickpeas
Over 64 oz water

I know I went over with my extra calories but otherwise I think I did ok.

03-14-2006, 10:10 AM
Hey girls, it was nice and encouraging to see so many people on board for Phase 1. I know its hard and I am in for my first challenge today. My mother is taking my kids and I to an indoor waterpark/hotel for two days, and I can just imagine what kind of treats she will pack:rolleyes: . She even asked me why I had to start my SBD now, why couldn't I wait. She is a recovering heart patient and has gained back most of her pre op weight but continues to tell me that she is eating health. She is eating better but her portions are way out there:o , god love her but she is going to be my downfall these next two days. I am going to PLAN< PLAN< PLAN.. I am definetly going to need some :dust: , so send it through. The good thing is i am bringing food also and there is a fitness room there, so taking my workout stuff and get on the treadmill:woops: , and work out my frustrations.
Ate well yesterday, and went to gym. Talk to all on Thursday, and stick with it, its worth it.:hug:

03-14-2006, 02:21 PM
I started Phase 1 today again. In the fall I did SB for 2 month and lost 20lbs. Then the holidays hit. I really need to stick to it this time. I recently had blood work done. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I do not want to take medication for the rest of my life like my mother.

I have been on this site many times reading everyones posts but have not posted myself. Maybe this time if I talk to others and get feedback maybe it will help me stay on track.

03-14-2006, 03:27 PM
Hello everybody! I started P1 yesterday (March 13th) and the people in the book were dead on when they said they felt "out of sorts" because that about sums it up. I think this will work for me though because I have a binge eating disorder and I always tend to binge on carbalicious things. I always resisted anything saying that certain foods were good or bad, but I really think that's what works for me. I'm attempting phase 1 for 3 weeks (since it takes that long to break a habit) and intend on adding in fruit 1 piece a day for the next week. I figured that would be easiest since they are already preportioned: a big bowl of rice is just bad news for me.
A wee bit of background: I gained 40 pounds after quitting smoking in December of 2005 and I'm ready to get back down plus the five I had gained before that. :-) But I'd be happy with 35 for now. My goal is to be down to 140 by fall: I am involved with a community theater group, and even though I love doing production, I would like to perform again and play Janet in our performance of The Rocky Horror Show. My friend is directing it, and he said he doesn't care how in shape Janet is, but I'm rolling with it anyway: playing Janet is no fun unless you're running around in bra and panties.
I'm glad I joined this forum because I'm going to need some good ideas for snacks. I'm having a great time planning dinner menus and cooking new things, but I'm not sure if eating the sheer amount of cheese I am is good for me, plus I might get bored. I'm hoping the amount of the fiber in all these damn vegetables I'm eating will counteract the cheese. I wouldn't mind having nuts, but I try to stay away from them because I have braces. Also sweets: I am a sugar maniac, and the ricotta creme kind of freaks me has this strange gritty consistency. Am I doing something wrong or is that pretty much what ricotta is like?

03-14-2006, 03:56 PM
:welcome: to all the newbies and returnees! It's nice to see you chickies giving and getting support here.

Please remember that the Phase I Food List in the FAQ section is the newest one and remember that milk and yoghurt are part of the Phase now. Check out the Phase I Handbook sticky. Be SURE to get at least four sevings of veggie each day.

By the way, ricotta IS sort of grainy unless you get the silky kind. I sometimes add pasteurized egg white to that dessert to smooth it out.

03-14-2006, 04:22 PM
Silky ricotta, eh? I have never heard of such a thing. I'll keep an eye open. Also, those tofu noodles on those okay for phase 1?

03-14-2006, 04:24 PM
Hello, chickies! Checking in to say that day 2 is going much better. I made sure I had a proper breakfast and my snacks. When lunch time came around I was hungry but not starving. What's more important--no headache. :carrot:

The first time I did phase 1 I weighed myself everyday but this time I don't think I will do that.

As for the ricotta cheese desserts, I do not like ricotta because of the texture either, so I do them with nf cottage cheese. Do you chicks think they are interchangeable dietwise?

03-14-2006, 04:41 PM
Do you chicks think they are interchangeable dietwise?
They really are not interchangeable although both work in the Creme Dessert. 1-2% cottage cheese has about half the calories, half the carbs, 1/10 of the fat but the same protein as Ricotta. So cottage cheese is a better lower fat and calorie choice than reduced fat ricotta! I got this from, a handy free tool!

What are the ingredients in the tofu noodles? We don't get them up here.

03-14-2006, 06:37 PM
Ladies, I do have to tell you, if you need that chocolate fix, try the SBD chocolate milkshake. I swear, and I know this sounds odd, but I could maybe eat it in place of regular ice cream and be just as satisfied. I don't add the instant coffee it asks for, just the cocoa. Yum.

03-14-2006, 07:06 PM
So far, so good! I went grocery shopping Sunday (I nearly passed out when I got the total, but I suppose the spices, etc. drove the cost up.) and pre cut most of my veggies. I felt good yesterday, but the organic chocolate cookies (like Oreos) in my cabinet were screaming at me. They've been there untouched for months. They are still untouched!!! Go me! Today after lunch I felt a real slump in energy and a headache, so I popped some painkillers and I'm doing ok. Although, around lunch I thought to myself that I would kill for a sweet tea (and our lunch room makes the best... very sweet...very Southern!). Anothr GO ME moment: I cooked! I hardly ever cook...hate to cook... it wasn't so painful after all! Now I just need a cabana boy to do the clean up!;)

Amelie, I'm a teacher too. Fortunately, we have a "breakfast break" that occurs after 1st period (actually it's a 12 minute class change). I grab something quick then. When I was on a schedule that didn't have that, I just ate during class change. On other "diets" I've eaten at the very end of class or the very beginning while kids are packing up or doing bell ringers.

What I ate:
B: (M) veggie quiche cups (ok, not a fan of egg substitute, next time I'll use all eggs) & (T)Scrambled eggs and salsa, w/ V-8 & a slice of ham both days
S: 2 deviled eggs & a few cherry tomatoes (M) and 1 devilled egg (T)
L: (M) Chef Salad (T) Smaller salad and Chicken Divan (from SBD site)
S: (both days) mixed nuts and ham slice
D: (M) Chicken Divan... very divine! (T) Taco bake (SBD site) I"m cooking again!
No evening snack, tonight, probably the chocolate shake. Need some milk!

This forum is much better & easier to maneuver than the SBD site!

Later Chicks. I've got cooking to do. :dizzy:

03-14-2006, 07:31 PM
Another teacher-chick checking in! You're so lucky, we can't eat during classes. Sometimes, when I am trying Phase I, I try and eat in the 3 minutes the kids have to change classes in, haha. I will have to be more aware of when I snack. Sometimes, I end up going whole days without one. Not good, I know. When I re-started Phase I this weekend I will sit down and try to think of a good time to get some snacks in!

03-14-2006, 10:22 PM
glad to hear there are fellow teachers out there! Peanuts are a great 5 minutes in between snack! Today didn't go too badly for me....

b-2 eggs, scrambled (nothing added), coffee
s-cashews (easy to grab a handful at a break time)
l-salad with leftover salmon from last night's dinner, small container cottage cheese
s-laughing cow cheese wedge, 5.5 oz Spicy V8
d-chicken, green beans, and small serving of refried beans with cheddar cheese
s-sbd chocolate milkshake

Hope everyone else is doing well!

03-15-2006, 09:42 AM
I did quite well yesterday. My mom and I went to my favorite Greek/Italian spaghetti and steak house and my favorite spaghetti was the special but I resisted. I had the sirloin medallions with a salad and green beans. NO bread.

B: 2 boiled eggs, coffee
L: Sirloin medallions, salad, green beans
S: roasted chickpeas
D: Ham and cheese rollups, sbd peanut butter cup
a few more roasted chickpeas

We did bring home my dd's leftover Lasagna and I tasted the sauce. She also had some of there fabulous rolls. I did put a bite in my mouth but I spit it out.

I do think I was a little short on my water but not bad. I had to go to bed early with a migraine.

03-15-2006, 10:14 AM
Chickies, if Beachgal were here, she'd yell at you about not enough veggies! Try for 4 1/2 cups per day and not all salads!

I am concerned that I don't see much dairy being consumed. Osteporosis in your future? Remember that dairy is now allowed on Phase I - see the FAQ Foodlist.

I was a teacher-chick way back in the dark ages. Now I train dogs and their owners! It's much easier. :rofl:

03-15-2006, 10:47 AM
Yesterday 3/14/06:
B: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup ff mozzerella cheese, chopped peppers and mushrooms, about 1/2 a cup total
2 slices turkey bacon, medium coffee with a tiny bit of real half and half
S: cheese stick
L: 1.5 cups taco soup (beans, tomatoes, chicken stock, onions, jalapenos, spices I really need to post the recipe for this, it really satisfies my near daily taco craving)
baby spinach with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, ff feta and olive oil/red wine venegar
1/2 cup sf jello w/1 tbls ff cool whip
s: 1 container Dannon yogurt (no sugar, vanilla flavored), black cherry diet rite
d: chicken satay (couldn't finish all the chicken though, so the kitties ate it), marinated cucumbers, 1 cup frozen veggies
s: 1/3 pan black bean brownies, oops! ;-) and 1 nsa fudgsicle
3 liters of water total for the day
How does this look?

03-15-2006, 10:50 AM
It looks great! Lots of veggies and legumes. Please do post the taco soup in the Phase I recipe section. It sounds familiar - maybe a Weight Watchers recipe?
[GO, Girl!

03-15-2006, 10:58 AM
Hi Everyone! I started phase one about 4 weeks ago, lost 8 pounds the first week! But for whatever reason I fell off the band wagon towards the end of phase 1, I haven't gained anything back, but I haven't lost anything either. What should I do? should I redo phase 1? or should I do a mixture of both phase 1, but add a few carbs every once in a while?? What have other people done??:?:

03-15-2006, 02:41 PM
Hi! I'm starting SB (again) today. So far I've had 2 pieces of bacon and 1 scrambled egg for breakfast, boneless, skinless, chicken breast stir-fried with cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, seasonings, and soy sauce and a glass of fat free milk. I've had 48 oz of water so far today. I also had 15 almonds for an afternoon snack. I'm stumped as to what to make for dinner!

03-15-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi Everyone! I started phase one about 4 weeks ago, lost 8 pounds the first week! But for whatever reason I fell off the band wagon towards the end of phase 1, I haven't gained anything back, but I haven't lost anything either. What should I do? should I redo phase 1? or should I do a mixture of both phase 1, but add a few carbs every once in a while?? What have other people done??:?:

I know it's very hard, but what I am doing is Phase 1 strictly. I want to stay on it longer than two weeks, but we will see. ;)

03-15-2006, 05:00 PM

I am going to try to do phase one for longer as that I am armed with the black bean brownie recipe, I'll be fine. There's nothing really I miss anyway that I wouldn't be able to have on a normal diet anyway...may as well roll with this. I'm going for at least 3 weeks, but trying for more. Looks like you want to be the same weight as me too (long term goal). Good luck!

03-15-2006, 06:34 PM
Please read the sticky on length of time on Phase I. ( Not a good idea!

03-15-2006, 06:46 PM
I read the sticky and I totally agree, but when I tried phase 2 I stopped losing weight to the point that I became discouraged and went off plan for a couple of days. :mad:

I want to look nice, I don't have any health problems, but I am 56 and I want to look good before I am in a nursing home. ;) Any ideas/suggestions?

PS--Where is that brownie recipe?

03-15-2006, 10:51 PM
Teacher Chicks:
Well, if there is one benefit to being a diabetic, it's that I have a physical reason for needing to eat every 3 hours. My goal is to be free of this diagnosis, but until then, I'll make it work for me. Though, if I snack it's in the first or last 2-3 minutes of class. Like today, a "visitor" for observation purposes was dropped off in my room. She had lots of questions about the Literacy class I teach, so I missed "breakfast break" I just ate my devilled egg while I took roll. Nobody noticed.

Nuts are also quick, so is a ham slice rolled up...and olives (thought I'm not a fan of those before noon)

03-16-2006, 09:41 AM
Brownie recipe is in the desserts phase one recipe section

03-16-2006, 09:45 AM
B: 2 eggs, 3 asparagus spears, 1 big mushroom, 1/4 cup mozzarella
1 black bean brownie (1/9 of pan)
20 oz coffee
S: 2 stalks celery
cup herbal tea
L: 1.5 cups burrito soup
4 asparagus spears
spinach, grape tomatoes, 1 inch square ff feta, olive oil & red wine vinegar
1/2 cup sf Jell-O with 1 spoon ff cool whip
S: 1 black bean brownie
1 can diet rite
light string cheese
D: Anniversary dinner at Columbus Fish Market!
salmon with portabello relish, roasted eggplant & zucchini, asparagus (I'm about asparagused out), iced tea (with Equal)
S: 2 black bean brownies (those things are dangerous, the only reason I had 2 was because I forgot about the one I had a breakfast time, I want to limit my daily intake of those bad boys to 1/3 of a pan a day), 1 tsp PB, 1 tsp ff cool whip

I also walked/jogged 2 miles and drank 3 liters of water. I think I did alright yesterday! Except for the 2nd caffienated beverage (I needed SOMETHING, my bf was having a really good looking beer, and I figure iced tea is better than beer) and the 4th brownie (but since I spilt them into 9 pieces, they are only 83.33 calories a piece, so that's 333 for the day, so not too terrible). So today I'm going to work on keeping my brownie snacking in check, and continue to drink enough water, exercise, and eat healthily.

And I understand about not staying in phase one TOO long, but I can't imagine an extra week or two could hurt. After all, it does take 21 days to break a habit, so I may as well go 21 days and see if I can get carb binging out of my system. Then add back in apples, grapefruit and irish oats (my favorite healthy carbs) back in slowly.

03-16-2006, 11:50 AM
Ok not a bad day yesterday.
B-Omelet with red onions and cheese and coffee
l-salad with more cheese
snacks- 3 fudgesicles, roasted chickpeas and string cheese:o
d-beef roast and green beans
dessert-sb peanut butter cup

Now that TOM is over I have lost 4 pounds.:carrot:

03-16-2006, 12:12 PM
Congratulations on the weight loss, Tasha. I will not weigh myself yet. The first time I was obsessed with the scale and I am trying to weigh myself only once or twice a week now.

futurecfo: I think I am going to do phase one the 21 days, too. While I agree with the sticky, doing phase one beats what I would sometimes eat before (Dr. Pepper and cake for breakfast, for example). Adding the carbs slowly makes a lot of sense too.

I want to try the bean brownies, but am afraid of eating the whole pan.:o

My biggest obstacle in sticking to the plan has been what to eat for breakfast--I don't eat eggs and though the recipes I saw on the breakfast section seem appealing, I would have to plan ahead because I don't see myself cooking in the morning. However, this morning I realized (not an original idea, but it had never clicked) that I could have dinner leftovers.
So this morning I had a small hamburger patty with 6 oz tomato juice and 1/2 cup yogurt.

Query: I like having cottage cheese for snacks--would that count as a protein or as part of the dairy? :?:

03-16-2006, 12:46 PM
jrnyc: I feel the same way. As long as I'm accountable and don't add little no-no's here and there, I should be fine in phase 1. That's why I like this board, I have to admit to myself when I ate 4 brownies and had more caffiene than I'm supposed to. And the brownies can be dangerous, which is why I cut them into 9 instead of 6. 1/3 of the pan is the max you should have in a day (so says an experienced beacher) and I'd rather have 3 brownies than 2, even though it's the same amount.
This is just me talking, not an expert but I wouldn't count cottage cheese as dairy because it has little calcium. Cottages cheese (curds) has all the protein and ricotta (whey) has all the calcium, from what someone on food network told me. Is dairy limited?

03-16-2006, 01:03 PM
:wave: Phase Oners!

The limit on Dairy is 2-3 cups allowed daily, including yogurt...

Cottage and Ricotta is listed as a cheese under the List for Phase 1.. I don't know how to count it.. but as far as SB goes, it is exempt from the Diary 2-3 cups.

Fudgcicles: Look for The Original Fudgesicle NSA - it's in a yellow box..
what you are looking for is no sugar added...

There are tons of recipes to help with dinner ideas, and non-egg breakfast.. Jrnyc..Yep !!! go fer left over dinner fer breakfast! or deli meat roll ups etc..

Staying on Phase1... try going to Phase 1.5.. Many chicks find that if they add a small amount of phase 2 foods to thier diet, they continue to do fine.. for example, do phase 1 but add a piece of ww toast one day.. a bowl of strawberries for the next...
Here is a link to the Emergency Handbook for Phase 1.

It looks like you guys only need to do some tweaking to your meals... GIt that Dairy in !!!! and Veggies are not only nutritious but can give you a nice full feeling...Try a 3 bean salad with Vinegar and OO... It really is satisfying!

Hang in thar Girls !!

03-16-2006, 02:26 PM
Hi everyone.
I think I'll jump in because I'm close to everyone in starting time, I began P1 on March 7. I found that the "Bean Muffins" in Phase 1 breakfast ideas helped me get through my first week. The "Peanut Butter Cup" gets me through the day. I have also made the bean brownies and while they are okay warm, it hit the spot with a little Cool Whip Lite.
Don't get me wrong, I do eat my veggies, I'm just a sugar/chocoholic, so for those of you out there like me, I thought I would give my vices.
Today is day 10 for me and I could have really finished off my son's PB&J, but I didn't. I did have a low-carb burger from Hardee's. Very good, but I don't want to make that a habit. I thought that it would be better for SBD than the PB&J though!

03-16-2006, 07:47 PM
Here's my menu for the day again! Hope the rest of you ladies on P1 are doing well! I can't believe I have made it through day 6 days!

b- 2 egg omlet with canadian bacon, spinach, and 2% sharp cheddar
l-tuna with a small salad (didn't eat all my salad because I forgot my dressing!)
s-laughing cow cheese wedge, 8oz Spicy V8, one sugar free piece of chocolate
d- parmesan crusted tilapia with broccoli and a cheese sauce, probably a side salad. I might also add lima beans because I had such a small lunch, and I know it will catch up to me tonight as I was the OC.
s-if craving chocolate, I will make the SBD chocolate milkshake

03-16-2006, 08:54 PM
If anyone sees that I am doing something wrong, please let me know. :^:
It would be truly appreciated.

B--2 oz ground beef
6 oz tomato juice
4 oz yogurt

S-- cheese stick
5 almonds
Crystal Light

L--3 oz tofu, stirfried w/peppers and green onions
1/2 cup red beans
3/4 cup green beans
1 t olive oil
1/2 cup sf gelatin

S--1/2 cup nf cottage cheese

D--3 oz steak, grilled
rest of two bean salad (equal amounts)
8 oz diet Pepsi

Night snack--1 cup milk with 1 tb peanut butter (shake with vanilla and Equal)

Query--Am I eating too many beans? I love all sorts of beans and could eat them for every meal but I am not sure if it is 1/2 cup at lunch AND dinner or just 1/2 per day.

03-16-2006, 09:08 PM
jrnyc- I think you can have 1/2 c with each meal. I do...I love them too.

03-16-2006, 09:33 PM
Thank you, Amelie77. I love beans so much. I do not like fat, except for a little bit olive oil. When I can have sandwiches I even use a bean spread instead of mayo.

03-16-2006, 11:56 PM
Ok. I need to restart. I was doing so well all through January and halfway through last month, then I got sick, and things went downhill from there. I need to get back exercising again, too.

I tried to the other night, and did meh, ok, yesterday. Today for dinner, I completely didn't stay on, cause I didn't pack a lunch, so had a sub, then I get back to work and have a flippin' Twix! Gah! :no:

So here I am. And I'm going to get groceries tonight after work, and I'm getting back on phase 1. I lost 25 lbs, then I've put back on 5, though I really need a new scale cause my scales been very wonky lately.

And I'm getting my butt on my bike again tonight.

03-17-2006, 12:28 AM
I think what's important is that you are getting back on track. I have learned that for me it mandatory to plan ahead every meal. If I wait until I am hungry to decide what to eat or even worse to go grocery shopping, then there is a very good chance that I will not be on plan. We have to work on this until it's second nature!

03-17-2006, 10:41 AM
Yesterday's menu:
B: 2 eggs, 1/4 cup ff cheese, 2 strips of bacon (I just couldn't stomach vegetables yesterday morning)
S: 2 stalks celery (love this stuff! It's tasty and because of my braces it takes me like half an hour to eat it)
L: 1.5 cup soup, salad, blah blah blah I eat the same thing for lunch every day, mostly because unless it's McDonald's I don't really care.
S: black bean brownie, cheese stick, diet rite
D: steak (it was 1/2 lb before cooking)1/2 oz goat cheese (I am SOOOO happy that goat cheese fits within the guidelines because I love it with all my being), mini quiche (for lack of a better term...I took 7 eggs, 4 slices of turkey bacon, 1 cup ff cheese and 1 package of spinach, mixed it together and baked it in 10 muffin cups)
S: 2 bb brownies, NSA fudge pop
I drank less than 3 liters of water yesterday and didn't get on the treadmill because we were running around at the guitar store then cooking dinner and by then it was after 8: too late for me to be jogging. I think I did alright!
Today is looking to be a little more difficult. I was so hungry a 1/2 hour ago I ate the brownie I was saving for my afternoon snack. I think it's because Friday for me is doughnut day, my most favorite food, so I'm feeling the urge. Thank God for gum: I wish they made doughnut flavored gum though.

03-17-2006, 11:18 AM
Hey guys.

Purple monkey: it must feel great to be out of the 200s. I can't wait for that.

futurecfo: that doughnut flavored gum sounds like a goldmin. maybe you should patent that idea :)

Here's my Thursday:

B: some concoction that I made from eggs, ricotta cheese, chocolate and spenda because I was dying for something sweet. Not bad but I wouldn;t recommend it. Although it was sort of like a recipe I saw on here once.

S: Nothing b/c breakfast was late

L: Almonds and sf chocolate bar

s: Bean brownies

D: Chicken enchiladinis ( from the recipe thread--delicious)

Yesterday and lunch I went to my best friends office while they were eating pizza. They had waited for me to eat but I didn't have a bite. It smelled divine. So proud. Then last night while my sons band was at the recording studio they took a break and ordered pizza for all of us. Again not a bite. At least I couldn't smell that. Although I did break down when we got home and had 2 fruit snacks (like gummi bears)

I know I have got to work on my veggies, but I am drinking my water. I haven't had a drop of soda since Sunday which is a big deal for me.

Here's to another great day!!!

03-17-2006, 03:07 PM
Holy crap, good for you with avoiding pizza twice!
I said no to doughnuts this morning for probably the first time ever.
yay for willpower: hope it lasts through the weekend for both of us!

03-17-2006, 10:22 PM
....... and the will power of some of you is awesome:carrot: .
I think I am eating OK but I don't think I am getting enough veggies.

B- 2eggs(hard boiled), grape tomatoes(10), and lots of decaf coffee( probably to much, but I love coffee:coffee: )
S- no snack, didn't get up till 10:30am , kids on March break.

L- Peanut Butter/cocoa smoothie and celery(2) with laughing cow cheese(1).
S- Tim horton coffee with 1 cream( decaf)
D- Homemade chili with black beans(love black beans) , with shredded cheddar and H2O.
S- sugar free fudgicle and maybe a diet pepsi caffeine free

How's that sound? And I did a power workout at gym while DH went swimming in the pool with kids.

03-18-2006, 12:38 AM
scrappin - You want to get 4 1/2 cups of veggies every day. I'm also wondering if you are drinking enough water. I try to drink one glass of water for every glass of another drink. That seems to really help me.

03-18-2006, 02:45 PM
Here's my Friday

b; Leftover chicken enchiladinis and coffee (not at the same time yuck)
s; bean brownie
l; More chicken enchiladinis, 3 sf crystal light hard candies
s; fudgesicle, sm pc cheese, a few cashews
d; lf hamburger pattie with lettuce tomato pickle cheese and mayo (no bun)
and broccoli and cheese
dessert: sf jello and cool whip

Are cashews okay? I don't recall them being mentioned in the book.

Does anyone know the volume of nuts allowed? (ie 1/4 cup 1/8 cup)

Have a great weekend everyone!:dizzy:

03-18-2006, 03:47 PM
When you have a doubt you can go to the South Beach section and find the Phase 1 Foods allowed.

This is what I have:
NUTS AND SEEDS (Limit to one serving per day as specified. Dry roasted recommended.)
Almonds 15
Brazil Nuts 4
Cashews 15
Filberts 25
Flax Seed 3 TBS (1 oz)
Hazelnuts - 25
Macadamia - 8
Peanut Butter, Natural, and other nut butters - 2 TBS
Peanuts, 20 small (May use dry roasted or boiled)
Pecans 15
Pine Nuts (Pignolia) - 1 ounce
Pistachios - 30
Pumpkin Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Sesame Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Soy Nuts - cup
Sunflower Seeds - 3 TBS (1 oz)
Walnuts 15

03-19-2006, 11:21 AM
I am so excited! I just weighed and I've lost 4.4 pounds! I'm delighted!

The latter part of the week was nuts (no pun intended...well, maybe) so I didn't get to post my daily foods, but I found some things I really like:

1) Chicken Divan (from SB website recipe)... I've also eaten it with tuna
2) BirdsEyes Steamfresh broccoli--Frozen veggies, just throw the whole bag in the microwave, and in 5 minutes you've got perfectly steamed broccoli!
3) Chef Salad
4) Almonds & Cashews
5) Stir Fry chicken & veggies (I buy the Tyson chicken strips and the Birdseye frozen peppers & onions, add some Lite Soy, a dash of worchestshier... Throw in a handful of cashews...YUM!)
6) Green Olives & Ham slices
7)Carb Smart Fudgesicle
8) Peanut Butter n Chocolate Protein shake
8) Sugar Free Lifesavers

And some things I don't...
Taco Bake (from SB website...)
Plain tuna
raw broccoli

I've also learned I can't eat as fast because I have to spend so much time chewing all those veggies! I'm looking forward to this week!

I'm totally motivated to keep on keeping on!:carrot:

03-19-2006, 12:18 PM
:carrot:Congratulations Chryssi (sp?):carrot:

Way to Go:carrot:

03-19-2006, 01:55 PM
Congratulations, Crissy. Your enthusiasm gave me some motivation too.
And ideas for some recipes to try. Thank you.

This morning I made the bean muffin mixture, but instead of baking I cooked some in a non-stick pan and made pancakes. The texture was a little bit weird. I think next time I am going to add more egg and maybe cottage cheese.

The plate looked nice, though: 2 pancakes, soy sausage, sugar free syrup!!!

Here's to an inspired South Beach week!!

03-19-2006, 10:32 PM
jrnyc- I think we are a lot alike! I made the bean muffins, but really thought they would make a better pancake! As I was eating one with SF syrup on top, I was thinking how similar it was to a pancake! Good luck this week, we are almost past p1!!!

03-20-2006, 07:15 PM
Hope all you guys are still doing well with phase! So far so good here. Just posting my menu for the day...would love for you guys to keep doing that too. Gives me ideas!

B- 2 egg omlet with spinach, canadian bacon, and sharp cheddar (have eaten this the last 9 days and still not tired of it!

S- cashews (may have eaten a few too many! opps.)

L- Romaine and Spinach salad with tuna, small container cottage cheese, 12 oz spicy V8

S- 1 Wedge Laughing Cow Cheese, 1/2 c refried beans with a little cheese

D- Have my spicy italian roast in the crockpot (which smells yummy by the way), plan on having green beans or broccoli and a salad with it.

S- SBD Chocolate Milkshake if needed later tonight.

03-20-2006, 07:47 PM

Ok. I'm back. Again. And restarting today. I went to my mom's this weekend. And I wasn't back in enough to stay on. I hate that I justify being able to just restart on Monday, or whatever. I've been doing that for a month!

I really do need to do some grocery shopping. I'm out of fresh veggies, and that's the worst part. Everything else I have on hand, but I need lettuce!

03-20-2006, 07:51 PM
Well, it's been a week and I still feel good! I was not going to weigh myself yet but could not resist.

Friday night I went out and had a 5 course meal in a great restaurant. By the end of the meal I got carried away (the food was so good) and ordered dessert. It was a very small serving, as is the way in fancy places, at least in NYC.

Saturday morning I went back to the Beach.

I was curious as to how Friday's meal had affected my weight loss so I weighed myself today. I have lost 2 lbs. :carrot: It may not look like much but I had not lost anything in a month on Phase 2. :(

I am happy because I learned that I can splurge sometimes as long as it's done responsibly and then get back on track.

PS--I usually don't post my menus because I don't really cook anymore. I just grill a piece of chicken, beef or soy burger then add a cooked veggie and a salad.

I have been tracking all the food I eat at the NIH site and it's helping a lot.

03-20-2006, 08:08 PM
purplemonkey, don't be too hard on yourself.

Usually, that's what I do, but this time when I went off SBD, I planned ahead. I studied the restaurant menu ahead of time and I knew what I was going to order when I went in. OK, I did not plan on eating dessert.

SBD is the way I'm going to eat the rest of my life, but I know that there will be times when I have sugar. I won't get discouraged when I do, just try harder the next meal.

Plus, baby, you are ahead, you have lost 20 pounds!!!!

03-21-2006, 09:25 AM
Hi everyone. My name is Lori. I started back on the beach last Saturday. Last time I did SB I got through the first 2 weeks, lost 8 pounds, but then started to gain once I entered phase 2. This time I'll add back in new food items more slowly. This way of eating really works for me as long as I stick to the plan. I've already lost 3 pounds. I know that's mostly water and I shouldn't weigh more than once a week, but if feels so good to see the number go down :D

Here's what I've been eating:

B: Breakfast scramble - Saute green & red bell peppers and onions. Add 1 spicy black bean burger patty (pre-cooked for 1 minute in the microwave and then crumbled in the pan), 1/2 cup egg substitute, 1/4 cup low fat cheese, salsa & hot sauce. This is very fillling and keeps me going all morning.

L: Saturday and Sunday I got the grilled chicken ceasar salad from McDonalds. Used 1/2 of the dressing and threw out the croutons. We've (I have a 15 year old son) been in the habit of grabbing lunch on the way out to ski practice so I need to get more organized and pack our lunch instead. Yesterday I made a wonderful chef salad at home with lean turkey, ham, swiss cheese and a hard boiled egg. Dressing was light blue cheese dressing that I thinned out with a little FF half & half.

D: Saturday - Country style ribs cooked in the crock-pot, cauliflower mash, steamed cabbage, green beans. Sunday - got home late after the ski show so had a SB frozen dinner.
Monday - I eat dinner out every Monday on my way to chorus rehearsal. Last night we went to Cracker Barrell and I had a pork chop, green beans and pinto beans.

Snacks - 30 pistaschios, Celery with laughing cow cheese, "peanut butter cup", SF jello w/cool whip free.

Tonight for dinner I'm making a hamburger patty with lots of sauteed onions and mushrooms, steamed yellow squash and broccoli.

Thanks for letting me share!

I just realized that there is a thread for people who started this week...oops!

03-21-2006, 10:23 AM
Yesterday's menu:
B: 2 mini spinach quiche, 2 stuffed mushrooms, 2 strips turkey bacon
S: 2 stalks celery (I just realized I forgot to pack my celery today! Poop!)
L: 1.5 cups burrito soup, raw spinach w/evoo & RW vinegar, bb brownie, diet rite
S: 2 stuffed mushrooms, 1/2 cup cottage cheese
D: mock pancakes & oatmeal
s: frozen pb cup
I only drank 2 liters of water yesterday, but I did go for a nice long walk. :-)
I tell you what, those pancakes and oatmeal hit the spot. Those are my normal "I had a bad day" comfort foods, so it helped. Except I woke up this morning just nauseated, I'm blaming all the fake sugar. Plus I'm not feeling the greatest emotionally. It was a real struggle yesterday not to binge...usually I try to tell myself that I'll just feel worse afterwards, because I do, but that never works. And then I had a lightbulb moment where I just sort of realized that shoveling a whole cake in my face won't make my life not suck: as soon as the cake it gone, everything is going to be right there, sucking. It sounds depressing and a little nihilistic, but it's true. So maybe I might be able to stick to this after all. I'm adding fruit and oatmeal next week though: oatmeal for my morning snack and an apple with peanut butter for my afternoon snack. But that's all. I'm kinda getting ahead of myself though, since I haven't even weighed myself yet. So I suppose we'll see.
My weekend was fine: this not eating sugar thing has grown to near obsession. I have nightmares about forgetting I'm doing SBD and eating a muffin: I have similar dreams about smoking (I quit over a year ago). Last night I looked at the ingredients in Cool Whip free and saw corn syrup and almost swore it off, but it is quite tasty, and as long as I limit it, I think I'll be fine. I'm really looking forward to Irish oats next week though. I keep saying that. I am really foccused on oats.

03-22-2006, 12:51 AM
Hey you guys. Oh my what a last couple of days. My dsl line has been down:mad:

But to date I have lost 6.6 pounds:carrot:

I have had a couple of slip ups but got back on track. Hopefully it won't hurt me.

Should someone start a new thread for the new week this one is getting long.

Glad to see all the weight loss and everyone doing well. Check back later.


04-03-2006, 08:38 PM
Hi, thought I would bring this thread back up and see how everone who started phase I on March 13 is doing. I have so far lost 11 lbs and still doing phase I for another week.


04-03-2006, 10:11 PM
Wow mattandgabbysmom, that's awesome!
I started the week before ya'll on March 8 and I did P1 for 3 weeks. I'm down about 8 lbs. I have done really well eating wise until this afternoon, but I am going to look past that and get right back on track.
Congratulations on your weight loss.

04-04-2006, 10:28 AM
Want2babeachbabe, you did a great job also. That is a great attitude to have, look past it and get right back on track. Your goal is not too far away.
Good Luck!

04-04-2006, 02:05 PM
Whoops! I meant to close this thread after the two week period. I'm glad to see such positive posts. Keep up the good work, Chickies!