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07-26-2001, 10:33 PM
If you have 50 or so pounds to lose, jump on in and join us! You'll be sure to get a warm welcome. :)

07-27-2001, 01:39 AM
Good call texaslady! dgd is pretty patient when she is doing something that interests her. she did a good job of cleaning, only broke one piece, but I was able to patch it. dh and I were going to Bible study tonight, and I was a bit leary about leaving the girls , but I set her up with painting these newly fired items, and she painted for 2 and 1/2 hours! I had to have her clean up when we got home, because dh goes to bed early, and she was working on the patio outside out bedroom. But she admitted that her back is aching from being in the "painting positon" for so long. :) she has gotten very meticulous in her painting. Does very good work.
Thanks too for jarring me into reality!! I have to get my walking shoes in shape! Sept will be here before I know it!! Bourbon ST awaits!
I haven't been to meetings for 2 weeks! something is always coming up! I got a post card today , telling me to come back, and I got on the scales, and don't think I have gained anything, maybe down a bit :D I will get back in there on Saturday, unless I can armwrestle dgd for a car tomorrow! I have to take mine in for service and repairs.
Hi to all!
and Happy Friday!

07-28-2001, 06:15 AM
Good morning! Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a pleasant weeken
:) I got some good news from the second opinion department- my HMO gave the okay for me to have the additional studies done in Baltimore. Of course, if she decides the biopsy is necessary and doable, I'll have to go another 6 rounds with them to get the biopsy done there :eek:, but I'll worry anout that if and when it happens! My appointment for the aditional diagnostic views is this Wednesday afternoon.
Today is oficial moving day. I did take yesterday off - and a good thing too! Even though most of the big stuff is already moved, there's so much other stuff- I spent from about 5 in the morning until about 8 last night on stuff, mostly here, and partly on the other end at my dd's. I am feeling extremely old this morning- and have quite a bit more to do before my sil and exdh get here about 8.:dizzy:
Beth, our hot and humid spell is taking a break for a couple days- yesterday was gorgeous- it barely hit 80- and today will be sunny in the low 80's. But July's typical heat will be back by the beinning of the week!I hope all went well with your sister's hyterectomy- I know having you stay with her for a few days will be a big help!
Jan, I'm glad you decided to put off your shopping trip for a couple weeks! You have tp be back in top form when classes start!
Meri, a pound lost is great! Think of it as 4 sticks of butter gone from your hips forever! Beating yourself up with "woulda-coulda-shouldas" doesn't do any good. Take one day at a time , and don't look back on the lapses (except to learn from what you did wrong} Congrats on winning the BonJovi tix!!! I'm not a very lucky person- I've never won anything like that.
Texaslady, how's the granddog doing? My big questionis, were you able to resist the chocolate chip cookies? I'm not that big on sweets, but homemade chocolate chip cookies are a definite trigger for me!!! My vote is for you to go ahead and get your hair and makeup done for the wedding! After all the hard work you are putting into it, you deserve some pampering. I rarely wear earrings (allergy), but my ears never closed up so I can when I have a special occasion. You could get just the closed ear repierced- it would be better than being uncomfortable with clip on's all day!
Joyce, your dgd sounds like she is doing beautifully under her grandma's loving guidance! Not that this surprises me!

Well, I'd better get with the packing, and convince my body it can do this ONE MORE TIME!:lol: My phone line won't be switched over to the other place till Monday, so I'll check in with you all then. Hi to everyone I misssed, and I hope you all have a great wekend!

07-28-2001, 11:02 AM
Texaslady, have fun at your DD's open house today! How sweet of you to bake all those cookies, and take charge of dear granddog for the weekend; I'm sure your dd and sil-to-be both realize what a treasure they have in you! Re: the earrings, as I've never pierced my ears (too many knots in 'em) I have to wear clips. Have found you can adjust the tension by lifting the little rectangular piece in the center, with a nail file or screwdriver. Do it a little at a time, until the tension is just right. (You have to be careful not to overdo, as they'll get too loose & fall off.) Also, at any jewelry/craft store, you can buy little rubber pads that snap in or glue on to the clip, making them more comfy. Makes a huge difference!

JOYce, hope your meeting goes well today; I'm sure you'll get that loss you anticipate! Good for you, going back to meetings. I find that even the less-than-inspiring ones still help charge me up for the week. So glad to hear your dgd is so taken with the ceramic painting! With all your talents and interests, it's no wonder you found something she would take to so well!

Merri, way to go on the pound lost! And I agree with Carol, don't beat yourself up about not losing more this year. Maintaining is a good thing too. And with this loss, here you are heading back down the scale again! Just be persistent, be very committed to program (and yourself!) and you will definitely get there. It took me twice as long as most people, you know, but now that I've made it here I absolutely *know* it's forever. You can do this!

Carol, I am SO happy that your HMO finally approved the additional studies! Will be thinking of you Wednesday and sending good thoughts & prayers. And here it is, moving day, wow! I hope you don't have to put in as long a day today as you did yesterday! Are you going to celebrate tomorrow?

DH and I went to my doctor's appt. in San Antonio yesterday; he did an ultrasound/heat treatment that really helped reduce the tightness around the incision. I felt so much better that we went shopping afterward, and I found FOUR new dresses (3 for school), all under $14! What a sale! I may not even go to the outlet stores now, 'cuz I have enough to start school at least. Also bought a new mask with my prescription, to use with the snorkel my ds gave me for Christmas. (DH also got one.) We're going to Balmorrhea state park in Sept., and I hear they have all kinds of endangered fish & such in the springs there; should be fun, and good exercise. Today is our 28th anniversary; dh is grilling salmon tonight, and we'll open some good wine. Not a big celebration, but it'll be fun.

Beth, hope your sister's hysterectomy went well; I'm sure she's glad to have you there with her. btw, There's a website called "Hyster Sisters" that she might enjoy if she likes the web. www.hystersisters.com . It's a support site, with a forum and links to info. sites.

So, we know what Carol, Texaslady, Beth, JOYce and I are doing this weekend; how 'bout Janet (are you back?), Saara, Linda, Patti, and Merri?

07-29-2001, 10:10 PM
Well, here it is Sunday evening - already! I tell you these week-ends are just too short! Grandog and I had a great time these past couple days. He is such a sweet dog. I never mind having him around. The OPen House was a huge success - at one time I think there were about 40 people there! The dog would have gone nuts so just as well he stayed here where it's quiet. The food table was getting pretty lean about 8:30 (party started at 5:30 but some came even earlier) - she didn't anticipate so many would actually show up. But I doubt anyone starved - and there was plenty of beer and margaritas to go around! I left about 8:30. She said most stayed until about 10 - of course, then their guests began to leave to go dancing at their favorite CW bar - except for dd & future sil who had to clean up!

I took the gowns we selected last week-end over to Mom's today and to our astonishment, every one of them fit her perfectly (except for length)! She actually liked all 3 but finally settled on a deep plum colored crepe. So that was easier than I expected it to be. I returned the other two on my way home and now everyone has a "fancy dress" to wear! We just need to get hers hemmed up a bit once she gets her shoes.

Jan - Ohmigosh! Balmorrhea!! When I was a child, my Mom & Dad and I would often travel to Las Cruses, New Mexico, to visit my aunt & uncle. We always stopped off there and I have pictures of me and my Dad taken there many many years ago. I hadn't thought of it in ages until you posted! That will be so much fun. Wonder how much it has changed from when I was a kid......... Are you going there before your trip to NO?You had quite the shopping spree! Good bargains! Congrats on the finds. Thanks for the earring info. I am still trying to decide. :( Happy Anniversary to you and your dh!

Carol - Well, I guess you are officially moved out of your apartment by now. That was such good news about the HMO seeing things your way. And you are right, of course. This will most certainly NOT be the last battle with them. But, hey, you are getting pretty good at getting what you need from them - you have had lots of practice! :lol: Now you have to get yourself unpacked and situated in your smaller space. Always something to do. When do we get a chance to rest? How's your dd feeling? Does she have any trouble with morning sickness? OK, OK - yes, I did eat 3 of those darn cookies (they just smelled SO GOOD)! But would you believe they made me sick? Guessing it was the margarine - you know my problem with dairy stuff! So guess I was being "punished" for nipping at the goodies! Serves me right. :lol:

JOYce - Hope you can get to your meeting this week. I swear with all the running you do with those grandkids, you should be losing a ton!!! Yep, September is not far off. I know you are looking forward to your trip to New Orleans. Just a couple more days left in July and then its August already. When I was at dd's this afternoon, her little wedding countdown clock said "89 days" til the big event. Is that possible?

Guess I better scoot. I need to order some of those little disposable cameras made for weddings & need to look for the website I found a few months ago. We are going to put one on each table and ask the guests to shoot pics of each other and the reception in general. Hopefully, we will get a few good candids from them - maybe catch some things the photographer doesn't.

Everyone have a good week.

07-29-2001, 10:10 PM
Good Evening Ladies!

Well, my sister's surgery went well and she is back home and recuperating nicely. Unfortunately, she has a very irresponsible 19 yr. old son who is on a self-destruct course. He has had 2 DWIs and nearly died from drowning in May from drinking and tubing down a river. He also had a motorcycle accident last November. The morning my sister was to be discharged, the nurse came in to tell her that her son was on another floor of the hospital waiting for surgery. He had a motorcycle accident and had been in the emergency room since 2 am. I was sooooo mad at him! :mad: He had been drinking again. I wouldn't allow her to go see him and the doctor also advised against it. He said she needed to go home and take care of herself. Her husband refused to go to the hospital because he has had it with his son's drinking and driving. He's going to be alright. He is just badly banged up. I convinced her that if he was man enough to make the choices he is making that he is also man enough to go through all of it alone. So as it stands now, she is at home and he is recuperating at the hospital by himself. She is going to talk to a hospital social worker tomorrow to see if they can get him into some sort of program. Maybe this will all turn out to be a good thing.

Texaslady - Chocolate chip cookies! Warm, freshly baked cookies! No way could I resist! I don't have the willpower to bake those anymore! I agree with you about the clip-on earrings. They hurt my ears, too. I think you probably should just get your ear re-pierced.

JOYce - I used to do ceramics, too. It has been a long time but I really enjoyed working with the greenware and painting. Sounds like your dgd is having a great time with it herself!

Merri - Just keep plugging away with the program. Just take it one day at a time and don't beat yourself up if you go off program. Just get back on track. Those pounds have no choice but to fall off if you keep your eye on the goal!

Carol - Hope you are all moved in and rested by now. Bet your little sweetie is enjoying all those grandma hugs! I will have you in my thoughts and prayers on Wednesday.

Jan - I need to get out and do some school clothes shopping myself but I want to lose a few more pounds first. Thanks for the web site referral. I will check it out and tell my sister. While my other sister and I were in the surgery waiting room (bored to death) we came up with a list of 101 ways to use those leftover kotex and tampons. We wanted to make our sister laugh so her stitches would hurt. :s: Let me know if you have any of those leftovers - I've got some good uses for them! :D

Hope you all have a great OP Monday! Tomorrow is my WI. Hope the scale has good news!


07-30-2001, 05:57 PM
Hi ladies! Well,I'm in! Still various boxes in the garage to undo, but all the essentials are in place, and the room looks nice. It's nice and quiet too- I'm at the far and of the house on a different level. Their black lab is prone to nightmares- loud ones- and I never even heard him! My little sweetie is absolutely glued to me most of the time- the minute I leave the room he has a hissey fit because he thinks I'm leaving him. I took him into my room today so he could see all my stuff and my big mirrored headboard hoping he'd realize I'm not leaving, but he hasn't caught on yet! All too soon he'll consider me old news, I'm sure, and not notice whether I'm there or not. Things are going fine the first 3 days with everything. Yhe only bad part is that I sort of resemble a human question mark a lot- my back and leg, among other things, haven't taken kindly to the hauling, packing and unpacking! :dizzy: This too shall pass!
Got my phone installed here today- kept my same number, for those of you who have it from our texas reunion. I really missed my internet the past few days!
Enough about me.
Jan, a big HAPPY ANNIVERSAY to you and your dh!! Your quiet celebration sounds just wonderful- after all, it's not where you are but who you are with that makes a celebration special!! I'm glad your doctor's visit went well- and that you found new clothes! I'm betting no more than size 10, remembering what you said a while back! How exciting that must have been! Oh- where's Balmorrhea Park??:?:
Texaslady, it sounds like the open house was a huge success- your dd and her dh to be must have lots of friends! I'll bet you were relieved that your mom's dress was so easily chosen- the color sounds lovely! Sorry the cookies made you ill, but maybe that was, as Martha Stewart would say, "a good thing"!:lol: Sometimes once a food makes you sick you don't even want to see it again! The disposable cameras sound like a great idea- a friend did that for her dd's wedding, and it was very successful. In their case they didn't have a professional photographer at the reception- I forget why right now. Anyhow, they ended up with some amazing pictures that they never would have had otherwise. Of course, there were some people who thought it would be fun to take pix of table legs and shoes, but they were in the minority!
Beth, I hope your sister is doing well, despite the problem with her son. It sure sounds like his dad is right and that he is in need of some tough love- as well as the treatment they are trying to set up. At the rate he is going he won't live to see 21, unfortunately.
Well, I'd better run. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my upcoming tests Wednesday- I really appreciate it!
Hi to all I missed- have a good evening, everyone!
Carol :wave:

07-31-2001, 05:10 AM

I'm back again! Well, just a quick post, really, to let you all know I'm still around. Happy not having to work anymore, but not quite so happy about having to do all the packing... My roomie moves out tomorrow, and I'm trying to get all my stuff done by the end of the week, so I won't have to worry about it next week.

Well, I only end up spending one night in LA, so I won't have the chance to visit Joyce this time, but hopefully later... Everything is in order at the Univ. of Utah, too.

I have this feeling all the time, that I have totally forgotten to do something really important, but I hope it's just a feeling...

I'll try to check in with more time to post later this week. I hope you're all having a good week.
By the way, I had the greatest time at the friend's summerplace. It was still really warm, and the water in the lake was just perfect! Sauna and swimming for hours... Lovely.

Gotta run. Later, Saara.

07-31-2001, 03:29 PM
saara , i totally understand! I'm sorry that we will have to wait for our meeting, but is just as well. My house is still 'upside down', waiting for carpet.:dizzy: but I am assured that i will be called for an appointment to install, either today or tomorrow. (JUST FOR THE APPT. which will hopefuly be real soon!)
And I know you are busy and excited to get to your new place!
Maybe we can connect on the holidays. Do you still have my phone number?

Carol I hope things are settling down for you, and that you are getting some rest after that big move! Good luck tomorrow!

Beth! I'm glad your sister is doing o.k., how awful that her son was in the hospital under such circumstances! It was probably double good that you were there for support for her.
Yeh dgd is doing really good with her ceramic projects, it is a relaxing project, which is good for her. and it builds her self esteem when people are recognizing how good she is doing..that's what we alll need from time to time , isn't it!

tex , how great is that! that your mom liked the gown you picked out for her! Congrats!!..I know you are thrilled to see all the pieces falling into place in preparation for the big wedding!!

Jan, What luck to get such good buys on your 'school clothes'! I neeed some new threads, but hate to get them just yet, I keep thining if I wait just a little while, they will be smaller... but may have to give in.:(
I need to get with the journaling and water!!!DUH!!
But I'm not going to be able to go to meetings properly until dgd goes home in 3 weeks...so will save my $$$ and do it right, but start with the writing and drinking! I CAN! I CAN! I CAN!!!


07-31-2001, 08:47 PM
Hi Ladies...

How are things going?? Well, I had weigh in today and only lost .6 but I guess that's better then nothing.... I hope I can keep this "loseing" trend - I lost 3 weeks in a row!! Thanks for all your encouragement you guys keep me going on this weight track.... I look at this girl @ work and she is on that liquid diet that Oprah did and she has lost 30 pounds in a month and a half and I get really jealous that I cant do it that fast - I would be super psyched but what are u going to do right??

Well, I better go....

Talk to you all real soon...


08-01-2001, 11:29 AM
Carol, you are in our thoughts today; hope all goes well with your appointment, and that you have terrific news next time we hear from you. So glad the move is finished, but sure wish it hadn't taken its toll on your back and leg. I can just see your little sweetie following you around the house! And no, I don't think you'll EVER be "old news" to him! Re: the clothes, yep, size 10! I'm not quite where I want to be, since my personal goal is around 142 (10 more pounds). At the rate I go, that will take many months, but that's ok!

Texaslady, I think the cameras are such a great idea! So glad your dd's open house went so well; people staying late, that's the sure sign that they are really enjoying the party, and the company! Re: NO, that will be after Balmorrhea. That's neat that y'all stopped there on your family trips; did you go swimming at the springs? I've never been there, though we have stayed in Fort Davis and Alpine a few times; I love that area, so cool, and such a dramatic landscape. Pretty isolated, though! (It's in far west Texas, Carol, and at a high altitude; cool and dry.)

Beth, I'm glad your sister is doing well (and that is SO funny about the 101 ways ... ). You and your sisters sound like my bunch; same crazy sense of humor! (When my older sister had a hysterectomy, my little sister sent her (among the "real" get well gifts) an execise tape titled "Abs of Steel.") It is so wise of y'all to consider a program or intervention for your nephew; if he can get his addiction under control now, while he still has his adult life ahead of him, won't that be wonderful? Does he have some friends (w/out the same problem) who could help the family convince him to go to rehab? Surely the awful timing of this last episode will help to convince him, when he realizes how he hurt his mother at such a time.

Saara, wow, swimming in a lake, saunas, good friends; what a great weekend you had! And such fun ahead of you, too. I know what you mean about having that nagging feeling you forgot something important; I'm sure you didn't, but many people (incl. me) have that sensation right before a long trip or a move. When do you leave? Don't forget to drink lots of water on that long plane trip!

JOYce, way to go on your resolution to journal and drink that water. I'm sure you'll show a nice loss when you go back to meetings, after your dgd goes back home. But remember, if other projects come up after that, don't let them stand in your way; those meetings are *your* time, and you deserve to devote at least some of that boundless energy just to yourself, and to getting even healthier. You're always doing so much for others! Put JOYce first sometimes! And thanks for the email; you're right on target, as always!

Merri, congrats on the .6 loss! Three weeks in a row losing, that's the way to do it! I'm so glad you're not following the program your friend is doing (the liquid Oprah thing) in spite of the dramatic losses she is showing now. I wish her the best, of course, but I am *totally* convinced that the best way to lose weight and KEEP it off is the program we are following, which isn't a temporary diet but a way of living. We've all been on those crash diets, I would suspect, (I know I've done lots of 'em in the past) and none of them "took" the way this program has. So keep on keeping on! We know you can do it!

Had some bad news. Took Dad to his doctor yesterday, and they found two more skin cancers on either side of his face. He's having Moh's surgery (an outpatient procedure) tomorrow; I hope they don't have to go really far to get it all, but it has to be done. He's had this before, and has done really well, so I am hopeful things will turn out all right. (They didn't have sun blocker back when he was a teenager herding cattle in the Texas sun. Ladies, please urge your DDs and DSILs, DGDs, etc. to *always* wear sunscreen, hats, etc., even in the winter. Dad's doctor says it would save us all a *lot* of misery as we grow older! And of course, it also helps prevent aging. (end-of-lecture).

Guess I'd better get busy. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

08-01-2001, 05:41 PM
Hi everyone. Just a quick post to update you. I do have to have a biopsy. Now here goes more HMO hoops to jump through, and a couple more 90 minute drives to Baltimore. But I'm glad in a way. The radiologist was very impressive, and she talked to me and showed me stuff for a long time. One of those good news-bad news days.
I really need a little more stress in my life right now!!:eek: :dizzy:
Gotta run- I'm awaiting a call. I'll post more later. Have a god evening, everyone.

08-01-2001, 06:03 PM
Carol, at least things are happening! I pray that you don't have to wait long for the biopsy and the results...I HATE waiting and not knowing! :?: My thoughts and prayers are with you...i have thought of you many times today. My heart did a flip flop when I saw that you had posted! It was good to heaer from you.
Linda said she is having problems with her new provider, and has not been able to log on since switching, and she asked especially about you and asked to send her thoughts and good wishes to you.

Jan, The girls were laughing at gpa's big hat last weekend! wondering if it is mine. he got a big brimmed one for his fresh water fishing, and it is great for the garden/yard work!
sorry to see that your dad has skin cancers, hope they get them without a lot of problems.
SIZE 10!!, I may not identify myself when we are at the meeting place! You must be looking great!!

Oh dear! now I have to have a pity party...guess I will go buy a new beanie baby, I hear they just got 2 new ones in! That will be better than finishing off the choc chip cookies!:^:


08-01-2001, 09:54 PM
Hi girls!

Carol, with all the good wishes, thoughts, and prayers being sent your way from the ladies on this thread, you have GOT to have some good news one of these days! I hope you can get the HMO to see things your way. And I agree with the others, at least the whole thing is moving forward again - due completely to your determination, I know. If we don't look out for ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to? Glad you are all moved in, but it wasn't too wise to overdo like that!! :nono:

Beth - Glad to hear your sister is doing well. Too bad about her son. Sounds like he really does have an addiction problem. Hopefully he can get some help before he seriously hurts himself, or worse, someone else. Dad has the right idea, I think.

Jan - Please tell your Dad that we are thinking about him too! I hope the cancers aren't too deep. My parents have had trouble with the skin cancers too. All those years of summers at the beach fishing, swimming, etc. - and no sunscreen then either! Size 10!! Whoo-hooo!

JOYce - Before I lost weight, I never wanted to buy any clothes either - always thinking I will wait "just a little longer and lose a few pounds". I wound up having about 3 "uniforms" that I wore all the time. Go out and buy yourself something nice. You will feel better for it! I promise.

Saara - Was getting worried we wouldn't hear from you again before you left Finland. Packing is a pain, but you must be about done now - right? Saunas sound wonderful!

DD has her first gown fitting last night. The gown really only needs very minor alterations - unless she loses weight before the big day (doesn't even need hemming - thanks to those dang boots!). The seamtress said most brides lose 3-5 pounds from pre-wedding stress. But she said she would take it in later on if needed. DD had the gown on for about an hour last night while being fitted and I looked over and saw her propping herself up against the wall. I knew her back was hurting. I do NOT know how she is going to wear that dress for 8 hours and still walk the next day. We are trying to find a way to take some more of the
weight off the dress - every little bit will help. It would have helped immensely if she had not insisted on that long train - but it was her "little girl dream" to have it. Now I'm thinking it wasn't wise to give in - but I couldn't resist. But she looked SO BEAUTIFUL in it last night ! :cry:!

Time to go move the water sprinklers. After the floods in early June, we have had almost no rain here. As usual, feast or famine. Have a great evening and good Thursday!

08-02-2001, 05:45 AM
Good morning everyone! Thanks againto all for the prayers and good wishes- I can use all I can get!
Saara, I know what you mean! There are so many details associated with a move! I've been having that "I know I forgot something important" feeling too! I can only imagine what it would be like to be moving to a whloe new country!!:eek: It sounds like you're having a really ggod time with your friends. I know you'll realy miss them, but I have a feeling it won't take you long to make new friends!
Joyce, maybe they are weaving your carpet with a hand loom!:D Tell Linda we miss her- I sure hope she can resolve her log on problem soon! By the way- I'm in agreement with texaslady- get yourself something new that you feel wonderful in- it will help your self esteem, which in turn will help your weight loss!
Merri, congrats on the .6 loss1! You are moving in the right direction consistently! I agree with Jan- I'm glad you aren't into the Oprah diet thing! It may cause fast weight loss, but I know a couple people who've done that and gained it back- with some extra- almost as fast.
Jan, I'm so sorry to hear that your dad has to have more skin cancers removed. Please give him my love, and let him know he is in my thoughts and prayers. I have a coworker (early 40's) who loves the sun- tans herself so dark every summer, and goes to tanning salons in the winter. There's cancer in her family- can't imagine why she does that and intentionally puts herself at risk. It's not like she works outdoors or anything. She's a nurse- she certainly knows better! Not to mention the leathery appearance her skin is starting to have. Your new size 10's must feel absolutely wonderful!! I know dh is so proud of you! How's his wieght loss doing, by the way?
Texaslady, once again you are right- I overdid it and I'm paying big time! But I didn't really have a whole lot of choice in the matter at the time. It sounds like you are really getting to the fun part of the wedding planning. Does your daughter's heavy train remove so that she can be more comfortable at the reception? Maybe they can devise a ceiling mounted puuley system to attach to the poor girl! :lol: I can't wait to see pictures of her- and you- in your beautiful dresses.
Janet, where are you, girl? You're beginning to worry me!

Ladies, I have to run- time to finish getting ready for work. Have a good op Thursday, everyone!

08-02-2001, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Well, I had a .8 lb loss this week. Not as big a loss as the week before but still going in the right direction! I want to go buy some new school clothes but I think I will wait a little bit longer. Clothes that I bought at the beginning of the summer are now too big for me. :D My classroom is almost ready. It took me 3 days to put up my bulletin boards! My new classroom has a lot more bulletin board space and I hate spending the time doing them. :( Now I have to get prepared for my two presentations I am doing next Tuesday. :dizzy: My sister is mending well but is now taking care of her son. He has a cast on his arm and leg and is pretty much bandaged up from head to toe. I am very angry at him and feel like "banging him up" some more!

Don't have time this morning to write more. I have to get back to school to finish up. Hope you all have a great OP Thursday!


08-02-2001, 03:17 PM
Beth, way to go on the .8 loss! That's great. And how wonderful that your early-summer clothes are now too big! Wow, three bulletin boards already done; I feel like a slacker! Still have stuff in boxes all over my room, and just have two weeks until the kids come. (One week 'til faculty comes back, and the room will have to be semi-ready by then.) Glad that your sister is doing ok; wish she didn't have to deal with her son's accident. Is he already out of the hospital?

Carol, I'm sorry to hear you'll have to have the biopsy done, and travel so far too; I hope they'll schedule it very soon, though, so you can get all this behind you. Will you get to rest up this weekend a little? Thanks for your concern about Dad (you too, Texaslady!). I'm sure he'll get through this just fine, as he has in the past; I'm just glad he has such a good doctor. Re: your friend, the nurse, I'm amazed that she still suntans; maybe she hasn't seen those ultraviolet photos of skin damage, or met a patient with skin cancer? An hour in Dr. D's waiting room would make anyone resolve to wear sunscreen, the higher spf the better ...

Texaslady, I think long trains are so romantic; I'll bet she looks stunning! Will you post some pics for us after the wedding? Sorry to hear your folks had problems with skin cancer too; I wonder if Texas has a higher incidence of that? Seems like we would.

JOYce, any word on your carpet yet? I think it's very wise of your dh to wear a big hat, even if dgd laughs at it! Can't wait to meet y'all in NO next month!

Gotta run ... everyone have a great Thursday!

08-04-2001, 01:46 PM
Sure is quiet in here! Hope everyone's having a great op weekend...

Dad's skin cancer surgery went just fine; took all day, but they got it all.

Carol, hope you are getting a chance to rest this weekend! How's the back, and the leg?

Janet, haven't heard from you in a while; hope all is ok. How is your friend doing? Did you and your dd have a good vacation?

Saara, are you on your way? Let us know what your school calendar looks like; we've *got* to figure out a way to get together while you're in the states!


08-04-2001, 08:49 PM
Hi everyone! This sure has been a quiet thread this weekend!
Beth, congrats on the .8 loss, and even more on having the clothes you bought early in the summer being too big now!I'm glad your sister is doing well. I assume from what you said about her caring for her son that they didn't get him into rehab? If so, that's too bad- it sounds like he needs it badly!
Jan, I'm relieved that your dad's surgery was so successful, even though it was a long procedure for him. Was it done out patient, or did they decide to keep him overnight? Please give hime my best wishes for a speedy recovery. My HMO has approved my surgery in Baltimore- now all I need to do is get it scheduled! It will probably be another 2 weeks, unfortunately :(- the surgeon is out of town the week of Aug 13, and he's booked pretty tight this coming week. So the waiting continues. The back and leg are not being too cooperative right now, but this too shall pass! As long as I don't stand, sit or walk it's fine! :rolleyes: Too bad that's not an option!:lol:

I worked this morning, then watched the little guy all afternoon while dd and dsil went out to dinner and a movie. Poor little guy threw up- all over me, the sofa and the carpet- then as I was washing the stuff I could afterwards, the washer overflowed, giving me a horrendous cleanup! Welcome to non-solitary living, Carol!!:lol: DD only ate half her entree (filet mignon), and brought the rest home- so I had it for my dinner! Tomorrow I really should try to take it easy, but I do want to get through the boxes that are still in the garage waiting for a disposition. That shouldn't take too long, hopefully.

Well, gotta run- hi to all, and have a good rest of the weekend!

08-05-2001, 03:45 PM
I'm still here in Finland. One more week, and I'm on my way. I'm leaving next Sunday, early in the morning, and will arrive at LAX in the afternoon. I'll spend a night there and continue to SLC next morning. I'll get to see my American grandparents, but my hostmom and sis will come to visit me in SLC later. At least that's the plan for now.

It seems that I will have Fridays off this semester, so we'll have to see when we could all get together. I'll have to see if I'm able to get some planetickets from my hostsis (she works at an airline). Once I get settled in SLC I'm gonna start making plans for some trips...

Well, I'm still taking an exam on Tuesday, so I'd better go and study. I still have a bit more packing to do, but I did manage to fit everything into the storage room, so I didn't have to divide my stuff to 2 or 3 different places. What a relief!

Now i'm dreming about fitting all my stuff into one suitcase... I figured it would be better since I know I'll have twice as much when I come back... I decided not to take winterclothes with me, I figured I can always buy some. It's weird to have to think about winterclothes during the summer anyways.

Gotta go. I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday! Saara.

08-05-2001, 10:52 PM
Saara - You are so right! Thinking about winter clothes on a day like we had here in Texas today IS weird! It's so hot and dry - and has been since early June. My lawn is drying out so bad - I try to water but that just isn't the same as getting a good rain. Looks like we aren't even going to get any rain out of the latest tropical storm - I had hoped for a little. Only a week left - that's so exciting. You mentioned your American grandparents - are they really your grandparents or are they related to your host family? Glad you got all your stuff packed & into the storage area.

Carol - Are you unpacked yet? I know you were supposed to rest today, but I would bet a bundle that you didn't. I KNEW you were going to mess up your back & legs with all this - gosh, you don't listen to me! Are you sure you are not related to my dd? :lol: I am thrilled you got your HMO to cooperate so quickly! I know the waiting is just awful, but doesn't look like you have much of a choice. AT least its not a six months wait!

Jan - Glad to hear your Dad is doing OK. It took all day? Gosh, it must have been pretty deep. I hope he is healing OK. That's so traumatic. But his spirit is amazing! I bet not much keeps him down too long!

Beth - Way to go with that good loss this week! Isn't it a good feeling to get your school clothes out and find they are too big! What a change from being too small! Makes you feel like you are really accomplishing something.

I spent all week-end on wedding stuff. DD and her matron of honor came over Sat early and got all the invitations stuffed and stamped. Then they painted the pots for the centerpieces. After they left I cut out the rose petal holders and today made bows for the little cones holding the petals and glueing them on. I am also trying to get the basket decorated that will hold them. Also went through wedding stuff in dd's old bedroom to find out what was in them! We have been buying wedding stuff for so long I had forgotten what was in all those sacks and boxes. Now I have an inventory! So I never even ventured out except this morning to purchase some double sided tape! All the parking lots I passed were just filled with cars. This tax-free week-end sure brought out the shoppers. Another reason I stayed out of the stores this week-end!! For those of you not in Texas, the government doesn't collect taxes for school clothes and supplies under $100. Not really a big savings, but it sure makes people get out and shop.

Gotta go and get myself together for tomorrow. Have a great week - this week-end was WAY to short!

Janet - Where ARE you!!!!!!!?????

08-06-2001, 05:47 AM
Good morning everyone! How can it be Monday already???
My poor little sweetie's been sick. Saturday night he was so congested (or had an ear thing going on, we don't know which) that he couldn't even lie down. DD finally got him to sleep sitting up with him in a chair about 11:30. I took over about 2, and he slept on my lap till about 6. He seemed much better yesterday, and slept well last night, but she's going to run him in to the doctor this morning anyway. He's always such a good little guy- I hate to see him feeling so sick.
Saara, you must be getting so excited!! How long is the flight from Finland to LA? What classes will you be taking? It's nice that you'll have Fridays off. Good luck on you exam Tuesday!
Texaslady, yup- I really should've listened to you- it's that stubborn Polish side of me! :lol: I did a little more unpacking yesterday, but nothing strenuous. It sounds like you all are really organized and ready to go on the wedding!I know you said once, but I've forgotten- what color are the bridesmaids' dresses?I did get a response to an email I sent Janet, so she is alive and well- and busy!:D We have the tax free week here in MD fom 8/10-8/16. Sounds like a good time to stay away from the mall to me!!
Jan, how's your dad feeling?
Janet,Joyce,Rebecca, Linda, Beth, Merri, Liz, Stamps, Kendra, Patti (who'd I miss???)- hope you had a good weekend.
Work calls- I'd better get it together. Have a good op Monday, everyone!

08-06-2001, 06:42 AM
Hi again!

Texaslady, my american grandparents are actually related to my hostfamily, but since none of my 'real' grandparents are alive, I just feel like these ones are as real as they would be if they were actually related to me. I don't know if this makes any sense, but I have this special relationship w/ my host family, and they truly are a family to me.

Carol, I think it takes about 18 hours to get from Helsinki to LA, but I will have about 3 hour wait in between in Munich. All together I'll be traveling at least 24 hours.
About my classes, I still might change some of them, but for now it seem that I'll be taking a few Ethnic Studies classes, and a few political science ones, for example American Foreign Policy...

Well, I'd better go again. Read this stupid book for the exam. i don't know why I always leave everything for the last minute, I should've learned by now how frustrating this is.

Have a good week!!! Saara.

08-06-2001, 01:54 PM
Carol, so sorry to hear your little darlin' has been sick; glad he's starting to feel better. I hope it didn't hurt your back to hold him all those hours, though! Glad to hear that your HMO has approved the biopsy, too; hope they can schedule it soon.

Texaslady and Carol, re: Dad, thanks, he's doing really well; I passed along your greetings! The procedure was out-patient, but between each procedure they ran tests on what they'd removed, until it all came back negative. (That's why it took all day.) He's going back tomorrow to get his stitches out.

Texaslady, I agree, the malls were the last place I'd have gone this weekend! Wow, sounds like y'all were really busy with the wedding decorations this weekend; sure hope we get to see a picture of them, I know they're gorgeous!

Saara, 24 hours, wow; that's quite a long trip. Ah, but you're young and full of energy; it'll be a snap! Good luck on your test tomorrow. I know *just* what you mean about waiting til the last minute; I did that with virtually every paper I wrote in college, and each time vowed to start earlier. Oh well! Maybe the stress of doing things under pressure actually helps us concentrate better? Have a great trip!


08-06-2001, 07:40 PM
Hi girls! As I sit here, I hear the sound of thunder in the distance. I don't suppose I could be lucky enough to have a few drops of rain on my parched lawn!!?? Sounds like its coming from dd's part of town - hopefully she got some of the wet stuff.

Carol - Sorry your baby has been sick. Hope he's feeling up to snuff now. I KNOW that wasn't good for your back to sit there and hold him for hours. But I also know you couldn't do anything else! :) Per wedding, bridesmaids are wearing black velvet off-the-shoulder tops w/a medium blue a-line skirt.

Saara - I surely don't envy you that flight! Your body clock is going to be so mixed up for a while! When did you tell us classes start?

Jan - Ready for school? I know you are thrilled about teaching again. I suppose since your town is small that everyone is aware of your tremendous weight loss. If not, boy, are they going to be surprised! How's your Dad doing since the stitches came out?

Glad Janet is doing OK. I miss her here on the thread. I figured she was busy getting her dd ready for college. Maybe she will check in again soon. I can sure identify with the "busy" part. The days are passing so quickly since I took this new job that I can hardly believe I have been there a month already.

Take care everyone. Will sign off & do my rain dance to entice the rain this way! :spin:

08-07-2001, 06:51 PM
Hi ladies! Boy, is it hot here! I think we have some of that Texas heat! The temperature was near 100 today, and is supposed to be the same for the next 2-3 days. And the air quality is the pits!
My little sweetie is doing much better. DD has an appt for the ENT doctor with him on Thursday to make sure the tubes are ok since his one ear is infected. He did manage to share his germs with his daddy and me, of course. I've had a pretty nasty cold with a fever for the past couple days- I actually sound worse than I feel. DSIL's seems to be resolving more quickly.
Still no word from the surgeon :(. Irritating as the :devil: , but nothing I can do about it. I have to keep leaving messages because my schedule varies from dayto day, both by time and location. Oh well- enough about me.
Jan, I'm glad your dad is doing so well. It sounds like he has a wonderful, thorough doctor, which must put your mind at ease when he goes through these things! Are you about ready for school to start? How are you feeling? Make sure you continue to get adequate rest!
Saara, I don't envy you that lengthy flight!! It doesn't sound like you are a nervous flier, though, which is good! Looks like things are all coming together for you! I hope you'll get a chance to post pretty regularly- we'll all be anxious to hear how everything is going with your new venture!
Texaslady, I remember you mentioning the bridesmaids' dress colors now! It's that CRS syndrome again!:lol: Hope you get some rain soon. We've been pretty lucky this summer, but it's been awfully dry the past few days with all this heat!
Janet, my friend, where are you??? Don't forget us, now!
I won't drag this out today- have a good evening, everyone, and a good op Wednesday!
Carol :wave:

08-08-2001, 08:41 PM

08-08-2001, 11:07 PM
Here I am, Carol! See me?? :wave: :wave:

I really was just going to sneak a peek and call it a night, but I had to stop by for a few minutes after seeing Carol's last post.:smug:

Carol - Sorry you have managed to catch grandbaby's cold! A summer cold in the absolute pitts. We have been hearing about the heat wave in the east on the national news. Sorry you are having to deal with that - we sure had one last summer. This year hasn't been nearly as bad. We haven't even had too many ozone warnings - at least not as many as last summer. You stay on that surgeon, though. A squeaky wheel gets the ----- well, you know! Let us know what you find out.

And I'll have you know that about 30 minutes after I did my rain dance, we got a really good soaking for about an hour! Quite the little storm - but so welcomed! My grass looks so happy today!

I will close up for now and get myself to bed. My eyes are sagging as I type this. Everyone have a great "day before Firday" and check in when you can.

08-09-2001, 05:47 PM
Hi Carol! I hope your cold is getting better by now; glad to hear that your sweetie is doing so much better, though. Hope his appointment went well today! Re: school, I'm really looking forward to it; am trying to straighten up my lab/classroom ahead of time, coming in a few hours each day. I feel so much better, almost back to my old self! I hear you're due for some relief from all this heat in the coming weekend; can't believe how long it has lasted for y'all!

Texaslady, so glad you got some rain finally; we got a whole quarter inch here, darn it. It's so wonderful that you're enjoying your new job so much! It's amazing how fast time goes when we're busy and enjoying the work. Is the shorter lunch "hour" working out as planned? And have you found your shoes yet? Thanks for the encouragement re: surprising folks, but you're right, in this small town everyone already knows. I'll at least have a new "look" with my slightly dressier new clothes, lighter/shorter hair, and the 10 lbs or so I lost over the summer. And thanks, Dad is doing great!

Someone in our group recommended the movie Traffic when I asked for titles; want to thank you. We finally rented it last night, and it was terrific! Also saw Finding Forrester, which we enjoyed. DH and I are trying to combat our late-night munchies by going upstairs asap after dinner and watching videos or working on the computer. So far so good! He's lost a couple of pounds over the last few weeks; slow, but at least it's progress. My next goal is to get into the 140's. I think 142 would be a good personal goal, though my WW goal was 155. I chose the high end so I could get lifetime status sooner. (Just a couple more weeks to go on that.)

Hope everyone is doing well. This is a busy time for everyone, I think, not just us teachers. Anyone want to share some tips/techniques you use to stay OP when your schedule is hectic?

Hi to Saara, Janet, Joyce, Rebecca, Linda, Beth, Merri, Liz, Stamps, Kendra, & Patti! Stop by when you get a chance...

08-09-2001, 06:59 PM
Just a quick note- I am having my biopsy tomorrow morning- they had a cancellation. Hold the good thought for me, ladies!

08-09-2001, 08:12 PM
Carol, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. God be with you!
I'm so glad that you are getting in there! I hate waiting for things like that! Not knowing is so unnerving for me. I hope you are not still feeling the effects of sweeties cold. :(

I finally got my carpet yesterday...I had a most stressful day! the installer showed up with only half of the carpet, said he didn't know anything about the rest of it.:mad:
I told him to call his company, which he did, who told me to call the store I bought it from, who was going to take a message....I was so proud of being able to be assertive and insist on speaking to a manager and insist that he find the carpet which they had told me had been delivered to tthe installer... well they fouind it, and it got done, but the poor guys doing the work didn't get finished until 9 last night.

As if that wasn't stressful enough! I took dgd shopping for school clothes today, this is the 12 1/2 yr old that is visiting. We shopped for over 4 hours. I gave her alimit, which she thought was a lot in the beginning. Amazing how quickly it adds up!:p

i haven't lost any weight
:rolleyes: Most discouraged!...it is soooo hard..
gotta go

08-10-2001, 03:53 PM
Hi- just a quick post to let you all know that things went smoothly. I won't know the result until probably the middle of next week.
I'll "talk" to you all more later. Have a good weekend.

08-10-2001, 04:58 PM
Carol, wow, that all happened so fast! I'm so glad it all went well, and hope that you will be getting some very good news next week!

Since we're on page two, I'll start us a new thread.