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03-11-2006, 09:18 AM
So, i went to my first cardio class. it was called The Ultimate class. And yes it was. One full hour of torture. I was expecting it to be like the cardio classes i saw earlier in the week. lots of clapping, smiling, dancing....this guy killed us. we worked with weights and did a ton of squats. but i was down and out by the first 10 minutes of cardio to get our heart rates up. :p Well, i may have taken a quick break, but i jumped right back in. When my legs just gave out, i would just take like 30 seconds off to get a sip of water and then i jumped right back into the routine.

When I got done in that class, i was whipped!!! :dizzy: But I am sooo proud of myself because i told the guy before class that i might not make it through but half of the class, but instead i stayed for the whole class and even did most of the moves. :carrot: I think he was proud of me too. I caught his eyes in the mirrors half way thru, and he smiled at me. It was really important to me to stay because he was the trainer that got me started in the new gym. So after telling him my goals, i felt like i couldn't let him down. and even though i was the biggest person in my class, i started feeling very comfortable in the class. espeically after the class and i was talking to the young hot looking couple that were taking the class with me. they were very nice to me. (oh, and by the way, i WILL NOT be wearing a big white t-shirt to class again. i felt like a big white whale in the mirror) :o next friday it will be a black shirt. ;)

I don't know if this is the place to put this, but since it pertained to excersize, i thought it should go here. :hug: