General Diet Plans and Questions - weight watchers online and dietsmart

07-25-2001, 03:01 PM
i am looking for any info on weight watchers online and dietsmart. i used ww before (not the online version) i would like to try again but won't be able to attend the weekly meetings and i thought the online version would be good. also i am hearing good things about and they basically cost the same amont so if anyone has any thoughts on these two items, please post them here@

07-25-2001, 03:12 PM
I use WW online and am very happy with it. CoolMom has another thread out there somewhere discussing it so you may want to do a search. Dietsmart wouldn't let me in. I have too many health issues for them. Can't seem to get them to stop sending me their newsletter tho!

Good luck with whatever you choose. I picked ww because I needed the structure, but didn't want the meetings. I'm down 12.25# in 6 weeks so I'm happy.


Bobbie Anne
07-27-2001, 07:52 PM
My mom. Bobbie Hellen, posted a thread the other day on Dietsmart. We are both very happy with it so far, though she wishes she were losing faster. I had my second weigh-in today, and lost 4 lbs. I've lost 11 on Dietsmart and 15 this summer since starting a rather aggressive exercise program. My mom, whose diet prescribed by Dietsmart is very different from mine in quantities and times to eat, lost 4 lbs. last week and 2 this week... That's frustrating to her in comparision with MY loss, but she weighs much less than I do, and I am doing my best to keep her motivation up by reminding her that she is losing the amount one should expect to on a HEALTHY program. I've been on WW, WW At Home and WW on line, and I really find Dietsmart's approach very refreshng. WW makes a distinction ONLY on one's starting weight as to the number of points one is allowed; while one may choose to "spend" those points however one may individually prefer, there is no consideration given to differences in activity level, metabolism, age, etc. I was very impressed with the kind of questions Dietsmart asked, which helped make the distinctions between my mom's plan and mine. For example, she is starving as soon as she gets up in the morning, while I really hate to look at food before I've been up at least an hour. She is peppy as a puppy in the afternoon where I usually feel like falling into a coma at three o'clock everyday...The questions that revealed this kind of info about us helped them tailor two different plans. To me, that makes more sense than one-plan-fits all...I know that the WW approach is healthy and I like that it is freeing and highly flexible in terms of one's preferences; however, I have been unable to lose more than 11 lbs, on WW the last three times I joined, and I cannot afford to plateau that early in my weight-loss process. I cannot say how I will do long-term on Dietsmart, but I can say that I have only needed an afternoon nap once in the last two weeks, and my energy level is way up. And I've lost more in that time period on this 4 BIG MEALS per day than I lost in MONTHS on other plans...

Good luck to you, whichever way you choose. And good effort; we all know it takes more than luck to do this thing!



Bobbie Anne
07-30-2001, 12:24 PM
Also check out the other online services. There is ediets and dietwatch. I don't know much about dietwatch, but I read here it was free; ediets is pretty good and has a big support service via message boards, chat rooms and online meetings. I was with them for a few months, but cancelled when they did not modify my plan this summer despite the fact that my physical activity TRIPLED when school let out...

I'm sure there are other resources out there as well; personally, I'd like to see a tread that reveals all that we ALL know about!