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07-25-2001, 01:16 PM
Keep it clean,you know I mean cows on wednesday.

Now, Kiwi, I didn't take offense. I took your post as sweet and concerned, not intrusive.

I do believe 15 is the cool air anniversary. It takes them 15 years to go through most of the hot air they have stored up when we marry 'em.;) I suppose it's cooled down now that you have the a/c installed.

Dell computer is not interested in my computer boing noise until my puter quits. And then they will expect me to spend 3 or 4 hours on the phone before they will send a real live person to check it out. Beware of computer warrantys. The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

07-25-2001, 02:58 PM
I'm baaaaack, every so briefly Glad to hear how you are all doing.
Yes, working threw me off my game, but I'm back. My puter seems so terribly slow after my work puter, it is aging and rotting.
Hi Wabby, cruise sounds divine. Silver anniversary, eh? I'm with Kiwonk. 15 years this August. Perhaps this year, there will be cause for celebration. Maybe 15 is the 'cool air' anniversary...maybe it's the fix the diamond ring anniversary...I lost a small diamond about 10 years ago. Maybe this is the year to fix it. I keep imagining that my spouse will take it upon himself to have this done, without any whispering, whining, whinging or wheedling from me.
Have I gone mad? :?:

Hey, Muffie! Way to go, re: finishing school. Sorry about SO and you and your grandma. My grandma is back in her apartment, at 92, and thinks she can manage. Except she pays her Visa 3 times, and phones my mom to complain that her balance keeps growing even though she hasn't bought anything with it. It's a credit balance, grandma--they owe YOU. Poor sweet dear.

Hi Sugar, Cherry, Frappe, Lush and Peaches. And Bagz. Especially Margarita Maritimer. Wish I could toss one with you this Friday, cows.

Had company from K-loops last night, 4 kids and their parents. It was like camping, inside.

Gotta go. At the library, kids want help finding books. What's up with that? Enjoying my 5 weeks off, keeping the weight off but not exercising enough. Wore my size 12 black Eddie Bauer jeans and didn't get cut off at the pass. Wow.

07-25-2001, 08:27 PM
You sound mah-velous! I'm so excited you're back!

I don't even have a wedding ring anymore. I got fat at one point ( I know- so hard to believe) and I couldn't wear my rings. Somehow the wedding band part disappeared from the bathroom cabinet where it was left ( I had preschoolers at the time) and then I only had my engagement ring part. Then I lost the diamond out of that so all I have is part of my ring, missing the stone. Wahh! I deserve a brand new big rock this year. Don't hold your breath thinking that DH will actually buy me one. Maybe a tasteful gold band.

07-25-2001, 10:25 PM
If there were more humping and less losing of wedding rings everyone would be much happier.HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA----WABBY!!! you asked for no lewdness,but it was toooo irresistable.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO----guess what----ONCE a year,in my town,it is warm enough on a summer evening to sit out,without a jacket or sweatshirt on----I KID YOU NOT!!!Two miles from here,there are many soft warm summer evenings,BUT where I live,by the foggy bay,it is always chilly-----GUESS WHAT!!!!! TONITE's the NITE[A LA ROD THE BOD:lol: } SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO---I must leave you and all your broken rings to hump on the sundeck----JUST KIDDING----now let's see if I get in trouble for this one:devil:

07-26-2001, 08:23 AM
Well the stupid monitor finally bit the dust big time so I made dh run right out and buy a newer, bigger one. He'll do anything to avoid my Pea Emm Ess.

Hi Cranny! And welcome back Muffers!!! And moo to all the rest of yous darling cows.

I'm in trouble about the phone bill again so I gotta go.

07-26-2001, 01:54 PM
Moo! someone's having a moment up there in the Maritimes! :o

Hi Cran, long time no see! 5 weeks off and not ballooning up? Good for you! Usually I can lose weight in the summer, but so far I haven't been getting it together. :( Not enough running around and sweating at poolside this year, because dd decided she'd had enough of swimming lessons.

Yes, Wabbit, I think 25 is definitely the new diamond ring anniversary. How to accomplish this feat, I don't know. My rings look exactly like they did 15 years ago, except I can't get them off :o . DH's ring, on the other hand (:D ), has been sitting in the bottom of a plastic cup along with the tweezers and nail clippers in the bathroom cabinet for so long I'm sure he doesn't even remember he has one. Oh, there's an idea -- I could wrap it up and give it to him today! :lol:

Oh, and yes, of course the weather changed about 3 seconds after DH put in the a/c. It's now actually cool.

Hi Sugar--glad you're back on the puter. I wish you didn't have to worry about the phone bill when you're here. It's not fair!!

Whaddya think, did Peaches and Herb run off to Las Vegas and get hitched? That's what I'm betting on...


07-26-2001, 03:51 PM
Sug P wrote.............

Screenless in Sacramento

Is she in Sacramento....or is someone else?? Just asking as that is where my big ol butt resides!


07-26-2001, 05:28 PM
Sugar, the thought of actually having to limit my internet use because I was charged by the minute, just gives me the willys. Why this barbaric way of internet billing??? :eek:

The weather report from my part of the planet is fair and warm with a lovely cool breeze. I spent my lunch hour at home on my deck with a Lean Cuisine and a diet Coke. Ahhhhhh. Notice what a good lunch that was?? I'm afraid to say it out loud, but I'm 3 lbs. down. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Kiwi, I think if I want a new ring, I will have to go out and buy it myself. Which of course means that it would be a dinky little stone because I'm cheap when it comes to stuff like that. I don't mind dropping a wad of bucks at the plastic surgeon's but, hey, those are my priorities.

Speaking of big bucks, the plumber wants $5000 to run a new water line into our house. I think I'm in the wrong business.

07-27-2001, 01:08 PM
First, find a plumber who will do the job for $4000. Then, take the $1000 you saved on that plus whatever you could have brought yourself to spend on a ring, and spend all of it on a better ring! Dadaaa :smug:

Not sure, Muffers, but I think Sugar was just being sibilant. :lol:

We're going away sailing for the weekend. I have about 4 hours to: [list=1]
empty d/w, fill it and run it
pack my bag
run the kid to theater and back
spend lots of time online
Everyone have a good weekend. Wabbit, you're doing great. Our weather has gotten mild again, maybe I can motivate myself to lose a few pounds too.

Just for laughs, I'm adding a pic.