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03-05-2006, 05:09 PM
Hi all! I'm a newly registered user and was surfing the web looking for info on Psyllium fiber when I happened on an article for HGH. I was wondering if anyone else has herd about this? It is a hormone that decreases in our bodies as we age, leaving it harder for us to lose weight, repair damage and manage stress. All the articles I have read claim that it's supposed to be like the fountain of youth because it reduces weight, reverses the signs of aging, repairs joint damage, reduces stress and so on and so fourth. Then you go to inquire about the price and it's like $60.00 for a 2oz vial. It comes in pill form too. Thatís a mighty big list of cures, I wonder is it too good to be true?

I wanted to seek council from others before purchasing some!
Let me know!

Terrie :?:

03-05-2006, 05:17 PM
True HGH is way more expensive than that and can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. I've read various sources stating that a month's supply costs in the neighborhood of $2000. I'm not sure what it is you are really getting for $60. I doubt it's the real thing.
From an online article in Longecity News e-zine by Dr. John H. Maher:
Hgh was only used for children with certain growth disorders until the mid 1980's. It was extremely expensive, as the only source was human cadavers!
Then recombinant DNA technology made it possible to engineer bacteria to produce Hgh. Still it cost about $200 to $300 per week to buy such recombinant Hgh! Plus, you need frequent blood tests, costing $100 plus each time to monitor the proper dosage. And you have to give yourself shots twice a day, though these are more inconvenient than painful....
Another concern is that Hgh shots, as with any hormone replacement therapy regularly taken, tend to inhibit our own natural production. So, if you stop, you could really "crash", having become dependent on an outside source of Hgh.

There is also some concern that it may cause cancer, or cause pre-existing cancers to grow faster.

Does the real thing work? Yes, if you need it. It has been given to severely malnourished children, or children who do not appear to be growing normally. It's also used illegally by some pro body builders.


03-07-2006, 05:44 AM
Thank you Mel.. I think i'll save my money ;O)