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03-03-2006, 11:44 PM
Hi everyone,

I have been sick for two weeks now. and now i have a terrible cough, to the point where i have chest and stomach pains and headaches from coughing so darn much. i have been sucking on sugar free cough drops constantly...which i think causes gas and belly aches...

nevertheless, i went WI today and down .6 lbs from monday. so i asked them what i should do when i am sick. i always get the COD that is just so unknowledgable. she basically said, just drink more water and stick with the plan. i have told her three times that i can not get all my food in especially protein and i am wanting more starch...also i am totally way over the 3 pieces of sugar free candy (cough drops), and lemon and honey tea thing. so all i wanted to know what soup i can have. NO SOUP NO SOUP was all i got from her. I told her fine, then come up with a menu that i can stick with for the next few days where i may feel comfortable with and stay on plan. so the COD went and got the cookbook. and said you can buy the cook book and make you own recipes. I was told in the beginning when i was signing the $700 check that "oh, yes, we help you with planning menus if you need it, and we will call! you'll get all the support you'll need!" I was really pissed that she was trying to shuffle me out and tells me that she is not a dietian and cant tell me what i can eat and not. she can recommend that i stay on plan but what i do when i get home is up to me. Why can't they just fulfill their promise of helping me come up with a menu plan. whatever heppened to "we are here to give you all the support you need?" I think they are not as nice to me because i cant do the i dont buy there stuff.

So, i got really pissed off and called the district manager. (i met her on my second visit and she gave me her number). i told her how unprofessional they were...answering calls while i am in with them, talking to each other like i am not there, yelling questions over the walls, not closing the door, talking about other clients (with names) unprofessional! i even hear other members meeting with their COD...why cant they just close the freaking doors? just because they wear the darn white coat, their behaviors are not professional at all. i think LAWL is a great concept and i love the accountability, but most of the COD are so bad. my regular COD got promoted to manager at another site, so i am stuck with what's left!

sorry, i am sick and grumpy and just needed to vent. so, what do you do when you are sick?


Repo girl
03-04-2006, 11:59 AM
Muji- Sorry you are so miserable. What did the DM say about all of that? If I were you, I would make a big pot of homemade soup to keep eating on. Just dice up a couple of chicken breasts and brown them in a pot. Add onions and celery, saute together for a couple of minutes, add carrots, cabbage, potates, and parsley, cover with water, throw in a couple of LS chicken bullion cubes, and simmer for an hour or so. Easy, really good comfort food. Hope you get feeling better soon!!

03-04-2006, 01:26 PM
Ditto what Katie said--we are so lucky to have our own personal home economist!! That sounds great whether you are sick or not. Sometimes I think you also need to just let your body heal. As miserable as you are you are at the point where you just need nutrition and not worry sooo much about being OP. Sorry you have such an awful center. I consider myself very lucky that mine is so great. I gather, for the most part, it is the exception.

03-04-2006, 07:07 PM
Muji, when you are sick, do what you need to do to heal. A pot of chicken noodle soup sounds perfect. And if you're too sick to make the homemade version, use Campbell's. Once you're back on your feet, you can go back to being POP.

03-04-2006, 10:23 PM
i was very sick this week. It started with a cold, then major layringits, then throwing up and then the runs. When I went to w/i--I told them I was off program this week--my COD said that was ok--to do what i could and jump right back on when I was feeling better. I was totally eating ONLY starches especially with the stomach bug. Do what you can until you feel better..just drink as much as you can.

Feel better soon.

03-05-2006, 12:16 AM
thanks for all your advice. Mom2abby, i think you and i had the same thing. i have been sick for two weeks now. it was just a runny nose and sore thoart last week and then all of a sudden, i got laryngitis, then it became a respiratory tract infection, with the runs for 4 days. for days now, i have been cough like i have TB. you should of seen the looks i got at the supermarket. The DM told me to just eat what i can and get back on tract when i feel better. i have not been on plan for five days. I have been drinking honey and lemon tea, and sucking on cough drops. i have made some rice soup. so, it has been a lot of starch for me too. but i am managing to get some veggies in today. I think i could manage staying on plan if i did not have a sore throat, but with the constant coughing....i really cant help not taking the cough drops and drinking the tea.

i was really hoping to meet my 10lbs at my WI on monday but i doubt that it will happen.

wishing you all good health!


03-05-2006, 12:20 AM
When I had my csection, the surgery nurse said to drink lots of peppermint tea to ease gas (from where your intestines kinda feel asleep from the epidural). I think that would feel great on your throat and keep you from being as gassy as the cough drops made you.

For future reference, I made soup with low sodium v8 and on plan veggies and freeze them. They make a great way to get in veggies when you are sick OR just plain lazy (which is usually the case with me).