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03-03-2006, 09:16 PM
Aloha Everyone,

We are having heavy rains and a there's a flash flooding alert for the islands. I am sorry I haven't been vocal enough about posting to everyone else's posts. Am I the only one that is having a slow down with the computer system accessing each post.

But I like to congratulate everyone on their weight loss regimens and for those who are having a bad time, stick in there it will shed soon, just stick to the plan.

I am on the no lites purple plan, I have converted my proteins to vegetable burgers and tofu, slightly. I still eat chicken breast and lean meats here and there. I have combined my starches to eat during lunch. I take the FB500 and Carb Enders just for the heck of it. I started LAWL on 02/06/06 and have gone down 8 pounds so far, and 4 inches.

My exercise is every other day 20 minutes of interval cardio, its a quick workout and I lose about 124 calories each time. The first time I did it the next day I was walking as if I rode a horse for three days straight. I'm walking fine now, I just pushed myself through it and now its painless.

I have cheated once or twice but it was just with drinking Bloody Mary's and when I went to the center she said the vodka was a starch and the mix was substituted for my veggies. Hey I thought I gained but I lost two pounds. I said it before, alcohol does my body good. LOL! No more cheating though.

I have a couple more weeks though to lose my remaining 15 pounds, can I do it. Its been 4 weeks I have 9 weeks to go. I'm feeling a little shellshocked. I'm just waiting to get below the 140 mark. We'll see on Monday when it will be exactly a month.

Should I do another TO now to get over that hurdle. Tell me what you think!

Sorry for such a long post. Had to vent and let you know my progress.

Oh and wow there were so many new faces when I went into the center today. Newbies on the payroll whats up with that!

Chat with ya laters, aloha from the islands.

Melissa (

03-03-2006, 10:10 PM
Hello, Melissa. You said "no more cheating" in reference to the bloody mary. This is my thought. I know that once I'm at goal, I will still want an occasional drink. Since I've done this a time or two (lost weight and gained it back), I've decided that I am going to make my weight loss program mirror my life. I'm drinking in moderation... well, compared to before LAWL. ;-P The COD counselors say I could lose tons more faster if I'd go without alcohol for an entire week. Yes, I'm sure I could. But how would I learn moderation? And once I was done with LAWL, it would just be a matter of months before I was heading back up the scale.

And, for me, whenever I have something that I want that is not on plan (or too much of something that is), I try to accommodate for it. For example, I wanted a White Castle hamburger - DESPERATELY. So I ordered one. For those of you not familiar with White Castles (or Krystals), it's a very small patty with tons of onions on a small bun. On WW, it was only a few points (4 or less) so I estimated the breakdown for plan. The meat was 2-3 oz of hamburger - 1/2P for me. I counted the bun as 2S and threw in the 1 fat for good measure. Now I knew my COD would go ape over a WC burger on the diary so I recorded it as deer burger (and I got the 2nd half of P at home with deer burger) and 2 slices of lite bread. I had a spinach salad with everything and was satisfied. In fact, the White Castle burger wasn't as good as I expected. I stayed on program and had almost a pound loss at weigh in the next day. If I had denied myself the burger, who knows what I would have eaten at home.

Also, I found out that my body processes wine better than beer or liquor as long as I accommodate by counting it as my fruits and don't drink it every day. Oh, and I always drink at least 8 oz of water with every glass of wine.

Good luck!

03-03-2006, 10:31 PM
Thank you for your post it made me smile and laugh at the same time. It reminded me when I went in and I was 2 pounds lighter and then I came out with it and told her I had two drinks. And admitted the cheating. LOL!

Shame on me though, I know I'm setting a bad example but if I gain, I promise not to post a bad comment regarding my bad judgment gone bad.

Oh the center just called and said I can start TO tomorrow to help me get over the hurdle of the 10 pound mark.

To us in our goals to becoming lighter and diet smarter.