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03-03-2006, 05:28 AM
Sorry Ladies, I just cound not resist the whole Freaky Friday bit. Anyhoo, TGIF and All that Jazz!!!

Has anyone seen that movie witht the dogs "8 Below" I think it is called? I was curious how it was. Hurray, my son is with me this weekend and I am planning to have a great Mommy/Son weekend. I especially love Saturday mornings when we snuggle on the couch before getting motivted for the day. I am desperately in need of a grocery shopping trip and a cooking session so that will most likely take place on Sunday. No other plans for the weekend so far.

Well, I have done better this last couple days with my food choices but I'm still not doing a perfect phase 1. I would like to tighten that up a bit today and for the weekend.

Hope everyone has a Freaky Friday and I'll be catchin up with all of you on the weekend.

03-03-2006, 07:25 AM
:rofl: Freaky Friday! Somehow, I was expecting that from you! Sounds like a great weekend is ahead for you, Freaky. Enjoy the time together with your son.

I'm back on track, the scale is showing I'm down 1 lb! :goodscale I even managed to get in a whopping 72 oz. of water yesterday! So now I'm off to Curves to get in a "power workout".

See you all later!

Kelly J
03-03-2006, 07:29 AM
Good morning chicks!

Freaky - thanks for the smile this morning :D Hope you have a great weekend with your son.

Cottage - wow! 72 oz of water - that is great!

I'm down the 2 lbs I gained from falling off the wagon track last week so today is starting out okay. The snow missed us yesterday so that puts me in a better mood too.

Have a great day chicks!

03-03-2006, 07:35 AM
Well, it was bound to happen eventually! :shrug: Freaky Friday indeed! :lol:
I've not seen "8 Below" but the Girls really like the preview ads. I'm sure your son will love it. Your weekend plans sound great. Enjoy! :)

Cottage, isn't it great to see that darn scale move? So motivating! Did you get dumped on by that big storm? :snow:

Big :wave: at Kelly! I'm glad you missed the snow and even happier about the two pounds.

Never got back in here to post much yesterday although I was in off and on to answer questions and do other stuff. I had a really busy day but got lots of home stuff done. :bravo: Some days I feel like I'm just goofing off or running around in circles.

Today is dawning clear, bright and cold. Lucy must be preggers because she's still asleep. On the other hand, she could be partially cooked because I sure had that stove raring when I went to bed. :lol:

What's happening on your part of the snowy or sandy Beach? :cofdate: HAve a great day.

03-03-2006, 07:51 AM
Mornin' everyone.

Freaky - Have a great time with your son this weekend! I haven't seen 8 Below yet, but I have heard good things about it.

Cottage and Kelly - Keep workin' that scale, baby! :goodscale

Ruth - Enjoy your weekend!

I probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow. I'm off to "the belly of the beast" for me food-wise - my parent's house. My Mom always has a ton of food around for everyone, and despite my repeatedly explaining to her what kinds of food I should have, it's always starch, starch, and more starch. (Heavy sigh.) I've got a few things to take with me, so I'll be able to eat what I take. Oh well, it's my Dad's 81st birthday tomorrow, so it will be good to have some family time.

Off to Curves. Everyone have a great weekend!

03-03-2006, 07:57 AM
Good Morning Ladies.

Cold this morning with just a scift of snow, I am eating my Oatmeal with cinnamon and drinking my coffee.... Today is Math Mid terms, I am slowly getting stressed about it.. but it is first thing this morning so It will be over by noon.. Then I have a week to stress my results..ugh... I ate all day yesterday,, stayed OP just ate a lot.. "Aunt Margaret" is coming for her monthly visist.. Glad there were no sweet cravings..

Take Care All

03-03-2006, 08:13 AM
Sounds like everyone is ready to face the day today. Me too.
Remeber yesterday and previous days with all my whining that I am not loosing. Welllll I went to the doctors yesterday. Since Jan 6th I have lost 17lbs!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. My doctor almost did a cartwheel. HE said if I keep up this good work he will be able to eliminate my medicine for ever. :carrot:
This is the man that said 6 months ago if I kept going the way I was I was looking at a heart transplant in less then 5 years and I am only 33.
My blood pressure was great yesterday and my eco results said my heart is finally in a normal range_ I am so excited. I finally feel like I am taking steps to ensure I can watch my babies grow up.
Now what I have to say to all of you. :hug: :carrot: :o I can't thank everyone here enough for all your support. I know coming here everyday is really helping me. I have a long way to go but with all of you I know I can do this. Thank so much everyone. Have a great day.

03-03-2006, 08:40 AM
Mamahulk -

:coach: "I told you so" :carrot:

:bravo: :cp::bravo: :cp::bravo: :cp::bravo: :cp::bravo: :cp::bravo: :cp:

03-03-2006, 08:55 AM
Holy cow I'm making it on today. Just a quick fly by. I've been just swamped, and this weekend is the weekend I have to host/prepare food for/decorate for/clean up after a reception for 2 of the teachers. I'm preparing food for 300 people. Yeesh! That starts tomorrow.

Stayed in instead of kick boxing last night. I had mounds of laundry that needed done, and we were out of clean dishes, so I stayed home and did house work that couldn't be put off any longer. I'm hoping to get some exercise in this evening since I don't have piano.

Hope you all are doing fine!


03-03-2006, 08:56 AM
That is very good news Mamahulk,,, I am happy for you..

03-03-2006, 08:58 AM
Mama - Thanks fantastic happy for you!
Freaky - your weekend sounds lovely!
Ruthie - Your furbabies watch TV too huh? My little kitten likes to watch too!
Crockett - Me too with the visit...err. Oh well....
Jana - Enjoy visiting your parents!
Kelly - great job with the 2 lbs
Cottage - I START CURVES TODAY!! I have my appt at 10...very excited!
Well I'm off from work....I have my Curves appt, put my AVON order in, a little laundry & then I'm going to be a lazy bum & do some scrapbooking!
Have a great day!!

03-03-2006, 08:58 AM
Heyya Weezle..we posted at the same time!!

03-03-2006, 09:16 AM
Good morning everyone!

Mama - Congrats on your weight loss and the good news from your doctor! Keep up the good work!

Weezle - Good luck with the reception planning, sounds like an awful lot.

soon2Bfab - Hope you enjoy Curves, I went there for awhile and really liked it. I don't know why I haven't gone back though.

Crock - My "Aunt Margaret" just left, I hate when she visits!

Freaky - Enjoy your weekend with your son. My son wants to see that movie too.

As for me, I am doing pretty good. I'm officially in Phase 2 now so this morning I had the Sunrise Parfait for breakfast. It was pretty good, such a change from what I've been eating though.

I finally dug out my scale so I could weigh myself. I hid my scale because my oldest daughter was getting on it constantly and I didn't think that was healthy so I hid the scale and had a long discussion with her. This was last year. So, I decided that I needed to practice what I preach and I stopped getting on the scale so much myself. The last time I weighed myself I was around 201 or so but that was well before the holidays. I did not weigh myself before starting SB, call it denial but I just didn't want to focus so much on what the scale says. All I know is that my jeans were tight, my shirts weren't fitting so nicely across my belly and now everything fits great. This morning I weighed in at 200 even, I was hoping for a lower number but I guess I weighed more than I thought before I started SB. I plan on weighing once a week though, I just can't weigh myself daily, I let the numbers rule me too much. What that scale says can ruin my day so easily.

Well, the kids don't have school today and I'm not sure what we're going to do. I'd like to cook some but I also need to get the girl's some lacrosse gloves for practice tomorrow. It's going to be cold so they need gloves.

Have a great OP day everyone!


03-03-2006, 09:27 AM
Mama - Inspiring to see what a positive difference you have made for your health and life!!
Freaky - I am seeing a movie with my 13 yr old daughter later that she still wants to go with her MOM!
Ruthie - Keep us posted on the puppy pregnancy....
Crockett - Margaret is a FINE name...hope the visit goes okay.
Jana - Have a great weekend.
Kelly - fabulous loss
Lisa Take some time for YOU after its all over! Maybe get in an extra weekend workout.
Cottage - weight training does help....hard to fit it in with cardio (cylcing in my case) filling my schedule so full. Congrats on your curves success!
Soon - good luck at curves! Let us know how you like it.
Tyra - I am in my own special "denial zone" right now. I can feel that I have gained and don't want to know if its more than a couple of pounds. My scale is banished for a week.
Barb loved your tip about reading about is motivating!

My deal....I do perfectly well until 4 pm and then I want to eat everything and sight. I did return to spinning yesterday and did a one hour interval class. Back at it today at noon. Now if I can just transfer the discipline to my eating! I did a veggie inventory in my fridge so I am off to the store to stock up on weekend necessities.
Have a great one all!

03-03-2006, 10:00 AM
Mamahulk ~ :bravo: :woo: :cp: See, we told you that all your hard work would eventually pay off! I'm really happy for you!

Ruth ~ We only got a dusting of snow, ice was the big problem around here, but it wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted.

Soon ~ Hurray for joining Curves! I hope you love it as much as I do. It really depends on your club and how it's managed. Our managers keep on top of things and make it a lot of fun. :)

Kelly ~ Congratulations on your 2 lb loss!

JanaJ ~ My Curves buddy, have a great workout! Be careful eating at your Mom's. My mother is always trying to feed me, too, when I visit. She's "old country" Italian, and it's just in her blood. It's always "mangia, mangia" at her house. :dizzy:

3DM ~ Have a great day with your kids!

MsCrockett ~ Hope you do well on your Math exam today - :crossed: !

Weezle ~ Oh my, sounds like you're going to be busy with your cooking fest! I'm glad you're feeling better. :hug:

Focused ~ Good morning, have fun in the veggie department, I just came from the store and stocked up on fresh veggies, too!

I'm free until 11 today. Housework is done, so I can just goof off for a while. I was thinking of going to my daughter's for the weekend, but I haven't talked to her and told her of my plans, so maybe I'd better call her first. They may be coming here, instead.

Barb, thanks for answering my question. If I do make the Indian Chicken again, I'm going to add some peppers and chili paste to it, and stir in some yogurt before serving. Tonight we're having Shrimp Alfredo with spagetti squash. I had to buy more mushrooms, the ones I was going to use yesterday were unsalvageable. I hate to have to throw out food, especially vegetables. :( . But it inspired me to finally get around to cleaning the refrigerator, which is a job I had been puttting off way too long. So that's another thing I got accomplished yesterday. :D

03-03-2006, 10:01 AM
Good morning, chicks! Today I woke up feeling all refreshed and ready to go. This morning will be house work then I'll head to campus to hear a seminar about the evolution of placenta's in fish :dizzy: !! It should actually be interesting. Then it's lab work to reread some samples that came back weird the first time. Then it's home to go for a long walk with the dog and then work on a take home exam from my Environmental Policy class. Somewhere today I'm going to try to get in some data analysis in Excel! So, that sums up my day, how 'bout yours? :D

Freaky: have fun with your son, sounds like a great Saturday morning!

Cottage: CongRATs on the #!! And the water..that's great!

Kelly: CongRATs toyou too on the 2#! THat's fabulous!!

Ruth: I'm sooo excited that Lucy's pregnant!! How fun! I'm looking forward to a few months from now when we can see pics!!!

Jana: I'm sending lots of good willpower vibes your way for this weekend!! You can do it, girl!

MsCrockett: Good luck on your midterm. What math class is it? Math and chemistry were my worst subjects but somehow I managed to get a BS in Biology that required lots of classes in both. If I can do it, trust me, you can too! And, if nothing else, remember.....D is for Diploma :lol: !!

mamahulk: 17 lbs???? That's fabulous!! WooHoo!! :carrot: Good job!

weezle: Good luck with your busy weekend! :)

soon: You're starting curves?? Why is this the first I'm hearing about this??? Yikes! Sounds great for you but I guess I'll have to work double hard to win our double or nothing bet this month! Gee thanks!!! :D

3darlings: I went from being a scale ho to being a scale avoider. Just remember that a little variance is normal. After TOM is over I'm going to weigh daily but only count what I weigh on my official weigh in day. You're doing great, though, keep it up!

Focused: late afternoon is my downfall too. Why is it that that's the time we get so hungry? Must be a circadian rhythm thing? I guess I need to prepare better but that time is also a busy time most days. I feel ya!

Anyone I missed: have a fabulous day!!

03-03-2006, 10:05 AM
Pearsy ~ Hi, hon, we were posting at the same time! :hug: Busy day ahead for you, too!

03-03-2006, 10:10 AM
Freaky~~I am so proud of you :cp:
Mamahulk~~Absolutely fantastic news :carrot:
Soon~~Your new pic is fabulous! You've lost weight and it shows. :dancer:

Gotta run: hair appt, errands, etc. I'll catch up with everybody later :wave:

03-03-2006, 10:11 AM
whoo hooo Mamahulk!!! Way to really make SBD a LIFE changing plan

Freaky- enjoy the movie, my boy and i did curious george a few weeks ago, nothing like mom and son hitting the town

Soon- have a blast at Curves. I think you'll like it. I joined 4 yrs ago and it's what got me going with exercise. Now i'm at a regular gym and go 5-6 days a week.

Tyra-even if the scale doesn't say, you know you're doing great if the clothes fit, they can't lie

I'm headed to the gym today for my "private consultation", get my body fat and all that. I waited til I felt that I had been regular enough that it wouldn't shock anyone, lol. Having some eggs to kick it off...since I started SBD on Jan 14th I have had 1-2 eggs every single day for breakfast and don't even mind, is that weird? lol

03-03-2006, 10:19 AM's my "secret" kicked up behind last it's MY turn! :devil:

03-03-2006, 10:37 AM
HI, Everyone! I'm SO excited this morning. After a couple of weeks (it seemed) the scale finally went down! YEA! I'm SO excited.

Last night I went to the store and got the stuft to make my own wraps because I had been buying the SB "Lunchable". I also got some cereal that my Mom told me about called UncleSam's - it is low glycemic. It was cheap too. I haven't tried it yet. I'm afraid to add too many carbs, even the right kind.
Can I still eat unlimited eggs in Phase 2?? I cut out the Mixed Nuts so I think that helped me a lot.

MamuHulk: AWESOME> I'm SO excited for you!!!!
Ruth: Puppies would be SO fun. I hope she is doing great.
Freaky: 8 Below got good reviews. We would like to see that. Enjoy your weekend!

Tonight: Off to scrapbook with girl friends.

Think I'll make veggie soup today.
Have a Wonderful Friday!

03-03-2006, 10:51 AM
Freaky - We haven't seen that movie yet but it sounds good. I just heard the newest Harry Potter comes out on DVD next week. That we will have to get. They have gotten intense enough that we don't watch them in the theatre but Brian loves them on DVD.

cottage - Good job on the water! Since I started posting it on the Behavior Goal, I have been doing great on mine too and the weight is coming off.

jana - Enjoy the time with your family and give your Dad a big birthday hug! I never truly appreciated my parents until they were gone. Good planning on the food.

MsCrockett - I just love starting my morning with oatmeal! Lots of cinnamon and Splenda and fruit sliced up in it (once I got far enough into phase 2). Good luck with the test.

mamahulk - I am so happy for you! I started South Beach so that I could see my son grow up. It is so motivating.

weezle and pear - You are always so busy!

soon - Enjoy Curves. I love it when I make it to the gym. It gives me so much energy!

3darlings - what is the Sunrise Parfait? I guess I need to look in my cookbooks. It sounds interesting.

focused - I tend to get hungry in the afternoon too. When I am in the office, I pack an extra snack of cauliflower or zucchini. It fills me up and keeps me from thinking about the snack machine. And giving up chocolate for Lent is making it easier for me to stay away from the candy too.

cottage - That Shrimp Alfredo sounds great. Unfortunately DH doesn't like white sauces so I normally stick with red ones. :( Tonight we are having the Halibut with Tapenade in parchment (I'm using cod since halibut is so expensive but I also like it with orange roughy when I can catch that on sale). I put the fish over tomatoes for DH and over sliced zucchini with just a little tomato for me. Brian doesn't care for fish so he will have baked popcorn shrimp and then we will all have the same veggies.

batmom - I eat more eggs than ever too although I try to mostly use Eggbeaters since I have to watch my cholesterol. I really love to make a homemade Egg McMuffin with a whole wheat toasted English muffin, Eggbeaters cooked in the microwave in a dish so they are the right size, a slice of RF swiss cheese and sometimes a slice of Canadian bacon.

Hi, Kelly, Ruth, 2BFit!

Brian was feeling good this morning. That penicillin is some good stuff! He was eating breakfast and doing his homework when I left for work. He really wants to go to the Stations of the Cross at church tonight followed by Sunday school but I told him it will depend on whether he stays fever free all day. If he does then he'll have been 24 hours without fever and won't be contagious. And, of course, it depends on whether he feels up to it too.

03-03-2006, 10:55 AM
Debbie - I like Uncle Sam's but I usually mix it with Kashi Go Lean for extra flavor. If you like the Uncle Sam's that is great. The serving size is a little bigger. I find I get hungrier eating cereal for breakfast so I don't do it often. You can still eat unlimited eggs as long as your cholesterol is fine. I have to watch mine so I try to limit mine to a couple a week and then use Eggbeaters the rest of the time (and really I prefer oatmeal most days) but Dr A says eggs are fine.

03-03-2006, 12:02 PM
Hi everyone, you all sound like everything is so planned! If you are having warm weather, send some vibes my way. If it's cold........turn the other way!

At work today and so far it's not too busy. Doing OK on phase one but one of my co-workers is eating popcorn for breakfast. I'm pretty munchy right now so I had sugar-free jello for a snack just to keep my mouth busy.

Everyone have a great day!!!

03-03-2006, 12:06 PM
Well, we got her lab tests back. She tested negative for mono and her thyroid tests were fine. And her numbers went down significantly. Her AST went down to 93 and her ALT was 182. He said they are still elevated but he has no idea why they dropped so dramatically or why they were so high to begin with. We're still waiting on her Hepatitis test results, but he says that he'd be really surprised if they came back positive. He said that we need to keep feeding her as often as possible and try to bulk up her calories. He said he'll see us at her 15 month checkup. If her weight hasn't improved by then, he'll refer us to a GI specialist. So, he has no idea what (if anything) is wrong with her and he doesn't seem to be all that concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be either?

On another note, I just got back from the emergency room. Reilly got an almond stuck up her nose and we had to go to get it removed. My kids are trying to kill me.

Thank you so much for your concern and for being a shoulder for me to cry on. I REALLY appreciate it.

03-03-2006, 01:12 PM
I just got back from my workout at Curves - love it! It's so easy & the gals are a blast. The only part I didn't like was kowing that I'm 42.5% FAT! I literally turned pale. The gal measuring me asked me if I needed to sit down. HOLY SMOKES!!! I knew I was thicker, but I thought I was chubby, not OBESE!!
Pearsy - you're losing this month because I'm basically 50% fat - that's gotta change!!

03-03-2006, 01:16 PM
Mornin' ladies,

Not feeling too hot today, been having tummy probs and feeling a little weak but no fever and don't necessarily feel sick. Was like 150 this morning at the gym but not going to post it because it seems to be as a result of my tummy issues (trying to be as not graphic as possible).

Eric is going out of town this weekend and I'm actually kind of excited because I'm having a slumber party with my oldest dearest friend, helping a girlfriend move this afternoon and tomorrow (not fun because her BF dumped her and so I know it's going to be so hard for her). It's my sis's birthday tomorrow so hopefully I'll hang with her a little bit, have an open house Sunday and then heading to the lake for Sarah-down-time after that. Lots of fun plans and hoping to get laundry done and apartment clean to boot.

Hopefully my body will shape up!

03-03-2006, 01:18 PM
usmchoney - I am keeping your little one in my prayers. That is great that her numbers are down. I know it would drive me crazy not knowing what was wrong. How long is it until her 15 month checkup? Maybe you can bring her in more often for weight checks? How old is Reilly? I've been really lucky that we've never had an ER visit but it sure seems like all my friends have had to take each kid at least once.

03-03-2006, 01:32 PM
usmchoney - I am keeping your little one in my prayers. That is great that her numbers are down. I know it would drive me crazy not knowing what was wrong. How long is it until her 15 month checkup? Maybe you can bring her in more often for weight checks? How old is Reilly? I've been really lucky that we've never had an ER visit but it sure seems like all my friends have had to take each kid at least once.

Keely's 15 month appointment won't be until after May 6. In addition to writing down everything she eats, I've started weighing her on my digital scale. I also printed a pre-toddle growth chart that I found online, and I plan to chart her progress. We need to get her weight back into the healthy curve.

Reilly is 2 1/2 years old (going on 16). I swear she shoved the almond up her nose just so we could go to the doctor. She loves going to the doctor and taking medicine. I've got a weird kid.

03-03-2006, 01:47 PM
It sounds like you have a handful! I'm glad you have the digital scale. Good luck with getting Keely's weight up. Brian has always been a decent weight (around 40-50%) after he started walking but he has been low on his height. We took him off a steroid nose spray at his 8 year old checkup and when they checked yesterday at the doctor's, he had gained a couple of inches and was back on the very bottom of the height chart now that he is 47 inches.

03-03-2006, 03:09 PM
Please talk me into being a good person and not just getting up and walking out on my job. I am losing my bloody mind. I have been in tears every day at work this week. I'm not going to get my exercise tonight because I'm going to have to put in extra hours tonight to try to get caught up. They got all honked off at me for not being here last night from 6:30-8:00 for some Kindergarten thing they had. Well, had I found out sooner than 3 hours beforehand that they wanted me here, I would have come, but I had far too much to do. And... do I get overtime? Nope. I would be volunteering my time, but they expect me to be here.

I have applied and applied and applied and I just feel like I'm getting nowhere. I had a phone interview for one place last week and they had me fax them an application on Monday so they could do the background check, etc, but I haven't heard anything back. I haven't even had as much as a speeding ticket, so that should be fine. I think I'm going to call and see what I can find out on Monday. Surely they'd know something in a week, right?

I had a nervous breakdown before I started my laundry and dishes last night. I had just been online looking for jobs, and out of 6 websites, I only found 1 job to apply for. I applied for it, then had my nervous break down, then did dishes and started my laundry. While having my breakdown, I prayed and prayed (and cried and cried,) begging God to help me find something. He says he won't give us more than we can bear, but obviously when we're to the point that we're bawling our eyes out every day, we're getting close to that point.

When I got done with my dishes, I checked my email and already had a note back from the person I sent my resume to. He told me to get online and submit an application and that he looked forward to the interviewing process, so that's some good news, right? I just don't know if that was God giving me a little answer to my prayers, or if it was a coindicence. For those of you who pray, PLEASE throw out some extra ones for me because I'm really having a rough time. My husband thinks I'm suicidal, I'm sure, as much as I've been crying lately.

So yeah, things aren't good right now. I need to get back to work otherwise I'll be here all night tonight. Talk soon.


03-03-2006, 03:13 PM
Good Afternoon Chickies -

I need to vent a little for a sec...
I was at the gym last night brushing my hair in the big mirror after my workout. I looked to my left and there was this woman coming out of the shower in just a towel. Now I thought this was a little weird...but I let it go. Then she caught my eye again because she was putting on her bra and underwear, with all her 'business' just out there, in the main room of the locker room. We have like 10 or 12 dressing rooms exactly for that purpose. I know it was busy, and I consider myself pretty modest, but that is a little out there. I'm glad she has a postivie body image, I wrong on this??


freaky - Have a good weekend with your son :)

mscrockett - good luck on that midterm!! :goodvibes:

mamahulk - :cp: way to go!! It's always good to have hope of getting off medication :D

usmchoney - when my brother was that age, he stuck on kinds of things up his nose. I think he liked going to the Dr. too. I hope she's okay. And I hope Keely will be okay as well.

sarah - I hope your tummy gets better. I *hate* having tummy issues :hug:

Hello and have a good weekend to all :grouphug:

03-03-2006, 03:18 PM
Pearshape ~~~ "D": is for diploma... That is exaclty what I made on the test,, she graded them as we finished, However, I explained to her that I know what I am doing, My homework shows that,, the word "TEST" makes the specific part of my brain I need run rampid!!! soooooooooooo On a good note she let me retake the test with she and I together and I worked each problem I got wrong infront of her and Made a 87%.Thank Goodness I have an understanding teacher,, I tell ya being 34 and going back to school, and Math has always been my down fall, I think It has been poor teaching not that I just dont get it.. but man all kinds of emotions when I have been in the work force for 16 yrs.. and no My life is school.. talk about Culture shock!!!!!!!!!!

I just cant figure out a way to get my mood better when it comes to testing,, is it a study failure,, or what,,????? any body go through this to? and if so ,, How do I overcome this...??????????????????

03-03-2006, 03:20 PM
OH by the way,, I am down 2 more lbs... Now that is Math I understand,, whoooohooo.. and Aunt Margaret is here,, and -2,, showed her who is boss....

03-03-2006, 03:23 PM
Weezle - You will definitely be in my prayers! The email you received does sound positive. :hug:

Annarenee - I guess different places are different but the Bally's I go to has only two dressing rooms. Most of us come out of the shower in our towels (especially since the dressing rooms are in the main locker room and not in the room with the showers) and I always dress in the main locker room rather than waiting for a dressing room. Many other also dress in the open while some other wait for a dressing room. I just normally don't make eye contact while I'm in less than my undies.

03-03-2006, 03:52 PM
Barb - I guess you're right. I think it just freaked me out because I didn't expect to look over and a naked woman next to me :o

03-03-2006, 04:20 PM
OMG<,, my mother made her famous home made spaghetti today,, I can so smell it... I am going to have to stay out side the rest of the day,, not craving it,, but the smell is gonna have me craving,,,, this is a hard one today..... 1st one,, and it is a biggy

03-03-2006, 04:27 PM
Can you contribute some whole wheat spaghetti or a spaghetti squash that you can use with her sauce for you to eat? I would think the sauce should be safe.

03-03-2006, 04:34 PM
barb~ No I dont have anything for me to go with it...... I am slowly adding carbs back in, and I have added Oatmeal, Rice, Apple and grapes so far,,, next week I will add something else......... this really sucks...!! as it is my FAVORITE MEAL.

03-03-2006, 05:11 PM
Oh Weezle sweetie.....I'm sorry, but I understand & I've been there before. My first job out of college was an executive for Target (you know - the bulls eye.) It was in the worst part of the city (they nicknamed it the ghetto Target) It was AWFUL - I would work open to close, be constantly yelled out, constantly told I wasn't good enough - and then I had a friend that told me about the Gap. After 2 interviews I was in & my last 2 weeks at Target - sweet revenge. I would leave on time - what are they going to do to me - fire me? When she tell me things were my fault my response was "damn right - blame me while ya can!" My boss was such a wacko, she was disgustingly nice to my face, but when it was time for my good bye party - she threatened employees not to go - what a witch!
Anyway - chin up you will find a better job!!

03-03-2006, 10:47 PM
I don't think mnay people come in here at night but just wanted to say Hello.
Weezle- Hang in there. That is so hard. What do you do?
I think the quick response via email is a great sign. :D
I hope I can have a long workout in the am, ate a little longer then I should have. Just kept picking. I am on call thsi weekend- hope it is not too busy. I am tired and already ahve alot of notes to do. Well hope you all have a good night, chat with you soon. :hug: