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02-27-2006, 12:19 PM
have any of you ever just stopped and took a real hard look back on your past. like for me the past 10 years, im 27 and the past 10 years or so i can look back and see how all the times i have gained and lost, gained and lost have really been a major part of my life. sometimes i think to myself, all those times you were where you needed to be(as far as weight goes) and i have just let it slip away. i am now eactly 50 pounds bigger than i was before the kids, and before all the other major life changes happened. i really wish sometimes that i could have stopped myself from eating that one extra piece of cake, or that one last cookie, or whatever the food might have been. and instead of turning to food for comfort, i could have worked out and never have gotten to where i am now. sorry for the pity party. i just really wish i would have taken better care of myself years ago, maybe if i had i wouldn't be overwieght now. so now im going to totally commit myself from doing the same things, this time im going to fully take care of me and by the time im 30 i hope to look back and say, yes i did do things that were not in my best interest, but the last few years i really turned it around and I made this happen and i really feel good about what i have done. i want to look back and know that i have taken care of me, not only for myself , but for the 2 beautiful girls i have in my life. thanks for reading, sorry so long, i hope everyone is doing great on this long track ahead :D

02-27-2006, 12:32 PM
i know what you mean. i've been up and down all my life too. and usually when i was down, it was not because i was dieting. it was just what ever lifestyle i had going on at the time. that is why i am calling this a lifestyle change. because i want to be more aware of the things i am doing. so when i lose the weight, i will keep it off because of the new changes in my lifestyle. being more active and eating healthier. i think alot of us will look back on this time and say, this is the last time we will ever have to "diet", because we will have learned so much more from this experience than we ever have before. we learn from our past mistakes, so we can change our future!!! :hug:

02-27-2006, 12:40 PM
i think that it is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. i WILL do it this time, and with all the experience of the past, im sure it will help out alot. looks like you have the same weight goal as me,lol GOOD LUCK

02-27-2006, 09:26 PM
Yeah, it's amazing how much time I've wasted worrying about my weight. It's been such a huge battle for so many years! And the sad truth is that it's never something you can totally forget about; when we make it to our goals, we will still have to make tons of decisions every day about it-- "No, I don't want that cake," "I'll buy the fat free kind instead," "I am going to lift some weights now," etc. Maintanance will be work, but a lot less than losing!

We've all treated our bodies badly in the past, and that's why we're here. It's easy to only focus on your past. But you are here now, and you can do this!