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02-24-2006, 09:26 PM
Hi! Saw a special on my news channel about this family who's been losing weight with Hoodia Gordonii pills. I've already read the link above between Mrs. Jim, Suzanne and some other people regarding this, but, the people on the news show (my local 10:00 news) believed it and a doctor promoted it on the news. Also, they provided a link which i visited and they offer a diet pill called Hoodia Super Slim 400 or something like that. I did order it, but I was just wondering if anyone else has any kind of experience with Hoodia?

02-24-2006, 09:37 PM
I also saw on this same news channel about Kanten Flakes? Tasteless seaweed that fills up your stomach. I feel like I need an appetite suppressant, yes from physical growling hunger pains, usually about 15 minutes after eating. I'm hoping to find something to help that.

Suzanne 3FC
02-25-2006, 11:00 AM
How are they getting real hoodia gordonii if it's illegal to export it out of Africa? :chin: It's been said that there isn't enough genuine hoodia gordonii in all of Africa to fill the number of capsules being sold on the internet today. Hoodia gordonii is very rare and is protected by national conservation laws in South Africa and Namibia.

A lot of the products contain other forms of hoodia that do not carry the appetite suppressing qualities. Something else that confuses me is that the super slim 400 doesn't mention P57 at all in their advertising. The P57 is the molecule in hoodia gordonii that suppresses the appetite. The rest of the plant is useless. Super Slim 400 can't contain P57 because it's been patented by PhytoPharm and can only be included in their products when sold as a weight loss product.

Unilever tested hoodia products being sold today and none contained enough hoodia (ir any at all) to do anything. Keep in mind that these products are not regulated by the US Government so they can claim to contain genuine hoodia when they don't contain any at all.

Super Slim 400 also contains cellulose fiber. When you consume it, it swells up and makes you fill fuller. Cellulose is commonly sold as an appetite suppressant. It's extremely cheap.

Btw, my local news once did a piece on diet lollypops. I contacted them to question the product, because I knew what was in it and that it was a scam. I was told that the reporter got all of the info from the woman that SOLD the product. She didn't research it at all. I think they sometimes get distracted by the idea of providing "breaking news", or they run out of ideas. I'd rather believe the news programs provided by the big guys. Btw, most hoodia advertisements claim their product is "as seen on CBS 60 Minutes" and they are hoping you didn't actually see the program. 60 Minutes was actually explaining how the hoodia sold is NOT what you think, lol. The transcript is in our Library forum.