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02-24-2006, 08:56 PM
Help!!!! How do I get past this horrible platuea I am on??? I am on WW program and have a regular gym schedule (cardio and light weights) I keep in between 188 and 194. It is driving me crazy!!! Does anyone have any ideas to break this plateau???;)

02-24-2006, 09:07 PM
Wow, that's quite some plateau! I'm sure you've probably built up some muscle due to the cardio and weight-lifting, which probably accounts for a bit of it. Have you been sticking to WW? A lot of people I've talked to will be "good one week, and bad the next". I don't know if this is the case for you or what. You might want to vary your cardio from week to week, as your body gets used to doing the same thing constantly. Have you tried doing Yoga or Pilates? They are both VERY good for weight loss, long-term. What kind of cardio are you doing? I ask a lot of questions! LOL

02-24-2006, 09:39 PM
I true to mix it up with my cardio....I like elliptical, but I do that only 2-3 week. I also will use bike and jog on the treadmill. My trainer tells me not to get my heartrate too high, he says to stay around 130. I try that, but sometimes I feel like I am not getting a good workout. As for the WW, I really try to stick to it, but I do cheat sometimes, but that is what flex points are for. When I first started I was losing 5 lbs a week, then I just stopped....I really have no idea what to do. I am getting married at the end of April and really want to lose 20 or so. AUGGHH

02-24-2006, 09:42 PM
Is it possible you're eating too many calories? No amount of exercise is going to help you lose if you take in more calories than you're burning. Maybe your calorie limit isn't what you think it should be?

Just a thought :)

02-24-2006, 10:19 PM
I don't know but my theory is go out for a walk...the days you aren't training...i just think you're weight hit a plateau because you're used to the exercise you do...mix it up a bit.

02-24-2006, 11:51 PM
I'm right there with you Amberhug:?: I have been working with a trainer for 7 months and he is even stumped. He says he has never seen anything like it but he is young and only been training for a couple of years. (he is the head trainer at the health club I go to and has even asked the input of the other trainers, so we are constantly trying new things) I have been bouncing in between 194 and 190 pounds the whole 7 months. I journal my food, keeping at least 500 calories below what the calculations say I need so that I should be loosing but never do. I do however see a difference in my body and have my body fat percentage checked every 4-6 weeks. My body fat has gone from 31% to 21% which is a god send for me to keep me going. Have you had you percentage checked. If not, I suggest you do so that you can see how much muscle you are gaining, it will help with the motivation. Don't give up.....you can do this!:D

02-28-2006, 06:05 PM
Thanks for the note....I am glad I am not the only one in this situation. My trainers and WW leader are stumped as well. I have every test done. Nothing makes sense, I guess just keep on goin.... I am getting married at the end of April, so I really want to drop at least 10-15 but he loves me for me. If you ever find anything that works for you to lose the fat, let me know. I have stayed the same for everything, measurements and all. I still can't find clothes that I ,like. Oh, well..... but it is sooo frustrating:^:

02-28-2006, 06:22 PM
I've hit a plateau too, in two sections, one lasted throughout summer, then I lost a bit, now I've hit another.

I'd be inclined to post your exercise heart rate suggestion in the exercise thread, where there are some trainers who read it regularly. Perhaps you could afford to get your heart rate higher, this fat burning zone that your trainer seems to be getting your to work out is a bit of a myth. Meg, Mel and the others on the exercise thread can tell you more.

I'd try and completely shake up your exercise. Classes, swimming, hiking whatever. Not so much to bust your plateau, but to give you other goals to aim too if the weight is bringing you down. My New Years resolution was to try something new every month, and to train for a run. I am training for my first 10k.

There is more to weight loss than the scales. My body fat keeps going down, as do all my measurements, so I know for a fact I am losing fat and building muscle. To me that's vitally important, and I know the scale loss will come. Nowhere near as fast as I would like, I won't, given a miracle, be at goal by December, but that's ok too.

Some people are just slow losers. Our bodies are efficient, storing fat for when we might need it!!!

02-28-2006, 07:14 PM
I agree that you should mix up your exercise routine. Even if you decide not to work harder (keeping your heartrate where your trainer has suggested) you might still need to work longer to burn more calories. Plus, Kykaree is right, it helps to set new goals that aren't necessarily tied to the scale.

Also, take a good look at your diet. It may very well be time to shake up what your are eating too. Weight loss boils down to calories in vs. calories out and it may be time to decrease how many you are eating. If you used any of the online calculators to determine the level of calories you need consider that they are rarely accurate those of us who are overweight. Since you are following WW points you might consider taking a typical day and actually calculating the calories of the points you are consuming.

Whatever you do, don't give up. It is the only sure way NOT to reach your goal!

02-28-2006, 07:18 PM
Raising my calories from 1600 to 1900 helped me lose the last 13 lbs - good luck! My plateau lasted from March - September. I just kept sticking to it.

03-01-2006, 12:54 AM
my advice? ditch the flex points for a week or two (ie build your "cheating" into your normal pts number) and see if you start losing again.

also how close are you to your goal? as you approach it your weightloss will slow. and also- remember as you lose weight you have to adjust your pts... so if you are still at the same number you started with try subtracting 2!


03-01-2006, 10:36 AM
I can't believe no one has said to heavy up your weights a bit. If you have I apologise for reading poorly this computer is too litlle for my old eyes:)
But anyway ... heavier weights and reassess your eating. Go back to intricate documentation if you have too. I don't know about you but my serving sizes creep when I'm not being careful.