LA Weight Loss - Need Advice - How do I get back on track?

02-23-2006, 01:16 PM
Hi There!

I'm a little stuck right now and looking for some suggestions from the board. I've been going LA on my own using Luna bars etc. and have been doing great - I'm down 70lbs now, with a total of 35-40 left to go!

I've been stuck for the last few weeks staying "on-plan" for two or three days, then falling into cravings and eating some thing off-plan, then back around I go. I'm maintaining my weight due to the off and on thing, but I'd like to get back on track - I was hoping to be done by summer time.

Any suggestions on how to get started again? I've been having some nasty carb/sugar cravings that seem to be derailing me (plus it's TOM, which isn't helping) Should I jump in and do a limited TO for 3 days to get back on track, or follow the LA Express menu? I'm following GOLD now, as I have less than 40 left to lose.

Is it bad to start a take-off while it's TOM?

Thanks for any advice you can give to getting back on plan!

02-23-2006, 01:24 PM
I'm no expert like some of the other girls here, but it's my TOM and I just did TO for the last 2 days. I also had a bad weekend of cheating. TO helped me a lot to get back on track and according to the scale, I've lost 3 pounds because of it. Just get through the 2 days, which isn't always easy and it will help.

Good Luck!


Repo girl
02-23-2006, 01:28 PM
I would do the 2 day limited TO, with some goals set to help keep you on track. Look back to why you started this diet in the first place, looks, health, combo? You have done so well, 70 lbs is a huge acomplishment. Most of us were very true to our plans when we started, and lost quickly. The longer you do it, however, the more relaxed we get, and cheating comes a lot easier. My suggestion is to try to get back to that "first started" feel. Remember when you felt like eating off plan food was like ingesting crypyonite? I do. But then I discovered that a bite a this or that didn't really hurt me, not until the bite turned into 5 bites, and then the whole thing. You have come way to far to turn back now, especially doing the plan on your own. You ought to be really proud of your self. Good luck, and come see us often to help you stay OP!

02-23-2006, 01:32 PM
Thanks ladies - I really appreciate the feedback! You're totally right about the bite here and there, that's exactly it. I discovered that I don't gain if I am "good" part of the time - which is something I wish I had not discovered. Thanks for the eye opener!