WW Clubs and Groups - Feisty & Sexy 50 & 60 yr. old #128

07-22-2001, 07:22 PM
G'day all,

Where is everyone, is it too hot in your part of the world?
Hope all is well.

Miserable, rainy morning here today. Took dh to the airport very early this morning for a business trip to Sydney, son and partner are returning to work today and I have got the place to myself, albeit a very messy place:(
I hope to start packing again today and get some order into the house. It is getting me down to be so disorganised.
Off to the dentist today to get the permanent crowns fixed. Slavika friend was here last night and she has had two screw in teeth. Said that they are great, they certainly looked fantastic.

Glenda sorry to hear about your weight gain. Now that you have beaten the nicotine habit, I am sure it won't be long and you will be getting back to your normal weight. Good luck!

Went out to dinner with some friends on Saturdaynight. Both smoke and eat what they like and boy does it show! They both look quite unhealthy. DH and I have changed our eating habits considerably over the years but the last 8 months have seen a more obvious change in so far that we eat very little meat and try and limit our fat intake. One of them said the way we are going we will live to 100. I told him that is my intention so I can fit in everything I still want to do in this life :D They both thought that was a bit of a joke and they are just out to 'enjoy' :?: life.
If ever I had any doubt about our more healthier lifestyle, after Saturday night and watching them cough and splutter as they lit yet another fag, spread thick butter on their bread etc.etc., I am now convinced we are on the right track :smug:

I have a million things to do, may check in later

07-23-2001, 10:10 AM
I love the phrase misrepresenting reality I am filing that one away. We had a great time in New Orleans last week. It was just so hot and humid but it was July. We stayed uptown in the Garden District. There are some beautiful homes there. We saw one of Anne Rice's homes. My friend reads all her books. We went on a plantation tour. Want to return and see some other ones. We visited Laura and Oak Alley. Finally had a beignet at Cafe du Monde. Bourbon Street is something else. We visited a palm reader in Jackson Square. Didn't think I would ever do that but it was interesting. My friend took her pedometer and we walked over 40 miles in 5 days. My feet are sore and tired. Glenda you are smart to face the scale. You can lose that weight. If you can quit smoking you can do anything. Hope that the baby gets over the colic. Have fun spoiling him this weekend. Karen I am going to make the cucumber salad this week. You are busy taking on more meetings. I think it is a good idea to e-mail your recipes to your groups. I don't know why people wouldn't make copies and bring them. All you can do is try. Slavika good luck on all your dental visits. What a way to spend the summer. Would be fun if you and Maria could meet in Hawaii. Don't be surprised if Lily shows up. Lily I received your e-mail. I think I am going to try shrinking the snowmen down. It will take a while to collect the stuff to do it. That might make them much cheaper to ship. I will try it and then take them to my nieces mail room and check the price. I told my dh we could always take a road trip. Now I have to clean this dusty old house and weed the flower bed. I think it rained weeds last week.

07-23-2001, 12:47 PM
Glenda: Sorry to hear about the gain. You will get it back off.
No thank goodness my electric bis isnt that high! I would be in the dark and no puter if that were to happen :lol:

Maria: When do you leave again? I agree with you that we are on the right track. Maybe your friends will learn to. I enjoy my new lifestyle!

PeggyYour trip sounded wonderful! 40 miles is alot of ground to cover!
I just love those snow men. And it was great seeing a picture of you to!

Slavika, Trudy where are you?

Was a busy weekend. We went out to Dinner Sat with some friends it was good. Then palyed in the yard Sunday. Have to get out there when its not hot. Its been quite nice here. But the the heat is suppose to go back up ALAS.......

07-23-2001, 05:00 PM
Oh, ladies, isn't it pathetic that people want to "enjoy life" by making it shorter? Maria, your friends will one day, unless they change, be so sorry that they decided to live an unhealthy lifestyle. It isn't an easy thing to see your spouse or yourself die by inches because of bad decisions. I am so hoping that I will be able to get this weight off. Sure is hard to have a balanced life, isn't it?

Peggy - it sounds as if you had a great time. 40 miles in 5 days! Were your feet still talking to you? Thanks for the encouragement!

Yesterday we were 110 degrees, officially, which means no humidity, etc figured in. People around here are getting more than a little cranky. We all just need to go outside and feel a cool breeze! We went to grandson's baptism yesterday. It was really nice. He is still colicky, but they are taking him to a GI doctor tomorrow. He will probably just say they have to live through it, but the young parents will feel better, I am sure. They are letting him sleep on his tummy and I know that is considered a no-no these days, but that is the only way he can sleep.

Staying cool in Oklahoma, Glenda

07-23-2001, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone. It will take me a long time to catch up with everyone. We are on the
last leg of our vacation. Back in Virginia with no.1 daughter. We spent the
weekend with no.2 daughter in Maryland on the Eastern shore, eating crab
and all sorts of great seafood.
The class reunion was great. Rekindled old friendships and did a lot of reminiscing.
Great fun. Even my dh enjoyed himself, and he was sure he wouldn't.
We are ready to get home and "sleep in our own bed".

We were quite cool and rainy for most of our vacataion. Now we are getting back in the
warmth and I'm happy. I have become a true Floridian, want the warm weather.
We expect to be home the end of the week, and when I am finally unpacked will have time to catch up.
I am not happy about getting on the scale. I am sure these six weeks have added
some pounds. I have tried to be on track, but also have had to eat what was served
when visiting friends and relatives.

Glenda, my daughter quit smoking and gaied some weight, and her Dr. told her to get on a weight-lifting program and
it would start her metabolism to get rid of the excess. It has worked for her.

Will get back in a few days. I have missed all the chats and support. Ann

07-23-2001, 08:17 PM
at long last I had a great sleep last night rather than coughing half the night and getting up early feeling gasthly:(
When you feel good everything else (like packing) doesn't seem such a chore.
My doctor says that I have hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). I have bought a book 'The G.I. Factor, the glucose revolution' and in the book it explains how the condition comes about and how to deal with it. It really simply means that I should eat as little in the way of refined food as possible but should go for the whole grains, fruit, vegetables etc., eating refined food regardless of the calories, sends my blood sugar down and makes me dizzy etc. and feeling the need to eat very soon after a meal. I can only use the anology of having MacDonalds (last time was a 100 years ago:D) and how quickly you feel hungry again after a 'Big Mac'. It is good to now understand why I have felt like that for so many years and to be able to correct it with diet.

I had my crowns put on and the rest 'tidied' up, it cost me 'an arm and a leg' but what a smile I have now :D Definetly worth it.

Peggy nice to hear about your travels, New Orleans is one place my dh would particularly like to go to. Quite a bit of walking you did.

Glenda that is VERY hot, no wonder people are cranky:devil: For what it is worth my strapping 27 year old spend the first 12 months of his life sleeping on his tummy for the same reasons, bad colick. I know it is a no-no, but what does one do?

Ann good to hear from you and an update on your travels, sounds like you are having a great time. You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you step on the scales. The three weeks that I have been home has consisted of lots of socialising, thank goodness the scales show no gain, but no loss either:(

Lily we are on our way again next Sunday (29th) and then won't be back again until early January, 2 weeks before dd wedding.

Sorry about the long post, hello to Slavika, Trudy and Karen


07-24-2001, 01:06 AM
Last Friday we finally got a hold of someone to come and stretch our carpet for us. It had buckled a bit in the dining room, hall and master bedroom. We called several different places but nobody would ever call us back.....I guess they are busy with big jobs like laying down carpet and don't have the time to do small little jobs like ours. Well two fellows did come out on Friday and said that if I was going to be home for awhile they would do it right away. I agreed. The thing was I had to remove everything from the china cabinet so they could move it. :eek: Then of course, if you are taking evrything out, well you might as well wash everything before putting it all back. :( Later in the day my DIL and grandbabies came over to play in the pool, and that was the nicest part of the day. On Saturday we went to the lake. The lake we go to has "swimmer's itch" in it. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, it is caused by the larva of small aquatic parasite. (it's more "formal name is schistosome cercarial dermatiitis) Humans are not natural hosts for the parasitic larvae but may accidentally become involved when swimming in lakes when the parasite is present. It's not a really big deal except that you get a rash and its very itchy, and you treat it with calamine lotion and maybe antihistamines. My grandbabies got a bit of a rash last time out and the "Princess" also got poison ivy on her leg so my family didn't come out this weekend. It's kind of boring when they are not around. :love:
Ann hi there, sure was nice hearing from you. Don't worry too much if you did gain a bit of weight, its very difficult not to when you are on holidays and not doing the cooking. :)
Maria I'm happy that your friend was pleased with her implants, thank you for telling me, it makes me feel good. :)
Glad you got "YOUR" smile looking good. I know that anything you get done to your teeth these days costs an "arm and a leg". LOL :D Maria, if we do go to Hawaii this year it will likely be in Feb. and we go to the smaller island of Maui, not Honolulu.
Glenda happy your grandbaby baptism went well and hope he is soon over his colic. My son had colic very bad and I used to put a jacket over my nightie, wrap him in a blanket, put him in my car and drive around and around the block until he fell asleep. I also bought a lot of something called "gripe water". YIKES those were the days. Peggy good for you guys, 40 miles in 5 days. I've been working harder on my treadmill the last few days too, because I am having a hard time. Glenda not to worry, you beat the smoking habit now you can work on getting the 22# off. :) You'll do just fine. Lily thanks for asking about me, I have been on the go a bit lately. Today I went to the Zoo with my DIL and grandbabies from 11:00 to 4:30 and I am really tired. Had lots of fun though.
Trudy hi my friend, see you at tea time tomorrow.
Night all. :)

07-24-2001, 04:49 PM
We are really moving slow--where is everybody? I went to WW this morning and I am very happy to report a whopping loss of 4.8 pounds! YEA! I never lose this much, even the first time. But, of course, the week before going I was on a gargantuan eating spree! But anyway, I feel so much better! I even bought a WW pedometer. Have any of you tried this? They were on sale, of course, usually $29, but now $13. I walk all the time, so just thought it would help me keep track.
Hope everyone is keeping cool.

07-24-2001, 08:03 PM
A hot and humid hi Karen, made the cucumber salad for dinner. Thought it was very good. My dh put cilantro in it. He likes cilantro but I liked the dill. He thought it would be good diced very fine and used as a salsa with chips. Just another thought. Glenda what a great weight loss. You are starting off good - keep it up and those pounds will be gone in no time. I have a Radio Shack pedometer which is almost like the WW one and mine doesn't work right. I am going to get a better one. When we were in New Orleans I saw a kid with a shirt that was from someplace in Stillwater. Thought of you. Ann it was good to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying your trip but it is always nice to get home and sleep in your own bed. After having 2 vacations close together and next week we are going to Iowa for a few days I can't imagine how you do it Maria. I would forget where I was. Where are you off to now? Hi Slavika and Trudy - how was tea time?

07-24-2001, 08:18 PM
I found this on another web site - thought you might enjoy it.M & M 's Are Really Football Fields"

What does this mean?

To find out, walk with a 50 cent bag of plain M&M's onto a football field.
Open the bag, take out one little M&M at the back of the end zone. Eat this
one M&M!! It will last in your mouth 10 seconds. Start to walk off your
M&M by striding across the football field all the way into the far end zone
(120 yards).

Congratulations!!!!! You've just burned off one M&M!

Now turn around and look back at the goal post. If you're willing to walk
another football field, enjoy your second M&M. Just remember, there are 53
to 55 of those little sugar coated chocolates in the 50 cent M&M bag!

By the way, peanut M&M's equal two football fields,

Potato chips and Doritos equal two football fields each chip,

Chocolate chip cookies, depending on their size, equal 8-15 football fields,

Snickers bar equals 50 football fields,

And Miller or bud Lite equals 18 football fields,

A Miller or Bud regular equal 36 football fields,

A big Mac, fries and shake are 240 football fields or 5 straight hours of

07-24-2001, 10:54 PM
may not get much of a chance for the rest of the week.
My friends who is looking after my dogs is coming for lunch, lunch tomorrow with friends, dentist again on Friday and Saturday final pack for a very early rise for our trip back to Melbourne.

Had a friend call for lunch yesterday (thank goodness all my friends are into the healthy eating bit:D ). She has two children a little younger than mine and 3 weeks ago her son came home and is suffering from 'drug induced paranoia':( Unbeknowns to her he has been smoking pot for a very long time. He left home about 9 months ago and that is what he did all day and was constantly stoned, it now has effected his brain and causing the paranoia. He thinks that people are following him, out to get him etc.etc. Very sad. The even sadder part is that his sister also smokes dope and cannot see any reason to give up because she 'knows what she is doing':?: and her husband is rather old fashioned and is finding this all a huge inconvenience and has given him till September to get his act together.
Makes ones problems look rather insignificant when you hear that sort of thing.

Glenda good for you with your weight loss!!!! Before you know it the weight you gained will be gone and you will be a non-smoker as well:)

Slavika good to hear from you and what youhave been up to. Hope you had a nice tea with Trudy

M&M's aren't such a big thing here, those stats were interesting to say the least.

Must fly, catch you all later

07-24-2001, 11:35 PM
Ann: Good to see you! Sounds like you are having a great vacation!

Maria: Sounds like that book had some good info in it for you. Least now you know the reasons why and can correct it. Wow Sunday isnt far off! You will be traveling again. Still dont know how you do it. You have hardly been home. Thats so sad about your friends Son. Cant believe the sister isnt going to stop because of it. It would certainly make me scared!

Slavika: I need to get my carpet done in some spots. I keep forgeting about it. Dont know how I walk over the area that needs to be stretched everynight! Poor Princess, to have both. She must of been misreable.

Glenda: Wow thats a super loss! Good for you! I use to have one of the WW pedometers but it feel off my pants and broke. :(
My DH bought me a new one that I love. Seems to stay better on my pants.

Peggy: That does sound good with the Cilantro to! I will have to try it.
Oh my those stats are pretty scary! 240 football fields for a Big Mac? :eek:

Been real busy at work lately and Im popped. Have a great night all!

07-25-2001, 08:22 AM
daughter send this site to me, I thought I must share


Love to hear what you think, especially re the 3 minute meditation.


07-25-2001, 11:56 PM
:wave: Glenda well you sure had a great week...congrats to you. I on the other hand "GAINED" 1.4# this week. Yesterday I went to WW and I knew I was up but decided I would face the music. :( I think at the lake there is more nibbley things and I also discovered a couple of really nice coolers) YIKES.
It was just Trudy and I for tea yesterday but it was lovely. I made a cheesecake that was not to deadly that started off with a mix I picked up in the States. :)
Peggy geez, Iowa next, you sure get around. Who's in Iowa that you are going to go and see? By the way I loved the thing on the football fields and M & M's.
Maria so you are getting ready to take off again, enjoy all your experiences.......I went to the Budda site and stared and stared at the picture and I'm not sure if I was just seeing double or if the picture really changed but I will try it again. :) Thank you for sharing the site with us. I like the idea that I died lots of times before and it wasn't a big deal. :D
Lily happy to report the "Princess" is fine and getting over her poison ivy and the swimmer's itch.
Talk to you all tomorrow. Night.

07-26-2001, 09:08 AM
Maria I found the site very interesting. Going to go back and read some more. At first I found it hard to clear my mind for 3 minutes-it is hard to shut off the thoughts. I think it would be good to meditate every day-probably would be very calming. I found it very sad about your friends son. I just don't understand the pull of drugs and why someone would want to be in that state all the time. They both must have addictive personalities and I hope that they wake up and get the help that they need. Slavika I am glad the Princess is getting over the itchies. Have you seen all the shirts the young girls are wearing with the word Princess on them? They are cute. Why are we going to Iowa? I really don't know. We are going with son and dil and her mom. Her mom is from there and son and dil want to go visit the little town. We are going to see the Field of Dreams [from the movie] and visit the Amana Colonies. They also think the pork chops from Iowa are they best and they always bring a lot back in coolers. I have never been there or anywhere past Chicago so it will be someplace new. Lily what kind of pedometer do you have? Time to take the dog for his morning walk before it starts sweltering. Be good,

07-26-2001, 10:50 AM
:wave: Peggy
Hi there. Those shirts you mentioned with "Princess" on them, well I think "Papa" has bought his Princess every single one that was ever made. He bought her one in Maui last year that said, "Because I'm the Princess, that's why". Another he got her said, "It's not easy being a Princess". LOL :D
Have a nice day Peggy, I'm off to do grocery shopping and then Trudy and I will be doing a Costco run later in the afternoon. :)

Karen L
07-26-2001, 11:56 AM
Just trying to get the2 new meeting organized and stocked with all we need to run it smoothly is a chore. Now that that is done we can focus on getting as many members from central Minnesota to lifetime membership. Hows that for optimism:o I've gotten some good feedback from the members already.

Looks like next week or so we'll be having the house sided. Our contractor called last night so I am really getting excited.

Peggy I thought that salad would make a great salsa too. Great minds think alike :D Enjoy your trip.

Salvika we have that itch thing in some of our lakes too. Can be very uncomfortable. Last time my GS got it he wound up in the ER . The river doesn't seem to have it at this time of year. Next month is when the rivers userally get it.

Welcome back Ann

Got to run:wave:

07-26-2001, 04:34 PM
Guys - I was just looking at the thread and have a question--What is GMT? It says it is 8:25 p.m. and it is 2:25 p.m. here. So is this really 6 hours ahead of us?

I have had a wonderful day so far. My son with the newborn son with colic just sent me the sweetest message I have ever received. He said that now that he has a child, he realizes more than ever what we did with him and his two brothers and appreciates us so much. And wishes that my mom had lived to see Austin. He was actually thanking me for living through cancer. Boy, nothing like bawling at work in front of your computer! He is so sentimental and sweet--not your normal MAN.

Karen L
07-26-2001, 08:13 PM
Back again.

Glenda, You keep on keeping on and the weight will come off. You have a good start. Nice to know your kids appreciate you.:)

Lily have you decided to work for WW yet? How maintaince going. I have a lady at one of my meeting who stresses over so much as a 1/2 pound. I told her this week that your weight is going to go up a bit then down a bit that is what maintaining is. I hope she takes it to heart. She has been at this for years and really beleives she should stay at 140 never up never down:?:

Maria I will check out that web site this week end. Don't have time to clear my mind during the week:lol:

Anybody seen the new Julia Roberts movie yet?

I'll check back later
see ya

07-26-2001, 08:24 PM
just thought I would answer Glenda query re GMT it stands for GREENWICH MEAN TIME, a village in the UK where it is 0 degrees longitude and where all world times are taken from.
Where I live we are +10 hrs GMT, I think you would be about -7hrs GMT.

I think I have told you all before, my mind is full of useless info:D Useful sometimes though;)

Good to read everyone's posts, must fly and get myself organised:(


07-26-2001, 09:37 PM
Maria: I stared at the thing to. It did relax me when I was really stressed out. I checked out more to and it was interesting. Im keeping it bookmarked at work so when Im stressed it will calm me down.

Slavika: Sorry to hear about the gain. Glad Princess is getting over the itches. Poor thing. I saw several shirts in Maui that had Princess on them and I tought of you everytime!

Peggy: The Pedometer I have is an Oregan Scientific. DH found it at a computer store called Fry's they sell just about everything.

I dont use the pulse monitor on it. It doesnt really say that it does distance to, but it does. Probably why DH thought it only counted steps.

Karen: I can image getting the meetings and everything together is quite a chore. How many have you brought to goal so far? I did Apply at WW but right now they dont have a spot that fits my schedule and locations. I put down three days a week after my regular job. But they are keeping it on file if people leave. Cant believe that Lady thinks she can stay at the same weight all the time. Im doing good Maintaining. I go anywhere from 143-148 all the time. When it gets up there I just drop my points the next week and it goes away. Well sometimes not that fast, but I keep them low until they do.

Glenda: You son sounds so sweet. Not to many men that can be sentimental. You did good on bringing him up!

Best get my dinner going.

07-27-2001, 12:57 AM
Karen I think you are probably a very caring and PATIENT WW leader. I know I have heard my Leader tell women at the scales that when they are on maintenance or reach lifetime, chances are they will NOT weigh exactly the same week after week. I might have mentioned it already, but a few weeks ago our Leader, (to demonstrate a point) weighed herself prior to the meeting and then while she talked to us drank great quantities of water. Every so often she would get back on the scale to show us the difference a couple of glasses of water made to the number on the scale. Good luck with your groups. :)
Lily I knew I was going to be up in weight but thought I better go anyway and get weighed. Next Monday is my birthday and WW is Tueday......:eek: need I say more. This Saturday DH and I and another couple are going out to dinner and then taking in the horse races. On Sunday my friend at the lake is having a "birthday BBQ" for me. Then on Monday Trudy and I are going out for my birthday lunch. Glenda ahhhh, what a sweet Son you have. He MUST have been raised by a wonderful sweet caring Mother. :) :)

Peggy we have had some rain and cooler weather and the winds have been up a bit so maybe that will help our lake. I have been going to the same lake for about 27 years and every summer somebody gets swimmer's itch. It doen't usually last too long though.
I bought some denim material and a started on a a little jumper for the Princess to wear to school. I haven't done any sewing since Trudy and I made the Christmas Tree Skirts, and I am enjoying it. It's a very simple pattern and I will likely finish it off tomorrow if I am home. Maria
isn't it amazing the little tid bits we have stored in our brains. :D

Well gang, time to say good night. Talk to you all tomorrow. Night. :wave:

07-27-2001, 10:02 AM
Lily thanks for the tip on the pedometer. I am going to check it out. Mine is so frustrating because it works sometimes and then the next time it doesn't. It finally cooled off here a little and makes it bearable to go outside. Even turned the air off and opened up. Glenda your son is a real treasure. You have done a good job raising him. It's nice to see a guy show his feelings and not be so macho. Slavika have fun sewing the Princess' jumper. I bet you don't stop there. She will probably have a whole new wardrobe. Karen you really are a patient leader. I am sure you meet all kinds of people. It would be nice if our weight never varied once we reached goal but that would only happen in a perfect world. Uh-oh I just received a phone call that I have to return,

07-27-2001, 09:04 PM
:wave: Hi all. Well I finished the little denim jumper for the Princess. Yesterday when I was out with Trudy I had asked her opinion about different trims to put on it. It seems that this year all denim things are "dressed up". Anyway, I am pleased, but it may be a bit to big. Peggy I think you might be right, :D this little project was fun so I think I will pick up some more fabric. I was thinking of sewing the same pattern up in red corduroy, then getting a white turtle neck shirt and white ribbed tights to go with it.
I think I ate a 1/2 of a watermelon today for a "little" snack. :eek:
See you all tomorrow.

07-28-2001, 03:30 PM
Slavika: I bet that Jumper you made is adorable. What kind of trim did you put on it? If its to big Im sure she will fit into it soon. I love to see kids clothes, they are so cute.

Peggy: I wish it would cool down here so we could open up some windows. A nice breeze throught the house would be wonderful!

We are going out to lunch today. Then Im gonna kick back and be lazy. I did find the peanut butter Skinny cows today at the store. Bought them out so they better be good! If not DH will like them, he is a big PB fan. Good thing I bought them out as I had to go back to the store and they restocked but only with Vanilla. Only bought 3 packs so dont be thinking I bought a truckload! :lol: They did have a 4th pack there but I couldnt reach it to get it. So I did leave a package for someone else. ;)


07-28-2001, 09:47 PM
Hi everyone: Home at last. Al unpacked, laundry done and we are in the process of sorting gobs of mail.
Glenda: Congrats on the weight loss. You are inspiring me, since when I got on the scale this a.m. I find myself 8# over goal. Just have to keep the points low

Peggy; Iowa- the corn state? Should have good pork there. New Orleans. heat, and 40 miles. No wonder your feet were sore.

Slavika: Your sewing projects sound like fun. Red corderoyshould be great for Christmas or how about red velveteen? Are you finished with your dental work?

Maria: My oldest daughter has hypoglycemia and keeps it well under control by eating lots of protein, no sugar at all, and lots of fruits and vegetables. She snacks on nuts or cheese. I'm sure you will find the program that suits you best.

Karen: Is the cucumber salad in the recipe file? Sounds like something I would like. I would like to be able to attend your meetings. I think you are a special leader. I'm sure all of your members find that to be true.

Lily: Sounds like you are doing very well n your maintenance. What is your secret? I know that on our vacation I didn't have much time to exercise. It was either too cold or rainy or both. So combining that with lots of good food lovingly preparedby friends and relatives created a problem that now I have to fix. Must start my exercise program in earnest. We have a pedometer that we bought from Sharper Image. Still works quite well. Just gives distance, but that is all I really want to know.

It is good to be back, and now one more good nights sleep and I think I'll be back to norman(whatever that is). Will check back tomorrow. Hi Trudy. What are you up to?

07-29-2001, 07:42 PM
but alas, I will have to get used to being away from home again.
We arrived late yesterday afternoon to a sunny but cold Melbourne.
We are in the same group of apartments but this time we are up higher and the apartment is the mirror image of our last apartment. A bit disconcerting that everything is on the 'wrong' side:D
I felt very tired and a bit sad last night, I was just starting to enjoy and getting used to my home again. I have an appointment with the podiatrist this morning to sort out my feet.
My sister is coming over on Wednesday on a holiday, she has never been to Melbourne and the following week, dh's sister and her husband are coming over for a sporting event. Busy times ahead and I will no doubt quickly adjust to life here again.

Welcome home Ann, always the worst part of being away is the unpacking, washing etc.etc.

Lily the mentioning of the heat doesn't make me look forward to summer, spring that is another matter:) . All the trees around here are still bare, it will be just wonderful at spring time.

Slavika your sewing sounds like fun. I have just brought over a big role of drafting paper for my daughter, I haven't got much chance these days to use it. I look forward to making little clothes for grandchildren in years to come.
I am running a bit late now so I must be away, 'g'day to everyone else'
Might check in later today after visit to podiatrist.


Karen L
07-29-2001, 11:40 PM
Cool Cucumber Salad
0 Points

1 med. cucumber quartered and sliced
1 med. tomato chopped
1/3 cup chopped green pepper
1/3 cup chopped onion
2 T. limejuice
2T. Vinegar
3/4 tsp. dill weed
1/2 tsp. salt&1/4 tsp. Pepper

Combine first four ingredients in bowl
In a small bowl mix the last four ingredients and pour over cucumber mixture. Cover and Refrigerate for 15 min. Use a slotted spoon to serve.

Been such a busy day with company all day . So now I get to wash. Doesn't that sound like fun. :(

Question for Maria How did you discover that you were hypoglycemic:?:

07-30-2001, 04:00 AM
For quite some time (like years!)if I do not eat regularly, I become quite dizzy and peculiar.
Over the past 12 months or so that has become worse. I can walk to the city at 9am having had breakfast at 7.30, by about 9.30 I have to eat something, I feel as though I would faint if I don't. Because of the urgency to eat something, it is easy to make the wrong choices:( . As soon as I have eaten something, I am fine.
My daughter has been with me a few times when this has happened and she urged me to see a doctor. So whilst I was home I went to my doctor and she said that it was highly likely that I had hypoglycaemia and suggested I read 'The G.I. factor' by Dr. Jennie Brand Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr Stephen Colagiuri, Dr Anthony Leeds. I believe the book is available in America and Canada.
The book is very interesting and well worth a read for anyone as it shows a better and healthier way of eating.
I thought she may have done a blood test to determine if I am hypoglycaemic but the blood tests have to be done when you feel 'dizzy and peculiar' and then another blood test after one has eaten and feels well again. I am now trying very hard to eat less refined foods, and see how I go doing that. So far so good. It is also a good way for loosing weight, the grainy foods etc. give you a feeling of fullness eventhough the points maybe the same as of a food that makes you ravenish after a mere hour of eating it.
The worse thing for me to do is have a Mars bar (like I did in the past because it was just easy) whilst it raises the blood sugar levels very quickly it doesn't last and within 30 minutes you are back where you started.
All of this has also given me a bit of an insight as to why I don't loose weight as quickly as some others do. DH cannot believe how I put on weight when I eat quite small portions. But I eat often and at times make some VERY poor choices just to get over feeling dizzy.
Hope that answers your question Karen as a WW leader it would be usefull for you to be familiar with this problem.

Karen L
07-30-2001, 10:03 AM
Not only will the information be useful for me to pass on to members(while urging them to see a doctor) But I have had some of the same symptoms mostly after eating certain foods. Potatos is one of those foods. When a meal that include potatos it seems that soon after I need to eat something again. I think it may be time for me to speak with the doctor about it I've got my yearly appointment August 13th. In the mean time I'm going to re-read the week 6 book The Right Mix. Maybe I'm missing something ?

Thanks for you quick reply.
Have a great Day everyone.:)


07-30-2001, 05:24 PM
Maria - I have had some of those same feelings after eating, but I think mine has something to do with dairy. I just get rather nauseous after eating or drinking something in the milk category. And wouldn't you know, I have osteopenia which is not quite osteoporosis which means that calcium is a must. I hope you get back into your adventurous mode soon. It has to be hard to live out of a suitcase sometimes.

This is not my favorite time of year. It is hot and everyone is RETURNING from vacation and it is just such a shock. But Anne, yours sounded like so much fun. The weight will come off easily before it gets more and more.

I had fun with my 6-week-old grandson this weekend. His parents floated down the river so we watched the colicky baby. Well, lo! and Behold! he didn't have colic. In fact, he was wonderful. He is smiling. A friend of mine took his pictures and printed them up on her computer and merged them to make really cute picture sheets. He is so adorable. What has happened is that they took him to a GI doctor who told them to use another formula and give him 1/2 tsp of Mylanta after each bottle. Now he feels good and so does everybody else. We just had the most fun time with him. Slavika, you have so much fun with your grandbabies. Aren't they the best gift in the world?

07-30-2001, 08:15 PM
See you on the new thread :)


07-31-2001, 12:42 AM
Karen: Thanks so much for the recipe. Sounds good.:D Will try it soon.

Maria: My daughter has to eat at least six times a day with her hypoglycemia. Just small snacks, like cheese, or peanuts or veggies. But no sugar or candy or ice cream, unless they are the sugar-free variety.I hope you have success with your change of diet. Do you find that caffeine bothers. Holly can't have anything with caffeine.And as you said whole grain foods.Hpe you have a good time with your company, and good luck at the "foot doctors".

Hi everybody. Time for bed.:yawn: Ann