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02-22-2006, 07:36 AM
Hurray, it's Hump Day, we're halfway through the week! :carrot:

Ruth, thank God you're OK after that terrible tragedy yesterday! My prayers are going up for your friend, John, too, and that poor Mother who lost her baby. I hope you got some sleep last night, with that on your mind. :hug:

As usual, today is my busy day so not too much time to chat. I'm off to Curves, then taking the girls to school and running errands. I got a great haircut at the new salon yesterday, and it was worth it just to go for the coffee! They were expensive, but I'll go back again.

Have a safe and happy day, Chickies!

02-22-2006, 07:50 AM
My! First time I've been at a computer this early in ages. I have to rush to assert my place in line for the shower, but I'll post in anyway.

I treated myself to a SF pudding last night (it was not entirely fat-free, the Jell-O ready-made cups are not for some reason), because of my irritation at having dropped my cell phone in a toilet. A toilet! It's now pretty well dead and, with it being my only means of communication, that's problematic.

The pudding only temporarily removed the sting at now having to shell out big bucks for a new one.:mad:

Other than that, things are going okay. I'm concerned about work because I have a bit of a scandal story I'm working on that's progressing oddly. But it's not affecting my diet in any way. In fact, nothing is affecting my diet -- not eating well, not exercising. Oh, well, I guess it'll happen sometime, as long as I stick with it.

Hope all other Chicks have a pleasant day!

02-22-2006, 07:54 AM
Well it is official, I put Freaky's picture on the back of a Milk Carton This Morning,

Ruth~ how are you doing today, Did you sleep well at all? and How is your friend?

I made the brownies last night,, ickkkkk,,, man they were horrible...tasted like the smell of rubber tires.................................. did I do something wrong?

Had a good day yesterday, and Woke up this morning to a snowy ans cold morning, one of our wall units (gas) is acting up so I had to shut one down first thing this morning, but I got the wood stove and a couple more gas units.. but man it is Cold This morning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I hope everyone is ready for there day and has a good one, Take Care All

02-22-2006, 08:13 AM
Well let me tell you all about the wonderful car seat training. The state Police officer that did the training was a ****** *******. HE was rude, insenisative and just down right mean. Then after the morning session when he was obnoxious and did nto teach what we suppose to know for the afternoon, he was flirtatous. How rude. Everyone at my work know's I try to be a goood christian girl but come on when this guy is in idot and mean I do not want him to even be near me and then to give hugs, rub backs, grrrr. I wish I could have just thrown up right on him when he was near me. He really ticked me off. Freaky was not happy either so maybe she is sleeping in. We are all coming down with something so she might be taking the day off or something. I don't blame her.
I have my eco cardiogram today! Warm thoughts please. I always hate these,it is either good or bad news, no in between.
What happened yesterday with soemone's friend and a baby? I missed it, so sorry.
Wezzle I saw you post last night- hope you feel better. The flu is aweful.
Good morning to everyone and I wish you all a great day.

02-22-2006, 08:14 AM
Good morning Cottage, Sun, and Crockett!

Ruth I just cannot even fathom for one second what that woman must be going through. I hugged my sweet love a little tighter last night. I hope you were able to get some sleep. :hug:

Weez Glad to hear that you are on the mend- we missed you! Not quite the way you want to lose weight, eh?? :dizzy:

Cottage I am glad you love your new do!!

Crappy eating last night after dinner. I cannot believe what a hard habit this is for me to break!!!!

Bunco tonight at a girlfriend's. She is not the most stellar cook around, so it shouldn't be too hard to stay OP. The wine on the other hand.....

Have a super day all!!

Gotta jet- slept in a bit as the girls are both home with DH today.

02-22-2006, 08:16 AM
LOL Crockett - I laughed out load at that one. I was up this morning but I ws without much to say. Made it through the workout though. I ended up going to work yesterday and was not ill. I think it must be dehydration as I have not been drinking enough water. Hope to remedy that today.

I do not want to go to work this week. I usually like to do my job but am feeling "pretty damn unappreciated" lately and want to call off and stay home to sulk. BUT...not going to do it. to work again and a big Hi Ho to that. At least the dreaded car seat training is over and let me tell you...the Tropper was a total wack job if I ever saw one. Talk about needing an attitude adjustment and maybe a life to go with it.

Mama - good luck at the Doc's

Weezle - I am sorry your ill but since your loosing weight could you come and infect me cause my scale is going up. My own fault for all the crappy eating I've been doing!!! Naughty Freaky!!!

Well, this is where my motivation for the day ends...hope you other chickies are having a better week. :^:

02-22-2006, 08:33 AM
Good morning chicks! It's the first time I've been up early in...forever!

I've been busy, busy, busy :write: with school, but it's good that way. The more work I get done now, the more I can relax as graduation approaches! I got some good news last night - I got into my first choice law school! :dancer: Very excited about that, as I've been working towards it for almost a year. DH took me out to celebrate at a :jeno: place. So I didn't stay on program. Oddly enough, I felt satisfied after eating only two slices of pizza, where before the beach, I could have eaten 4, 5, even 6, no problem. So this way of eating seems to have taught me some restraint. I was so proud :D

Cottage ~ I'm glad you are enjoying your new haircut! Isn't it such a great feeling?

SunLit ~ Sorry to hear about your phone!

MrsCrockett ~ Stay warm!!

Mamahulk ~ Ugh, that officer sounds like a real drag :( Sending you lots of :goodvibes: good vibes for your test today!

Kiko ~ Enjoy your dinner with your friend tonight! :hungry:

Freaky ~ :wave: Hi! I can relate to feeling underappreciated at work...not a good feeling!

Ruth ~ I caught up with the posts yesterday, and I'm sorry to hear about what you went through yesterday! I hope you were able to sleep last night. :hug:

02-22-2006, 08:42 AM
Morning Chickadees!

My dear sweet tragic and sad and scary! My heart goes out to that poor woman and her child .. and hugging you tightly :hug: that you are safe. I hope your friend heals up jiffy quick.

Cottage: Ah a new doooo! Makes ya feel like a new woman!

Sunlit: A Scandal Story? How deeeeelish!

Mamahulk and Freaky: Report that Wack Cop!!! Mama sending you healthy vibes fer yer test.

MsCrocket: did you make the bean brownies or what??

Kiko: Acck :lol3: not a stellar cook ... Man I can relate!

I made a cherry cake and lasagne last night to celebrate DH's return home... So, I decide hmmm, there's a shortcut on the noodle box.. in that you dont haveta boil the noodles first.. just whip yer lasagne together and bake it... Sure the noodles softened but they SUCKED up all the tomato sauce and the noodles were chewy... UGH .. on to dessert...My first time making this cake that his mom makes fer him. IT CAME OUT LIKE A CRUMBLING BRICK!!!! DH and I laughed so hard and made all kinds of jokes... and then about an hour later I had a horrid stomach ache! poisoned by my own entirely off plan dinner!...

Time fer Tums and Cawfee :coffee:

02-22-2006, 09:20 AM
Mornin' all. I have a training class today that starts 1 1/2 hours after my usual work time. So, I actually got to go to Curves and then come home to get ready for work. I usually have to take everything with me and then get ready AT work. What a luxury for today!

Ruth - So sorry to hear about the bad wreck yesterday. Lots of prayers going up for those involved.

Cottage - Glad you like your new haircut. You deserve a little pampering!

Mama & Freaky - Too bad you couldn't have whacked that trooper with a car seat buckle! :devil: Mama, hope you get good news from the doc.

Schatzi & MsCrockett - I think they should issue a labcoat to anyone who walks into my kitchen. I never know how my culinary experiments will turn out. :dizzy:

Well, can't put it off any longer. Gotta get ready for class. Must get java, java, java in order to stay awake through this one. All you chickies have a great day!

Stephanie Osborne
02-22-2006, 09:23 AM
Geez so many of you chickies up so early! It is 6 am in my world...I am up and at it early to put some hours in with the SAH job. Man did I have a horrible non OP night last night. I always do this to myself, it is like a viscious cycle. I do wonderfully maybe even drop some lbs then I get too comfortable in my progress and over indulge... DH wanted pizza last night, I went to the store and bought a SB pizza, he bought pizza hut. Long story short he got a deal on more food than he could eat and I ended up throwing caution to the wind and eating his non SB pizza. Would have been ok if I only ate like one piece right? I had to go and eat 4 breadsticks with sauce and 4 pieces of pizza! I felt sick afterward not to mention guilty. I cannot even begin to fathom doing cardio today to make up for it since I am so busy. I am ging to get some strength training in no matter what and rev up my cardio tomorrow. A lot on my plate today, have to put in 7 hours with the at home job, then going to a basketball game to shoot pictures out of town tonight. There is a paid internship for a paper in the next town and I need to get my application and portfolio in for it asap...Well I am going to go report all that damage to my fitday now...I am dreading hopping on the scale tomorrow.

Cottage - morning :) You are sure up bright and early...

Sunlit - I washed my cell phone the washing machine. I know the sting of having to buy a brand new one...

MsCrockett - good morning, stay warm and make sure you keep that weather to yourself, I am freezing as it is...

mamahulk - *sending warm thoughts* That guy sounds like a real jerk. Have you thought about giving feedback to his supervisor?

freaky - I have not been getting my water in either, feeling pretty icky myself...great job on still getting your workouts in.

crk - congrats! DId you get a decent scholarship package...isn't it nice to have choices.

schatzi - You are hilarious hun I can totally relate. I am still learning this whole *domestic goddess* thing. My husbands mother makes everything from scratch, from dinner rolls even her salad dressing. Everytime I try to follow one of her recipes it does not come out right lol. I think I gave myself food poisoning making sweet and sour meatballs once...

02-22-2006, 09:24 AM
Good morning, Chickies! I slept OK last night after I finally got to sleep. Accident reruns kept me thinking for a while. :(

Cottage, nothing like a good haircut. The great coffee is a bonus!

SunLit, it dropped in the toilet! :yikes: I've done that with pedometers but not a cell phone - probably because I haven't got one yet! :)

MsCrockett, stay warm today. Of course your "cold" wether is my "warm" weather!

Mamahulk, I think you should register a complaint! That behavious is totally unacceptable, particularly in a cop!

Bunco, Kiko ? I know it's a card game but that's about it. Maybe taking a bottle or two of flavoured water will help you with wine-avoidance. (I give good advice but never take it!)

Freaky, I think you and mamahulk should report that peckerhead. Get me his phone number and he'll suffer the wrath of Ruth - after I'm finished with him. Was he hunky? :rofl:

Schatzi, come and cook for me, OK? I've been caught on those no-cook noodles too and just use the regular now.

Christine, it's great that you got into law schools but even better that it's your first choice one! Don't sweat the pizza - this is a lifestyle not a life sentence!

This morning Hershey and I go for her "geriatric profiling" appointment at the vet! She's nine now, has been spayed and seems in good health although overweight. (I'm her role model! :lol: ) There'll be a very thorough exam plus bloodwork and I'm sure we'll have our usual "discussion" about the pros and cons of the BARF (raw food) diet! It's too bad vets sell commercial dog food! We'll see if I need to adjust my darling's diet. Lucy was just evaluated by the breeding kennel's vet and pronounced in top shape! However, according to her bloodwork, she is still playing coy about being bred. :shrug: You can't hurry Mother Nature!

The forsythia branches I cut last week broke into glorious yellow bloom this morning. What a great sight first thing in the morning!

I hope everyone has a radiant day!

02-22-2006, 09:26 AM
Hi Jana and Stephie. We were posting at the same time. Have a great but busy day.

I am going to :tread: before we go to the vet. I should put Hershey on there with me! :wave:

02-22-2006, 09:36 AM
Morning time to post to everyone - I gotta get ready for work (UGH! - When's my day off?!) My calf is still hurting.....husky kitty did a number on me! AND the scale is up (grr!)
Ruthie - glad you are ok!
Have a great day!

02-22-2006, 09:49 AM
Good morning, chicks. Nothing major happening here today. Today is the day I teach from noon to 8pm. But I'll proably be done around 7 because I'm giving an exam today. I found out that I got a crappy grade on the exam I took last week. I did better than I thought I did though relative to the rest of the class. Pretty much everyone did bad so she's letting us redo an essay question on the metabolic pathways of C4 plants to add credits to our score. That will be good because I'm pretty comfortable with that subject.

Lunch will be the Thai shrimp soup again and some veggies. Dinner will be SBD friendly beef-n-broccoli. Yum! I'll probably have some wine tonight also. It will be added in to the daily calories though.

Cottage: Congrats on your haircut. Is your hair short? What's it look like?

Sunlit: That sucks about your phone. How's a cellphone end up in the toilet? Wait...maybe I don't want to know! :lol: Hope your day gets better today.

MsCrocett: Maybe the nuts were bad in the brownies? Sometimes when nuts turn they can have a painthinner/rubber sort of taste to them. They were the nut brownies not the bean ones right?

MamaHulk: I'm sending good healthy heart vibes your way for a healthy test result. :)

Kiko: :lol: That cracked me up. I have a girlfriend like that. And the funny thing is she's always trying to feed me when I go over there.

Freaky: Hope you feel better. Drink up!! :)

crk: That's great news about law school. What type of law?

Schatzi: :lol: Sorry about your dinner. At least you and Mr.Schatzi got to have a good laugh about it. Hope your tummy feels better today!

Jana: Have fun in least pretend to. I know how those can be...big snore fests that leave you feeling like you just wasted a whole day. Just think about our hot beach cabana boys to get you through ;)!

Stephanie: I hate pizza...I hate pizza!! AT least that's what I have to keep telling myself. I caved and had some a few days ago. IT's evil vicious snaky food that calls to me! I feel your pain!

Ruth: Glad to hear you're doing a little better after yesterday. How awful. I feed a holistic brand that cooks their food at 1/2 the temps of other pet foods so it keeps the natural nutrients in. They also add enzymes and microbe cultures to it to improve digestion. My dog and cat do great on it. I noticed a huge difference in what were already beautiful coats. It's called EaglePac and I highly recommend it.

Everyone else: have a fabulous day! :wave:

02-22-2006, 09:51 AM
Quick post...have furnace guys coming today to install the new one. Hope I don't freeze!

Have a great day, chickies!

:grouphug: to you, Ruth. :(

02-22-2006, 10:02 AM
I think I might call in sick on Friday. I need to catch up on my school work and house work. I am sick of being at this job all day every day.... I got everything done with a Loan officer yesterday, so now we will be putting on an addition to our house...I can't wait!!! I brought my work out clothes to work out at lunch time today...gotta get back into the routine...also brought breakfast and lunch, so I should be good all day.
Christina- Congrats on will do great
Ruth- (((HUGS))) what an aweful day for you yesterday..glad u are ok
Soon- take care of that leg
Stephie- WHat is your at home job?
Freaky & hulk- I agree with Ruth, you should report that cop
Schatzi- I got it good in that department..DH mother is an aweful cook..even if I really screw up, it is better than anything she ever makes..HAHAHa
Kiko-My mom plays bunko..she says it is a blast...don 't drink too much
Ms. crocket- U talking about the black bean brownies? They are better wih Northern beans
Sunlit, cottage & Jana- Hi girls...have a great OP day

02-22-2006, 10:03 AM
Hey Laurie & pear- we were posting at the same time

02-22-2006, 10:03 AM
Good morning ladies. It's only 8:45 and I feel like I've been running around all morning. I've finished two loads of laundry, made cupcakes for Reilly's class (just waiting for them to cool so that I can frost them), dropped her off at school and taken my cats to a vet appointment. My back is feeling a little better and hopefully it won't be long before I'm able to walk fully upright again. I made the easy broccoli cheese quiche last night and it was so good. I added some crumbled turkey bacon for extra flavor and it was a huge hit with my family. It also tastes great rewarmed for breakfast.

Ruth - What a horrible accident. It's heartbreaking, and I couldn't imagine being there. I hope your friend is okay..

Cottage - I'm glad to hear that you had such a positive experience at the salon.

Mama - I'm sorry that the training was so bad. I assumed it would be borning, but still. Good luck with your doctor's appointment today.

SunLit - I've had that happen to me before. Literally, a perfectly good cell phone, right down the toilet.

MsCrockett - What kind of brownies did you make? I've been really skeptical about trying new recipes. I've made the taco bake and the quiche and they turned out great. However, I absolutely hated the mock frosty and the ricotta cream desserts. I guess I just need the taste of real sugar.

Schatzi - I guess I'm lucky. My MIL's version of "from scratch" is Hamburger Helper. I don't really have to do much to improve upon that.

Stephie - Just out of curiosity, what's your at-home job?

kyemom - That's so exciting that you'll be putting an addition onto your house. I love home improvement projects. Living in base housing has seriously put a damper on that.

Everybody else - I hope you have a great day.

02-22-2006, 10:05 AM
The brownies I made were the simple ones, Cocoa, butter, nuts and eggs..

02-22-2006, 10:21 AM
ooh and i tried to get on earlier to post but life pushed me out of the way, oh well I bet I'll be page 2...(wow actually halfway down page 2)

Ruth-that was horrifying, how an accident can turn so ugly. I'm so glad you and your friend are alright (at least physically)

Sunlit-ewwww on the cellphone, but WTG on meeting your Feb goal, I don't think a lot of us can say that

Mamahulk-got good thoughts coming your way for a healthy happy heart

Schatzi-LOL, you need to add a cup of water if you wnat to do the noodles that way, I can cook dinners but not bake, ask anyone about my famous peanut butter cookies that came out like 2 giant loaves of bread...I had to eat this terrible concotion to prove to my brother that I did it on purpose, lol

for me I'm finsihing breakfast, choking down this store brand v8-way too salty. And I want to kiss all of you that kept on me about the calories. I've been following a diet plan for 1600 calories a day and just SBDing up where i need to. In the last few days the scale has gone down 3lbs!! I'm lower now than when I was sick...yippee

02-22-2006, 11:09 AM
Wow! Too many posts for me to respond to all when I need to be working. I ate the spaghetti last night at the Pack meeting. Yuck! I just don't like regular pasta any more. Anyway, I'm not up any today and not having any cravings.

Schatzi - I always make the no-boil method with the Hodgson Mills Whole Wheat lasagna noodles. I just make sure I have extra sauce. It sure makes it a lot easier than having to wait for the noodles to cool enough after you cook them and I really like the way they come out.

Ruth - what a tragedy! I'm so glad you and your friend are okay.

02-22-2006, 11:27 AM
Well School cancelled yet another day, Which turned out good, Dad is in the hospital, taken care of the kidney stones, and I am here with my sick(bronchitis) Brother (15) and Mom, of course is with dad,, I am the middle kid at 34,, I bet they never thought that I would be the one taking care of them,,,LOL I guess things happen for a reason, I got injured, taken away from my Career, Had to sell off, and Moved back in with Parents "temporarily" and they seem to have needed me more than ever these last couple months.. SO I dont feel like such a burdon now.
My BEST Friend decided I needed guideance this morning, and we were on the phone for 1.5 hrs.. She is VERY concerned that Me not having, the things that I want is going to result in failure, I tried to explain to her that for right now that I am NOT having Chips, sugars, reg Milk, Cake, I because one bite leads to a binge for me, As I am obsessed with food My life revolves around It, it is my compfort, sadness, happiness,loneliness,anger, All of my emotions revolve around food, AND I have to control this addiction I have, She said that if i want something to eat it, just in protion control,,I cant, I am learning to eat healthy and she says I have an obsession with that now, I feel that once I can open the fridge and know and understand that I can choose the right kinds of food, then and only then I will be getting somewhere, I know I am obsessed with food, **** as soon as I wake that is the thing that gets me out of bed, However, that has ceased, now that I am not craving all the time
I am not thinking of food when I awake now,, that , to me is a step in the right direction, I now that I can not lose weight and gain it all back , I went through this once and it has devastated me, And if it were to happen again, you may as well put me 6 ft under, I though long and hard , did some serious soul searching before changing my LIFE this time, and I try not to take this as a diet, it is a change of life, if I go a week with no weight loss, and know I did everything right, oh well,, my life is what is changing and the weight I do lose will be the bonus,, Once I lose 50 lbs or so, Maybe I will have a weekend of what ever I choose, However, when I am ready to do this I will know, but first I need to be in control of what I eat and do, as I am introducing foods back in Phase II, if I have cravings and trigger the food that caused it, it is something I cant have but on a LIMITED basis, She had made her a Chicken Sandwich yesterday, and apologized several times that she was eating in front of me,,, I explained the her NOT to do that I am changing my life not her! It is like smoking, to me If you quit and go 3 or 4 weeks without smoking and think ahhhhhhhh it has been three weeks since I last had a cigarette I will have one today,,, What happens? you begin smoking again, that is me with food, If I eat the chip, cookies, cake and sugars I will be eating it all the time, I am a bad food addict,, I have to work at this with the """12 Steps" you know what I mean? I may be babbling, however I need to get this off my chest, I am feeling to overwhelmed , And I need to share this with you guys, I know she means well, but I really brought me down, NOT to cheat or go off of my new Life, Just to wonder how do I take the steps not to be obsessed with food, Healthy or Bad??? am I that big of a mess,,,??????????????? I dont know, I feel there is much more to say, but I am done for now............ Sorry to be the downer for the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Take Care all.,

02-22-2006, 11:29 AM
Good morning everyone!

Today I have been on SB for one week. I'm so glad that I have managed to stick with it. Now if I can only stick with it for the next week. I just need to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time.

Ruth - I'm so sorry to hear about what you witnessed, I'm sure you did have trouble sleeping.

I've gotten on here later than I usually do and you all have been busy posting, so forgive me that I can't get to everyone.

Have a great day!


02-22-2006, 11:32 AM
Crock - You and I were posting at the same time. I've had someone tell me pretty much the same thing your friend told you. And like you I know that I can't have just one of certain foods. That's why I didn't even have one Girl Scout cookie. Good for you for sticking to what you know is best for yourself, only you know what that is.

Take care!


02-22-2006, 12:13 PM
Wow chatty chicks!!!!! :gossip: It's a dismal day here in Nerth Caroliner...:rain: :rain:

Christina! :bravo: on gettin yer first pick at law school!!!! How FAbUUUUUU!

Jana: Hope it's a fun training class! Yes Yes JAVA!!!!!

Stephie: :crossed: good luck with that internship... Hmmm, I know, that we gals know what you mean about self sabotage.. We just gotta move on and hopefully learn some coping skills with dealing with our food weaknesses.. :sigh:

Ruth: Cook fer you?? :chef: anytime darlin! Yes its the Schatzi diet...cook like crap and you wont eat it :dizzy: I can guarantee you'll git yer water in... That cake SUCKED all the moisture outta our mouths.. it just disintegrated!

Pearsy: WHat the hoodledoo...metabolic C4 pathways!!! You another Schmartie !!!!! Good morning to Wallace,Cecil, Percival, Alfred, and Theo! :mouse:

Kyemom: how xxxxxciting!!!! an addition!!! is this more bedrooms or what???

usmc: feel better sweetie!
BG: stay warm darlin!

Barb: Thanks fer the tip! I haven't tried Harvest mills brand.. I had the Delcicco (sp?) which tasted like cardboard..

Batmom: Yes Yes ! Calories count ! Fitday has been a real :yikes: eyeopening and tool to help me stay within 1500 cals.

3d mom: good philosophy takin it a meal at a time!

Crockett: :hug: darlin...sometimes our best friends, SOs, family are enablers and sabotagers..Some don't mean it could be that Best friend doesnt like to see Change, or perhaps a mutual love of food was/is one of the things that bind you together... Stay strong, do whats right fer you! Use the tools you are learning here at SB and the other forums like Support, and Chicks in Control...2 good other sources...

02-22-2006, 01:07 PM
Hi everybody.
Ya'll make me laugh.
I only lost 1 pound. Enough said. That's my body punishing me for not going to the gym. Dh was a sweethart and said, "well 1 lb is a lot of weight to lose for a person as skinny as you". How sweet. Three people made comments to me about my weightloss today which was nice. Yesterday, I was just *****ing 'cause nobody has even noticed!

02-22-2006, 01:16 PM
SHATZI~ Oddly enough my Best Friend and I have been together for 20 yrs or so, She is a size 3 normally, the biggest I have ever seen her is a size 5, beside the two time she was pregnant, She has her issues of criticizing her imperfections on her body, but , food is nothing to her, She has no problems with it, I am still not sure what she was meaning, I only know how I am taking it, She stated several times I know what I need to say, I just cant say it right, I was even reading passages out of the SB book to her, but clearly we just have to AGREE to DISAGREE on this matter, BUT, I need to go grocery shopping today, and am in panic mode, Thinking all I am doing is obsessing, am I? is what self keeps asking me, I dont know , I just need someway to work through this, and what she said this morning IS going to hover over me for a long time,,,,
Thank you for you thoughts, and letting me see how you take it, and to Tyra as well, It helps ,, I dont know what guidance I am looking for... so just keep passing your thoughts my way,, Love ya! mean it!

02-22-2006, 01:16 PM
Mornin' ladies! It's funny how much later I always post than everyone else! I guess it's cause I wait till I get to work so I can procrastinate actually doing anything... well I'm back down to my 155 which makes me feel SO GOOD just gotta keep on the downward trend... ate really well yesterday, and am doing well today... I posted earlier that I just need to go back to the basics and Phase 1 pattern of making sure that I get all my snacks in.. had a SB Chocolate bar this morning before working out and then salad leftover from yesterday... I have this girlfriend that is in a HORRIBLE marriage (only been married for 8 months) so I'm trying to get her back in the gym and help repair some of her self asteem... she and I met this morning and did abs weights and then a little cardio... YAAAAY!

Cottage - you gotta post a pic of your hair!

Sunlit - Yeah I've gotta do something about my phone cause I have to rig it to get it to charge!

MsCrocket - I just read your second post and I totally understand! I feel obsessed with SB, obsessed with food, obsessed with my diet, exercise etc. but if we don't make it our number 1 priority then we'll never succeed! I understand the smoking analogy because I quit almost a year ago and I KNOW that if I smoke just one then I'll be back where I was... I think the key is learning moderation and it's a long journey... so good for you for sticking with it and I totally understand your venting! I feel like my diet and stuff is all I talk about with friends and family and when I bring up the fact that I feel obsessed most of them are supportive, understand I'm proud of myself and this has to be my priority right now!

Mamahulk - what a creepy a** cop! Good restraint on your part!

Kiko - Bunko sounds fun! Good luck with the wine, I know it's always difficult for me to show restraint when I get together with the ladies!

Freaky - I understand not wanting to work, I'm having motivation issues myself!

Stephie - I totally understand the pizza incident, think everyone on here does! Just dust yourself off and MAKE yourself do cardio today, I promise you'll feel better!

Ruth - I didn't hear exactly what happened, but that sounds awful! Saying a prayer for the situation...

Soon2BFab - Mornin'!

Pearshape - Your coursework sounds complicated and lunch sounds delicious!

Laurie - Mornin'!

Kyemom - Go for it! We all deserve to call in sick every once in a while!

usmchoney - I'm gonna have to try that recipe!

Batmom - Congrats on the weight loss! I wish I could eat 1600 cals a day!

Barbo552 - Mornin'!

3darlings - it is like MsCrocket referred to one day at a time, one meal at a time and sometimes one moment at a time, just practice restraint and the days will fly by before you know it! Congrats for staying on track!

Schatzi - the weather here sucks too!

Haha so after spending an hour responding to everyone I'm back to the grind... work is no fun!

02-22-2006, 01:36 PM
Thanks again for all the prayers and well-wishes everyone. I'm still home sick. I've never had the flu for this long, but apparently whatever's going around hangs around forever. I had planned to go back to work today but last night my fever came back. I guess even after the long weekend, we still had 30+ kids out and a lot of the staff too, yesterday.

I have a phone interview today. I'm not getting my hopes up... whatever happens happens.

Well I need to lie down. Just thought I'd give you an update. Still on the couch over here.


02-22-2006, 02:11 PM
Schatzi-The addition is a huge master suite w/ bathroom, a screened in porch and a detached 3 car garage. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

02-22-2006, 02:44 PM
Hi Ladies:
MsCrockett you are singing to the choir I think about food all the darn time!
and people say the same thing to me
This Weekend all we had was takeout and crap I'm embarrassed and disappointed in myself By rights i tried to have a salad and ate the veggies on top but the lettuce was brown!
Monday Pizza again I had been belittled at work by one of my bosses
1. I need to scream Really loudly at the top of my Lungs
2. I need to dedicate me time that doesn't involve crumbling into the chair when i get home from work
I ordered an arm bike ( tabletop) to put in the office and use in the mornings we have no carpet so my old stuff I can't do
this will help me buff up for when we start taking our bikes out again (i have a bike you pedal with your arms)
I feel Stressed and schlubby all the time right now bleh
Freak/Mama if that guy touched me I would have offered him a home castration kit what a creeepshow
Ruth I hope things are getting better
schatzi hodgeson mills is good and I made it the no cook way something yummy to put in is sweet italian Turkey sausage
Ok before My head explodes I'm goign to spen 10 minutes reading a book and not gazing at the glowing god!