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02-21-2006, 02:15 PM
after browsing through this website and reading the story behind the "3 fat chicks" the three women were just like me. My senior year in high school (2002), i only weighed 115lbs, was VERY active in sports like football, wrestling, track, and weight lifting. I was considered of having the best body in the school. i was lean, toned, bulked up with muscle and had absolutely no fat on me (or at least what it seemed).. well soon after graduating i immediately gained 10lbs. which i knew that was going to happen, since i wasn't doing a lot and away from school. well the follwing 9 months, i gained nearly 30 lbs!!! i went from the type of body most people would dream of, to a body thats quickly getting fat and losing all i had worked for. so the next two years, i would gain in total 40lbs more. the most i weighed was at 196. so from may 2002, to about december 2004, i gained nearly 80lbs.

then 2005 became the year where i had lost 15lbs and have virtually kept it off. i would gain some of it back, but it would quickly come off, without drastic diets and such.

so, at this moment i'm weighing 180 and my goal is to weigh 140. i am not picky how long it takes for me to lose it, but i am hoping by end of the year.. but if the weight comes off like it used to, hwen i would go on a diet, it shouldn't take me no more than 3 months to lose it.

so.. well thats part of my lifestory and i'll elaborate more why i need to lose weight...b/c i know if i don't lose it, its gonna end up killing me, literally.

so i want to thank everyone for supporting a website like this, because it helps thousands of people like you and me to reach our goals. It's all worth it. thanks again!


02-21-2006, 02:22 PM
Welcome Jason. I am like you. I was thin in my last two years of high school. It sneaks up on ya doesn't it. It sounds like you have a positive attitude and a realistic outlook. I'm sure you will do great. Again Welcome aboard!!!

02-24-2006, 02:55 PM
Started weight Current weight Goal weight
183 176 140

YAY! so far so good. lost 7lbs in about 8 days.

02-24-2006, 03:04 PM
hi jason, welcome aboard. i love this site too. i have learned alot about watching my calories here, and seeing and hearing the successes....Scale wise and non scale wise, i am even more dedicated to losing this weight. I too was quite thin in highschool. i graduated weighing just at 100 pounds. but it was from anorexia. as soon as i got pregnant after high school, i packed on 40 pounds that didn't leave after the baby was born. then with each addtional pregnancy, i would be left with a few more pounds. the last one, i actually only gained 10 pounds during the whole pregnancy, but as soon as i had her, post partum blues set in. i became a closet eater. hiding little debbies so my husband wouldn't find them, and eating them when he was gone to work. i have the proof now of every swiss roll i stuck in my mouth. let me just say....little debbie and I are no longer friends. she is not allowed any where near me or my home. I have issued a restraining order against her. lol.

anyways, welcome and post often so we know how you are doing!! :)

02-26-2006, 03:27 PM
yes this website is very helpful. this is the second website i went to for help, and the first site was dr. phil. drphil.com wasn't very helpful and i needed something that could motivate me and to read stories of people just like me who were once thin and are now approaching obesity. I’ve read just about every thread on this website and it is encouraging me to lose more weight and to stick to my diet.

To date, I have lost 8 lbs and yesterday marked the first day I had a full hour worth of exercising.

S/C/G weights

183/175/140 lost 8 lbs