30-Somethings - Week of 22nd July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-22-2001, 04:04 AM
Morning ladies..

it's officially 8am here and I was tempted to post at 12:01am just to be first this week :lol: I was half expecting to meet RR here.

Had a horrendous nights sleep, so therefore am going right back to bed. Will type something more socialable later.

Hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week :D

07-22-2001, 12:48 PM
Well another HOT HOT day
here. At 9am it was 85 with a heat index of

Last week was not the best for
me. So I put on a happy face and gave it my
all this am. Had toast and fruit for
breakfast. In fact I did not finish my
fruit...so I have the leftover grapes and
blueberries in the freezer. On a day like
today it will make a great snack. :lol:

Boiled some eggs for breakfast this week and will get some skim milk for my smoothies before work tomorrow. Once this weather breaks I am going to start walking at night. Now that I get home almost an hour earlier and my sitter feeds B all 3 meals. She is so good to me.

Not much else is new just refocusing about what is important to me...and why I choose to lose the weight I did. I am NOT going backwards in anything in life.

Tomorrow I quit smoking once an for all.

07-22-2001, 01:10 PM
Hmmmmmmm.. BFB did it this week!!!!;) I worked 10 hrs of OT and then 12 hours more at the second job soo I used this morning to crash and burn!!!!!I weighed yesterday at work..not sure if the scales were right(hope not) and I weighed 18lbs more since I got married..IT is really strange cuz my clothes still fit..I was too scared and depressed to re weigh on another scale...I even removed the scissors,stethoscope, ink pens and even the alcohol swabs to lighten the load but it didnt help...Needless to say--I was truly bummed out yesterday and this morning..I must get a grip!!!!!!
We go on vacation Thursday until next Wed...can't wait..Flying up to the upper Michigan for a family reunion(and me to meet everyone),I cant wait for cool weather...and to see where DH finished college(and TechA:dizzy: )

Jul-3.5lbs!!!!(bummer about the wallet!!)

Everyone have a great SUnday..I will be off running the roads(maybe 6 miles today)

07-22-2001, 01:46 PM
RR- Not to burst your bubble. But if this weather keeps up. It won't be any cooler here. I am about 5 hours from Detroit and it is hot as He---double toothpicks here.

Wed. and Thurs it is suppose to be in the 70's and then back up to the 80's.

Believe me I am ready for this to break...before my airconditioner does.



07-23-2001, 01:16 AM
Pryia: I'd give about anything for your temps. Heat Index of 93 sounds like a 'cool front'. We've been having heat indexes of 105 plus!! And Missouri is so humid. When we're working the glass in the studio....the temp. reading pegs out at 120! So we're spending as little time as possible working 'hot' right now.

We don't have anyone from Kentucky do we?? We'll be in Lexington in Mid-Aug. Until then I get to stay home!!

- jul (who couldn't believe it but was down another 1/2 lb this morning).

07-23-2001, 11:40 AM
Ok, valuable lesson learned... not coming here, not weighing myself, not counting my points, not journaling.... all of this does in NO way help me loose weight. I've blown it big time, but at least I can still say I kept 4.5 pounds of the 23 off. Big ol' whoop de do.

Consider myself spanked for my absence and lack of caring about my body.

The house has been all consuming. I have to go get the last of my permits today. More than $1600. worth - I stress so easily about money - this is a big part of the problem of the last few months. But I'm excited too - I should be moving in September.

I get to pick up the kitty I told you all about in May next week. She's old enough to leave Momma now!

Sooooo, what's up with all of you?????

Missed you bunches,

07-23-2001, 11:46 AM
Happy Monday Everyone,

Well, I was stupid yesterday, we went to the boat parade on the Detroit River and I forgot the sun screen :( . Now I am lobster colored because it was reeeeealy hot and sunny. In addition we only brought one bottle of water because I figured they'd be selling stuff there and I didn't want to carry it in. Well they weren't selling and we got seriously dehydrated. The boats were cool though :) .

Played softball last night (I guess I didn't think I'd sweated enough), it was the last game and a lot of fun. We played pretty well and the other team was about our level so it wasn't a mercy game on either side.

Been hovering above my point range for the last week but only by a few points and some days at the top, but I did get in a little activity, so hopefully I won't be to high tomorrow at WI.

RR - I checked the weather forcast for Houghton, it is warm and sticky for them, but it's still only in the low 80's, and the humidity is supposed to break Today or Tomorrow. Enjoy your trip. K's parent's just came back on Saturday from a week up there, we're hoping to go back next summer (K graduated from there to). It is beautiful up there.

LBH - hang in there, things will slow down some once you get everything under control. Hope the weekend was fun :D, did you get in any more riding?

BFB - Hope this week's going better for you. I didn't sleep well last night, wish I could just go back to bed! But unfortunately those bills don't pay themselves :lol: .

Rabbit - Good luck at your sister's, hope she's doing better and you get to come back soon :^: .

Juldiet - I think the temps are all what you're used to, I remember going to Maine a few years back and they were complaining how hot it was, it was in the low 80's and no humidity!!! at home it was in the 90's and 100's and humid, we thought it was beautiful. Congrats on the loss, 3.5 lbs :eek:.

Pyria - I'm just glad I have an airconditioner. Went out to my folks on Sat. they live on a lake and usually don't mind not having air, but man was it wicked out there.

Have a great week everyone :D.

- Tech :spin:

07-23-2001, 07:00 PM
Hi guys!! I started a l-o-n-g post last night and did something to loose it. I didn't have time to try again then, soooo, here it goes again. I got lots of fresh fruits and veggies ($78 worth!!) and did fair with those and water last week. Now, this week...............not so good. Better than if I had no good stuff in the house though. School has been keeping me pretty busy lately. I've actually been doing my homework and the reading (teacher then proceeds to read us the same stuff in class!! UGH) so I've not really wanted to play on the 'puter much when I get home. I've got to get back in here though and get my inspiration to do better!! I've managed to regain all I lost and I'm very disappointed in myself. I seem to have no willpower! I had such good willpower last time and now I can't find it again. Oh well, enough moaning!!!

YEAH to all the loosers. You guys are awesome.

Lauren: I love the bike thing!! DH and I went biking yesterday and now my bootie is SO SORE!!! The hills absolutely wipe me out. I could do much better without them!! I will have to see if I can find one of those!!

Have a nice evening all!!

KarenK :wave: :wave:

07-24-2001, 11:00 AM
Hi All,

I have been extremely busy this week! We had a few training sessions, plus corporate/clinical orientation all week! Today I'm trying to do a little catch up...need to make a bunch of files and start digging into my 4" thick "Follow up" pile!! (Thank God for sticky notes!!)

I am trying to get back on track this week, I was completely out of control last week. I do not have time to post my food this week, but I am trying to write it down here. Yesterday was OK, have to add things up yet. Today I am trying to remember to think before I put something in my mouth!

Sorry I don't have time to respond right now, I hope I will be able to catch up later! Have a great week everyone!!

07-24-2001, 06:59 PM
HEllo all!!!
It is really hot here..bummer..I really wanted to have some cool weather....Refman did promise me some places to walk and jog.
I can't wait to leave Thursday morning...

Tech--hope the sunburn is better!!!!Refman says it is beautiful up there.:cool:

Lauren-Hope the pile is below 2inches!!!!:dizzy:

Karen-I am with U on the willpower thing!!!!I have been pretty good these past 2 days but Refman has junk food for days here soo it is very accessible. I bought me some rice cakes for when I get home soo today was a better day. I crave anything when I get home from excercise...

Punkin-welcome back!!!!

Jul--Hurray for the weightloss!!!!

Take care everyone!!!

07-24-2001, 08:59 PM
Hello Ladies;
Well still hot here, the cold front is coming. Not fast enough mind you.

went to weigh in and gained the .8 I lost last week. I don't seem to get past 209 but I am determined to lose 10lbs in the next month (5 weeks). I can and will do this. So what should I reward myself with?

LBH-Sorry your so busy. I know that sucks. But I had to entertain myself for 2 hours cause I don't have enough to do.

RR- Enjoy your vacation. If you get through WI enjoy "Our Dairy Air"

Well off to read some threads. Have a great night.

07-26-2001, 10:51 AM
Happy Friday Eve Everyone,

Pretty quiet around here this week. Although I haven't been posting much either so.....

Well the weather finally broke here yesterday, so it's not so muggy and hot, we actually took the dogs for a walk last night. We really need to get back to doing that more regularly, for both ours and the dog's sake.

I went to WW on Tues. and lost a pound. I'm not back to where I was a couple months ago but at least it was a move in the right direction :D.

I was supposed to have the first fitting on my wedding dress last night, but the seamstress called in the afternoon and pushed it back to 8/7. I'm beginning to question my sanity in hiring someone who procrastinates as badly as I do :o.

RR - You probably won't read this until you get back, but hope you have a great trip up to the UP. I'm sure you will :D.

Pyria - Sorry about the gain :(. I'm sure you'll punch through the plateau soon, but they can be so frustrating.

LBH - Breath! Breath! Hang in there things will start to flow well eventually :^: .

KarenK - I know what you mean about the motivation, I can't seem to find mine either, it's sooooo hard when you're busy and stressed.

Have a great day everyone.

- Tech :spin:

07-26-2001, 12:15 PM
Hello all.

I am back home again. Yeah! Hope to stay put . . .

Pryia - how is the quitting smoking going? You can do this.:)

RR - if you read this, have a great vacation with the family.:cool:

Jul - congrats on the loss!:D

Punkin - good luck getting yourself back on track. I am constantly doing that.:dizzy:

Tech - softball sounds fun. Haven't done that in awhile. Congrats on your loss.

Karen - I just got some biking shorts with pads - can't wait to try them out!

I've got much to do. MOre later.


07-27-2001, 01:17 PM

I am talking to myself. But that is okay, I find myself quite interesting.:lol:

Today is a new day. Join me one and all as I refocus on my goals for my self. I am looking at how far I've come and gaining the strength to finish the journey and get to my ultimate goal. I can do this. I can control myself. That is really what it is all about, isn't it? Just controlling myself, no matter what obstacles come into my path (and we all know there will ALWAYS be obstacles). I still must win out, jump over the hurdles, and keep moving in the right direction. The challenges we face will make us stronger for the next one that pops up.

I will count my points. I will work the plan.

I laugh in the face of cookies!:lol:

Have a great one all!


07-27-2001, 02:40 PM
Just wanted to pop in real quick and wish everyone a Great Weekend.

The weather here is supposed to be georgous :( it will make it so hard to stay in and address envelopes. But they've got to be done, NO PROCRASTINATING. Sorry, that last was just for me :).

My sister, K and I are going to see Mark Chesney (sp?) and Tim McGraw tonight, I am so happy the weather is nice today :D, it should be a lot of fun. Then the addressing of the invitations starts!!! I'm not looking forward to that, but the sooner I start the sooner it's over, maybe we can haul the printer outside :lol: .

Rabbit - Good luck staying OP. I keep trying then slipping. I'm just aiming not to gain before Sept. Softball would be a lot more fun if I was in better shape :^:

Well it's much too nice to be indoors today, and the boss is away, so I'm going to skip out early and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

-Tech :spin:

07-27-2001, 07:07 PM
We've finally had some rain (yesterday and today). Much needed.

We're in town for a couple of weekends and I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Got an interesting package in the mail yesterday. It was my wallet that was stolen out of my purse in Philly. The cash and the phone card was missing but everything else was there. There was a note that said the 'bike can man' found it in a trash can in front of the Mariott hotel and that the police tried several hotels in the area to locate me.....very interesting considering it was written in poor grammer on the very note I left at the restaurant with my name, hotel and room number. So I'm positive it was the busboy!!!

I don't think I ever told you all about me losing my diamond tennis bracelet last February.....I got an interesting call from a gallery in FL , they wanted to know if I send diamond tennis bracelets with every order of glass!!!

Take care and enjoy the weekend. - jul

07-27-2001, 07:08 PM
Rabbit, I needed to hear your pep-talk! I went to the store today and bought all new food so that I can regain that control you're talking about. I know I'm capable of taking care of myself, so why aren't I doing a better job? I'm tired of making excuses for myself. Thanks for the wonderful post.

07-28-2001, 10:38 AM

It is nice to be home on the weekend - this A.M. I sent myself out for a walk - even though it is already very humid. I feel good about it.:)

I made ds cookies on Thursday night and I'm happy to say I did not eat one yesterday. I had him take them to his room so I didn't have to see them and be tempted all the time. So I did it. I actually laughed in the face of the cookies.:lol:

I slipped up on cashews that dh brought me. An obstacle that stopped me - MOMENTARILY. Because I am moving on.

Tech - Hope you get all of those envelopes addressed!:)

Jul - Wow glad you got your wallet back and very very happy for you that you got your tennis bracelet back!:D

Sonya - You're welcome! You are right, we are very capable. I'm very tired of the excuses that I make also. I'm too easy on myself. It all stops now.:smug: I'm sending good luck wishes to you.

Have a great weekend everyone.


07-28-2001, 10:43 AM
Forgot a couple things.

My mileage - 485.6 miles.:D

And my stats. I'm thinking posting them all of the time will help my focus.


07-30-2001, 12:19 PM
Hi All,

WOW, I think this is the longest I've ever gone without posting here!! Hahaha... I'm still pretty busy, but I have a few minutes to try and catch up/fill in!!

I have been horrible the past two weeks, not being OP. I tried to write stuff down, but I was not consistant. I don't think the damage is too bad, after stepping on my scale naked this AM. I have not been to WI in two weeks, so I will definitely be going back this Wednesday. I'm hoping for no more than a 1 lb. gain...and if I can stay on track, maybe even a break even, or loss!! My home scale is showing a 1.3 gain. I cooked a crockpot full of chicken, brown rice, and veggies yesterday, so that'll give me lunch all week...and probably dinner tonight! I'm also hoping it gets hot again so that I can go swimming after work!

Terri- I'm soo happy to see you back!! :D Now...stick around. I may not have tons of time to post, but I'm always trying to find a minute here or there to read!!

Tech- Have not gotten any bike riding in since that ride! Gee, maybe tonight, since it's gonna be cool, we can ride! Will see how DH is feeling. Hope the lobster is now tan!! Hope things work out with the dress...DH and I are the biggest procrastinators I know...a very bad thing!! Hang in there!! Oh, how was the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert? I would've loved to see them when they were here!

Karen- I got this really soft, gel-ish cushy seat, and I love it!! Hope all those veggies and fruit kept you OP!!

Vicki- No, the pile has not moved...still finishing up other stuff before I hit that F/U pile!! :(

Pryia- Hope things have picked up at work for you!! I have not forgotten how hard it is to sit there and try to stay off the internet, yet entertain yourself all day, when there's NOTHING to do...not even stuff you can make up!! UGH!!

Jul- Weird about the wallet!! Funny about the bracelet!! At least they were honest with you!! Didn't your DH buy you that bracelet for losing some weight?!

Rabbit- Good for you laughing at the cookies!! Cashews are rough...what was DH thinking?! :rolleyes: Keep up the good work!!

OK, really have to get some work done!! Have a great day all!!! Hi to everyone!!

07-30-2001, 01:03 PM
LBH: That bracelet was a 10th anniv. gift. I did get a gold bracelet for losing some weight. I was going to get one for every 10 lbs but after getting the diamond bracelet I decided I didn't want too much rattling around on my wrist.

Currently I'm trying to think of something nice to reward my self with, I'm 28 lbs down from my all-time high (29 inches down). I took my measurements last night for the first time in 6 mts.
214/186/big goal 165

Rabbit: I enjoyed your 'peptalk' too!

I fit into a pair of shorts that I haven't been able to wear in a long time. I'm feeling so much better about myself....and my husband says he can tell.

We saw Planet of the Apes last night. Mainly I wanted to see it because I sort of know the artist who made the oil lamps that were used as part of the set (table scene and dying dad scene). I hated the ending because they left it wide open for Ape 3.

Take care, jul

07-30-2001, 01:35 PM
Guess we should start a new week.