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07-21-2001, 11:31 AM
Well, I am here at work. Emma is with me for a while until hubby's mom comes to take her shopping. I have to work 7 hours on a hot Saturday. YUCK.. and 3 hours tomorrow! Plus the AC is not too cool here today and we have NO control over it. SUCKS big time.

We went to the Fair last night. I got a couple pics, but Emma was not sure on the animals. I really need to get my film developed! I ate too much... ice cream cone, a couple cheese curds, cob of corn, and 1/2 of a sliced beef sandwich with onions and mushrooms. OK, I could have done worse, I know! No snack at night tho, so that is good. OH and Emma tried to sleep with us again, but I let her cry it out a little and in about 2 minutes she cried herself to sleep until shortly after 6am this morning. YAHHH!

If anyone is out there this weekend, come join me!!

07-21-2001, 12:13 PM
Hi everyone! Just got back from WI this morning and I managed to make Lifetime! I know I was worried about it but I actually lost 1.8 from last week. I guess all the hard work actually paid off and I worked out enough to make up for tha cake and party food :)

Have a great weekend. Talk to you all on Monday!

194.4/159.4/160 - LIFETIME 7/22/01:D

07-21-2001, 12:17 PM
YAH SARAH... and you made it under 160. I know you have been battling that number! YAH FOR YOU!!!!

It is so beastly HOT here is Wisconsin today. UGHHHH... And I wore jeans... wish I had a pair of shorts on!

Did I tell you guys???.... I bought a bikini yesterday. And I don't look that bad in it. I think my PG tummy is finally shrinking... I just need some work on my thighs, they are outta control. Hubby thought I look FABULOUS in it. The top is a 12, and the bottoms a 14.... only because they didn't have any more 12's and it was 50% off. I am hoping I will look smashing in it when I go on vacation in Nov. I have never ever worn a bikini so this is a milestone for me.

Trish O
07-21-2001, 12:26 PM
Hello all. I thought I would check in. Hubby is in the shower so I have a min on the computer.

Jen: Sorry you have to work. and that is great about the bikini!!!! Wow,I am jealous. I am getting sorta big right now. But I really don't mind too much except there seems to be many cute clothes out for this fall. Oh well.

Sarah!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! That is so great, and you are belowe goal!!!!! You did so well!!!! Can you tell I am really happy for you.

Ok, I am off to Wal Mart. I hate Wal Mart but I have a few things I am going to see if they have.


07-21-2001, 01:28 PM
Trish... I envy your choices in Maternity wear. Last year I had the hardest time finding things that didn't look like tents. This year I see so many neat outfits. I am jealous. Hubby told me to stock up.. ha ha! AND, Old Navy didn't have Maternity when I was PG. You are a lucky duck!

Oh and the cute clothes out this summer and fall should be an incentive to you after you have the baby... Getting back on track is hard after having a baby... I gave myself 2 months, then jumped back into WW... although the first 2 months on WW were very up and down and frustrating!

I can't wait till my vacation, I want to be slim and gorgeous and do things I normally shy away from because of my weight!

Sweater Girl
07-21-2001, 01:50 PM
Sarah!!!!! That is soooo awesome congrats!!! You deserve it so much! I am so proud of you:)

Trish: I have a love/hate/Hate relationship with Wal-Mart, I love the low prices, but I hate the crowds and what they do to the economies of some small towns. But alas, I purchased a kick@ss toaster from them last week.

Jen: I have come out to play.

Eek, guess who got into a car accident yesterday? Yup me, luckily it happened in Quebec, I still haven't changed over my liscence or registration or insurance to Ontario yet (will do this week). I'm fine BTW so is the other driver and his car (and it was his fault), my car has a huge ding in the bumper.

I have decided to delay becoming a WW leader sadly. I would really love to but as I am a full-time student who'll also be working 20 hours a week and wanting a social life I doubt I'll be able to have time. Hmmmmmm when should I tell a guy about my weight-loss..... I know I have asked this before, but well, let's just say I may be facing that situation again.... hmmmmmm... BTW my mother is now saying I am getting almost too thin. Well I'll try to pop in more often to say hi, I am lurking quite a bit though!

Take Care!


Sweater Girl
07-21-2001, 01:53 PM
Trish: yeah I love the fall fashions coming out (need to save money, can't buy that gorgeous burgandy sweater:( ). But hey I am sure you'll find some nice maternity wear, these upcoming months will be very special for you, I am so happy that you're PG:)

Take Care!


Trish O
07-21-2001, 10:18 PM
Ali: glad to see you around. I think the topic of weight loss will present itself if it was ment to be said. I mean, to us it is such a huge part of our life that I think we feel we must tell. Like we are keeping this strange "I use to be bigger" secret. But you know, I don't really think we should make it that big of a deal. I don't know if this makes sense. I mean, you have done a great thing for yourself...but I think you will know if/when the time is right. i would just not stress.

Jen: I have been buying maybe a little too many clothes. Oh well, they are all on sale now. I have also been looking into fall. I love to buy clothes but I should slow down.

Happy weekend.


07-22-2001, 02:37 PM
Yes, back at work today again... only 3 hours today and I actually have 2 1/2 left.

Ali... You know, now a days, there are so many people that put on extra weight and lose it, I don't think it is such a big deal whether you tell someone or not. I was heavier (20 pounds) before I met my husband, but I really never made a deal about it. He knew I lost some weight and if I ever refer to it, I say in my heavier days. He could care less... although he was heavier too. I guess I agree with Trish. When the need comes to tell him, then do it... otherwise, why stress yourself, because I think your weight loss means more to you than what others care...You are the same person, just healthier now! Now if you were once a man, then I think you should be straight forward!! :lol:

With all the things that have been happening to me in the last week and now working all weekend... I think my poor Sadie thinks we don't love her anymore! We have had heat indexes of 105 the last couple of days, so I haven't been walking her. And as I am typing, we have a horrible storm brewing up. Poor dog!

Sweater Girl
07-22-2001, 09:48 PM
I work in a mall, the temptation to shop always seems to be there I guess. SO I know what you guys mean and all! Oh and I am one of the top salespersons for my store in my region (6th! ) yah me:)

Trish and Jen: I know the topic of my weight will always be a big issue for me that's all, but thanks for your perspectives.

Anyhoo, it is stinking hot here today.... I wish I had air conditioning..... Oh well, see y'all later!