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Penny G
07-21-2001, 10:13 AM
Hi All:wave:

Started new thread got to two pages again

Thanks for the hurrays everyone.

Ally - You can chatter about your horse activities all you want I love it.

All has been great here. I had alot of stressfull stuff going on at work this week and I got through it with successfull outcomes and feeling pretty good about myself and gotta say that kind of feeling helps tremendously in staying OP.

I am off this weekend but its going to be HOT 90 and humid YUK
Guess I will be living in the basement.

more later, gotta run

07-21-2001, 08:00 PM
Hi There Everyone,

I went to the gym this morning and worked on the weight machines then walked 1 mile on the treadmill. Then we were bad and went and had chinese food but boy was it yummy, one of my many weaknesses.:o Kayleen's b-day party is tomorrow so that will be another challenge for me, it is at papa ginos so that means ice-cream cake and PIZZA, Yikes!! I gotta try and be good.

JudyGal, He is over 18 but it would be worthless to press charges, she would hate me and besides from what I understand in Virginia at 17 you can do basically nothing. This is what I have been told anyway. Times have really changed and we really have no control over our teenagers, they seem to be able to do whatever they want. I think it's awful.

Susan, thank you. We will miss you make sure you hurry back.

Alley, sounds like you did wonderful. I would have done much worse, that kind of food is so good. Remember, though it is not a ww rule, you can always reverse bank points when you eat a bit over too. You know kind of borrow them from the next day or two. It has saved me many times.

Penny, sounds like you are doing great, keep up the good work.


07-22-2001, 05:51 AM
My arm hurts bad again!
For two days...fatigue! Arrgh........
But today I did get on the Treadmill...but I have to make sure I don't hold on with my bad arm cause it is really hurting again. It is so bad it is keeping me form cleaning and gardening. Just light work with one hand is all I can do! Did get Dh some good meals this week and the laundry all done too.

Penny, you are doing wonderful!

Judy, good for you taking some time to yourself, we all need that every now and then so don't feel a bit guilty!

Ally, talk all you want about your horses, I am learning stuff form you horse lovers! You are right about making the program fit your life! I have been pretty strict with myself and wonder if I can keep it up! Yum funnel cakes!

Susan..I guess you will be all moved in when you post again!

Bren, sorry to hear about your daughter. That's a bummer..I bet you were frantic when they called! Glad your mom's modem is in..that took a long time didn't it? Your weight loss is going great!

My cholesterol is down to 165 now and I'm 48.5 pounds lighter. It has been slow but worth it!

It's not a horse but a kitty!

07-22-2001, 05:53 AM
:lol: Does he dare answer!

07-23-2001, 11:42 AM
Hi Owls!

I went back to the Farm Fair on Saturday and did great! (my niece's chicken got a "reserve grand champion" ribbon, too! :lol: )
The NEXT day at my sister's house is another story, though. I was okay until dessert. A nephew's birthday, so there was cake of course, ice cream, and......DIRT!!! Do you guys know what this stuff is? Trouble!! LOL! For those of you who don't know, it's vanilla pudding, cream cheese, cool whip, and crumbled Oreo type cookies made to look like...dirt. We make it in a big (new and cleaned) flower pot, and you can put plastic flowers in it, gummy worms, whatever. And we get a new hand shovel to scoop it usually.
I had too much. :(
Oh, well. Back on the horse, so to speak! ;)

Candice- Sorry to hear your arm hurts so much. :(
Wow! Cholesterol of 168 and weight loss of 48.5??? GREAT!!!
Hee-hee....I like the cartoon!....(and the kitty)

Brenda- I'm impressed with your "gusto" doing that treadmill. IKWYM about the challenge to stay OP when you're in front of tempting food!!

I didn't get to the barn this weekend because of all the family stuff I had goin' on, but will get there next weekend. I'm hoping to take Thurs night off from work so I can join a group lesson with Chrissy before she has her baby. Keep your fingers crossed that someone will work for me!!

:) PJ?? I hope everything is OK. You must be busy at the new barn.

WA Girl
07-24-2001, 03:59 AM
Hello all

I've been a really bad girl :devil:

I've been :smoking:
Eating too much :nono:
Sad :cry:
family sick :cry:

A few of you will remember I moved states away from my family.

It's been a really rough road, and is still a little rough.

I've been trying to lose weight but I just
dont have the push to not eat. Eating has obviously become my
past time for the last 7 months or so. So I'm not sure if it's my sh@#$y job (we are very slow the University doesn't have enough money for books), or my being family sick (not home sick, as my parents have moved house and my home is dennis's home now)

I'd like to be one of those people that can just go with out food, especially when you dont need it. I'm trying but I have this (I want, I want, I want) going on in my body and in my mind, I dont want to put on any more weight so I've been walking, I actually went and did weights at the gym yesterday. But I just dont have that drive to eat properly, and not over eat. I dont know what to do, I tried some diet pills, well they didn't help because I am eating when I'm not hungry and they made me so tired. Dennis and I are both changing the way we eat and I've been making low fat goodies for us for when we want something, but it's so hard.
'm hoping that my trip to mom and dad's will help improve my phychi. I'll be there from 6th August to the 17th August.

I'm sorry I know this is a me me me me me post I just cant help it. :^: I need the :love: love of my family.

07-24-2001, 06:33 AM
Ally..good for your niece and her chicken! I know what that dirt stuff is..I think it looks gross but it must taste good, I have not had it! Glad you are back on the horse so to speak!

WA girl...this is a good place for venting! Diest pills aren't the best in my opinion..been that route years ago! Changing your eating is a move in the right direction to a healthier life! You can do this..sorry you miss your family so much! Here's a ((((HUG))))


PJ are you horsin' around!:p

Begonias under the Blue Spruce.

07-24-2001, 07:28 PM
I've been off-line for a week now. The entire area was out due to almost a week of continuous rain and thunder and lightning. Floods all over the place. No........haven't had much chances to ride :( due to the weather. Will go for a ride in a little while though......today was waaaaay to hot to ride at any other time but evening. I don't have much time to post now since I need to get dinner ready and Jackie is getting back from Miami (been there for 4 days) today and then tomorrow she gets her retainer, Thurs. is her 13th B'day and then Friday she flies to New York and then to Martha's Vineyard. Lots of shopping and packing to do. Bill's getting her a pager....."just in case".......seeing as how the people that took her to Miami (her best friend and her parents) didn't let her call much. Sh**!!!!!!! I told her she could call collect whenever ....... ^#^$@$*@*&$)(@)*$()@*,,,,,,,,,,that really ticked me off. Now if she'd just get home.........they should have been here hours ago. So....let me go and have a glass of wine while I'm fixing dinner and maybe that will relax me a bit. I've missed you all so much...........I don't think any of you can imagine what an important part of my life our "family of night owls" is to me. Hopefully, after you read this post...you will. :D
My love to you all.......I'll come back later tonight when I have some REAL time to relax and read and post.

P.S. - The image below is how my emotions are right now !!!!!!!!

Penny G
07-25-2001, 09:08 AM
Hi Owls:wave:

Hope all is well, I am off on my business trip today so I will not be here again till next week so just wanted to stop in and say Hey!

Lots to do packing etc...

WA girl - Hang in there you can do it. I know the visit with your family will get your spirits going in the right direction. I also have a {{{{{hug}}}} for you. Hope it helps.

PJ - Sound like your missing your daughter alot. Hope you have a good time with her before shes off again.

Ally - Don't be to worried about not riding for a week, I actually find I ride better after a spell of not riding, your body is much more aware of what its doing when you haven't done it for a bit.

Well Ladies I gotta run

Talk to you again soon

07-25-2001, 11:20 AM
Well, Jackie got in safe and sound........VERY tan/sunburned and happy to be home. The way she came in was really cute. I was vacuuming and heard the front door slam......then there she is with her arms wide open, running to me....saying "hey Moms, I missed ya".......heh-heh. I don't really care for the "Moms" part but the hug was really nice and long. I DID miss her, the little rat. ;)

Penny - Have a safe trip. :)

Candice - Wish I WAS horsin 'round but didn't do much of it with all the bad weather. Can you all say COMPUTER WITHDRAWAL??????????? BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!! aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh. Well, I'm back online and it's great to be here with all of you again.

Ally - I LOVE dirt cake (as we call it). So easy to make and the kids always get such a kick out of it. ESPECIALLY with the gummy worms in it. We would stick a couple of "cookie flowers" on sticks in there as well. There's a bakery that makes them here and it really looks cool. Sounds like you all had fun.

WaGirl - It's been so long since I've heard from you that I actually forgot your first name??!!!!!!! I have to apologize because you've been an owl for sooo long. When you posted your new address, I forgot to put all of other info in there and that was that. :o I'm so embarr-assed. Anyway, I know this is a hard time. I also eat when I'm down in the dumps but I also eat when I'm happy.....so all I could recommend is that you make really good choices and try, try again. Just keep trying and trying again. After all......we have to really be READY to go OP ....... maybe right now isn't the right time for you to lose and maybe MAINTAINING would be more of a goal for now. What do you think?

Brenda - So sorry you're going through all the mess with your daughter. Sometimes we have to let "them" hit bottom before they can get back up again and straighten out. There are quite a few people I know that have gone through very similar situations. One is almost identical!!!! She always let her daughter know that she was there for her but that was it. She had to be responsible and take her meds and do "the right thing" before she would even see her. Tough love. Sometimes that's what it takes. Although, I can understand your fear of something happening to her also. It must be a very hard time for you right now and I'd just like you to know you're in my prayers and thoughts. I'll try and give you a ring tonight. K? Could you email me your new #??? Woudl love to hear your voice.

SETINA BELINA - You get that booty in here girlfriend! Where the heck are you? I had a legitimate excuse.......:D COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE.......

Hey Susan aka SLF - Let me know when you're ready for me to come up and start on those windows. ;) You must reaally have your hands full but it also sounds like you have quite a bit of good help as well. Well things quiet down, I fly up and we can do some of that shopping we were talking about. K? I miss ya!

SueBee - Where are you???????????????

07-25-2001, 11:22 AM

07-25-2001, 04:33 PM
PAMELA.... get her a phone card to keep with her when she travels. It will come in handy!

07-25-2001, 11:59 PM
Judy - Now THAT'S the best advice I've had in a long time. Why didn't I think of that???!!!! :D
I'll do it first thing tomorrow. I can go right up to Walmart and get one for 60 minutes. Thanks Judy....once again you've given me some great advice.
Thanks a bunch,

07-26-2001, 10:44 AM
Hello. Yup it's me. Had to come out of hiding, especially since PJ asked where have I been?? No where actually, just reading the posts. Should just drop in and say hi.

PJ: Gee, Jackie is only 13, looks more like 17. Look out, the boys will be coming around soon, asking for dates. LOL. She's such a pretty girl.

Hi to everyone else. Been busy working lots and looking forward to my holidays the first couple of weeks of August,. Next year we will have to do it differently, and take some holidays in July as well as August. Makes me jealous seeing everyone going off for holidays and mine don't start until next week.


07-26-2001, 12:18 PM
Hurt this time and I had heat on it all night too. He gave me some Protonix for my tummy hope that helps too! All my bloodwork came back excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bone density is even back to normal for my age! Told me I was in a good weight range(healthy) that I could lose 5 more or gain 15 and I would still be consider helathy weightwise! All this walking and gardening and eating better has really helped me! :smug:

Hi Pj(Jackie looks great!), Sue Bee, WAGirl, Setina, Tara, Emmy, Bren, Penny, Susan, Ally, judygal and Mev if you are lurking!:wave:

Taking a break form gardening and my left arm is wrapped!

07-26-2001, 12:33 PM
Hi there Owls! :wave:

Okay, this is sad....
I'm getting obsessed with getting Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter. LOL! :lol:
I called the phone number for the company (got it from WW Message Board---I'm "Whattaloser" over there, but I mostly lurk). They look up the closest store that carries it according to your zip code. The closest one to me is about 1 or 1-1/2 hrs away. Phooey! The lady was so sweet, though. She said they've been getting flooded with calls from WW people looking for this product. I told her that someone on the message boards posted about it and since then, we've all been looking for it. Well....us peanut butter lovers anyway. She said that it's just as available as all their other PB's, just most grocery store mgrs haven't heard of it or they're unsure if it will sell. I said they should advertise at WW meetings! LOL!
Well, my DH mentioned it to one of the people he's working with this week. She said she's only 1/2 hr from that store that has it and she'd get some for me!! AND she's only working with them this week because she's filling in for someone on vacation, so she said she's go get it TODAY and bring it in tomorrow!! They called the phone # and they said they would hold 4 jars for her.
I know, I'm PATHETIC!! :lol:
Did ya ever look around for a product you heard about and when you finally find it, you feel like a pirate who dug up treasure or something??

I can't wait until this weekend to get to the barn. I talked to Chrissy yesterday (Irish's REAL mommy) and she said he misses me. I only get to go out on weekends, so I'm looking forward to it. I was going to try and join her lesson she's teaching tonight, but I couldn't get the night off. :( She's due on Aug 17 and she said as long as she's up to it, she's gonna teach until baby comes. I haven't had a lesson in a while because of my work sched and her sched for the summer and I told her I need one because I "need a whippin'!" She's so great at what she does. Even when she's doing a group lesson, she seems to personalize it for each person. I like group lessons because I learn from what she teaches the others, too. Besides, it's more "fun" with others.

More people at work have been noticing that I'm getting thinner. I should hope so, I'm almost at a 50-pound loss now!! I still have a ways to go, but it's nice they are starting to notice again. About 30 of it has been since Easter. (Lost 30# 10/99-3/00, stopped WW and gained back about 1/2 of it back, then got the "Click" this spring) Hopefully when I update my profile on Sat (when my "official" weigh in is), I will be celebrating more than normal. If not, there's always next week! One of my co-workers asked if I was excited, and I really don't feel excited yet. I think my big excitement will be when I'm under the 200 mark. They don't know my weight, just how much I've lost.

Whew! It's all about ME so far isn't it? ME, ME, ME!! LOL! Well, enough about me, let's talk more about......ME! Geesh!
One more thing.....and that's it, I promise.......:dizzy:

When I saw my mom this weekend, I was looking through her newspaper and store circulars, etc. There was a catalog for the county colleges "adult enrichment" programs. (mostly non-credit courses) One of them was "Horseback Riding for Beginners I and II" held at a nearby farm. In the description, it said "weight limit 200 pounds." My heart sunk. Not that I wanted to take the class, but because if I wasn't where I am now with the horse stuff and looking for a way to get back into it and saw this, my heart would have broken. I wonder if it would have made me more determined or made me more down? I'm lucky to be where I am now!! I'm glad I'm in such a positive frame of mind about losing weight now. Just made me think, you know?

Judy--what I great idea about the phone card for PJ!

PJ--Nice IM-ing with you today! What a pretty girl Jackie is!! Have a GREAT birthday celebration with her today!!
Glad you're back!

Brenda--maybe you might know the answer to this, you moderator, you.....I sent a priv. message to Suzanne the other day because I posted on the Help forum about the error messages I've been getting that "pop up" since the ads started and about the font size of the site for me. No answer in the forum and no answer to the message. What gives? Just busy running the site, I guess?

Hi SueBee! Hope your holiday time comes soon!

Well, I guess you've all heard about enough from me today! er...about me today....LOL!:lol:

07-26-2001, 12:50 PM

Just saw there was a reply to my help forum message. Suzanne says it's been a problem with AOL users. The Burst Net people said they had it fixed, but she said apparently it's back. I think it only went away for a day or two for me. She said she'd get on them to check it again. Yay!

DH and I were thinking about getting cable modem. He has his ISP (he hates AOL) and I have AOL. We're trying to figure out if it's more expensive, plus I would keep AOL on "bring your own access" for $10/month. I like my AOL and have had it for years. Hmmmmm.......

Candice- you rest that arm!!!


07-26-2001, 08:34 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been neglecting the nest so badly lately, things are just crazy around here and at work too. My Boss is wicked PO'd right now, somebody screwed up something but we don't know what or which one of us did it. Last time this happened she made us miserable for 2 weeks before letting us know what was going on. All I know is that something was put in the ledger book wrong and about 10-12 pages have to be all gone over and redone, lots of work. She is so mad I am allready stressed out over it. she is usually a very good boss but she has a horrible temper and she knows it, that is why she probably won't talk to us about it for quite awhile. In the meantime we will all be on pins and needles and totally stressed out. This has only happened one other time in the 10 months that I have worked there so it is not like she is on a warpath, but when she blows, she blows. Someone might even get fired over this one. There are 4 of who work on the book. I don't think I made the error but it is possible that any of us did. I sure hope it wasn't me and I hope I don't get blamed for it just because I am the newest person there. Another girl has only been there a couple months more than me so who know.

Oh well on to the good news, I lost 3#'s at weigh in on tuesday. Sorry no individual posts, I am off to bed.


07-26-2001, 10:53 PM
Just a quickie----

Jackie has about 8 kids over right now and they're all in her room playing music. Yep!!!!! I've truly got a teenager now.....:dizzy:

We're just getting ready to bring out the cake so I'm going to go. Just wanted to say Hey to you all and I'll be back some time tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Brenda - Don't fret about it.......you didn't do anything wrong....just do your job and don't let her get to you. You'll be fine. :)

See you all later.

07-26-2001, 11:48 PM
Ally, WHIPPED peanut butter? REALLY???? Oh my gosh.... tell me more!

Penny, if you read this when you get back, I hope you had a great time.

Candice, I am so sorry your arm is hurting. I myself am a pain weenie, so I can relate to how it might ruin your day!

WA, I so totally understand what you are going through with living far from your family. Since I've been married (22 years next month) I have never lived less than a 7 hour drive to the closest relative. I know how rough it is. Make friends and make them your family. It helps. Really.

Bren, you are so right.... times have changed and we really cannot rule over teens the way our parents could with us. Mike is leaving for college next month and part of me is so glad, just to give him the chance to see that the real world isn't as bad as I am!

SUEBEE!!!! I'm thrilled to see you!

07-26-2001, 11:49 PM
PAMELA>>>> I can't believe I forgot to put you in my last post.
I love you, girlfriend! Jackie is gorgeous!

WA Girl
07-27-2001, 12:21 AM
Hi Owls,

Well thankyou every one for the support, I definitely needed it. :D

Only 1 week before I go to my parents. :smug:

PJ that's ok, I did try to send you an email but it got sent back to me. Any way it's Stel here *lol*:lol:

Thank you all it made me feel so much better to see your comments. :wave: :wave:

bye for now.

07-27-2001, 12:27 AM
Oh Judy, Judy, Judy - (That's my Cary Grant impersonation...heh-heh). Don't be silly. We've both got so much going on in our lives right now that I'm surprised we're even able to get in here as often as we do. No need to opologize you knuckle head. :D
And I love you too !!!! ;)

07-27-2001, 12:35 AM
STELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka STEL - I cannot BELIEVE I really forgot your name!!!!! ^$%$#$%^$*(&&()*))_* I'm so PO'd at myself. I mean, really......come on now....it's not like you've got some bizarre name like "Moon Unit" or "Daisy Lou"........my God! I'm having too many senior moments lately. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!:o

I just finished posting and saw an email alert pop up and it said it was your post from here......I was soooo happy to see you! I'm glad coming here helped you, it helps me too. Have a wonderful visit with your folks. By the way, we switched to cable access so my new email addy is:

Hope to hear from you soon my friend.....

07-27-2001, 10:58 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

I know its been ages and ages and ages since I last posted here! I just started lurking again and thought I would join back in! I did finally rejoin WW last week for the 2nd time after having the baby! Am I totally disgusted with myself! I gained back soooo much weight! But now I am finished with all my summer events and can concentrate on losing it all again!

So, I see we have some new owls that joined the nest! And the old timers still here!! Setina girl, how the heck are you doing? And Brenda....glad to see you are still here. And what a great loss you had! I am so determined once again to lose this weight like I was when I lost the 97 lbs. I just hope I can hold onto it again! My goal is to lose what I gained then concentrate on getting the rest off!

Well I better get back to work...we just had a brownout and the computer screen jumped off and crackled....scared the daylights out of me. Must be a sign to get to work! I have been here since 8:45 and haven't done anything yet and its already 10:00!

I'll catch up to you all later!

Michelle K

07-28-2001, 12:06 AM
Well, she caught her flight in plenty of time and of course.....I stayed and watched the plane until I couldn't see it anymore....standing there....balling my eyes out. :(
All I kept thinking was since she had a window seat (at HER request)....what if she was trapped in by some kind of wierdo or whatever......then I FINALLY got the call that Grace had picked her up and everything was great. I tell ya, I'm a basket case with this stuff. I coudn't wait for her to go.......I knew she'd have a great time but then I get these second thoughts......like, "should I have flown with her?".......I mean, we sent her when she was 10 years old and the stewards stayed with her the whole time.....(I was even worse with the crying THAT time) but atleast Bill and Billy were there to get my mind off of what was going on a little bit. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!! and to think I'll get to worry like this for the rest of my life about BOTH of my kids. :o OH JOY!!!!! The pleasures of parenthood.

I just finished "woofing" down about 10 fig newtons and NO!!!!!! I don't want to know what the points were. I came, I saw, I ate......now I am going brush the FIGS out of my teeth and go to sleep. I have a long day tomorrow in this very very hot weather. Hey......I've GOT to be losing with all this physical labor. We'll see....I only weigh myself once a month. I'll "see" you all later.
Sweet Dreams.....

07-28-2001, 03:32 AM
Trying to take it easy after my shot so it will work this time! it's so hard not to over use my arm.

Good to see all of you posting!

So what is this about the whipped PB......I used to get it along time ago but haven't seen it latley. Is it a lot less points than the low fat? Post that phone # Ally!

07-28-2001, 04:33 AM


07-28-2001, 11:13 AM
Nice, very nice....I've had Ishahhs page bookmarked for a long time.....this page is definitley one of the reasons why.
Thanks Candice.

Penny G
07-29-2001, 10:01 AM
Hi All I am back :wave:

Had a nice trip but man am I on information overload!!!

PJ - Your daughter is very beautiful the boys are going to be circling like flies :)

Ally - Please tell me more about the whipped PB thing Whats up?

I am being very lazy this morning, 9:00 am and I haven't even been out to feed the horses yet so I better make this short and get moving.
I think I did well while I was gone, I am a very picky eater and they kept serving things like artichoke hearts and sardines YUK!
I had things like chicken and salad. One day they served lobster and clams, again picky me, I hate fish so I had a baked potato and some corn. I did order room service that night cause I was very hungery got a burger but this was the only bad thing I had the whole time, and I found the workout room and walked on the treadmill ( 5 miles ). Haven't dared step on the scale yet but will before I eat.

Well gotta get going my DH is hovering think he wants to use the phone and I need to go take care of the horses. I will come back later.

07-29-2001, 11:24 AM
[b]Hi Penny[/b[ - Sounds like you did VERY WELL staying on program. Give yourself some credit! You made all the right choices and NONE OF US are perfect. So .... you had a burger.....I do too once in a while......if you added up your points, you never know.....you just might have still been within your range of points.

I hear ya on the feeding the horses. I'm on my way out in a few minutes myself. A good friend of ours borrowed my digital camera for his daughters wedding in New York.....otherwise I'd have some new photos for you of me ON Missy. The barn is done. We'll be dragging out all of the roots for the dressage ring today. Then all the major, hard work is done.
The BAD part about yesterday was while I was using the chain saw to cut down and trim some of the fruit trees branches.....got bit by FIVE hornets!!!!! THEY REALLY HURT!!!!!!!! EVEN THIS MORNING!!!!!!! I've never been stung/bit by one before and didn't know if I was allegic or not......but all of a sudden my head got a rush of heat and my entire body got numb and started tingling. Scared the sh** out of me. I almost passed out but that was (I'm almost postitive) due to the heat, panic and being bit by that many at one time was alot. Right at the base of my hairline at the back of my head where my pony tail was. IT WAS AWFUL!!!! They stuck my head under cold water and then put vinegar on the bites which helped the pain but it never really went away. Later that day, I was going to go back and get the chain saw but asked someone else to do it because I got goose bumps just thinking about it....:o

How is your horses training going? Email me....K? pembers@adelphia.net

Hope the rest of you are having a great day.........enjoy this Sunday and I'll "see" you all later.

07-29-2001, 11:48 AM
Hey there, Owls!

For y'all who wanted the PB phone #: 1-877-528-0745
Give them your zip code and they will search within 100 miles from it for stores that carry it. NICE lady I spoke to. Lots of WW people calling her now! My DH's coworker got me 3 jars! :)

My opinion of the stuff: worth it for the points if you can get it. (though I wish the Jif people made it because I like the taste of their PB better) The Whipped Stuff spreads SO nicely. No ripped bread when trying to spread a small amount. I had one of my faves: Fluffernutter!! Used MUCH less PB than before. Serving size of Whipped is 2 tbsp, but only used 1 tbsp, easily. Points for 2 tbsp of Whipped is 3. One thing I've noticed though, is that I feel an "oilyness" in my mouth after eating it. Didn't notice it too much when it's on bread, though. (okay, you caught me! I ate some right from the jar!! :lol: )

I went to the barn yesterday. Had a great time, as usual. Irish was so shiny when I got done grooming him, someone asked me if I gave him a bath. Nope, just good ol' fashioned curry-combing, elbow grease, and in no rush. My buddy, he loves that.

Well, gotta run for now.....prob be back later.

07-29-2001, 01:20 PM
Hi again,

I forgot to add this earlier....here's some more interesting stuff about the nutritional label differences between the Peter Pan Whipped PB and reduced-fat Jif....

serving size: both 2 tbsp, but 24g for Whipped and 36g for Jif.

Calories: 140 for whipped, 190 for Jif

sodium: 110mg for whipped, 250mg for Jif

total Carbs: 5g for whipped, 15g for Jif

sugars: 2g for whipped, 4g for whipped

Protein: 6g for whipped, 8g for Jif

fiber: both 2g

fat: both 12g (both sat. fat 2.5g)

POINTS: 3 for whipped, 4 for Jif

Hope this helps!!