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02-18-2006, 08:47 AM
Hey chickie! Wakey! Wakey!

I've just made a huge fruit salad (serves 20) and am off to my Church breakfast meeting. We are all busy people so do the early morning meeting thing!

Back later after I take Lucy to meet her destiny! :lol:


02-18-2006, 09:15 AM
BBBBBRRRrrrrrrrrrr It's a Nippy one this morn! The heat is on :flame: and the cawfee abrewin'! :coffee:

Sooo I'm beginning again on the round of interviewing for a new job down here in nerth caroliner... I went on one at this company to manage a customer service call center. It's my 2nd round with them... This company provides toiletries to prison systems. L O V E R L Y ... Anyway, I decided to go thru with Round 2 since it is only 10 minutes from my house..and is a 9-5 every other Saturday gig--nice benefits and way good salary.

I'm wearing a blue pin striped pant suit, black ankle boots with velcro straps that cross and have a nice silver detail on them, hmmm about a 2.5 inch heel . I think I look smashing!
Sooo I'm being interviewed by the sales director, marketing dude, and the VP of operations and I think I did okay... Ready to get a tour of the op center... Had my legs crossed at the ankles, legs swooped to the side... And I get up, attempting the cross foot double toe axle lift and hear Rrrriiipppppp--My shoes VELCROed together ... I am SHACKLED! C A N N O T M O V E ... CAN NOT SAVE double axle!!! I put out my hand to save whatever dignity I have left... This worsens the fall,as feet are still velcroed together, I TWIST and do a full on buttsplat, head hitting the chair. The MEN (I am mortified) scramble to help me I wave them away ... Operations VP recognizes the problem and PRIES my feet apart.

Do you think I'll be offered the job ?

02-18-2006, 09:37 AM
oh Schatzi! I laughed and I cried...

Coasting to what should have been an easy victory, the American headed looking sharp to grab her victory . On the way to the finish line a never before seen act of velcro-voodoo caused her to fall and while she scrambled to her feet, she saw her dreams of pentitentiary toilets speed past.

Will she be able to hold on to the title? We shall see...we shall see...

************************************************** ********

thanks you for the fun wake up-off to the gym now to endure agony and brutal pain so i totally needed this. I do hope it still owrks out for you though!!

02-18-2006, 09:55 AM
OMG Shatzi.. you poor thing :hug: but a funny read though :D

Ruth.. enjoy your church get together :smug:

batmomm... have a great workout :)

I am off to bed.. so hot here and we are having a heavy metal convention down the road at our exhibition grounds - I kid you not !!! :devil::devil::devil: Lets hope that the headbangers all behave and go in for an early night - not gonna happen I hear you say.

We had a lovely bike ride this afternoon and a game of basketball/soccer (what can I say.. we only have a soccer ball but the park was right near a basketball half court - sort of a weird meld happened) But we had loads of fun.. and after a tad toooo much falafel I am off to bed... have a great day chickies!!

02-18-2006, 09:57 AM
Oh ought to be a writer. I am with batmomm....laughed and felt sympathy. Now you join the legions of women who have endured the embarassing "wardrobe malfunction." I am sure your humor carried the day...those guys would be crazy to miss your resiliency, stick-to-it-tivenss, and creativity! Good luck on the job front!

On the diet front...I need a lifeline! I snuck into the chocolate late Tuesday and now find a growing pile of poor choices mounting. I need to get back to the beach. Complicating that...I went to Chicago to visit DD at college, and the fridge is bare! No eggs, no cheese, so I awoke to a carb rich environment. Oatmeal is my BEST choice, but it is packaged kind...maple brown sugar. Advice please...

02-18-2006, 10:05 AM
Shatzi youll be fine,,, (let me tell you why I think so)

Picture this,,, During the hiring Phase for Corrections (prison) you must complete an agility test,, sit ups, running, and all...................... WeLL there I was doing sit ups with a male older Sgt, holding my feet,, and I tooted will coming up with my sit up looking him right in the face when I did it............... and as I had only had coffe that morning with a 2.5 hr drive, the can of air freshener came out.. Did I still get the job.. Yes I was Hired as Corporal. there. But ooooooooooooooooooooooo.. that was embarrasing,, All I could do was Laugh histericaly when it happened . allowing more to come out.... pert, pert.pert. ughh

02-18-2006, 10:15 AM
Good Morning!!

Schatzi :hug: We love ya girl!!!

Determined to be OP today. :yes: I just had a cup of coffee, piece of WW toast, and an egg. I am going to a baby shower today, and I have no idea what will be on the menu. I will be smart and I will make good choices!!!!!!

I am up 2 pounds since Tuesday and feel every pound on my butt and thighs. UGH!!!!

I am going to go feed DD and then do a WATP workout. :running: It is cold and wet here in Texas, so outdoor walking with the girls is out!

My week got busy, so I wasn't able to post much in the past couple of days. I am looking forward to catching up this weekend on what everyone has been up to!

02-18-2006, 10:35 AM
Good morning, chicks! Well, it's snowing so no woods for me today...just between us I'm not too hugely dissapointed. Today will be cooking, studying and doing some grading. I'm goona walk my dog later on after b'fast. We love walking in the snow. I would take her to the park to let her run in it but I don't trust the roads as they are covered in about an inch of snow now. So, we'll just walk.

Schatzi: OMG! You poor poor thing! Still, they would be crazy not to hire you. Their loss if they don't!

Ruth: Let us know how Lucy's love connection goes! :D

batmom: Have fun at the gym! You're so good about that.

Marrianna: Sleep well! I love falafel. I use them on salad instead of the pita and it's wonderful!

Focused: Plan plan! THat's what helps me. I'd say go for the best choices you have at the moment and next time plan ahead and take healthy stuff with you...esp. to a college students dorm room :lol: you just know there aint a whole lotta beachin' goin' on there. ;)

MsCrocett: How embarrasing! I did that on the beach (real one) once with a guy I was dating. Me lookin all cute in a bikini about 50 lbs ago...and as he was helping me up....oops! :D

Anyone I missed: have a fabulous day!

02-18-2006, 01:42 PM
Hi everyone,
There is a lot going on in here today.
Schat- you ok, that sucks the whole exerpience.
To the exercise people today- good job! I am taking a break today.
With all t he sickness in my house and everyone up 3-4 times for 7 days I am dead tired. My oldest age 6 had to go to er last night in the middle of a power outage and no heat. He has asmatha but last night developed an inner ear infection. How fun. Oh and I had no phone and Chris was working. I had 2 way on my cell so I called him had him call my mom and she came and took Brady to Er so I could stay home with the other 2 sick kids. SO to say the least i am TIRED. I have a few things to do today but will not be out for long- too COLD! The power is on so that is a good thing. My income tax is in so I payed a bunch of bills this am- yahoo. That was a great feeling. Well have to mop the floors- will check in later. Have a great day everyone.

02-18-2006, 02:27 PM
Hello everyone!!

Schatzi - that story was hysterical - but oh so embarassing!! I hope you get the job!!!

Ruth - fruit salad sounds sooo good right now!!

batmom - working out on the weekend - go girl!!

Marianna - a headbangers convention?? I see no sleep for you!

Meg - I hope you get to the grocery store so you can make it through the weekend!

Ms Crockett - ok - that story is an embarassing one - and you still got the job!!

Pear - I hope the snow is at least as pretty as it is cold. No snow here - but it's COLD and RAINING. Yuck.

Mamahulk - I'm right there with you with a sick house - and I'm wiped out from this week!!!

As for me - this has been a CRAPPY week. Not great on eating either - Valentines Day I ate Chocolate but then I got back OP and was ok until last night. And - after the week I've had - and two nights of sleepless kids - and my house is a WRECK and I was just looking at my kitchen thinking I can NOT cook in this mess. So, I paged my husband up on Instant Messenger about 4 pm and said - hey - I want to order food for dinner - and he says ok - Fajitas? I should have said yes to that -because that would have been a better choice than what was on MY mind - but no - did I say Yes - noooo - I said "No, I am ordering Pizza" and he replies back "Ok." -grrrr - he was supposed to say NO - LOL. SO - I ordered pizza. Big freaking mistake. Can I have just one ?? Nooo noo no no no no - I had a pizza binge. And today - I am up a pound.

We have been sick since last week and now we are all finally over our sinus infection - but yesterday - the 3 year old ran a weird fever and then last night the baby ran a fever. And we have not had a decents night sleep in two nights. Yesterday I did not get out of my PJ's and that is not normal for me - I'm a wake up and get moving kind of girl. Today - guess what - still in my PJ's. I got the oldest DS down for a nap - and sent Daddy in there to sleep with him - but I hear them stirring in there right now - not good because DH needs some sleep he is GROUCHY. So - we are going to have to find something to do to get these kids out of the house because we are all going stir crazy. But it's COLD so nothing outdoors is going to work - and that is not good because everything indoors is going to be super crowded. I told my husband to get rid of all that pizza - PUT IT IN THE TRASH - and so - I have not peeked over there yet to see if he did or not - but I hope it's not there anymore. There was half of one left and I hope it's long gone by now!!!

I hope everyone is having a better weekend than me so far!! I am hoping mine is going to improve - lol - talk to y'all later!!

02-18-2006, 03:30 PM
Yes I was soooooo embarassed,, but I am not taking a "stomach cramp" for know-one lol.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yes I could have just died,,,,,,,,,,,, I find it funny now,, but man for about 2 weeks, I DIN NOT I avoided the Sgt,..,, shewwwww

02-18-2006, 03:42 PM
loved those stories--my experience isn't quite as bad, but here goes. Had back-to-back interviews at the same company (large one). In Seattle it rains all the time and had my rain coat with me. First interview, holding raincoat draped over my arm. Interviewer offers coffee--which I don't normally accept during interview--but this time said yes. Well, half-way thru interview the coffee didn't get to my mouth--but did get spilled all over the front of my robin-egg blue dress. Such a fuss was made--want to go to restroom to clean-up, etc. I declined and continued interview--wet dress and all.

First interview lasted so long, only had ten minutes to get to next one. What do I do???? Finally decided, the rain coat goes on. Arrive at second interview and, of course, interviewer asked if I wanted to hang up my raincoat. And, of course, I said--no thanks, I'm a little chilled right now.

And, of course, I got offers from both interviewers! Go figure.

Been OP all week--have lost but offical weigh-in is Monday so will wait til then to update tracker. Was really proud of myself yesterday--out for lunch with gals and dinner at friends last night. I did have two glasses of wine but now in phase II I can have that once in awhile.

Go Gals--SB is great!

02-18-2006, 03:48 PM
Oh my dear Lord, I'm about to wet myself. I'm laughing and crying at the same time and I don't know if the tears are solely from laughing so hard or because I feel so much for you, Schnatzo! DANG. And Ms Crockett.... oh my gosh. Pert pert pert. HAHAHAHA I'm dying here. I have so been there. I'm the queen of accidental farting. It's why I don't do the pilates classes at the Y anymore!

Schatz, I'm just picturing you falling backwards in slow motion, the men reaching out to you going "NOOOOOOOOOO" in that slow-motion deep voice that they always have in the movies. How mortifying. I don't think they can not hire you because you caught a case of the Weezle Family Curse.

At least you fell on something that has padding. If it makes you feel any better, I can count about 5 times in the last 4 months that I've tripped over some air that got in my foot's way and have taken a header into a wall. Twice it was in mid-run at volleyball into the brick wall, too. Explains a lot, doesn't it? :stars:

At least you made an impression and they'll remember who Schatzi is when looking over the candidates. And, how you handled the situation may work in your favor. Just try to stay positive! I seriously can't stop laughing. Schatzi, you tell the best stories! I'll say a prayer for you and send some good vibes (if I have any left) your way! Ohhmmmm..... :yoga:

So after a few "beverages" last night, I caved to DH's suggestion of :jeno:. Have been paying for it all day long, starting at 6:00 this morning. I guess my colon needed a good purging, and :jeno: was the best colon purger I could come up with at 1:00am. Whoopsiedoodle. I'm without transportation today so I'm going to re-hydrate and work out all day.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


02-18-2006, 04:37 PM
Sounds like some pretty interesting stories being told today. Well, if you can't laugh at yourself.... Thanks for the laugh. It was a baaaad week, so I needed a chuckle.

I've been MIA on posting for a while, but I've been trying to read posts every now and then to see what's up with everyone. Hopefully things have calmed down now to the point where I can get online more often. :comp:

Haven't been OP for about a month, but I don't think I gained much back. Weigh-in day is Monday, so we'll see. One thing I do feel good about is that I got to Curves 3 times this week. Next week, I'll shoot for 4 days.

Everybody have a great weekend!

02-18-2006, 06:24 PM
Good evening ladies! Today has been my lazy day (it's after 5pm and I'm still in my PJs!). I think I feel a cold coming on. I'm going to a stamp 'n scrap tonight, so I do have to get dressed eventually. Even though I've been feeling icky, I still managed to stay OP today. All this talk about interviewing and jobs has left me feeling unsettled again. I don't work and I miss it. I used to have a career but the job market here is so bad that it wouldn't even be worth it for me to work. I end up sinking my entire paycheck into daycare. I love being home with my girls but I miss interracting with other adults and, more importantly, getting a paycheck. Sometimes I can't help but feel down and think what a loser I am. A college degree and I spend all day at home. I've gotten involved in a ton of volunteer work, but still. Sorry to be such a downer. I'm sure it doesn't help that it's that TOM.

Anyhow, enough about that. I hope everybody's having a great weekend!

02-18-2006, 09:15 PM
You guys are hilarious! Love the stories!

I haven't long been back from shopping all day with hubby and kids. I really, really struggled though. I wanted all the carby treats you find at the mall. Hubby wanted to go to Fuddrucker's for lunch which is basically a burger joint. I opted for the grilled chicken caesar salad but I forgot to hold the croutons so I just picked around them.

Yesterday was a total battle of the wills. I know in the past when I've cut sugar out of my diet that the 2nd day is usually the day from **** and it was. I wanted Girl Scout cookies, I wanted ice cream, I wanted junk. I didn't cave, I just kept telling myself that the one bite wasn't worth the binge that would follow. I'm so tired of bingeing and feeling so horrible afterwards.

It really floors me as to how much I use sugar to calm myself. Now that I'm not doing that, I'm having to deal with the everyday stress and emotion that I usually medicate with sugar. I'm naturally an anxious, nervous type though if you met me you'd never believe that because I keep it all in, keep the feelings pushed down with food. I was laying bed this morning wondering if this was even worth it, I basically have two options, 1-be somewhat calm but fat or 2-be a normal weight but ready to jump out of my skin. I know with time this will ease, it's part of withdrawal and just getting used to it. But jeez, does it have to be so hard? I've given in so many times because it's hard. But what's harder, being overweight or pushing through the next 2 weeks?

Sorry to ramble on, hopefully you all don't think I'm off the deep end:dizzy:. I'm really not crazy, just jonesing for some sugar:hyper:.


02-18-2006, 11:55 PM
Hey again y'all! My day improved today - yippee!!! I got in a better mood and we got dressed and went to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston. There were White Bengal Tigers there - and my 3 year old is OBSESSED with Tigers right now - so that was PERFECT. I'll post a picture tomorrow when I download them - but I got a great one of him and the tiger eye to eye through the glass - I swear it is going to be a GREAT photo - I'm going to frame it I think for my house. After that - we went to Pei Wei for dinner - but that is a whole other post - lol - but it was WONDERFUL. And then - we went to a mall and Hayden rode the carousel and I got to indulge my Gymboree addiction a little - (first time since before Christmas!!!) and then we let the boys play in the playground and then we came home - watched Kipper and put the angels to bed! SO - everyone here is asleep right now but me - it's nice and quiet - lol.

usmchoney - girl - I used to have a career too - but now I'm a SAHM as well. What kind of volunteer work do you do? I don't do anything volunteer that is "official" - but I was involved in starting a local playgroup in my area two years ago and it has grown SO much - and so I spent 95% of time managing that. It feels like a job - because it has become a responsibility - but it's a job I love - because I get to have such a part in watching and helping other mother's grow and become confident in themselves. I have to brag on our playgroup - because I have gotten so much out of it over the last two years and I'm SO proud to have been a part of starting it. We now have over 25 members and so many people have joined it and I think we have seriously saved some moms from the depths of stress and despair. It's just such an awesome feeling. I just wish I could get PAID for helping to run and organize a big playgroup. It is a lot of work - and yes - it's all fun and games - but to make all those fun and games run smoothly for that many moms and kids is time consuming - lol. BUt anyway - jsut wanted to say I know what you mean about needing a paycheck and interacting with other adults. I am the type of person that I will "create" myself something to do. I never have a moment where there is nothing pressing that needs to be done. And I think when I got involved with starting this playgroup - I was at a point where I was comfy with my mommy role - and I was ready to move on to something else and I just flung myself full force into it. I think we have one of the greatest formally organized playgroups in the Houston area - lol. But of course I'm biased! My friend Dawn may be lurking around here - and she will agree with me - lol!

Ok - that is enough bragging about my playgroup. I probably won't have a weight drop in the morning - but I shouldn't have a gain either - and so hopefully by morning after next I'll have a drop again - we'll see!!

Night all!

02-19-2006, 08:48 AM
Schatzi- hillarious story. You made my morning begin with a great big laugh. Hope you get the job. Sounds like the hours and perks would be great.
Was doing so well this week staying beachy and then last nite, for no reason other than felt like stuffing my face while watching the Olympics, I must have eaten at least 30 hershey kisses (next to my bed where my son had been snacking, not the best place for them and are now moved) and then I had to eat chinese noodles from dinner that no one ate. Bad, Bad, Bad. The 2 lbs that I had lost from yesterday morning are now back. I can't believe I did that after having such a good week. Today is a new day and I am planning a beachy one. Hopefully no horrible things like yesterday. Just needed to vent early this morning. Hope everyone has a great day!

02-19-2006, 08:49 AM
Good Morning Girls
Guess what the boys finally slept all night. Yahoo! So with a good nights sleep I got up and worked out while kids were sleeping . So gald I got right back into it. I hate taking a day off becaue I am so afraid I won't get back on track. But so far so good. I am really looking forward to being home today and doing nothing. Me and the kids (Chris is working) watching a movie and cuddle since it is freezing outside. I had to go out for work last night and I thought I would come back an icicle- brrr. Well all, will be back later have a great Day!!!!!

02-19-2006, 08:50 AM
Good morning! Hershey slept on the bed with me last night and we didn't wake until 7! How decadent! Dogs sure know how to relax.

It's gorgeously sunny and freezing cold. We are off to Church very shortly and I'll check out the threads later.


02-19-2006, 08:51 AM
It's me again - yes - I am awake - early. Why you might ask? I know the only answer - Pizza. I hate pizza. I am never eating pizza again as long as I live. I had Pizza on Friday night. Friday night - my kids were up all night - but even if they had not of been - I'd of been tossing and turning anyway. So - last night - I did not go to bed until like 1 am and now here it is 6 something and I'm awake. Why? Pizza. I know it's still from the pizza. I normally get a great nights sleep - I'm not an insomniac type person - I am a sleeper. I go to sleep when my head hits the pillow and wake up on my own around 8 am sharp. AND - I am up another pound today - so that makes TWO pounds the pizza cost me.

Pizza is the devil. I am never eating pizza again. Where is that pizza icon that I saw Weezle use - I need to put a big picture of pizza right here and add some devil ears and a forked tail. Seriously - after 3 weeks of being on the beach - where even if I did cheat occasionally - it was just something small - I can really see what a terrible affect something like 5 slices of pizza has on me.

I'm not changing my ticker. I will just let it stall there - so you guys can just imagine that it is two pounds heavier until further notice.

Did I mention I am never eating pizza again? I could have burst into tears when I got on the scale this morning. Ok - I'm going to take my happy pill and try to go get a little more sleep.


02-19-2006, 09:54 AM

I am in desperate need of this will power dust! I don't know what my problem is, but I have not let myself get through a total OP day in about a week or so. Since hitting my lowest weight since DD's birth- I have done nothing but eat. What the heck am I doing to myself??????

All this talk of being a SAHM- I don't think that would be for me, but I would LOVE to work part-time. I think that would be the ideal blend. If we could afford for me to work a M-W-F gig, I would love that. I love being home with my girls, but also like working. I don't love having other people care for my girls- esp the baby, but that is the reality of the situation right now. I don't entertain the though often, because financially it isn't feasible for us right now. If my husband gets a promotion in the next year or so, it could be doable. But by that point both of my kids would be in school anyway, and it wouldn't make sense for me not to work. I would just be at home by myself anyway! (wait- that doesn't sound so bad after all!!!! ;) )

Okay- second cup of coffee :coffee2: and I need to get ready for church. I am teaching both the 4th and 5th grade classes today, so I really do need this second cup!!

I will check back later. Meals are planned for the day. I am taking this day one bite at a time......

02-19-2006, 09:57 AM
That sounds like a perfect day!!! A good night's sleep after a string of nights awake with kids always feels amazing!! Enjoy your day. :)

We are off to church, the store, then home for the day for snuggles and play. Unfortunately my DH works on Sundays, so it will be the girls and myself.

02-19-2006, 09:58 AM
Tyra~ Do you have any Sugar Free Jello? that helps my sweet tooth, and Some Plain Yogurt , with SF Jello Poweder Mix , Mixed in it,, I use the mixed berries, That is what works for me, Take Care

02-19-2006, 10:08 AM
Kiko - Be careful on the roads. I hear there is a lot of black ice out there. We're leaving soon for Sunday school. I'm planning extra time to warm up the car since it was freezing rain last time I checked,

I'm up this weekend too. What is this about losing during the week and gaining on the weekend? I stayed home all day due to the weather and got into some chocolate I shouldn't have. I also spent all day drinking hot tea instead of water. It's just too cold for this old ex-Floridian. This morning is 24 with a wind chill in the teens. I'm supposed to go to a Safe Swim class this afternoon but the drive is a half hour or more over lots of interstates with high overpasses. I'm just going to see what the roads are like.

02-19-2006, 10:25 AM
Good morning, ladies. Yesterday was spent cooking, cleaning, and studying as planned. I made a recipe from the quick and easy SBD book that was soooo good. It's a celery root and turnip mash. Turned out much better than I expected. The celery root smelled so good when I was chopping it up, like the sweetest most fragrant celery. It was really a nice olfactory (I like that word lol) experience. And the results came out even better than the cauliflower mash. I'll post in the recipes.

I also made but didn't cook a recipe from the original book called Turkey burgers with wild rice. I put two in the fridge and two in the freezer for later. Then all I have to do is pop them into a pan. Should be a quick meal. They are flavored with bbq sauce, and smelled delicious. My hands smelled like bbq sauce all night, even though I did wash them, and all my fur babies were licking and nibbling my hands all night. My dog would actually rub her face all over the palms of my hands. It was too cute.

So for lunch today I think I'll have the turkey burgers, no bun, and some of that celery root/turnip mash. For dinner I'm making the Thai Shrimp soup from the book.

Well, have a great day, chickies. And I'm wishing willpower vibes on all you gals having a rough time on weekends. You can do it!!

02-19-2006, 10:27 AM
Good morning girls, how are you? Doing pretty good here, just had a mock pancake for breakfast, it was surprisingly good. I've also tried the taco bake and it's very good, my oldest daughter even likes it. Last night I tried the vanilla ricotta dessert from the SB book, it was good in a strange kind of way.

It's very cold here today, it was 17 degrees this morning. It's hard to believe on Thursday and Friday it was in the 60's.

I'm going to conquer my messy house today that way I'm not all stressed this week. The older I get the more I hate a messy house, when the kids were toddlers I didn't mind the rooms being messy with toys, books, etc. Now I like things put away and organized. It's never as neat as I'd like for it to be. Too much stuff and not enough storage.

My son has an indoor soccer game this afternoon so I'll be home most of today. I'm kind of nervous about that, you know, the constant access to the cabinets.

Heather & usmchoney - I was a stay at home mom for many years, I ran a daycare in order to stay home. Now I work part time for my in-laws which is perfect for me. I don't regret staying home though and I'm glad I was able to do it.

Kiko - I know just what you mean about reaching a certain goal and than just sabotaging it. When people around me start commenting on how much weight I've lost, I immediately start overeating. I appreciate the compliments and I'm happy that all the hard work is starting to show but on the other hand I'd rather people not acknowledge it or draw too much attention to it. It's hard for me to explain.

Crock - Yes, I do have sf jello which I enjoyed as a treat last night. I'd never thought of the plain yogurt mixed with the sf jello mix, thanks for that idea!

Well, I guess I'd better get busy with my housework. I'll probably be checking in quite frequently, especially if I'm wanting to raid the Girl Scout cookies.


02-19-2006, 03:39 PM
Damned disease-carrying monsters. I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 3am shivering. I shivered all night with a fever that just wouldn't break. I finally fell asleep shortly after 7:30 and slept for 2 hours, and now I'm up but miserable. Fever, horrible cough, urge to yarf, aches, etc. I'm finally eating a grilled cheese in hopes of calming my stomach down. Hope you all are having a better day than I am.


02-19-2006, 04:09 PM
Poor Weezie...feel better darlin'
3dmomma: Girl Scout cookies :fr: one of my biggest weaknesses! Yer a better woman than I fer resisiting

Chef Pearsy!!!! Your meals smell Scrumdilliishish!!!!!!!!!

Barb: Be careful out there and STAY WARM!!!

Kiko: I've worked since I was 13... this is my first year off... it was I really did all the things I said I would do if I had the luxury to stay home...but I'm lookng forward to gettin back to work

Texasheather! PIZZA SATANS SNACK!!!!!!!! :devil: Digiornio came out with a ww crust pepperoni and it was a good treat.

:wave: to all you weekend warrior chics out there!!!!!

I spent the morning making a sunflower wreath for the front door.. It came out nice..I took the leaves and created a "leaf spiral" around the outside of it...and now it is hangin on our door... and it makes me SMILE :D

02-19-2006, 05:32 PM
So far so good today...... I am making Meatloaf Stuffed Peppers for dinner with a salad. As I said, I am taking this day one meal and one snack at a time!!

Schatzi How awesome to take a year off. I never went into education because of the schedule, but now that I am a mom, it is the perfect profession. I love every minute of my summers off. This summer will be especially fun with the baby. :)

Barb How were the roads near you? We were fine- fortunately our church is only about 3-miles from our house, so we didn't have much of a trek.

Weez How are you feeling? Any chance you are pregnant? Not that it would explain the chills... Are yo and Heather getting serious payback from pizza eating?? :pizza:

Tyra Gotta love the Taco Bake- that is a favorite around our house!!

Pearsy WTG on all of the cooking!! That always gets me on track- trying new recipes. That is one thing I love about summer because I have more time to get creative.

Mama Hope you are enjoying your day with your kids. My house is suprisingly quiet. The baby has been napping since we got home and the other DD is content playing in her bedroom.

Later gals- laundry is calling. :(

02-19-2006, 05:46 PM
I can't believe it's already 4:30pm, it's amazing how fast weekends go. I just got back from my son's soccer game, now I'm contemplating dinner.

Lisa - Hope you feel better soon, having the flu is the worst!

I need to find out from my in-laws whether I have to work tomorrow. The kids are off of school so if I do work it will only be until lunchtime, not that I have anything big planned with the kids.

I think now I'm just fighting the mental cravings for sweets rather than the physical cravings. Of course, the mental cravings are the ones that don't ever seem to go completely away, at least for me they don't.

I followed Atkins for several months in '04 and lost about 15 pounds but I always felt sick to my stomach, I think from the high fat content. I've found with SB, that I don't feel at all like that. I've experienced typical withdrawal symptoms from coming off sugar but they've subsided now.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


02-19-2006, 06:58 PM
Kiko - The bridges were pretty nasty. I drove slow and careful but the car in front of me was fishtailing pretty badly. And there was a big accident on 75 over 15th St. Luckily, I decided I didn't want to take the expressway. I blew off my Water Safety training. There was no way I felt like driving to Irving.

I've gotten as much of my taxes done as I can until DH gets me the information about the stock he sold. I hate stocks but DH bought some years ago when he was working. He did take Brian to the library so I could do taxes though. Brian has to get started on his project for the Talented and Gifted program. This year it is famous people and he's decided to do Laura Ingalls Wilder. We've been reading all the books as bedtime stories for awhile and he loves the TV series. Hopefully he can find enough stuff to talk about for about 10 minutes. I know he can do a good project board.

02-19-2006, 08:51 PM
Hi gals,
I'm finally finding time to check in. Very busy weekend, my DD dropped off the baby Friday night, and they decided to spend Sat. night in Washington, too, so Nadia could see everything. She was especially interested in seeing the Holocaust (sp.?) museum, as it involved some members of her family. We had fun with Carley, spoiling her rotten, of course, but I am exhausted! They arrived here right after lunch today, and stayed for dinner. Nadia is a very sweet girl, and I'm glad we got the chance to meet her since my oldest GD will be staying with her and her family when she goes to France in June. My son and his family came for the afternoon, too, so as usual we had a full house. Everyone is gone, now, and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. Time to sit and relax with a nice cup of tea.