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02-17-2006, 09:18 PM
Hi I was looking for a buddy, for this weight loss. I am on other sites but I would like to have someone that has thyroid issues. It seems in the books that I have read that thyroid dieters seem to lose at a slower weight so I would feel more comfy with someone losing at the same speed.I have @ 40 pds to lose.I am on South Beach and like it so far. I would like to set mini goals and try to reach those together. I am serious, the last few sites I was on seem to dwindle away.:?: I need the support and encouragement to be successful.:hug: I am married with 2 boys,6 and 8. I am 43 years old and a stay at home mom. I know this will be along journey and I am willing to hang in there If any buddy else is. The more people we have the better support we can get....:carrot:

02-18-2006, 11:21 AM
I too am hypo, been for about 5 years and up on the weight. Before I became hypo I think I went hyper first as I lost crazy weight doing nothing, then all of a sudden, bam!!! weight piled on as well as the napping. By the time I decided it just wasn't being lazy and got to the dr, I had gained about 15 pounds. Over the last 5 years everytime the thyroid needs an adjustment, I have gained another couple pounds, so over the course of 5 years I have gained around 50 pounds, so I too am looking at small increment goals so I don't get discouraged. I am 43 also, married, 2 girls (17 and 23) and work from my home, so I joined Shapes here to make myself get out and go. Hired a trainer to help me get motivated and it seems to help when you go somewhere and see others in your position just trying to get healthy and lose weight. Where do you live? I don't follow the south beach although I have tried it, but just follow almost a no carb plan....if it has carbs they have to be the good kind. I try to track myself on fitday, but easily forget til the end of the day sometimes, LOL.
So, in all this chatter, I would like to be able to chat with someone else that is looking for the same thing I am. I can always private message you to give you my email address so it doesn't have to be seen by everyone, just let me know


02-19-2006, 11:06 AM
Shirey, sounds like a plan. You and I actually have a lot in common. I am all over the boards with my meds.. Recently I was diagnoised with hyper, they lowered my meds and I know I will be hypo in the 6 weeks follow up. In the mean time I will either gain or hopefully maintain. I was diagnoised 3 yrs ago. All I can say was I was miserable and went to a new doc. To try to get a diet pill. He wanted to do blood work and called me back with the results. All I remember him saying his How are you functioning? It was really low. Since than I Feel pretty good ,except for the fact that they are always changing my meds either adding or subtracting.I do work out. I joined a gym. We recently moved to a new state, Ohio.I try to work out everyday during the week. I may do tae boe on the weekends. Mon,Wed, Fri I go to an arebics class that does interval training with weights. Great cardio and a challenging weight lifting course. Than on tues and thurs I do an 1/2 to an 1 hr of cardio...on tred or elipitical and than an hr class of just weights. So I do get my hrs in at the gym. I just got dedicated like this to the gym since January. I do see changes in my clothes but not to much on the scale. I am at a stop there and I really think it may be due Partly to the new meds. Anyway I am human and do cheat on the south. I need to refocus and it will work.I would love to to be your bud. As of now I have a short term goal of 10 pds by st pattys day. Not even there yet... How ever you want to do this is fine with me. We can stay on line here to see if we get additional support, we can pm, or we can email. I just want to be on the same page cuz i really need the support. So what ever works for you.I am so gald you are in this dang boat with me......I know we can do this and we will be successful.....