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02-17-2006, 07:56 PM
Since I've been unemployed (quit my job last July), I've been looking for different ways to earn money. I found a few survey sites, but never really expected anything from them. Today, I discovered that one of them actually delivers. I'm holding in my hands right now my first check from **********************. I spent maybe 30 minutes filling out surveys over the course of 2 months, and I earned $7. Not a big amount of money, but considering you're just answering a few questions... it's not bad at all. I wouldn't normally post about this sort of thing, but I thought you all might be interested. If this post is inappropriate just let me know. I just wanted to share this nice find! :)
Inappropriate. Please do not post links of this type. Folks can PM you if they want it. Ruthxxx

Misti in Seattle
02-23-2006, 03:54 AM
Thanks Lady... I will check it out. I have been filling out surveys for years and have yet to receive a dime from any of them.