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02-14-2006, 11:06 PM
I weighed myself last week, and was pleased. I gained a fair bit of weight (15 pounds in three months) my last doctors appointment and was told to lose it before my next. I was happy to see that I had lost. However, I knew I had because my clothes were fitting differently. I have a less then healthy history with food (ED/NOS, getting down to as low as 80 pds), and I"m afraid of the nagging anxiety I get whenever I look at the scale and see a number, that in my still distorted view is high for me. I've been eating well, and exercise a lot, and I think there is a change, but it is hard to not judge my worth by a number. Typically, my doctors didn't even tell me how much I weighed because of this fear, and refrained from weighing myself for a good while.

Any post-not-what-you-hoped-for-scale tips? Anyways that you perk yourself up? Keep from obsessing? I want to know my weight but am afraid if it isn't progressing as hoped.

02-15-2006, 01:14 AM
How many times are you weighing yourself a week? My best piece of advice is to only weigh yourself once a week and at the same time every week. If you weigh yourself in the morning do that every week. I go to weight watchers meetings once a week and only weigh myself there. I don't weigh myself at home at all in between since water weight can make your weight go up and down through out the week. Keep it up, if you know you are doing everything right between eating well and working out there is nothing to fear.
Let me know how everything goes and what you decide to do. If you need help don't be afraid to ask me I am hear for whatever you need since I know how you are feeling.
Good luck

02-15-2006, 10:14 AM
i would say if you are only losing weight because your doctor told you to, and you know how much you need to lose....keep that number in your head. and maybe have someone else you trust completely, like your mom or best friend, to look at the scale on a certain day of the week or month for you and just let you know if you are moving down towards your goal. say you only have 15 pounds to lose before your next doctors appointment in say 6 months...then you can set a very realistic goal of only 3 pounds a month and just enjoy learning to eat healthy foods, and learn to find some excersize you love to do....like skating at the park, or learning to play tennis, or going swimming somewhere. you know, just learning to live healthy so you are not on a "diet" to lose so many pounds in a such amount of time.

02-15-2006, 10:41 AM
Try to remember that a scale is only one tool.
I'm sure your doctor is only suggesting 15 lbs because it's a tangible evidence.
There's also the fit of your clothing, the firmness of your muscle, your energy level ...
I'm sure your doctor would accept 10 or 12 pounds if you were a little snugger, happy, looking good ...

02-15-2006, 11:18 AM
That's a great post Julia :). I used to be scale obsessed, weighing myself every day and having regular hissy fits because my weight "was fluctuating so much omgnothingisworkingwaaaaahhh!!!". Well of course it is, your weight does vary day to day so weighing yourself once a week is best, at the same day and time if you can.

My scale at home ran out of batteries. I keep "forgetting" to buy new ones :devil: . Now I weigh myself at the gym once every couple of weeks. I feel there is less "scale pressure" and I feel much more relaxed about my weight loss.