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02-13-2006, 09:24 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm new to the board, and am just starting LAWL. I found this site and thought it would be great to talk to others on the plan! I have a 1 year old son, gained 57 lbs with him and since have been up and down on the scale and need help! I tried WW and it worked for a while and then I just couldn't stick to it. I think I might need the counseling that goes along with this plan. Anyway sorry to babble lol.... :) Just wanted to introduce myself!

02-13-2006, 09:33 PM
Hi again! After reading a few posts thought i'd add i'm on the purple plan. She mentioned a two day plan to start but then said no we'd start right on the regular plan tomorrow and never explained what it was, don't know why she changed her mind. Are they supposed to give you a food scale? She said they would the first day I went, and then today she said they dont have any they're back ordered. Think I should just buy one? I go back in Wednesday morning to buy my supplements, LA lites and all that.


02-13-2006, 11:53 PM
Hi- youre our third Heather:) The boards are great, glad you found them! I also switched in from WW a few months ago...the accountability and one on one is whatmade me successful on this program, its WONDERFUL! Happy journey to yoU!

02-14-2006, 12:04 AM
:welcome3: Heather!

Congratulations on your decision to get healthy and lose weight! So glad that you joined us! I know that losing weight is a struggle but there are some great ladies on this site and you just jump right in on the friends thread and dont be shy! :flow2:

I have no idea why you did not do Take-Off. I thought that you had to, it is a flushing to rid your body of cravings and jump start your weight loss. Did they give you the Take off juice? I have not heard of anyone not doing take off. Dont buy the scale if they said they would give it to you, Do they have them there for sale? Just not available to recieve when you register. I think you should call 1-800-LA-HELP-1 and find out about Take-off first. The juice itself is $28.00 a bottle to buy it seperate and you are entitled to it when you sign up. Then let me know what they say. I would do that first thing before anything. You can surely purchase everything thru them the bars and supplements and such, but be prepared to fork out way more money. It can double your cost of the diet for those items. The good news is there are so many ladies on here who do it with out purchasing any thing thru the center and save a ton of money. n You will also find ladies on here that have never been to a center and got the diet thru a friend and they are doing so good. Go back and read thru the threads and you will get a good fill on what to expect, what you really need, and what you can replace with cheaper options. I myself do not take supplements, I recieved my juice free and my first box of a sample of all bars when I registered and then I bought my bars on EBay for $4.00 a box instead of $16.00 at the center.

I hope I did not discourage you because this diet does work and it works well. I am just not willing to put out all of the extra cash if I can do it for cheaper and just as well with different products.

Hope to see you around and let me know if I can help.


02-14-2006, 07:19 AM
deetsmom, Thanks for the welcome! Heather does seem to be a popular name lately lol

Bernadette, Thanks so much for all the info! My counseler is supposed to be calling me today to see if I have any questions after reading through the plan. Hopefully she does, i'm going to ask her about the take off thing. I thought it was weird that she mentioned this 2 day thing once, and then said never mind we're just going to start you on the diet. I was curious but then she started talking about something else and I forgot about it. I did get the box of lites to try out and see what I like before Wednesday but thats it. If she doesnt call i'll just call the number you gave me and ask about it. If it really gets rid of cravings I definately need that LOL! Especially since my husband left me a box of chocolates on the kitchen counter as part of my Valentines gift GRRRRR lol! Very sweet but he knows i'm starting the diet so why on earth would he get them?? Men lol!

02-14-2006, 10:42 AM
Welcome, Heather!!!:welcome2:

I would definitely ask about doing take off. I find that it helps prepare me for the actual plan. Even when I fall off the wagon, I do TO for 2 days and it helps me get back on track. Plus, after the 2 days you are thankful to get real food!:carrot:

That's funny about your husband and the chocolates! He'll learn after a while what is acceptable to bring home and what is not.;) For Valentines Day, he let me know yesterday that he wanted to take me out for lunch today and for me to pick where I want to go...he knows that I have to plan my day around going out.

02-14-2006, 10:44 AM
Heather, You can join Deets and me in the 57 lb club. She gained 57 with one of her pregnancies, and I gained 57 with my son. I lost all of it nursing, then gained almost 15 lbs the month I quit nursing. I started L.A. Now I am down almost 70 lbs (was more, but I have gained 4 lbs after being off plan for a couple of months) from my highest pg weight. You can do it!

BTW, return your husband's "thoughtfulness"...make him batch of brownies to take to his office and shove all the chocolates he gave you in the batter. Loaded Brownies...He'll like it.

02-14-2006, 11:04 AM
Welcome, Heather314!

FYI, I did not do take off. But my reasons were medical. I am diabetic, and on an insulin pump, and it was not recommended to me as a result. Maybe you have a medical reason not to do TO?

Also, I know TO helps jump start the weight loss, etc., but if for some reason you are advised against it, please know that I had no problems jumping right into the program, and have been very successful so far. Hopefully, whichever way you and your COD decide to go will be successful for you too!

Good luck!

02-14-2006, 11:43 AM
Hi again! :)
Erin, I don't have any medical conditions except that I had a seizure like 5 years ago. She didn't give any reason for not doing the TO, just changed the subject. She hasn't called yet i'll wait a bit longer, but i'm definately going to ask about it. Glad to know its not essential though!
Thanked my husband for the chocolates and roses, and told him he'll have to take the chocolates to work.. he said why? I said (or kinda yelled lol) cuz i'm starting that diet today! He said yeah so I thought you could still have them its only a small box LOL. ARRRRGGGH!!!! Love the idea of making brownies but right now I'd be tempted to eat them too hehe oh well.... they're going in his lunch box.
Gonna go do some food shopping and I think I might look for that Knudsens juice. If I find it I think i'll do it on my own anyway. I wrote down the 2 day plan from what I read in the threads,,, so we'll see!
So glad I came to the boards you all are so helpful!
Talk to you soon

02-14-2006, 12:24 PM
:welcome: Heather - Wow - I always knew there were too many Heather's in this world - I had 5 in my Kindergarten class!!! I guess we will all have something behind our names......

Hopfully you will get some answers about take off - I think it is really good to start off with - if you can - it really starts your body off right.....Good luck and look foward to chatting with you - You have to be a good person right? Your name is heather....hahahahaha

02-14-2006, 02:49 PM
Hi Heather...Welcome!

My center did not have any scaled either. The owe me one, they said... but i was at crate and barrel and they had a scale for under $7. so i got it anyways. it has a clear rectanglar top that you can take off and wash. i love it. i use it everyday. it also have a liquid measuring on the cup. anyways, i thought it was worth the 7 bucks.

my center gave the the juice for free (well, i am sure i paid for it some how). but i only got two bars... they knew that i would not be buying bars, maybe that's why they only gave me two.

for those of you who did the juice later in your weight you use it every month and do a TO or how do you decide when to do it? i am thinking that if i dilute it with 1 part juice and 2 part water, my body may be able to handle it. but i would just get the knudsen ones. what do you think?

02-14-2006, 03:49 PM
Hi everyone!
Well I went food shopping and I did find the Knudsens morning blend juice so I bought it. My counseler called just 10 minutes ago and I asked her about the TO and she said because I had kidney stones 3 years ago, she didnt want to do anything to bring that on again. I totally forgot about that but it wasnt kidney stones i needed an operation for or anything lol. Oh well.
Yes there are definately waaaaayyyyy too many Heathers in the world lol! When I was a kid in school I always had to have my last initial with my name because there were 2 other Heathers.
The counseler said make sure I bring in my coupon for my bulk lite bars because Ill pay ten times less than i would buying them per week, so i asked her how much they were and she wouldnt tell me LOL cant wait to see what that bill is! Anyway gotta get back to my little man Talk to you later! :)