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02-12-2006, 10:57 AM

We'll spring (Funny, how we are being hit by a blizzard as I type) is almost here and I am looking for a double jogger. I have a 9 month old and 2.5yr old. I have looked at the In Step and I'm not too happy with it and I liked the City Series, but it doesn't lock when folded, so I can't pick it up into my car easily.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

02-12-2006, 11:00 AM
Ever consider lifting weights and jogging at the same time?

That is, get a single jogging stroller and put the baby in a front carrier. LOL

02-12-2006, 12:49 PM
I have the Baby Valco Twin Runabout - and I love it!!! I have a 2 year old (27 months) and a 10 month old. It's heavy and big - as most doubles are!;) Have you looked at the Baby Bargains Book website for reviews and info? I got so much help there in deciding which one would be good for me. I get a tremendous workout with it too. We are surrounded by hills - so pushing a 25 pound stroller + a 27 pound 2yo + a 17 pound 10 month old = great upper body workout as well!!

Technically this isn't a "jogger" - but many people who are occasional runners use it as such. If you are a serious jogger, you'd need one with bigger wheels. These are 12 inch air-filled wheels. It turns on a dime! I love it! Check out Baby Bargains website. It's great!