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02-11-2006, 12:15 PM
Hey everyone. Lately, I haven't been posting much. Pretty much because I've fallen off the wagon. I lost those first 2 pounds (too slowly for me - I got discouraged), then gained them right back. I've been struggling to get going with a new program. My main problem is consistency - I eat good and exercise a couple days, then stop the rest of the week, then start over the next week...and the vicious cycle goes on and on.

Another thing, since Spring semester started, I've been so busy. I'm on campus all day, and by the time I get home I'm so pooped all I want to do is sit in front of the TV and do nothing. It doesn't help that I ride the bus to and from school, and it takes about an hour and a half each way because of all the transferring. I get really tired just sitting on the bus for so long. And I'm NOT a morning person. I have a hard time waking up even an hour before I have to leave. I'm usually hitting the snooze button, and before you know it, I have about 20 minutes to get ready (I set the alarm for about 6:30 or 7 every morning).

And while I'm on campus, I don't really have anything to eat. I don't make lunches in the morning because like I said, I'm in such a hurry since I can't get up early. And I don't have a meal plan either. So I usually eat a bag of chips and a pop out of the vending machine for lunch, then pig out when I get home. I know I should make lunches at night, but I'm worried about the sogginess of my food, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to help me get back on track? I've been wanting to do Jillian Michaels's workout in her book, as well as a video for cardio. Any ideas how to fit that in? And any ideas on the lunch situation? It'd be greatly appreciated! (And P.S. the commuter center on campus has a fridge and a microwave, so I can use those for my lunches)

Thanks sooo much in advance! :hug: ;) :)

02-11-2006, 07:26 PM
Well, you've got a busy life! So you have to have some food strategies that will fit with it, so you don't just default to the "bad" foods.

Buy yourself a supply of healthy granola bars. Make sure they are the kind with a good amount of protein in them, 'cause that's what you need most. Lots of good brands--I like Health Valley, but Kashi makes a good one also.

Always carry water with you! A granola bar and some water to wash it down with = breakfast! Voila, one problem solved. :carrot:

Lunch. Soggy sandwich. Well, what are zipper bags for? You put the bread in one bag, the filling in another, and make the sandwich when it's lunchtime. Get the stuff together the night before and have it in the fridge for when you leave in the morning. Be sure to include fruit and a vegetable with your lunch.

Too hungry in between meals? Take some snacks. What are zipper bags for? ;) For instance, Triscuits and some cheese. No chips. :nono: Too easy to eat too many. You have to get used to counting things out in some way. e.g., six Triscuits, not just "whatever."

Dinner. Tired. How about Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice? Plus some additional vegetables to go with. Microwave, done in minutes. Tasty. And not over the top in calories. Even the little pizzas aren't terrifically over the top in calories.

All these foods have nutrition information right on the box. You can find out really quickly serving size, how many calories, how much fat, how much protein, total carbs, etc. So then you can start tracking however you like.

Need a treat? Can't stand it anymore? Look, Ghirardelli makes these great dark chocolate chips. Sixteen chips = 80 calories. It's way high in fat calories (60), but great if you crave chocolate. It's GOOD chocolate, not just any old crummy chocolate. And, you can carry them with you. Yeah, the zipper bags!!! :lol:

Don't forget to drink milk, preferably 1% or 2%, and have some yogurt as well! Not too many calories, and has calcium.

Try it! See how it goes!


02-12-2006, 02:30 AM
Welcome Back! :)

02-12-2006, 10:19 AM
A great diet saver for me when I have one of those "breakfast in the car" days has been a slimfast shake or bar.

Another good one for me when I crave chocolate is a sugary cereal. One cup of say, Cocoa Pebbles and one cup of skim milk is 200 cals, and usually a good meal (at least for me).

02-12-2006, 01:02 PM
Thanks so much for the advice girls! I'll definitely try some of the ideas! :) Any idea on how to fit workouts in?

02-12-2006, 01:16 PM
Sometimes you have to plan your workout. You sound like a very busy person! But, maybe finding that 1 hour that you can have in total daily to take care of it.

You could try to work in a nice steady 30 minute walk for yourself at some point during your day. Or, 30 minutes at the gym on a treadmill, or elliptical, or a dvd at home, or you could try curves and the the 30 minute a day workout.

The point is, you have to say, this is when I can do it today and I will not call it a day until it gets done! :)

02-13-2006, 01:15 AM
Do you have time inbetween class that you can just walk? I'd say if you have about 30 or 40 minutes inbetween, just make that a time where you pop in some headphones, turn on some good music, and try to walk at a brisk pace constantly for the whole time. I thought I was too tired to work out when I got home in the evenings (not quite as bad a commute as you, but an hour driving each way) but once I got in the habit I really looked forward to it and it's something I just don't put off. It feels much better when you relax after a healthy dinner AND some exercise, it makes that relaxing much more earned.