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02-08-2006, 07:21 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies!! :wave:

We'd love to have you join us while we talk about our weight loss efforts and our daily lives. So come on in and chat away!! :gossip:

02-08-2006, 07:29 PM
Angie--A school?!!! peace and quiet once thats in. If your boys were younger, it would be perfect. Let me know what crochet hooks you want and I'll get some for ya and get them too ya!

Marbles--Just love that name!! Hope you start feeling better. The weather has been really crazy everywhere. We've been having Spring like weather during the day, then freezing winter weather at night. Wonder how our summer is going to be.

Cristi--How about making some banana nut bread? Smells so good and last forever (the aroma) and you get a nice treat on top! Send some of those ribs my will you??:D

Hello everyone else out there!

Washed the car today, and the truck. Great weather for it. Now I need to take a shower. Time is flying today. So I better get going.

I'll check in later.

02-08-2006, 07:43 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - well, the master bedroom and bath will be done in earth tones, (greens, golds, that funny red, taupe) since I had just bought the comforter and stuff before we moved. But I want blues, greens and reddish/burgundy in the living area. Since the master suite is off by itself, I don't think it will clash. I found the coolest border to put in the kitchen, above the sink area, and also a nice border for in the living room. I think we'll do the dining area in plain paint because I use patterned place mats and tablecloths. So I guess I'm glad after all that the wallpaper was unavailable. The guest bedroom will have twin beds, but I haven't made up my mind about the colors, yet.

Angie - I'll mail you whatever crochet needles you need. PM me with the sizes, ok? Not a problem at all.

Marble - hope you're feeling better. :hug: I don't know a thing about slate floors or radient heat. Did you try googling them?

Cristi - we had crock pot ribs for dinner tonight! So tender that way. I know you'll find just the right house. Is relocating to CA out of the question? You have mentioned that you'd love to move back there.

Mary, Dale and Caylin went to Mississippi over night to pick up a truck his dad is giving Dale. Neal and I have had the twins and they've been so good. We've been teaching them how to use the mouse to control the pointer, and they've been playing with a preschool computer game. Blows my mind how good they are at it already!

My weight has been holding steady, but I'm not losing any that had I gained. I don't know what's the matter with me! :(

Have a good evening, ladies.

Toodles, :wave:

02-08-2006, 09:44 PM
Hi all! I've been busy trying to get my house packed up . . . it's not fun!
I havn't been getting to the gym this past week, I have been in too much pain. I have ovarian cysts that have caused me a lot of trouble for 12 years now. They will not hurt for a while, then all of a sudden, I can bearly walk!
The only thing left to do is to remove the ovaries, but I need them for making babies!
In other news . . . I'm doing good with eating and what not. Mark needs to stop buying me candy, though! I keep passing it off on other people so that it won't be tempting to me.
Sounds like everyone else is doing good here!
GRRRRR . . . Allen is having trouble falling asleep, Ill talk at cha later!

02-08-2006, 10:08 PM
Hi ladies.

I have surgery tomorrow, and I am absolutely terrified. I know I am being ridiculous, and that everything will be just fine, but I hate surgery so much -- and I hate that they are going to knock me out and cut open my arm, and I'm mad that I have to have it done, and I am sick to my stomach just thinking about it and fighting this panicky feeling to say forget it, I'll just live with it the way it is. Except my doctor made me stop taking ibuprofen this week so there won't be any bleeding problems, and now that I haven't had any for a couple of days, I hurt really bad and realize how much I've been taking. So I guess I really can't just live with it the way it is. Tim has been very patient with me because I'm weepy and I know I'm being a big baby and I wish I could just knock it off, but I can't and he's being nice to me anyway. :( I just wish it was over with. I wish they could sedate me right now, and I'd wake up sometime next month. Anyway, now I'm here whining at you guys, too, so I'll stop, but please just hold good thoughts for me, ok? :)

I intended to do individuals, but my arm is too sore, so I guess I'll call it a night.

02-09-2006, 12:46 AM
Katie (((hugs))) to you. My prayers are with you.

I have to try and post quickly, as I have dial up and I did a nice long post last night then the internet disconnected on me. Seems to be lots of problems trying to get on lately.

Been pretty on program the last 2 days and it feels pretty good. Susan...thanks for the oatmeal thoughts. Been eating it for breakfast and thinking of you.

Jane mmm crockpot ribs sounds good. Do send the recipe as I need some good recipes for the crockpot. Bet the twins didn't want to leave when mom and dad came to get them!

Marti I bet you had nice curl in your hair after being at the car wash. :lol: How was the gym at work?

Hi Marbles and welcome.

Angie is there a new play that you are working on yet? Let me know and I will come down and watch you when it opens.

Cristi how is the house hunting coming? Hope you find something.

Hi to everyone else. Sorry I can't remember what was in the last thread.

Chat with you all later.


02-09-2006, 09:18 AM
Happy Thursday!

Not a very exciting day here. I am taking the car in for a lube/oil/filter, might go the library and the grocery store. Yawn.

Managing to stay on track with the challenge, but could be making better food choices---need more veggies!

Angie - I found a great site for needles and hooks. It's called I swear my order was on my doorstep the next day. they were lightening fast.

Marti - that's great that you can use the company Wild Duck just needs to feed you, lol!

MaryKate - will be keeping good thoughts for you and your surgery. I know what you're feeling..and this is great place just to let it all out.

Mel - good luck with the move

Hi to Cristi, Jane, Sue

02-09-2006, 01:37 PM
Katie- Hugs to you sweetie! I'll be praying that all goes well for you!
I'm so stressed out right now! Mark e-filed our taxes 9 days ago and we were suppoed to get our rufund tomorrow. He went online to check the status and it had been rejected! Long story short- the IRD said my last name was still my maiden name, and the social security dept said it was my married name. So he had to totally re-file it and now we aren't getting our refund until the 24th! We can't move until we get our refund. So we will get 1 weekend to move out and clean this place up. Of course, the place we live in now was a total dump when we moved into it, so I guess even if I don't clean it, it'll look 100 times better than it did when we moved in!
Grrrr! Ok, that's my life right now. Aside from that, we literally have $15.00 until next week Friday . . . I can't handle this no money situation we're in right now. I swear, I'm going to go insane!

02-09-2006, 02:15 PM
Hi ladies... thoughts and prayers are with you today. And it's okay to vent/whine...we are here for ya. :grouphug: :hug:

MARTI...wanna come and wash my car?! Please...:D I've been meaning to do it for a while. Well, take it to the car wash because it's too cold to do it here. We've had the hoses unhooked for winter even though it hasn't felt much like winter. Well, until yesterday...a cold one and today is even colder. Supposed to get up to 50 but was 17 this morning at 9. Brrrrrrr....

JANE...I wish there was but there's no way to move to CA. With the real estate what it is :yikes: Where I lived last...I looked at some houses a few weeks ago and they were going for about $340,000. Now if we went closer to're talking anywhere from $400,000 and up. It really amazes me that in just a normal area, for a house that is about 1500 sq. ft. it could cost up to $900,000! That is crazy! I don't think V would have a problem getting a job in the aircraft industry but then I would have to find a good paying job and still it would be hard I think. I honestly don't see how people live there. Unless they bought a house years ago and just stayed there. So unless we hit the lottery one day I don't see me living in CA again. Hope you guys had a fun time with the grandbabies. Your decorating sounds the color scheme you are going with in all the rooms. What are the borders of for each of the rooms? And yes, crock pot ribs are the best!

MEL...sorry to hear about the tax mix-up. :hug: are you liking your new car? Bet it is a fun little car. We are going to look at another house Friday. Just so happens to be right across the street of a buddy DH works with, nice guy. Him and his wife married the same year we did, in March of '99. We were swapping stories of the weddings. :lol:

KATY...sounds like you are going to have an exciting day! About as exciting as mine! :lol:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I really need to get going. I've put myself on a schedule and my computer time is up at 12:30. Otherwise I won't get anything done. Have to take a load of stuff to the storage unit. V brought up all the christmas decorations from the basement and some other stuff. So all I have to do it load it in the truck and take it out. Will only take about an hour. Then I am cleaning off my scrapbook table and packing that stuff, and cleaning Josh's closet out and packing most of that stuff. I had it all clean before he came home and he made a mess out of it. Going to take some stuff out of my closet also. Geez, how does one accumulate so much stuff? Well, better get going.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

da fat n da furious
02-09-2006, 11:37 PM
well nuts! I lost a huge post...grrr

Katie, you are probably home,,,feeling yucky but its over now,,,you can work on mending raither then waiting for the surgery. And you can take all the painkillers you want!
Ive already been restricted from anything,,Advil my drung of Im wearing a funky like hospital braclet already,,,it has my blood info on it. Its yellow...grrr i never wear yellow.
Mel, well that is just crazy that they got all confused with your name. AS for your ovary,,,Im with you left side is bad. Possibly will loose that one. Im cool with that,,,since its nothing but pain. Keeping my right and i won't go into menopause.

Cristi,,,Monte and I watch alot of tv on the home and garden,,House Hunters must be based in Cali,,,cause the prices they say just blow our minds. $500 grand for a shack...seriously thats just crazy. I know you will get top dollar for your home,,,cookie smells and all.

Jane,,,I believe it about the twins,,,kids are computer smart coming out of the womb I swear. I was asking Tanner for help when he was 8 yrs

Katy, thanks for the web site,,,gonna go check that out, I have boughten needles,,,but seem to have this thing for 4.5,,,cause I know have 3 of them,,,no other size but a small one I use for my sweaters (snags)
I am learning to do a blanket now,,,with SHELLS! I have passed the scarf test,,,Ive only made about Have a thing for funky yarns...and learned my lesson that not all funky is fun to work with. Grr
MArti,,,*whimper can you come and clean my vehicle? Becky came by to tell me to go put the poor thing out of its misery...sure I can't see the license plate...and don't know what color it is...I will go soon. The weather is beyond good for warmth...but i worry for the farmers. Another year of drought can't be good.

KAthy, Im working on a cabaret now for a fun raiser for Crohns and Colitis (CCF) Thats in May. And Im helping with props for a dear friend...he wrote, directed and is acting in it. Its called FUEL...its a story about a drunk and his relationship with booze. He is a recovering alcoholic.

Anyways better run,,,said i would finish that shade...but got into watching American Idol...who in their right mind would think they should imitate Cher? And a guy to boot...strange people just come out of the woodwork with that show. Its entertaining though eh?

02-09-2006, 11:57 PM
I hope the surgery went well. Recovering from anaesthesia is so hard. I'll be thinking good thoughts!

I've gotten a lot of really good slow-cooker recipes from the WW website (including my favorite 3 bean and pork chili...outstanding!), and from the WW Slow Good cookbook. I do a lot of slow-cooker meals, then freeze the leftovers. One week I cook, the next I defrost! My favorite way to make dinner (other than reservations..;)

Walked into the grocery store today to go to the bank and had to walk through a huge display of chocolates. Just took a deep breath and walked on, but OH the temptation...:devil:

02-10-2006, 02:44 AM
hello ladies!!

Man, it has been very busy around here. We went down state to see Tommy's dad in the hospital. He got out on Tuesday. He has a hospital bed at home to sleep in, and is on steroids to keep his lung inflated.

The boys are doing great! Brandon is trying to feed Logan with a baby spoon. It is cute because his intentions are good. But he tries to feed him like he feeds himself, and wonders why Logan gags. They are getting big of course!

We think Logan is teething. He has been chewing/sucking on his hands lately. So we have been on the look out for those.

For some reason I wasn't getting the messages in my email about posts. So I figured I would come check you all out.

Welcome to the new members! hello to everyone! (I promise I will get on here and write personals once things slow down a little bit)

02-10-2006, 03:38 AM
Just passing through. Walked for 45 minutes today. DH said we should walk to the post office. Well, that was okay, but we didn't really know how far it was. And part was uphill. Coming back was fun, trying to keep from running DOWN the hill. Should be good on the calves.

Jane--How are you deciding what you want in your house? DH is asking me about cabinets, light fixtures, towel bars, colors, etc. I think my head is going to explode. And don't even get me started on where I want the cable and recepticals.

Hope everyone is fine and preparing for a wonderful week-end.

02-10-2006, 09:04 AM
Morning Ladies!

Had a late day at work. Should be in bed already! Only one more day of this week!!! Shall we dance to that?:carrot:


Jane--Oh I hope you show photos of your house once you're all done! It's going to be beautiful! When will it be finished?

Mel--Wish we had our taxes done! I would like to see if we'll get anything this year. Should. We've had to pay that last couple years. It's always better to receive than to give when it comes to taxes.

Katie--Oh Katie!! My thoughts will be w/you! You'll be just fine and once you're all healed, you're going to feel amazing I'm sure! Lots of hugs for you!!:hug: :hug: :hug:

Kathy--Haven't even made it to the gym yet!! The first day I wanted to go, I had to take an online test at work for Infectious Sample handling...that took over an hour! The next day it was closed due to cleaning carpets! And today....we had an hour long department meeting. What will it be tomorrow?

Katy--Pull some strings for us and ask about getting at least a later time for the cafe to stay open!:) Oh well, I think everyone has been bringing in their own lunches....saves money really!

Cristi--I need to do the same as you and give myself a time limit on things. Otherwise time just goes by and I've done nothing! Today before work I had a nice visit w/my brother then we went to see my grandpa. That was nice...better than staying around home and cleaning!;)

Angie--You're too funny. But really....what color is your car? I think you need to crochet yourself a yellow scarf now to go w/your braclet!:D You like funky...wouldn't that work?

Nancy--SO very proud of you!! Way to go on passing the chocolates!! Temptations are hard. And I really need to quit giving into them. I had been watching Biggest Loser and it's always so inspiring to see the results. I think I want to pull the dress out of my closet that I wore when I got married.....make that a goal to fit into w/out a contraption underneath. (girdle type thing...can't remember what it's called)

Mindee--W/the new server, that may be why you haven't gotten any mail. I never do, and I never have. Wonder why. But I check a often anyway so it doesn't matter. Come back when you have more time.

Sue--Walking on hills is the best! I love it. Ok...I admit...I hate it at the time, but afterwards I feel so good!!

Hello to everyone else out there.

It's after 5:00 and I need to get some sleep. I need to be up before noon so I better go.

Hugs to all!:hug:

02-10-2006, 10:10 AM
Good morning, ladies,:wave:

Mel - sorry about your ovarian pain. And sorry about your refund being held up, too. Neal used to bring me candy, too, then I asked him to start bringing fruit instead. Now he'll come home with that and he's always proud to show me what he bought, lol.

Katiecat - now the surgery is all over and like Angie said, you can take all the pain reliever you want. How'd it go? :hug: Btw, we all talk about our fears here. I don't know what I'd do without all of you to help me through the rough times. So please always feel welcome to share, ok?

Kathy - the way I cook pork ribs is to place them in the pot and squirt KC Masterpiece original bbq sauce over them. Cover and cook on low until tender. How long depends on how full the pot is. Try it! They're yummy!

Katy - you know, there's something to be said for no excitement, right? :yes: Glad things are going well for you.

Cristi - yikes about the home prices in CA!! Maybe the salaries are much higher, too. The border in the kitchen has a rolling pin, a clear glass measuring cup with red markings on it, a recipe card stuck between the tines of a fork standing in a cup, etc. It's very busy, so I'm putting it only on one wall. The LR one is soft florals. Sounds like you've been doing lots of cleaning and sorting. You'll be so glad of that once you begin to pack to move.

Angie - doing the blanket with the shells sounds so difficult! I never was talented like that and admire those of you who are. Hey, I've seen some drag queens on TV who do a pretty good Cher, lol.

Nancy - have you seen the crock pot liners? I've seen the commercials, but they aren't available here yet. As soon as they are, I'm stocking up, lol.

Mindee - can't believe the little guy is teething already! Sweet how Brandon helps feed his baby brother.

Sue - When it comes to cabinets, etc, I'm easy to please. About the wall colors, I kind of knew what I had in mind before I started looking. Blues aren't that easy to find, since all the earth tones are so popular right now. I have earth tones in my bed and bath, but really didn't want the whole house the same.

Marti - not sure when the house will be all done. Probably by the end of May. Not sure if the front porch will be done by then, but I'm hoping so. My dream would be that it'll all be done before Katie gets home May 12th.

Susan - where are you?

Well, I wasn't here yesterday because I was just too wiped out. I wasn't on the computer at all. There was a snafu with Dale getting the truck home, so we had the kids much longer than we expected. They were so good, and gave us no trouble at all, but it still wore me out, lol.

Hope you all have a great day!

02-10-2006, 02:21 PM
Hi ladies and happy Friday!

Not a lot going on...well, sort of not. Unless you count cleaning/organizing and such. Man, after yesterday I am pooped and my arms are killing me! Still more to do but almost done. Definitely will take the whole weekend to finish. What have I gotten myself into?! :yikes: :crazy:

JANE...that would be so cool...Katie coming home to a brand new house! Funny, I just thought, so will Josh! He feels out of the loop and he loves to help with that kind of stuff, moving and all. Why, I'll never know. Glad you had a nice long day with the twins.

MARTI...yeah, if I don't make myself get off the computer at a certain time I won't get anything done. Speaking of your is he doing?

NANCY...wtg on passing up the chocolate! :cp: I like chocolate, but have never really had a problem passing it up. I get in moods where I can't stand it and then will have a candy bar or two a week.

MINDEE...those little boys are growing so fast. Can't believe Logan is teething already, or possibly teething. It's been so long since the kids were wee ones I can't remember the ages babies did teeth.

ANGIE...almost forgot about your surgery. Why the bracelet so early? Isn't the surgery the 22nd? Or did I get the date wrong? I've been a mess since Josh left and can't concentrate on things. Not so much that he left but that most likely come summer he is headed to Iraq. And I can't get that out of my mind. I too think House Hunters is based out of CA-they show a LOT of homes in CA and yes, some are dumps! Tiny little places for sooooo much money-just not worth it. Have you ever seen that show-Buy Me? Talk about some dumps, YIKES!

SUE...WTG on the walk! :bravo: I have my treadmill at a slight incline and it does make a difference. Of course going up hills KILLS me! LOL There are tons of decisions to make when building but I know you will figure it all out.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Need to cut this short. Going to go look at a couple of real estate sites and then get to work again. I need to get a letter wrote to Josh. Of course I can't send it yet-have no address for him. But trying to keep him up on things so by the time he gets this letter it will be a long one! When V gets home we are off to look at 4 houses and do some measuring in the one. I guess looks can be deceiving because they look small but the measurements say otherwise. So, anyway...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

02-10-2006, 04:21 PM
Jane--My sister is having her house built. It was started just before the holidays and was suppose to be done by this month. They only have the frame put up so far!! She has her BIL helping w/the building....instead of contractors! Big mistake. Who knows when it'll get done now. I feel bad for her too.

Cristi--Have fun looking at houses! I would love to start looking. It's just really hard to do such a thing when my hubby is home only half the time!! We have been looking online and grabbing those Home Search magazines. So someday........

Hello to everyone else!

Today is my early Friday...I'm so tired from working over last night! Did not want to get out of bed but needed to. I'll just brew a cup of espresso and call it good.

I best get. I need to put something on my eyes to get the puffiness out.

Hugs to you all!!!:hug:

02-10-2006, 06:10 PM
:goodvibes Welcome to the weekend (well, at least for those of you on east coast time...I have to wait 3 more hours...). :flow2:

I wanted to share something with you that I came across last night when I was reading Stuart Little to my son. It touched me...

"How many of you know what's important?"
Up went all the hands.
"Very good," said Stuart, cocking one leg across the other and shoving his hands in the pockets of his jacket. "Henry Rackmeyer, you tell us what is important."

"A shaft of sunlight at the end of a dark afternoon, a note in music, and the way the back of a baby's neck smells if its mother keeps it tidy," answered Henry.
Here's to remembering what's important in our lives...

da fat n da furious
02-10-2006, 09:04 PM
Marti, Ive always been told to never mix business with family doing the house would be up there with business.
Cristi, they wanted to stock my pile my blood type. Day 4 or it could be 3 wihtout pain relievers...had many comments about how rough I look...greeeeeat. Just what any woman wants to hear. It doesn't help that Ive also broughten out,,,usually do during TOM.
So are you like just junking alot of stuff? Or donating? I want to go through so many closets again,,,I swear every 3rd month would be perfect in this house.
Jane, I like the sound of that kitchen boarder...sounds nice. Fingers crossed the house is done before Katie's return.

Well Tanner and I are on our way out the door,,,comedy show. We were given some wahoooo let the laughter begin.

02-10-2006, 10:59 PM
Angie- Same here, I have all my problems with the left ovary. I've been that I'll need it removed. I was supposed to have a huge cyst removed from it 3 years ago, but then the cyst burst.
its been a rough day, with allen. hes really cranky.

02-10-2006, 11:14 PM
Howdy ladies :wave:

Thought I would check in tonight while I was taking a break. Going to be busy this weekend so probably won't be on the computer much if at all-too much to do. Anywho...

NANCY...that is nice, thanks for sharing.

ANGIE...doing both, donating and trashing. I really need to simplify my life, and I am trying. Just don't know how one accumulates so much. But then I guess I don't really think about it until we get ready to move, lol. I'm thinking every three months would be good for me too! Actually, once we get moved I don't think I will have this problem again, hoping not anyway. :crossed: Have fun at the comdey show!

Speaking of in the paper they had an article about the YMCA wanting to build in this area along the street behind us. There are two places up for sale and either one will do but which one? Also, the Y is wanting and thinking it would be a good idea to build near a school. And since they voted a few months ago to build three new schools they think it's a great idea to have the Y and one of the schools together. Yeah, good for the Y and the school but I would rather not have them in my backyard. It would be finished in 2008. So, guess we decided to do the right thing. Even if they don't build right behind us, they will eventually build something there. Just thought I would share that since I thought it funny we had that on our minds and then it's in the paper.

MARTI...yeah, your sis may be waiting a long time for her house to be finished. Like Angie, I too heard you should never mix business with family. Hopefully, she gets on him to get a move on. House looking was kind of fun. It's always good to go on different days and times of the day to see what's going on in the neighborhood. We looked at two we already looked at but wanted to do some measuring. Then we looked at two others. One across from the two which I love but...the people who just moved in have three big dogs! That one is the better deal and nicer than the others but the dogs are a definite turn-off. Definitely not going to jump into anything this time because I don't plan on moving for some time after this, many years. Anyway, you guys will get a house soon enough. Eventually, you and James will be on the same schedule or will be able to schedule some time, when the time is right. And you guys will have so much fun!

Anyway, gotta go check a couple of things and then get off the 'puter. I am pooped again but am going to try and get some reading done tonight. Haven't done much in the last week and want to finish my book. So...

Take care ladies and have a GREAT weekend!

EDITED: To say HI to MEL! :wave: Sorry the little one isn't feeling so great.

02-11-2006, 01:50 PM
Hi everyone! Welcome to our new members!!! :welcome:

It's been another rough week with DH. His daughters and kids spent time with him on Thurs. about 4 -5 hours. He enjoyed it but it was too long of a time with 6 extra people here. Yesterday a man from church who is involved in the Stephen Ministry came to visit him. Don really enjoyed it and they plan to meet next Fri.

He has 2 doctor visits this next week, we'll see how they go. One is with his psychiatrist and I don't think he will like some of the things she is going to suggest to him.

I'm not doing good OP. Each day I think I am going to get back into the swing of things and then half-way through the day I blow it. One friend says I have too much stress to think about weight loss right now but the thing is that my situation isn't going to change - at least not for the good. Sress IS my life and I need to learn how to handle the stress/weight loss issue. Any suggestions? I am lost. :stress:

Most days I feel like I'm going to explode. I probably need a good cry but I don't have the strength. I'm trying to take care of myself but I still look like **** - and I don't really care.

Jason and his girlfriend are coming later today. It will be nice to see them again.

Still trying to housebreak our new beagle, Honey. Not going too good.

Thanks for letting me whine.


02-11-2006, 02:49 PM
hello ladies....

nothing really new here. just enjoying a relaxing weekend around the house. I am going to go searching through the recipes to see what I can find to liven up our dinner choices.

I am going to be doing the Self magazine fitness challenge that starts on the 20th of this month, and goes for I think three months. So I have to get some weights before that starts.

I have been keeping up with my workouts and watching what I eat. I keep flucutated back and forth, so I am hoping that I can break the plateau I seem to be on.

02-11-2006, 04:27 PM
Just a quick howdy to you all!

It's my girls weekend and here I'm on the darn computer! For shame I know...but she's playing on her game cube so I'm take a little time to be here...............

Nancy--Very nice quote you shared!! We need to bring up our quotes thread back up!

Angie--When is your surgery?? Will the JL's have to come up there to take care of you once we're all done taking care of Katie?? Boy, these are the times that I wished we all lived much closer so we could actually do that!

Katie--I'm sure you're all bandaged and drugged up right now, but know that we are thinking of you and wish you a fast healing!:hug:

Mel--Hope your little one starts feeling less cranky soon.

Cristi--A home to move into for the rest of my days would be ideal for me! James & I keep talking about it....some day we'll start looking.

Connie-- :hug: Stress is a hard thing to deal w/when you're trying to watch your weight. I wish I had some kind of suggestion to help. Come here to just talk it out, we're here for ya!

Mindee--Keep us updated on how the self fitness challenge goes. wants lunch! Gotta go.

Chat w/you all later!

02-11-2006, 04:31 PM
The scale was not good to me this week. Sometimes I feel so frustrated that no matter what I do, the scale does what it wants. I am resolute that I'm going to stick it out, but I sure wish my body would cooperate. argh.:tantrum:

02-11-2006, 04:42 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - I didn't think about Josh coming home to a different home, too, like Katie. The thing is, she hates to do the moving, and is really glad she won't be here for it, lol. Did you and V see a house you like?

Marti - any special plans with Jhanai? Don't feel bad that you're on the computer when she's busy doing other things. I know you're a good mama to her, and she knows it too. :yes:

Nancy - I'm glad that you read to your son! That's so important. And thanks for sharing the snippet from the book. So true!!

Angie - I dreamed about a Jaded Lady last night for the first time, and it was you. In the dream, Neal said, get in the car, we're going on vacation to Calgary. I was excited, and said, let me call Angie first, and he said, no, you don't even have time to pack anything, let's go. I replied that I have your number on my cell phone and that I was going to call you from the car so we could plan to meet up. How silly is that, lol!!! Btw, YAY for comps. Was the show good?

Mel - sorry your little one is cranky... hope it's all better by now.

Connie - I so totally agree about not waiting until there's no stress to diet. There will always be some stress in our lives, and we have to learn to change habits in spite of it. Same for quitting smoking, drinking, etc. But, darn, it's hard sometimes. Just do the best you can, friend, and vent here all you want, ok?

Mindee - wow, that's great about the Self magazine challenge. You'll have to tell us more about it. Is it explained on their website?

Nancy - hang in there, and if stay OP, the scale will budge eventually.

Katiecat - love your new avatar!

Susan - don't make me come after you. ;)

I ran errands with my sister Mary Lou today, and got some of the towels Penney's had during their "doorbuster" sale early this morning. I split the order up, and used the coupons, too, for an extra $25 off. I do love a bargain!!

My eating is better, but I need to get more exercise. Jumping to conclusion doesn't count, does it?

Have a good one, ladies. :wave:

02-12-2006, 02:05 AM
Good evening JL's. Hope you are all having a great week-end. We went out for brunch, like every Sat. and Sun. I have learned to make good choices at that buffet. Hope I can keep it up when we go home. I did well today, small chicken breast, salad, melon...then I had one small cake doughnut. Hey, it was either that or eat the whole dessert tray. One day I have lunch and one day I have tomorrow I get my omelet. I only allow myself real eggs once a week due to my cholesterol. Other times I eat egg whites or substitute. The omelet girl knows me by now and she will say "is this a real egg day?" and she knows to put a big scoop of green peppers and a tiny amount of mushrooms and mozzarela in mine. When we have brunch we only have 2 meals, so I had some wheat crackers/cheese tonight.

Jane- When do they start building your house? We have to sign our contract ASAP after we get home and the builder can start in March. DH has to take a few trees down first. Right now he is drawing the cabinets. I am finally getting excited! I haven't planned any wall paper, but that might change. As soon as we get home I will start looking at paint colors. I did look at bathroom hardware yesterday...whew, some of that is very expensive and fancy. Lucky for us we are pretty down to earth and traditional.

Cristi- I don't blame you for wanting to move before the building begins behind you. That is what finally made us bite the bullet and build. The area behind our house has been farm field forever and now they have started building a housing area and apartments. Supposedly over 700 units...YIKES! I hope you find just the right house. I love looking and going to open houses. Get lots of decorating ideas too.

Marti- Have a good "girls" week-end. I know when the time is right you and James will find the best house!

Nancy- Sorry the scales were not your friend....I know if you keep up the good work they will surprise you next time. (in a good way!)

Mel- Hope the baby is less cranky today. My DD had trouble with cysts also but has done better the last few years. She has had all kinds of female problems and says aging has helped her the most. Can't imagine why.

Mindee- Have fun relaxing. I am going to check out the Self site also. I need a good challenge.

Connie- (((hugs))) I don't have an answer to the stress eating. I used to smoke and when I was stressed I did that and didn't eat. I was thin, but not healthy. Now I am NOT thin, but really feel better than when I smoked. Of course, I don't have much stress in my life now that my kids are grown. Just feel free to come here and get things off your chest.

Angie- Hope the comedy show was a good one. Comps are good...Vegas does comps well. Our meals are comped wonder we eat so much! I too need to clean closets here and back home. Well, at home they will get cleaned out soon enough. I am just dreading the attic...yikes! I still have some of the kids things in storage. I hate that part of moving!

Hello to all other ladies and welcome to newbies.

02-12-2006, 03:10 AM
hello ladies....

the Self challenge is on their website. It tells you what it entails and everything. So, go check out and then click on the challenge link.

we had some friends come visit us on Saturday. We hung out around here, relaxed, drank a little bit. (I had a drink, and was still within my calorie range!)

02-13-2006, 12:50 AM
Oooohhhh.....a quiet Sunday!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day. Jhanai asked me to cut her hair today. Very unexpected. I don't cut hair for one. But she wanted it done, and I did it. SO cute!

Nancy--The scale is a vicious thing! I am definately not a friend of mine! As Jane mentioned, just hand in there and keep doing what you're doing and you will see results!

Jane--Jhanai & I had a lovely weekend as always. Just hung around home for the most part. Did go shopping at walmart and then we went for a walk to the Churches park down the field. Love the weather we're having.

Sue--You're doing great. I love how the girl knows you well enough to ask you if this is an egg day or not!! Fantastic that people actually keep things like that in mind! Omelett sounds soooo good right now.

Mindee--I'll have to check out the site.

Well I'm off for now. I will check in on you girls tomorrow!


02-13-2006, 03:42 AM
This past weekend has been eventful.

Thursday I got an email from a fellow Michigan mom about a crib recall. I donít usually check them, but I did check this one. It turns out that Graco is recalling some of their Aspen 3-in-1 cribs. We have two of them. So I checked the link for pictures, and sure enough it was the crib that both Logan and Brandon have. I punched in their crib serials numbers and the site told me that neither crib was involved in the recall. I checked the numbers again and noticed that Loganís crib falls in between the numbers, so I shot off an email to customer service. They emailed me back and said that his crib was indeed not involved in the recall since it was made at a later time.

Friday, we got our cable hooked up. The guy tried forever to get it hooked up, and was about to go get his test unit from his van. Tommy said ďI have a 13 inch that I can grab if you want to use that.Ē He went and grabbed it, and sure enough the 13 inch would get the cable but not our bigger tv. So we had to go in and rent a tv in order to get it to show up. Brandon loves it because Tommy put on Noggin for him to watch. We also did our other running around while we were in town. We come back home, and Tommy goes and helps a neighbor move some things.

Saturday, we have some friends come up to visit us and we hang out around here. Tommy and our friends sat around and drank a little. I had one drink, and was done. For some reason, it just didnít taste right to me, so I just stopped. Plus, one of us had to be sober in order to take care of the boys.

Sunday, Brandon woke up at 4am, so I brought him into our room. Logan woke up at 6:45am, and I fed him, he fell back asleep so I stuck him in the bassinet at the end of our bed. He is now sleeping in his crib! I put him in his bed before we went to bed after our friends left and he enjoyed having more room to stretch. I was worried that Brandon would wake him up when he would cry but that isnít the case so far. We also had words with a ďfriendĒ about the way she has been treating us. It just so happens that she is Brandonís godmother and we were thinking of having her be Loganís as well. But from the way she has been acting, we are thinking of changing it now.

02-13-2006, 08:50 AM
A good Monday morning to you! :)

Sue - our house should be ready to do the painting, etc. before Mother's Day. Maybe even Easter if we're lucky. I'm thankful we've had such an easy winter to take down trees, move sheds, etc. We're hoping to be moved in before Katie gets home, but that might be pushing it. One of the things I love best about it is the fireplace, and we probably won't get to use it until fall, lol. Maybe a couple of times. You're doing great with your food choices!

Marti - glad you and Jhanai always have such a good time. Did you cut her hair to one length, or can you do layers? Bet it's cute as can be.

Mindee - I bookmarked the Self site to check out later. Our DGDs just love Max and Ruby. Some of the shows available are really educational, like Dora the Explorer. Sorry your friend is treating you badly. Well, you have lots of friends here who care about you. We'll all be cyber-godmothers, how's that? :)

I went shopping with Mary yesterday, and the girl about walked my legs off, lol. Talk about "shop til you drop", lol.

Not much going on today. Might be going to the movies with my friend Debbie while Neal bowls tonight. She wants to see Nanny McPhee, and although I'm not too crazy about that, I'll go since we're buddies. Her DH won't go, lol.

Have a great day!

02-13-2006, 12:57 PM

Thanks for all your kind words. I hurt but at least it's over with - what a relief. I was a wreck before surgery -- sick to my stomach for several days, couldn't eat, only slept about 2 hours the night before. I sort of had a panic attack the morning of surgery. :fr: Tim couldn't find a parking place (it was 5:45 am so the parking garage still had a locked gate), and he tried to drop me off in front while he found a place to park, but I couldn't get out of the car. I started crying, and he said, "well, what do you want to do?" I told him to drive me to Canada. It was the furthest place I could think of to drive. He told me that he didn't think he could get me back in time for my surgery, and I said, "Who said I was coming back?" Anyway, the stupid garage finally opened, and I went in and got it over with. If I have to go back in for another surgery, I will ask for some anti-anxiety drugs next time.

I've been reading through the threads, hurts too much to type right now, but will come back later.

One-armed hugs,
Mary Kate

02-13-2006, 02:23 PM
Mary Kate - :hug: <---- from me to you, friend. Get lots of rest and let your family pamper you, ok?

02-13-2006, 05:54 PM
Mary Kate~ I agree with Jane, get lots of rest and let your family pamper you!

Jane~ Brandon and Logan were watching Blues Clues and Dora earlier today. I think Logan watched more of the shows then Brandon, he was more into walking around the house playing with our shoes. That sounds good to me!

02-13-2006, 10:09 PM
Hello ladies...

Just dropping by with a quick hi, sort of...I say sort of because you would not believe how long it has taken me to get to this page! :crazy: I tried getting on earlier today for a little over an hour and finally just gave up. Keep getting the server is busy stuff. I can't type in because that will not come up. So have to got through 3fatchicks then click on forum and for some reason it is loading as slow as molasses! Jeez, louise! I did get to read page 2 today and then clicked on page 3 and again kept getting the busy server. If it was everything acting up like this I would say it was my computer, but everything is fine except this site and I have tried everything to correct it. So, may not be around too much if I don't get it fixed somehow. Anyway, blah, blah, blah...I am pooped! Busy weekend and day today. Had the carpet cleaned today so had to get up early and get some things done that I didn't get done yesterday. At least V and I had a nice relaxing V-Day dinner tonight. Never go out on V-Day...too many people. ALthough....there were quite a few people out tonight. Think they were thinking the same thing we were thinking. :) Anyway...

MARYKATE...consider yourself hugged! :hug: At least it is over and now you can focus on getting better...and letting everyone dote on you! :D

MARTI...hope you had a great girls weekend!

JANE...we've seen several houses we like...that's the problem! I think we are seriously considering two though. Don't know why it seems so much harder this time. I think that movie looks kinda cute. I probably wouldn't go see it at the show but if it came on cable I would watch it. Just enjoy your night with your friend-that's what it's all about.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I think I am headed to the bedroom. Going to try and get in some reading before I pass out. This definitely will be an early night for me. Will try and get on tomorrow, but if not...enjoy the day whatever you do!


da fat n da furious
02-14-2006, 09:54 AM
Katie, you are always welcome to come stay with me up here in Canada. But I sure am glad you got your surgery. Big one arm hugs to you!

Jane, funny, I used to shop till I dropped come home all exhausted.

Mindy, when Tanner was 4 months old his pacifier was recalled, his favorite one of course. Took forever for us to find a replacement. But when I called the company to say I had bought two, they asked me to toss them. Took my address and within a week had a huge box of dozen sent right to my door. None were what he wanted, didn't open the packs, just stuck them into gift bags for friends who had just had babies.

gotta run, Tanner has band practise...hate Tuesdays,,,having to wake 1earlier...arghhh

Back, Crazy drivers! geesh, I hate the Deerfoot in the am.

Marti, sounds like you did what we did, relaxed. I watched tv, hung out. more tv, ate , more tv. Note to self,,,don't watch the food chanel. They had a bbq burger cookoff. My mouth was watering the whole time.

Anyone with big plans for tonight? I will be making a nice dinner, once Im home from work.

02-14-2006, 03:10 PM
Happy Valentines Day!

Mindee - I bought the DGDs lots of dressup clothes. They really like shoes and necklaces, too, lol.

Cristi - the movie was pretty good... could've waited for it to come out in video, yet it was fun to go with a friend. She's the kind that always makes me laugh.

Angie - Neal and I did lunch instead of dinner. We drove to an Amish restaurant and got there early, but there were still about 50 people ahead of us. I was thinking about going somewhere else, then Neal started talking to the guy in line in front of us, about retirement. So we stayed. The food was worth it.

I've been making calls to companies who do house demolitions. A couple of them are supposed to come by and give an estimate. It's going to be a sad sad day for Neal the day this old place comes down. I'll be sad for him, because he has so many memories here. But a little bitty part of me will be saying, "Woo-freakin-hoo!!".

I ate too much lunch and now I need a nap, but it's about 54 degrees out, so I'm going for a walk instead.

See ya on the flip side. :cool:

02-14-2006, 04:03 PM
Hello and a Happy V-Day ladies!
:val1: :val1: :val2: :val3: :val1: :val1:

Look what's new! So cute...I love them! :dust: :belly: :yoga: :woops: :stir: :running: :lifter: Anyway, hope everyone is have a wonderful day! I think I solved my problem with getting here, hopefully. Not really sure what the problem is or has been. But went thru IE and it is fine, everything is working GREAT! Thought I would check in while I eat lunch. MMMM, subway tuna...yummy to my tummy what's for dinner tonight? And what time is dinner?! Hehehe :p Now are you getting as nervous about having surgery? I know it's fast approaching.

JANE...glad you had a nice night out with your friend and a nice lunch with Neal. There's an Amish town about an hour from us I am going to have to go to one day soon. They have a restaurant also and as much as you talk about the one you guys go to it makes me want to go and try it. They are supposed to have good food and are known for their delicious cinnamon rolls. We went through the town once to go to the state fair and I took a picture of a lady and child in their buggy. Just think it is cool the way they live and still ride in the horse and buggy rather than drive. But then you see some in Wichita who do drive and shop at Wal-Mart-I see that quite a bit.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, we don't have anything special planned. V has to work late which was another reason we did dinner last night. So, I'll spend a quiet night watching tv. May start another book. I finally finished the one I was reading. Anyway...take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

02-14-2006, 04:38 PM
Hello Ladies--

Just a quick post for me today. James has a really bad cold and I believe he decided to share w/me!:(

Feeling really congested and icky. So I'm going to make some tea and rest on the couch, I'm still going to work.....I'll stay home if it starts getting so bad it hurts to move.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I will pop in later when I start feeling better.

Have Happy Valentines Day!!

da fat n da furious
02-15-2006, 12:23 AM
well that was a bust! dinner was hot dogs and baked fries. I got home late and ended up not wanting to cook a big meal so I have made a promise of turkey for this weekend,,,
Jane, I don't know what Amish food is but I want some.

Marti get some cold fx. Or go to the health food store and get something that will stop your cold.

Cristi,,,thats what Im going to have tomorrow. Subway tuna. I just love tuna,,,with dill, and lots of onions.

I got a beautiful ring for valentines day. And a hint that Im getting another for our 20th anniversary. He had a hard time choosing so I can see the plan is he will get both...which is fine...I love

I kinda had a rough day today, the pain is getting to me. day 5-6 without anything and Im down right miserable. 1 week to go, and ya Im ready. The only real thing Im worried about is the total meltdown Ive heard woman go through after. I can handle the pain, lived with it for this long.
And ya Marti I wish you all lived near by,,,

02-15-2006, 02:04 PM
Hi ladies...

Kind of quiet around here the last couple of days. Hope everyone is okay. there not anything that you can take for the pain? You still have another week, right? So what kind of ring did ya get? I love rings too! But don't have a lot, just don't wear too much jewelry. And a turkey dinner sounds good! Enjoy your tuna today! I like with a little bit of onion and lots of pickles!

MARTI...hope you are feeling better today.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, I was up early this morning to get my grocery shopping done. Was in and out in less than an hour and hardly no one was in the store, which I love! Then ran on over to the mall to get lotion. Thought I would try some new scents and went with the new Chinese Cherry something, and brown sugar/fig...they smell heavenly! Loved the girl working in there-so cheery-kept calling me and DD Chickies & girly girls! I want whatever she had for breakfast! :lol: Also, picked up a catalog at Penneys and some perfume at Dillards. V left a coupon that he made, :val2: on my night table telling me to get some since he saw I was out. He was going to get it but had no idea where to get it. I thought I would try something different (Sarah Jessica Parker's-Lovely-heard it was good) but I love my Eternity too much! Maybe next time. I thought that was sweet of him. I was happy with dinner and the flowers and card. :love: Now, just gotta run to walgreens in a few to get some cotton balls...can't believe I forgot to get them. And they were on my list! Then get some milk from the dairy. Anyway, nothing much on the agenda for today. Going to move the furniture and get all the little spongy things the cleaners put under everything, and of course vacuum before putting the furniture back. They did a really good job cleaning the carpet and moved a lot of the furniture-it looks good. Anyway...

Take care ladies and hope you are having a wonderful day!

02-15-2006, 08:07 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - the Amish food is so good, and old fashioned, but they have added some healthier choices, too, in the past decade or so. Neal bought a loaf of the iced cinnamon raisin bread that is to die for. You got the new Penney's catalog for Spring and Summer? Look on page 896, at the bottom, see the cream and blue wedding ring quilt set? That's what I got for our guest room. Two twin bed quilts, 2 dust ruffles, 2 pillow shams, 2 sets of curtains and 2 valances. Do you think that will look ok in my country home?

Marti - how nice of James to share, tee hee. Hope you're feeling better today. Were you able to go to work last night?

Angie - aww, so sorry you're in pain. Wish I could help you! Seven more days and it will all be over! Come to Indiana after your surgery, and I'll pamper you silly.

Well, today I cleaned the house and got the laundry done. My sister Katie visited, which almost never happens, so that was nice. Tomorrow is Caylin's turn to spend the day with me, and we're going grocery shopping. I always end up with more in the cart when a DGD tags along, lol.

Have a good one!

da fat n da furious
02-15-2006, 10:57 PM
Cristi, or should I say Chickie...*smile I am getting close to empty with touch of pink which Monte bought me last year for Valentines, and the fact that we can't wear perfume at work tells me that I must of loved that smell. I go between Chi (some designer name, my mom bought it thinking I would like it brought with me to Cuba so when I do wear it it reminds me of Cuba), Touch of Pink and Gold Leaf by Thyme (has a hint of baby powder that I like)
My ring is an anniversary band, white gold with 5 diamonds across. He had a hard time choosing between that and an emerald... Told him not worry Mother's Day is coming,,,ha ha

Jane, I want Amish food! And I like the sound of your new spare room colors. What shade of blue?

Well today is alot better for pain, yesterday I just felt like I was in labour, bakc pain and all.
I was suppose to go and weigh in tonight,,,but there is a bit of a storm happening,,,don't wanna go out in it. Figured I did the grocery shopping after dropping Tan off at his school dance, hes going home with Zack to have a sleep over,,,so didn't have a good enough reason to go out again...brrr
Im gonna go curl up with my crochetting, watch a lil tv and crash early again. Slept a full 10 hours last night.
night all

02-16-2006, 12:54 AM
just stopping in to see how my girls are!

I have been browsing through recipes to get ideas for new meals to help liven up our dinner choices. We agreed to forego eating out/fast food, so wish me luck on that one!

02-16-2006, 09:39 AM
Good morning everyone!

Just thought I'd check in before getting ready for the day. I'll be glad when Megan's training is over & she doesn't need me to take care of Chloe at 5 AM. I need a little more sleep. Today is my "late" day at work. I go in at 11:30 AM and work til 8 PM. So I'm getting laundry done and then have a chiropractor appt. at 10 AM. Work is so hectic lately everyone is grouchy.
Still having trouble house breaking the dog. She will go outside for a long time but then pee when she gets back in the house. It is very frustrating.
Don's youngest daughter & kids were over yesterday to keep him company. Another daughter is coming for a while this afternoon. Have to check into all the details of the Adult Day Care Center. That would be the answers to my prayers but it is very expensive. I'm going to call to see if Medicare & his insurance will help out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Time to go. Hope everyone has a good day!


02-16-2006, 01:53 PM
Good morning Chickies! :D

This weather is so strange. Was in the 50's yesterday, can't remember if it made it to 60 or not. I did have the sliding door open so it had to have been close. Anyway, is cold, windy and drizzling. But we do NEED some moisture so, bring on the rain! :rain: Everything is so dry.

JANE...sorry to hear you and Neal won't be making the Vegas trip. :( Thought I would mention it hear in case no one sees it on the other thread. I think the quilt will look GREAT in your country home! I love the colors and the quilts. I've always liked the wedding ring quilts and still have the one I bought when V and I bought our first house together. Not because of that of course, but because I like it so much. I'm thinking about the one on page 924. I had bought two paintings to go on the wall above the bed to match that when we redid the room but...I went to Penneys to see it first and didn't like it as much. Well, I couldn't find my receipt so couldn't take the paintings back and have been looking for something to match them since! LOL So we are back to that one I think. Also not sure what color I would paint the walls to match. Was thinking sage green, but not sure. Of course I think we need to decide on a home first, LOL!

ANGIE...well, I am glad the pain was better for ya. Couldn't imagine not being able to take anything, not even tylenol. An anniversary band, cool! And yeah, emeralds would be perfect for Mothers Day! I've not heard of any of those perfumes. I am going to have to see what they are. I may have seen them, but just not recognize the names.

CONNIE...keeping my fingers crossed that medicare and insurance will pay for some of the cost of the Adult Day care. :crossed: :lucky: :goodluck: I know that would be a big help to you. We had a dog that would do that. She ended up being an outdoor dog! We tried and tried and followed everything the vet said, the books, etc. But it never failed. We would take her out to potty and leave her out there a while and she would come back in and do her thing.

MINDEE...WW has some good cookbooks with lots of good menus and recipes. And they are reasonable priced. I found a few at Wal-Mart. Even if you don't follow WW at least you know the meals are healthy. You can also find them at their site. :goodluck: with the FF and eating out. I do know how addicting it can be. And it's so much easier than cooking so...wishing you lots of luck.

MS. SUSAN...are you already in Hawaii?! I know you are busy with work and the girls. I thought of you and KATY when I was watchin The Bachelor. That was only the 3rd episode I caught but WOW! Boy, was Susan mad! I didn't see it from the beginning but from what I saw, I just think she is acting. What was funny is her dad thought she had other motives for being on the show. Wouldn't that be funny if she was the next Bachlorette?! Not sure about Moana but I am glad she is still there just because the others despise her. Now I have to watch the rest and see who he picks. I don't know much about the two because like I said I haven't seen that many shows but I would think Sarah but then there's the issue about moving and leaving her family. Not sure she would want to. Anyway, will be interesting to see who he picks.

MARYKATE...hope you are feeling better as each day passes. are getting spoiled by DH.

Hi to everyone else, KATY, KATHY, MEL, NANCY, MARTI...why do I always feel like I have missed someone? Probably because I have, lol.

Still trying decide on a house. We have it narrowed down to two. Just don't know which one we should go with. Funny, it's never been this hard before. Better make a decision soon though as we risk losing both! We've made a like/pros and dislike/cons list and on the one it is clearly a winner, but...there's always a but inthere isn't there? It's on a corner and the house next too it has three big dogs! But it's the better deal as far as what it has to offer. They are both about the same price, one is $950 more but we wouldn't offer what it is listed for anyway so. Decisions, decisions. :?: Well, I probably should get going, have tons to do.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

02-16-2006, 04:41 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies!

Not going to try and catch up on all the post. So many to catch up on! But do know that I send each and everyone of you a hug!!

Been getting off of work at normal time this week. Amazing! Usually we are so backed up that it has us feeling so guilty for leaving, but not this week. In fact, in my dept it was so slow that I worked in processing for awhile. Nice change.

Got a call from my younger sister who lives in Florida that she'll be coming the first week of March! She'll be here for a week. So excited. She did come to Oregon when our brother passed away, but it was just too much going on then. Before that, it had been about 8yrs since I've seen her!! So I'm really looking forward to her visit. And she says that next year in summer, her and the whole family (hubby and 3 girls) will come for a visit. She misses Oregon and her family. We miss her too.

So in a couple weeks I get to see my little sis!!:carrot:

Ok.....all this excitement I gotta pee.:dizzy: Just kidding.

I am hungry though so I will chat w/you all later!

02-16-2006, 05:21 PM
Cristi - Think Sarah, Sarah wins. I just know it - maybe Travis doesn't but I do. Susan was useless (not me - ha) I am surprised she last as long as she did. The women tell all show is on Monday and Susan is on Ellen today if you can still catch it. Yes.......I am a groupie.......I spend all my time on the Bachelor board - lol

Just busy working and ......good news.....I will only have to split my time between properties til the 27th of Feb. Thank goodness.

Happy Birthday to Gaby!! I took the day off and we went to Toys R US and she picked out a huge white lion with black strips and a baby one to go cute. We were driving though and she goes "wait we need a daddy lion"....awwwww

Nothing from Mike but his mother sent her a card with $ and Rocky sent her a card with $. Rocky is so sweet, he really adores that girl.

So, we are going to Chuck E Cheese tonight.

better get.......sorry to be AWOL - just pooped and when I read on the Vegas trip I HAD to post something! Maybe we need to regroup and come up with something else??? We really need to meet!!!!!!!!!! and we really need Ma!! lol

k- going....oooooo tax refund is mailed out on the 24 :) can't wait.....

da fat n da furious
02-17-2006, 01:08 AM
Good evening Ladies,
we are under a blanket of snow...but dang the blanket isn't warm! brrr

Cristi, 3 big dogs? I bet Ernie wouldn't want to live next door to them.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GABY!!! Shes so sweet,,,

Marti, couple weeks ago you were talking about work,,,the supervisor in particular,,,things better?

Jane given a choice, I would be at your house, believe me. Me and the wedding quilt all snuggled up...yup good mental picture.

Mindee I have found the best recipes in the WW site. Yummy stuff in there.

Connie hope the insurance thing works out.

well Im off to bed,,,long day today.

02-17-2006, 02:11 AM
Logan went for his 3 month check up today. He is 14lbs. 7oz. and 24 inches long. He goes back in 2 months, on 4/18. She said when he turns 4 months, then we can start him with some solids, starting with rice cereal first. He is about 10 inches shorter then Brandon.

I asked the pediatrician about a spot that is on Logan’s left cheek. She said that it looks like ringworm, so to put some on the medicine from when he had thrush, and if that doesn’t help it then to buy some hydrocortisone and use that. I also asked her about Brandon and about him not talking as much. She asked what school district we were in, and then went and called them about setting up a speech evaluation for him.

We went and looked Wal-Mart for some weights. I found, well Tommy found it, but it is a set of the weights with a dumbbell bar for $30. We are going back into town tomorrow, so hopefully I can get it since I start my Self Magazine challenge on Sunday!!!

Thanks for the suggestions girls! I will keep looking. I checked at Wal-Mart for cook books, and I didn't find any. I think I might have been looking in the wrong spot. (I looked in the book section, mind you, and still didn't find any)

02-17-2006, 09:27 AM
Hi gals...
Sorry I'm MIA, just real busy. I signed up to do a Knitting Olympics contest, so now I need to knit a sweater before the Olympics are over. WHY!?!?! I'm nuts. I think I just wanted to see if I could do it. If you google knitting olympics you will see that I am not the only crazy one out there.

Bachelor....I think there is a real passion between Travis and Moana, it's nice to finally see a bachelorette who really is honest about her emotions and doesn't play little girl games with the other women. Sarah looks better on paper, though, so he may go for her. the reunion show should be a good one. Usually its the best show of the season, haha

Jane - too bad about Vegas; hope we can all work out a way to meet someday.

Susan- You busy girl...hope life calms down soon. Happy birthday to Gaby! You know, since this Vegas thing isn't working out, we do have to remember we'll run into each other at kindergarten. Not as exciting as Vegas.......our girls would be in the same grade you know.

Mindeee - I peeked at your new photos - those boys are so cute and getting so big! My DD has been getting some speech therapy over the last year or so and it really has helped good luck!

OK - gotta go over to the challenge thread, where I am afraid I've been a bit of a wipeout. I'm going to start a new no alcohol/no sugar challenge for 21 days just to get myself kickstarted. Its an Oprah Boot Camp thing from last year, and I felt pretty good when I did it, so I'll try it again.

02-17-2006, 12:22 PM
Good Morning -

lol - school doesn't start for another 18 months for the girls Katy. I was behind a car yesterday with the bumper sticker saying "Friends don't let friends knit drunk"

WOW on Logon and 14 pounds already *sigh* times goes way too fast.

I gotta run to work. I have like 40 reviews this month and I am freaking because ......I really only have next week to do em whatEVER,,,,,I don't sweat it much. I do 8 hours and I am out of there. They give us 24 hours to get applications on the computer and our building gets 75/100 a week (others get 2 or 3).......and I a walking intake??? lol I have 40 to get on today.......

gawd, I think I am starting to stress thinking about it.......better get...

02-17-2006, 12:45 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! Head on over to CHIT CHAT & WEIGHT LOSS # 167! See ya there :wave: